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  • Redkendi Logo

    Company Description
    Redkendi is a market place aimed at helping catering companies offer their culinary products to customers. At Redkendi, customers can choose catering products that suit their tastes and needs efficiently and effectively.
  • Ternakopi Logo
    Ternakopi Logo

    Company Description
    Ternakopi is upcoming Indonesia's proud coffee retail. Ternakopi takes its name from ‘ternak’ which is slang to ‘ter-enak’. Their recipes are made with secret traditional ingredients. Their strength lies not only in the quality of the coffee but also in the experience their customers have when they visit.
  • Piniship Logo

    Company Description
    Piniship helps export-oriented companies by providing easy ordering, shipping, and payment systems. With piniship, users can set their own departure time scheduled for cargo delivery, along with the comparative price of each shipping company in real-time.
  • LogicNesia Logo

    Company Description
    Logicnesia is a distribution optimization software for manufacturers and logistics to maximize vehicle drop-points location, reduce delivery cost and increase vehicle utilization
  • Lacak.io Logo

    Company Description
    Lacak.io helps logistic companies to monitor their fleets/drivers current location, measure the deliveries performance if it's on time, delayed, or failed, as well as evaluate the driving behavior whether it's safe or dangerous.
  • RaRa Delivery Logo
    RaRa Delivery

    Company Description
    RaRa Delivery is Southeast Asia's only last mile delivery service for eCommerce businesses that is making same-day deliveries truly scalable at the most optimal cost by leveraging its asset light operational model and AI enabled real-time optimization technology..
  • ATM Sehat Logo
    ATM Sehat

    Company Description
    Anjungan Telehealth Masyarakat (ATM) Sehat all-in one device for public health promotion, monitoring, and prevention. User can perform health checks, health screening, live consultation, buy health products online, call ambulance with panic button, and get health information and video tutorial, all in one device.
  • Bandingin Logo

    Company Description
    Bandingin is an Insurance Aggregator for the Indonesian Market. Bandigin links the consumers and the Insurance providers in a unique manner and offering them guidance, support and solutions that will match their own needs.
  • Bizhare Logo

    Company Description
    Bizhare helps people to invest in franchise businesses together, starting from USD$400, with Equity Crowdfunding system. We also distribute the financial statement and monthly profit distribution through our Bizhare Wallet
  • Magpie.IM Inc. Logo
    Magpie.IM Inc.
    Magpie.IM Inc. Logo
    Magpie.IM Inc.

    Company Description
    Magpie is a Philippine-based startup that is building powerful and flexible software for digital payments. Magpie’s APIs provide the financial institution to create innovative experiences from automatically collecting invoices on mobile phones, to accepting cards on web shops, or getting paid using just a text message.
  • PayOK Logo

    Company Description
    PayOK is a mobile platform that simplifies personal finance by offering deep insights to consumers spending behaviors. With an access that can monitor and visualize their spending, user can also receive relevant promotions from their favorite merchants.
  • CoinHako Logo

    Company Description
    Coinhako, a leading wallet service for cryptocurrencies with the aim to improve the access of cryptocurrencies for mainstream consumers. Coinhako has operations across Southeast Asia and hosts a portfolio of multiple cryptocurrencies paired with local currencies.
  • Emvazo Logo

    Company Description
    Emvazo provides an economical and convenient solution by bringing cross-border money transfers online.Their competitive fee is transparent and upfront. Recipient will also receive the money fast and at full amount.
  • YouSolar Logo

    Company Description
    YouSolar offer their product named PowerBloc™. PowerBloc is a solar+battery systems that are modular, extremely robust, and fully automated. They provide a clean, quiet and reliable power source that is 100% sustainable. And at much lower costs than diesel generators or other backup power systems.
  • Resync Logo

    Company Description
    Intelligent Energy Management platform for systems with distributed energy resources like Solar power, Wind energy, Batteries, EVs, GenSets, Grid etc.
  • Ceres Imaging Logo
    Ceres Imaging

    Company Description
    Ceres Imaging helps farmers to optimize their crop production with sensors, software and aircraft. Ceres Imaging, uses computer vision and spectral imaging tech to deliver insights about crops to farmers.
  • BLH Aqua Technology Logo
    BLH Aqua Techn…
    BLH Aqua Technology Logo
    BLH Aqua Technology

    Company Description
    Specializes in the development of water efficiency technology. They improve the overall agricultural productivity while their technology will be applied to other industries in the near future.
  • Topkarir Logo

    Company Description
    Top Careers is a career portal aimed at young Indonesians by offering a wide range of career development options, ranging from employment related information, continuing education scholarships, training and certification as well as entrepreneurial related information.
  • Tekno Logo

    Company Description
    Tekno is an app that provide customers’ daily needs with competitive price, easier to get, and the most important thing is generating extra income for anyone without spending any additional expenses or physical effort.
  • Konsulife Logo

    Company Description
    Konsulife is an e-counseling platform that helps your company manage your employee's stress and reduces the risk that emerges from it. Konsulife will match the employee with professional counsellor based on their needs and problems so they could share their burden right away.
  • Merapi Tani Logo
    Merapi Tani

    Company Description
    Mertani offers precision agriculture platform solutions by integrating sensor, IoT and Big Data Analytics. Mertani provides farmers with relevant Information and recommendation in real-time through the software to support accurate decision-making in their operations.
  • HaloFina Logo

    Company Description
    Halofina is a mission-driven company who aim to enhance lives through financial education and financial solution. Halofina provides a personal finance assistant and AI-based robo advisory apps that can help customers to manage their money and investment smartly.
  • Gradana Logo

    Company Description
    Gradana make property more affordable by allowing people to install monthly and investable (less speculative as the buyers/tenants are already identified, a more guaranteed ROI and affordable through crowdfunding).
  • Circle Doo Logo
    Circle Doo

    Company Description
    Circledoo is a company that is online learning platform services focused in developing Live Streaming Platform and contents for education.
  • Bildeco Logo

    Company Description
    Bildeco is a B2B Building Material Marketplace to help Building Material Supplier secure their transaction by deals with trusted construction companies in convenience ways.
  • Bahasa.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Bahasa.ai helps businesses to interact with their customers by enabling machines to do commerce naturally in Bahasa Indonesia using their own NLP/NLU technology through chatbot.
  • Policypal Logo

    Company Description
    PolicyPal helps consumers and SMEs to manage and optimize insurance policies through OCR technology and AI chatbot, offering personalized recommendations using social media and existing policies data, allowing users a variety of options as well as providing transparency on their policies' coverages.
  • Vymo Logo

    Company Description
    Vymo is a mobile-first Personal Sales Assistant that captures sales activities automatically, learns from top performers in the team, and then coaches sales people contextually to do more.
  • Weston Logo

    Company Description
    Weston provides renewable energy system in rural areas in Indonesia with an affordable pay-per-use payment system
  • Periksa.ID Logo

    Company Description
    An integrated solution for healthcare services that enables users to write prescriptions, keep medical records, manage patients' dataa, and many more
  • Trukita Logo

    Company Description
    A freight and trucking marketplace that helps users to find trucks or cargo with the best price
  • Manpro Logo

    Company Description
    Project management app for construction project documentation
  • Indogold Logo

    Company Description
    An online platform for gold investment starting from 0.0001 gram
  • Gringgo Logo

    Company Description
    Gringgo aggregates and organizes waste collection and recycling services via web and mobile application to make "cleaning up" easier and rewarding for all parties
  • Gandeng Tangan Logo
    Gandeng Tangan

    Company Description
    Peer-to-peer lending platform for SME
  • Danabijak Logo

    Company Description
    A micro-lending platform targets Indonesian society
  • DuitHape Logo

    Company Description
    A mobile-based payments and money transfer system that works across different operation system, telco operator, and bank
  • Datanest Logo

    Company Description
    Datanest provides an independent processing engine that can organize, analyze, and enhance data through machine learning algorithm and artificial intelligence
  • Wonderworx Logo
    Wonderworx Logo

    Company Description
    Jobs portal for outsourced designers and engineers
  • Sayurbox Logo

    Company Description
    E-commerce platorm for vegetables connecting buyers directly to producers
  • KYCK Logo

    Company Description
    Tech-based financial service providers handling know-your-customer (KYC) process
  • Otospecor Logo

    Company Description
    A platform that offers second-hand cars inspection service
  • Karta Logo

    Company Description
    Outdoor/Motorbike advertising platform.
  • DANAdidik Logo

    Company Description
    Micro-loans platform for students.
  • Bustiket Logo

    Company Description
    GDS for Bus Operators
  • Brankas Logo

    Company Description
    With Brankas, you can access all your bank account information in one place, in real-time, send and receive money instantly, without the hassle of bank deposits and confirmation numbers, create budgets and track your spending and income.
  • Astronaut Logo

    Company Description
    Astronaut is a video-based interview platform.
  • Aquifi Logo
    Aquifi Logo

    Company Description
    Aquifi has developed unique 3D vision sensors for a portfolio of software applications to accelerate and automate processes in logistics, manufacturing and ecommerce. dimensioning, counting, identification, and inspection of objects using deep learning techniques developed specifically for their sensors.
  • Intello Labs Logo
    Intello Labs

    Company Description
    While harnessing the power of AI and Image Recognition, we are able to analyze the quality of the produce and check for nutrient deficiency, and alert for crop infestation.
  • DataRobot Logo

    Company Description
    DataRobot provides a machine learning platform for a spectrum of data-driven users and skill levels. From the progressive business analysts or statisticians to the applied data scientists - users from around the globe are building and deploying accurate predictive models in a fraction of the time it used to take.