Living Life, Changing the Conversation on Aging

Healthcare’s transition into the home and digital solutions have opened up new opportunities to be well and thrive as we age. Experts from P&G Ventures, Eli Lilly, and Stanford's Center for Longevity talk about the last trends and solutions.

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A Conversation Between Industry-Leaders

Alan Goldstein, Managing Director, P&G Ventures: Goldstein has helped build up P&G’s products in the aging market and he’s now in charge of P&G Ventures.

Vera Malkovich, Principal Research Scientist - Cognition and Behavior, Eli Lilly: Malkovich brings together the science behind human behavior and digital tools that could improve cognition.

Ken Smith, Director of Mobility, Stanford Center on Longevity: Smith's mission is to accelerate and implement scientific discoveries, technological advances, behavioral practices, and social norms so that century-long lives are healthy.


The Highlights of the Panel Discussion

  • While life-span has doubled over the last century, society has not kept up. We are adding years at the end, while anchoring on milestones from the past.
  • Innovating for longevity does not equal innovating for the old age.
  • Everyday, there are more people above 65 getting online than people being born: technology plays a key role in longevity and defense against chronic illness.
  • Age is not a number: the three areas that define someone’s age are their degree of independence, mobility and cognitive state.
  • It’s essential to implement digital tech to aid diagnosis and treatments of chronic illness without turning it into surveillance tools.
  • Community, purpose and engagement are key things to keep in mind for healthy aging.

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