Healthcare in the Metaverse

With increasing data processing power and speed, immersive experiences will soon go beyond games and drive innovation in healthcare. As these new technologies emerge, what could healthcare look like in the age of Web 3.0 and how will patients benefit? Join us to learn how these advancements in healthcare will impact future experiences for patients!

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A Discussion with an Industry-Leader

Paula Kranz, Vice President, Novant Health Innovation Enablement; Executive Director, Novant Health Innovation Lab: Paula has been dedicated to the immersive world since her attendance at the United States Military Academy at West Point and throughout her military career. Paula realized the power of placing people into immersive experiences. Previously, Paula was the CEO and founder of Medi-XR, a healthcare consulting firm specializing in innovation and digital transformation, including metaverse immersive technologies (AR/VR/XR) and other digital health solutions.

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The Highlights of the Panel Discussion

  • Healthcare systems could engage in the metaverse through four main functions: provider-focused use of VR to provide realistic medical training and diagnostics, direct patient use of VR/AR focused on behavioral health delivery and patient education, retail use to engage patient populations in new precision wellness products and services, or VR/AR to passively assist patients.
  • Metaverse applications could enable more personalized healthcare. This is through patient-specific pre-op planning and remote patient monitoring, versus the current model of the one-treatment-fits-all approach.
  • Virtual reality with patient-specific images is transformational for pre-op planning, patient education, and physician planning; VR/AR solutions could enable health systems to recruit new talent as early career physicians are looking to work with systems that have access to the most immersive and cutting edge technologies.
  • In order to overcome the challenges of patients and clinicians hesitant about VR/AR adoption, share the big idea vision of how impactful it could be, create a space for people to just try it, institutionalize the processes for adoption, and ensure the technologies will do no harm.

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