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  • Rosy Wellness Logo
    Rosy Wellness
    Rosy Wellness Logo
    Rosy Wellness

    Company Description
    43% of women across the country are living with a sexual health concern resulting in increased incidence of anxiety and depression, and relational and family disruption. The silence around these common issues like low desire, sexual pain, lack of orgasm, sexual trauma, effects of cancer and birth have left women feeling isolated and unsure where to turn, until Rosy. Founded by an ob/gyn and supported by more than 6% of ob/gyns in the country, Rosy is a freemium mobile platform that offers women discreet, on-demand, personalized access to a curated plan for sexual wellness created by experts in the field. After completing the Rosy Sexual Wellness Quiz, each user is then presented with a Wellness Plan that incorporates specific education, CBT-derived self-help, sex-positive erotica created by women, for women, a supportive community and both group and individual sex coaching to help women achieve their sexual health goals in a supported, shame-free experience. The platform can be accessed at any time by women across the nation, breaking down barriers including geographic and financial access to these previously inaccessible resources and providing much needed data insights into this severely underserved group of women.
  • HeyRenee Logo

    Company Description
    HeyRenee is a personal healthcare assistant that unifies the myriad complex aspects of healthcare into one intuitive, delightful experience specifically designed for underprivileged, older and polychronic Americans who often have lower health and tech literacy and multiple health, social, and cultural factors. Chosen by the US HHS as part of their PandemicX health equity initiative, HeyRenee curates and guides patients through an interactive daily health plan in a delightful voice, text and touch interface. See more here: https://vimeo.com/672046382/f8ad5c2a88 Though coordinated care has been reportedly proven to lower healthcare costs by $7,700 per patient per year, a staggering 74 percent of seniors still lack a coordinated care plan. This problem is exacerbated by the reality that 53 million Americans already struggle to care for older loved ones and there will be a shortage of 1.2 million home health aides in the next decade. An aging population with over 100 million Americans suffering from two or more chronic diseases is driving the fast growing $9.6 billion per year U.S. market for care management software solutions. HeyRenee aims to ease this burden through high touch, coordinated care across the entire healthcare ecosystem, starting with patients and doctors.
  • IDOVEN Logo

    Company Description
    IDOVEN is a health technology company advancing early diagnosis and precision medicine for cardiovascular diseases. Our AI-powered electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis platform diagnoses and predicts arrhythmias and other cardiac events, and is built to be integrated into existing clinical and research workflows. We empower physicians to make real-time and accurate diagnoses for every patient, enabling early detection and intervention. In parallel, we partner with pharmaceutical and medtech companies for clinical care and research, to monitor and diagnose patients at scale, discover biomarkers and accelerate the development and delivery of any treatment for or affecting the heart.
  • Solvemed Group Logo
    Solvemed Group
    Solvemed Group Logo
    Solvemed Group

    Company Description
    At Solvemed Group, we believe in challenging the status quo of neurological care. Our founders experienced first-hand the grave consequences of poor diagnostic standards in neurodegenerative diseases. With the primary focus in Parkinson’s disease, we leverage our proprietary machine learning technology to develop novel diagnostic-predictive digital biomarkers to enable first-in-class, accurate, early and cost-effective diagnostic and monitoring tools. In everything we do, we put the needs of patients and healthcare professionals first. We also happen to revolutionise drug discovery as our biomarkers enable disease-modifying drugs. We respond to the unmet needs of neurological patients by providing reliable, accurate, early diagnostics and monitoring tools for better quality care and treatment outcomes. Our work has the potential to improve healthcare systems by optimising relevant care pathways and reducing the financial burden imposed by inadequate diagnostics.
  • Dock Health Logo
    Dock Health

    Company Description
    Dock Health is a HIPAA compliant task management and collaboration platform designed for healthcare. The company is focused on solving some of the most pressing issues in healthcare by making communication and collaboration easier through thoughtful design and simplicity. Dock is on a mission to solve the workflow challenges and inefficiencies for clinicians and their administrative teams. Dock Health hopes to improve patient care by giving medical teams a reliable and secure system to ensure the work gets done. Dock Health was incubated and spun out of Boston Children's Hospital in February of 2020. They have since be selected to participate in the premier healthcare accelerators in the US including MassChallenge Healthtech, KidsX and the Cedars-Sinai Healthcare Accelerator. Dock serves the needs of all healthcare providers, from independent practices to health systems, our flexible, highly customizable and secure system is ready to get everyone in the organization on the same page.
  • Vital Start Health Logo
    Vital Start He…

    Company Description
    Vital Start is a University of Pennsylvania's Penn Center for Innovation startup developing the first maternal mental health platform using AR/VR and AI, a $16b opportunity. The founder & CEO, Kirthika Parmeswaran, is a Wharton alum, DARPA award winner with extensive experience across software, R&D and sales. She has firsthand experience with postpartum stress, anxiety and depression and is passionate to address the gaps with targeted, faster treatment through innovative technology. The co-founder, Dr. John Chuo is a Neonatal Quality Officer at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and an Associate Professor at Penn Medicine. We is well-aware of the impact of the well-being of parents on the child's outcomes and views this platform as the great product for this unmet need. We have developed a MVP, conducted extensive research regarding psychometrics and study protocol and completed a feasibility clinical study at a leading Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia's Neonatal ICU and are working through a licensing agreement with them. We are currently raising our seed round.
  • Fig: Food Is Good Logo
    Fig: Food Is G…
    Fig: Food Is Good Logo
    Fig: Food Is Good

    Company Description
    FIG is an early stage, venture-backed technology company improving the world's health through food. FIG's Food-First Care platform improves broken care journeys around food and health by bringing personalized diet recommendations to the forefront of care. 60,000 members are currently managing their conditions on FIG.
  • Oncoustics Logo

    Company Description
    Oncoustics is creating and deploying advanced AI solutions for low cost, non-invasive surveillance, diagnostics, and treatment monitoring of diseases with high unmet clinical need. Unlike other players in the space, we are not doing image recognition. Instead, we apply AI to raw ultrasound signals from readily available handheld ultrasound devices to rapidly differentiate healthy versus diseased tissues. There's a wealth of information in these raw signals and our approach reveals novel biomarkers that can be aligned with existing standards and categorization systems. (And as our data - >2M pieces of data and growing is part of our IP - we're hard to copy.) Initially, we are targeting liver disease, a $30B global diagnostic market. We have achieved over 93% AUROC for the OnX that detects liver fibrosis - and our 510K is in progress. Several follow-on liver products are in development. We also have clinical data on other organ indications including prostate, kidney, breast and thyroid diseases and cancers. We've been in discussion with several pharma companies and are moving forward on a pilot with Roche and have other traction in that space too.
  • Xploro Logo

    Company Description
    Xploro is a clinically validated Digital Therapeutics (DTx) application that uses augmented reality, gameplay and artificial intelligence to deliver health information to young patients, reducing the stress and anxiety associated with hospitalisation, improving health literacy and fostering better engagement with health services. Xploro consists of a mobile application for patients, a web application for parents and a management portal for clinicians. The Xploro mobile app uses 3D augmented reality interactive models, an artificially intelligent Avatar Guide and a series of multi-player games to introduce patients to hospital environments, staff and processes. A recent study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research showed that children using Xploro demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in procedural anxiety as well as statistically significant increases in patient satisfaction and knowledge about procedures. We’re starting with children with cancer, but we’re aiming to build a health information platform for any patient, of any age, with any condition, anywhere in the world.
  • The Collaboratory Logo
    The Collaborat…

    Company Description
    The Collaboratory is accelerating biopharma innovation by building a comprehensive AI-powered research platform for public and proprietary data The platform includes a number of aggregation, search, and summarization features that can be customized to the needs of life sciences companies, including: -Automated data ingestion: The Collaboratory can index and make searchable all text documents across multiple sources within a company - even if the documents' metadata schema do not match -AI-based summarization tools: Users can quickly parse through hundreds of documents using The Collaboratory's automatically-generated document summaries -Figure and image search: User can directly search for scientific figures and key tables within documents -Concept-based recommendations: Using new NLP technology, The Collaboratory's platform provides conceptually-related recommendations from both proprietary and public research, helping researchers understand the scientific context around every document -Personalized search: The Collaboratory's platform can recommend content tailored to each user’s needs, based upon their areas of expertise and research interests Those interested in a practical demonstration can also visit thecollaboratory.ai
  • Telling.ai Logo
    Telling.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Our lungs are the largest organ in our body and are constantly under attack. Over 500MM people globally suffer from a chronic lung disease and with COVID, pollution, smoke and heat many billions more are at risk because they lack the ability to easily monitor and detect the changes in their lung status outside of the clinic. It is vital for all of us to know how healthy our lungs are. Telling.ai answers the question by giving you a detailed lung health report by transforming the world’s smartphones into powerful respiratory monitoring devices that detect the changes in lung function to give patients the information needed to stay healthy and avoid hospitalization by listening to their speech. How does it work? Just speak and we measure the gold standard lung function metrics Telling.ai has developed a unique AI/ML audio processing infrastructure to develop vocal biomarkers. Our solution is available to any person in the world by just speaking into a smartphone, requiring no specialized hardware or sensors, to measure (1) FEV1 and FVC, the gold standard for understanding lung health and (2) Respiratory symptoms. Through our app, we replace the 2 methods to evaluate lung function that have been the same for over a 100 years and require clinical interaction.
  • MicroHealth Logo

    Company Description
    Today, biopharma companies don't know how their products work for each individual user. Even after investing billions in R&D to measure the performance of medicines in randomized controlled clinical trials, our biopharma clients (Sanofi, Roche, Novo Nordisk, Bayer, and Biogen) still can't predict how the outcomes from those generic cohorts will translate to a particular person. MicroHealth supercharges biopharma to track, predict & improve INDIVIDUAL TREATMENT JOURNEYS. Our digital health platform has three core components: 1. Patient apps: Consumers use our disease-specific mobile apps to track the trajectory of their care plan and to stay connected with their HCPs outside the clinic. 2. Provider portal: Clinicians use our online portal for remote monitoring and to make evidence-based adjustments based on how the treatment evolves. 3. Pharma AI engine: Enterprise clients leverage our de-identified dataset of patient reported outcomes to predict and improve individual treatment journeys. MicroHealth is the world’s leading digital hemophilia platform. We currently have a 35% market share in the US hemophilia market. Our product is clinically validated in peer reviewed publications (American Journal of Hematology) and is linked to a 57% improvement in health outcomes.
  • MindBerry Logo

    Company Description
    A virtual AI assistant that empowers primary care physicians to better treat mental illness
  • Lapis Health Logo
    Lapis Health

    Company Description
    We are a culture-first digital health treatment that safely and sustainably reverses heart disease without medication or surgery.
  • The SnapBack Logo
    The SnapBack

    Company Description
    We've built the only all-in-one, evidence based postpartum community mother's need. The function of the app is to provide an individualized rehab experience that serves as an assistant to women navigating the whirlpool that is pregnancy and postpartum, at an affordable and informative rate.
  • Redi Health Logo
    Redi Health

    Company Description
    Redi.health is a health management platform which provides Pharma’s enrolled patients with simplified and impactful lifestyle tools that promote daily engagement with one’s total health. This results in increased and consistent engagement with the directly integrated Pharma Patient Support.
  • Amalgam Rx Logo
    Amalgam Rx

    Company Description
    Amalgam Rx is a digital health company that combines clinical and behavioral interventions through provider workflow to support patients, providers, & life sciences.
  • Simmunome AI Logo
    Simmunome AI

    Company Description
    Increasing Clinical Trial Efficacy, One Disease at a Time
  • Cancer Insights Logo
    Cancer Insights

    Company Description
    Healthcare, Oncology, Analytics
  • Quant Health Logo
    Quant Health

    Company Description
    QuantHealt’s Clinical-Simulator predicts how each patient in a clinical trial will respond to treatment, allowing research teams to optimize trial design and solve for success. Our proprietary AI-engine backed by a first-in-class dataset unlocks high-value clin-dev opportunities.
  • Nanome Logo

    Company Description
    Nanome is a virtual reality software company that offers a collaborative VR platform for molecular modeling and structure-based drug design.
  • Playback Health, Inc. Logo
    Playback Healt…
    Playback Health, Inc. Logo
    Playback Health, Inc.

    Company Description
    Clinical multimedia creation and communication (SaaS) platform for provider-provider collaboration and provider-patient engagement.
  • Odaia Logo

    Company Description
    Transforming the future of work and productivity for Pharma commercial teams to drive next-generation customer engagements.
  • Singularity.AI Logo
    Singularity.AI Logo

    Company Description
    We build an interactive, secure and open collaboration platform that seamlessly applies AI and the latest technologies to extract insights from images and data to accelerate and democratize medical innovation.
  • Alva Health Logo
    Alva Health

    Company Description
    Our mission is to help older Americans living with high stroke risk to prevent disability, live independently, and to bring peace of mind to their families.
  • CellChorus Logo

    Company Description
    CellChorus evaluates videos of how thousands of individual cells interact. Our customers use our platform to understand which therapies to move into clinical trials, to characterize responders and non-responders, and maintain consistent manufacturing.
  • Sanolla Ltd. Logo
    Sanolla Ltd.

    Company Description
    Providing primary care diagnosis solutions through AI
  • S'UIMIN Logo

    Company Description
    Providing easy in-home clinical level sleep measurment services
  • Risk Measurement Technologies Co,. Ltd. Logo
    Risk Measureme…
    Risk Measurement Technologies Co,. Ltd. Logo
    Risk Measurement Technologies Co,. Ltd.

    Company Description
    Providing a mental-health measurment system that visualizes your menal health with your voice
  • Liquid Mine, Inc. Logo
    Liquid Mine, I…

    Company Description
    Providing liquid biopsy for leukemia
  • Freer Logic Inc. Logo
    Freer Logic In…

    Company Description
    Developing neural technology for automobiles, home appliances and training
  • Dinow Inc. Logo
    Dinow Inc.

    Company Description
    Evaluating DNA damage, evaluating health effects of radiation and monitoring day-to-day health
  • bitBiome Inc. Logo
    bitBiome Inc.

    Company Description
    Creating microorganism products and services through a single genome analytics platform
  • Xtrava Inc. Logo
    Xtrava Inc.

    Company Description
    MicroLab Platform is an accurate low cost digital rapid testing solution for COVID-19.
  • Varinos, Inc. Logo
    Varinos, Inc.

    Company Description
    Clinical genome testing for infertility treatment using next generation sequencer
  • Sportip, Inc. Logo
    Sportip, Inc.

    Company Description
    Development of a fitness assistant AI app
  • Sense Neuro Diagnostics, Inc. Logo
    Sense Neuro Di…
    Sense Neuro Diagnostics, Inc. Logo
    Sense Neuro Diagnostics, Inc.

    Company Description
    Providing a fast, easy, and accurate clinical-grade headgear-type brain scanner
  • REVORN Co., Ltd Logo
    REVORN Co., Ltd

    Company Description
    Olfactory AI diffuser that converts stench into good smell
  • REM Analytics Logo
    REM Analytics

    Company Description
    Research service to develop and verify evidence-based microbiome therapy
  • MITAS Medical Inc. Logo
    MITAS Medical …

    Company Description
    Development of a system that gives advices from opthalmologists, where there are no opthalmologists
  • Toletta Cats Inc. Logo
    Toletta Cats I…
    Toletta Cats Inc. Logo
    Toletta Cats Inc.

    Company Description
    Development and sales of smart cat toilets for kidney disease prevention
  • HA-PPY Co., Ltd Logo
    HA-PPY Co., Ltd

    Company Description
    AI image processing that predicts the current oral state of a person, just by taking a picture with a smartphone
  • Genoplan Inc. Logo
    Genoplan Inc.

    Company Description
    Genetic test kits that quickly analyzes the largest number of test items in the industry
  • Exosystems Inc. Logo
    Exosystems Inc.

    Company Description
    Improve muscle strength and reduce sarcopenia using wearable devices and gamification
  • Cyclops Medtech Pte. Ltd. Logo
    Cyclops Medtec…
    Cyclops Medtech Pte. Ltd. Logo
    Cyclops Medtech Pte. Ltd.

    Company Description
    Eye-tracking technology for diagnosing and treating neurological and vestibular diseases
  • CrossEdgeLab Inc. Logo
    CrossEdgeLab I…

    Company Description
    An elderly monitoring system using 360° thermography
  • Antaa, Inc. Logo
    Antaa, Inc.

    Company Description
    A problem-solving platform for physicians to help make on-site decisions

    Company Description
    Deployment of VitaNote, a mail-type inspection service that shows nutritional status just by sending urine
  • T-ICU Co., Ltd. Logo
    T-ICU Co., Ltd.

    Company Description
    Remote 24/7 support services by intensivists for hospitals
  • Sqrie Logo

    Company Description
    Time-series change and functional data analysis of the whole body including the oral cavity and visualization of the gaplessness of distance (space)
  • RedEye Biomedical Inc Logo
    RedEye Biomedi…
    RedEye Biomedical Inc Logo
    RedEye Biomedical Inc

    Company Description
    Provides photoelectric hemoglobin sensor products designed and developed for the purpose of detecting the presence of hemoglobin in excrement solution
  • Photo Soni Tech Logo
    Photo Soni Tech

    Company Description
    Contract research using photoacoustic microscopy. Development and sales of photoacoustic imaging systems.
  • MOLCURE Inc. Logo
    MOLCURE Inc.

    Company Description
    Next-generation drug discovery technology that integrates artificial intelligence and biotechnology
  • iCorNet.Laboratory. Co Logo
    iCorNet.Laboratory. Co Logo
    iCorNet.Laboratory. Co

    Company Description
    Providing medical devices for the treatment of heart failure and arrhythmia with patient-specific cardiac support nets
  • HoloAsh, Inc. Logo
    HoloAsh, Inc.
    HoloAsh, Inc. Logo
    HoloAsh, Inc.

    Company Description
    Holographic AI Friend Encourages Positive Attitudes in People with Mental Disorders
  • GATTACO Inc. Logo
    GATTACO Inc.

    Company Description
    Our technology and products enable lab-quality medical diagnosis in any environment, including home, clinic, drugstore, and pharmacy.
  • enishia Inc, Logo
    enishia Inc,

    Company Description
    Development and sales of medical record summary support software "SATOMI," which contributes to the reform of physicians' work styles and helps them utilize medical record data
  • ELXR Logo

    Company Description
    Pioneer of building a fitness training system based on DNA information
  • Atomis Inc. Logo
    Atomis Inc.

    Company Description
    Development of New Applications Using Porous Coordination Polymer PCP/MOF
  • ad-dice Co., Ltd. Logo
    ad-dice Co., L…
    ad-dice Co., Ltd. Logo
    ad-dice Co., Ltd.

    Company Description
    Automate the unspoken knowledge and experience of medical and industrial experts with autonomous AI that can teach the experts themselves.
  • Second Nature Logo
    Second Nature
    Second Nature Logo
    Second Nature

    Company Description
    Second Nature helps people lose weight and change their habits - sustainably - for good.
  • Vocalis Health Logo
    Vocalis Health

    Company Description
    Vocalis Health is a vocal biomarker company that uses voice to detect, diagnose and monitor patient health
  • Visana Health Logo
    Visana Health

    Company Description
    Visana Health is a virtual gynecology provider that empowers women to access best-practice care through evidence-based programs, health coaching, and member navigation.
  • Vessel Logo

    Company Description
    Your personal lab & coach in your pocket. Instant, in-home wellness tracking that uncovers what your body really needs.
  • Sonavi Labs Logo
    Sonavi Labs

    Company Description
    Sonavi Labs creates AI-enabled medical devices and software that are intended to transform the way respiratory diseases and infections are detected and managed.
  • Nutrix Logo

    Company Description
    The future of glucose monitoring
  • Mechanomind Logo

    Company Description
    AI image recognition for cancer diagnostics
  • Kit.com Logo
    Kit.com Logo

    Company Description
    Contactless at-home kit replacement for lab tests and medical exams.
  • Hyfe Logo
    Hyfe Logo

    Company Description
    AI that runs on any phone and detects and analyzes cough
  • Destroke Logo

    Company Description
    Destroke is a mobile app that performs automated clinical stroke detection based on the validated NIH stroke scale.
  • Cognivive Logo

    Company Description
    Cognivive develops personalized, evidence-based. FDA registered telemedicine treatments, delivered in the form of commercial quality virtual reality games, for stroke, related brain injury, and other brain dysfunction patients to use whenever they wish in order to speed and improve recovery at home.
  • Buddi.AI Logo

    Company Description
    ML built for modern healthcare
  • Bloqcube Logo

    Company Description
    Are a U.S. based healthcare technology company that is streamlining the clinical trials and research process by leveraging blockchain technology. We have developed an iPad & Cloud based software that enables distributed and remote clinical trial with storage and real-time reporting of clinical data
  • Backdrop Health Logo
    Backdrop Health

    Company Description
    Backdrop has developed a breakthrough application of machine learning and AI techniques to electronic medical records, extracting the maximum value from them to bring unprecedented precision to predictive personalized medicine.
  • AtomBeam Logo

    Company Description
    AtomBeam’s patented software technology effectively increases IoT data bandwidth/speed by a factor of 4x, while adding security and improving battery life.
  • Predictiv Logo

    Company Description
    Predictiv analyses your entire genome of 20,000 genes to screen for over 16,000 diseases and uses their proprietary analysis pipeline to predict the risk for future diseases that have a genetic component. This startup can also simulate individuals’ reactions to over 300 drugs before a prescription is given, suggest customized nutritional supplements and support patients with a preventative health plan with their healthcare partners.
  • CellMax Life Logo
    CellMax Life

    Company Description
    Preventing and detecting cancer early even before symptoms appear, with an accurate routine blood test to detect and analyze rare pre-cancer and cancer cells.
  • Luminare Logo

    Company Description
    Software that allows hospitals better diagnose and treat patients with sepsis.
  • RxLive Logo

    Company Description
    A nationwide telehealth platform of clinical pharmacists delivering concierge medication counseling to provider’s patients, employer groups, and consumers.
  • Kintsugi Logo

    Company Description
    A talk therapy software for mental health.
  • Netramark Logo

    Company Description
    Built a fast, explainable AI, that loves small data and is able to discover insights that no one knows are there, and we use it to crack open disease and save pharma companies time and money via superior drug development.
  • Wellthy Therapeutics Logo
    Wellthy Therap…

    Company Description
    Designs clinically validated behavioral interventions to help people change their behaviors and reduce their risk of chronic disease.
  • RxDiet Logo

    Company Description
    A prescription based dietary treatment which addresses the #1 problem in modern healthcare, poor diet.
  • Nuralogix Logo

    Company Description
    Developed a patent pending technology for detecting hidden emotions. Take a selfie, know your healthie™! Using our technology, we have developed the world's first smartphone app that can measure your blood pressure and other physiological measurements that are important for general health and wellness.
  • Heartbeat Health Logo
    Heartbeat Heal…

    Company Description
    An experience created to screen, diagnose, track and manage cardiovascular risk and disease to keep you at your healthiest.
  • nQ Medical Logo
    nQ Medical

    Company Description
    A computational biomarker for neurodegenerative diseases.
  • KeepAppy Logo

    Company Description
    KeepAppy is the mental health gym, bringing data to the world of proactive mental health as prescribed by psychologists and behavioural specialists. The platform is designed to empower consumers and corporates through different techniques under the pillars of ‘prevention, growth and care’. As a social enterprise, KeepAppy is on a mission to make mental healthcare accessible for all through our 1- for-1 model.
  • LuminDx Logo

    Company Description
    A visual search of skin conditions using computer vision and artificial intelligence to help physicians save time and improve care.
  • Sensely Logo

    Company Description
    Sensely's avatar and chatbot-based platforms assist insurance plan members and patients with the insurance services and healthcare resources they need, when they need it. Sensely relies on an avatar- based persona who can use voice to both “speak” as well as “listen.” Sensely’s platform is compatible with over 30 languages.
  • Brighthive Logo
    Brighthive Logo

    Company Description
    Brighthive’s data trust management platform helps networks of organizations securely, responsibly, and ethically share and use their combined data to solve shared business problems.
  • Kinside Logo

    Company Description
    Kinside makes it easy for your employees to access the child care they need to be fully productive and engaged at work. We match parents with high quality child care options from an extensive network of the nation's best—across all budgets and needs. Parents have access to reserved spots at coveted locations, ongoing support from a best-in-class concierge team, and White Glove matching for their custom needs.
  • BurnAlong Logo

    Company Description
    Leveraging our video technology and social motivation platform, BurnAlong provides programmatic health and wellness content, on a subscription basis, to employers, payers, hospitals, and government entities with superior engagement and retention levels.
  • GenerationsE Logo

    Company Description
    GenerationsE develops AI-driven cancer biopsy diagnostic solutions for pathologists, seeking to empower pathologists with AI, and in return drive the excellence of pathology and benefit patients with fast, accurate, and affordable cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Lunit Logo

    Company Description
    Lunit, abbreviated from “learning unit,” is a venture company devoted to developing advanced software for medical data analysis and interpretation via cutting-edge deep learning technology. Our main area of expertise lies in processing medical imaging data. We envision a near-future when our systems would greatly help physicians make accurate, consistent, and efficient clinical decisions, not limited to diagnoses, through our data-driven imaging biomarker technology.
  • HealthSnap Logo

    Company Description
    HealthSnap is on a mission to reshape healthcare from a reactive, disease-care system into a proactive, health-care system by incorporating the most recent developments in physiological, medical, and nutritional science into standards of patient care using advanced technology. Today’s top provider groups use HealthSnap’s Remote Patient Monitoring and Lifestyle Data Analytics Platform to stratify patient disease risk, manage and prevent lifestyle-related chronic disease, reduce costly readmissions, and maximize patient engagement between visits - all at scale.
  • Lumiata Logo

    Company Description
    Lumiata provides AI-powered predictive analytics for managing healthcare costs and risk impacting millions of lives.
  • Ferrum Health Logo
    Ferrum Health

    Company Description
    Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US, and Ferrum builds AI monitoring systems to help health systems detect and address mistakes before they affect patient care.
  • VisionApp Logo

    Company Description
    VisionApp ("we care for your eyes") was founded on the intersection of science and clinical optometry by a team of Ph.D.'s and entrepreneurs. Our patent-pending myopia.app ("eye protection") is designed to address the global pandemic of myopia (nearsightedness) which can potentially affect 50% of the World population by year 2050. The app, designed for children, measures their environment and viewing behavior with mobile devices in real time, and can provide healthy warnings. The unique data is available for supervision by their parents and, importantly, to eye care professionals through a cloud platform "SuperVision" in a mixed freemium + B2B2C model.
  • Sway Medical Logo
    Sway Medical

    Company Description
    Sway develops an FDA-cleared mobile software application that monitors signs of musculoskeletal, neurological and vestibular dysfunction.
  • Suggestic Logo

    Company Description
    Suggestic is a digital health company that guides consumers through personalized nutrition journeys. It operates as a personalized nutrition platform that utilizes AI to deliver food recommendations. Users can select a free dietary filter, or buy one of our premium programs curated from renowned health and nutrition experts. They can also purchase lab tests to further optimize their desired health outcomes.
  • Juva Health Logo
    Juva Health

    Company Description
    Mobile-based biofeedback to treat chronic pain, migraine, stress and other conditions
  • Life365 Logo

    Company Description
    A Patented Inteoperatbility Platform for Digital Health Solution and Services Connecting Home to the Clinical Backend currently working on the CoronaVirus (Covid-19). (Align - Integrate - Engage)
  • PatchAi Logo

    Company Description
    PatchAi transforms late phase and Real-World studies by virtue of focus on patient centricity and forefront digital technologies. PatchAi is a cognitive platform embedding an empathetic virtual assistant for patient engagement and real-time conversational data collection.
  • RxAll Logo
    RxAll Logo

    Company Description
    We solve the $9 Trillion market problem of fake,contaminated and substandard drugs that kills 1M people across the world annually including over 80K in North America. Our platform consists of a: 1. Hardware nanoscanner ( with 99.9% accuracy and ISO, FC and CE certifications of quality), 2. Software apps (on Android, IoS and Web that helps provide real time data map information about where bad drugs are showing up across the world) 3. Proprietary AI with precise finished-drug identification capabilities 4. Databases of finished drug formulations (one of the fastest growing libraries in the world) We provide Hardware subscriptions as a service to pharma companies, pharmacies, hospitals and FDAs for checking prescription drug quality across the supply chain. Our solution useful for recreational drug testing by consumers in North America as well.
  • Carevive Systems, Inc. Logo
    Carevive Syste…
    Carevive Systems, Inc. Logo
    Carevive Systems, Inc.

    Company Description
    Carevive Systems provides personalized and dynamic cancer care plans for patients
  • Bold Health Logo
    Bold Health
    Bold Health Logo
    Bold Health

    Company Description
    Bold Health develops digital therapeutics for the management of complex digestive chronic conditions, starting with IBS and IBD.
  • Tilak Healthcare Logo
    Tilak Healthca…

    Company Description
    Tilak is a unique videogame studio where like-minded & passionate medical and gaming professionals create fun mobile medical games to monitor patients with chronic diseases.
  • Floragraph Logo

    Company Description
    Floragraph is developing the first infant microbiome monitoring device - “from poop to profile” in under 4 hours, at home or in the lab.
  • POPS! Diabetes Care Logo
    POPS! Diabetes…
    POPS! Diabetes Care Logo
    POPS! Diabetes Care

    Company Description
    Enable people to more successfully manage their diabetes through their personal Virtual Coach and the simplest glucose measurement device.
  • Lazarus Logo
    Lazarus Logo

    Company Description
    Lazarus uses patient data and deep learning to improve cervical cancer early detection.
  • Hacarus Logo

    Company Description
    Lightweight and explainable AI - enabled for the cloud and the edge. Delivering Explainable, Lightweight AI for Medical and Manufacturing Applications
  • Meru Health Logo
    Meru Health
    Meru Health Logo
    Meru Health

    Company Description
    Meru Health offers a digital program that helps improve the lives of people living with depression and saves on healthcare costs.
  • CarePredict Logo

    Company Description
    CarePredict is an AI Elder care platform that helps seniors live independently, economically and longer.
  • conversationHEALTH Logo

    Company Description
    conversationHEALTH is a health startup that delivers highly-personalized AI-driven "conversations" to consumers, patients and HCPs.
  • SCA Robotics Logo
    SCA Robotics

    Company Description
    Merging Deep Learning + Medical Image Analysis to deliver AI solutions that solve impossible healthcare problems.
  • Sorcero Logo
    Sorcero Logo

    Company Description
    Sorcero is the cognitive office suite for the intelligent enterprise, our no code platform enables everyone, regardless of technical ability, to configure and deploy AI powered decision support and knowledge management applications.
  • Subtle Medical Logo
    Subtle Medical

    Company Description
    AI-powered medical imaging enhancement.
  • Saliency.ai Logo

    Company Description
    We enable pharmaceutical companies to leverage artificial intelligence in their R&D.
  • Savonix Logo

    Company Description
    Savonix brings you the world’s first clinical, evidence-based, all-mobile digital assessment of cognitive and emotional function.
  • LivNao Logo

    Company Description
    Better mental health and optimized productivity through data-backed decisions.
  • Chronisense Logo

    Company Description
    ICU monitoring on your wrist.
  • HealthBeats Logo

    Company Description
    HealthBeats is a remote patient monitoring platform offering simple-to-use, simple to deploy and simple business model to health providers and patients.
  • Phraze Logo

    Company Description
    Phraze solves the #1 thing doctors hate about their job (excessive EMR documentation) by automating their documentation requirements with our AI Medical Scribe software.
  • MyDigitalHealth Network Logo

    Company Description
    MyDigitalHealth Network (MDHN) is a platform for patients with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) to reduce post-discharge re-admission.
  • SidekickHealth Logo

    Company Description
    SidekickHealth is a digital therapeutics provider that helps people prevent and manage chronic diseases.
  • Orbit Genomics Logo
    Orbit Genomics

    Company Description
    Orbit Genomics' proprietary OrbiSeq technology platform analyzes novel genomic markers in germline DNA that reflect not only inherited risk, but also risk acquired from lifestyle and environmental exposures, resulting in the first clinically actionable genomic tests for healthy individuals.
  • Elektra Labs Logo
    Elektra Labs

    Company Description
    We seek to improve access to more effective and personalized health care by advancing the collection of biometric and physiological data remotely in natural settings.
  • PillTracker Logo

    Company Description
    PillTracker is an innovative adherence system that helps patients and doctors collaboratively manage medication consumption.
  • Clara Health Logo
    Clara Health

    Company Description
    Clara Health empowers patients to find the right clinical trial for them.
  • Embr Labs Logo
    Embr Labs

    Company Description
    Embr Labs, a tech start-up that introduced thermoelectric bracelet called the Wristify that straps onto users’ wrists and heats their skin.
  • iHealth Logo

    Company Description
    iHealth Labs iHealth offers cloud-based, personal healthcare products for individuals of all ages to take a more active role in managing their health.
  • Soundable Health Logo
    Soundable Heal…

    Company Description
    Soundable Health is a digital healthcare company with leading sound processing and AI solutions that detect early signs of diseases.
  • Nymbl Science Inc Logo
    Nymbl Science …

    Company Description
    Nymbl provides balance assessment and intervention software to prevent falls in senior populations.
  • Repisodic Inc. Logo
    Repisodic Inc.

    Company Description
    Repisodic works with hospitals, patients, and post-acute care providers to revolutionize care decision-making at hospital discharge.
  • Aiva Health Logo
    Aiva Health

    Company Description
    Aiva is the voice OS for Smart Healthcare.
  • ContinUse Biometrics Logo
    ContinUse Biom…
    ContinUse Biometrics Logo
    ContinUse Biometrics

    Company Description
    ContinUse Biometrics develops a unique optical sensing unit & data platform that captures medical grade physiological information from people remotely
  • Trayt Inc Logo
    Trayt Inc

    Company Description
    Data platform improving assessments, treatments, and outcomes in brain-based disorders.
  • Gali Health Inc. Logo
    Gali Health In…
    Gali Health Inc. Logo
    Gali Health Inc.

    Company Description
    Community-driven, personal health AI assistant Gali
  • BeCareLink Logo

    Company Description
    BeCareLink is a digital technology company that harnesses unique data solutions, AI and technology platforms to supplement, augment and replace traditional clinical therapy.
  • Tamadé Logo

    Company Description
    Virtual Reality-powered Chronic Pain Management: non-invasive, accessible, and fun.
  • Auspex Diagnostics Logo
    Auspex Diagnos…

    Company Description
    AI startup that enables complete cancer treatment personalization using patients' tumor samples.
  • VivaLNK Logo

    Company Description
    VivaLNK's vision is to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare worldwide by combining technology, data, and analytics into an integrated solution.
  • EnsoRelief Logo

    Company Description
    ENSO’s non-invasive neuromodulation device utilizes electrical pulses delivered across the skin to help manage chronic pain.
  • Neurotrack Logo

    Company Description
    Transforming the diagnosis and prevention of memory loss.
  • TTI/chemoWave Logo

    Company Description
    Our patient facing apps and backend system capture and deploy real-time “patient-reported outcomes” along with activities, experiences and lifestyle insights to drive better treatment experiences and improve the quality of care and medical research.
  • Altoida Inc. Logo
    Altoida Inc.

    Company Description
    At Altoida we built a digital biomarker platform using smartphone sensors to measure cognitive outcomes. We are now deploying our FDA Class II Medical Device, Altoida NMI, for early Alzheimer’s Disease detection up to 6+ years before symptoms with an accuracy of 94%.
  • Canary Speech Logo
    Canary Speech

    Company Description
    Canary Speech technology is patent protected, with one issued US patent and five additional patents pending in the US and internationally. We are on the cutting edge of a major medical/technical breakthrough that has the potential to positively impact the lives of millions of people, reduce costs, expand tele and remote medical services, provide for screening for a range of diseases and consequently enabling people and organizations to improve quality of life.
  • A10 Lab Inc. Logo
    A10 Lab Inc.
    A10 Lab Inc. Logo
    A10 Lab Inc.

    Company Description
    A10 Lab Inc. develops a self-improvement mobile application for people to build a team with five people while encouraging each other by chatting. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
  • HERBIO Logo

    Company Description
    Modern women have diversified choices of way of life, such as work, marriage, childbirth. In working and living as a woman, you must understand the mechanism of the body specific to women and manage themselves. We think that we would like to support the creation of a viable society for women living in modern times, with the help of technology, and to have a more freely shining future walk forward.
  • Ginger.io Logo

    Company Description
    Ginger.io provides people with the right level of emotional support and guidance, at the right time through coaching, therapy and psychiatry - all from the convenience of a smartphone app.
  • Chronus Health Logo
    Chronus Health

    Company Description
    Chronus Health is building a portable diagnostic platform that reduces turnaround times for blood tests from days to minutes.
  • Onesoftdigm Logo

    Company Description
    Onesoftdigm (USA) developed first Pocket-size portable device that measures body composition through BIA technology. We also developed mobile app so customers can efficiently and consistently manage their results.
  • BioSymetrics Logo

    Company Description
    BioSymetrics’ Augusta platform performs advanced data pre-processing and integration of complex chemical, genomic, imaging, and clinical data sets, enabling projects ranging from target deconvolution to care optimization.
  • eMocha Logo

    Company Description
    eMocha is a mobile health platform redesigning the way patients take medication to improve medication adherence, strengthen patient-provider relationships, and reduce costs.
  • Helpsy Logo

    Company Description
    Helpsy is a smart Oncology symptom management platform for patients and HCP to decrease adverse events and treatment disruptions, and improve quality of life.
  • nGageIT Logo

    Company Description
    nGageIT detects the medication you take from your breath using smart health tools, AI and the world’s first Digital Pharmaceutical Nano Encoding sensor technology to measure medication treatment effectiveness.
  • ChromoCare Logo

    Company Description
    ChromoCare is a healthcare services company providing Employer Groups with a unique medication-compatibility genetic testing platform that is based on the employee's individual genetic variants.
  • Blue Mesa Logo
    Blue Mesa

    Company Description
    Blue Mesa’s digital therapeutics product delivers a solution specifically targeted at diabetes prevention, combining the latest advances in software, hardware, cloud infrastructure and applied behavioral psychology.
  • Remedy Logo

    Company Description
    Remedy’s AI-assisted platform equips non-physician staff with clinical expertise to uncover hidden chronic diseases through phone screening interviews.
  • VastBiome Logo
    VastBiome Logo

    Company Description
    VastBiome harmonizes and contextualizes data across the clinical spectrum of immune disease and uses AI to understand the core mechanisms through which the microbiome controls the human immune system.
  • Cardiomo Logo

    Company Description
    Cardiomo is a consumer-friendly wearable health technology to save lives by preventing heart diseases, through continuous monitoring of vital signs (ECG, heart rate, breath rate, skin temp) for timely detection of cardio vascular risks.
  • Quid Logo

    Company Description
    Quid’s software reads millions of documents and offers immediate insight by organizing that content visually. Quid powers human intuition with machine intelligence, enabling organizations to make decisions that matter.
  • SilverCloud Logo

    Company Description
    SilverCloud provides evidenced-based mental health services for all by increasing access to treat subclinical, mild, moderate and severe patients with the largest comprehensive library of customizable evidenced-based programs.
  • Woebot Logo

    Company Description
    Woebot is an app that delivers in-the-moment emotional assistance based on cognitive behavior therapy through friendly conversation, leading reductions in both cost and risk, and dramatically increases access to CBT.
  • SyncThink Logo

    Company Description
    SyncThink is a VR-based eye tracking platform that can assess brain health and improve performance. It aids in the diagnosis of concussion as well as monitor fatigue.
  • Relax VR Logo
    Relax VR

    Company Description
    Relax VR’s virtual reality app reduces stress and anxiety using 360 videos and CGI of beautiful locations, guided meditations and music to help people relax. It is the #1 relaxation virtual reality app with over half a million downloads.
  • Limbix Logo
    Limbix Logo

    Company Description
    Limbix provides the complete VR system for clinics, hospitals, and mental health centers. Their mission is to improve patient care with virtual reality.
  • Karuna Logo

    Company Description
    Karuna Labs creates evidence-based VR applications that address the neurological causes of centralized chronic pain conditions. Karuna's applications target sensorimotor incongruences and fear avoidant behavior.
  • StethoMe Logo

    Company Description
    The StethoMe® smart electronic stethoscope - a precise medical device intended for performing auscultation of the respiratory system and heart. It works with a dedicated smartphone app and specially designed AI algorithms - StethoMe® AI. The recorded auscultation sounds are analyzed by AI algorithms. The device has been certified in the EU as a class 2a medical device (CE 2274). The same certification class has been obtained for the AI algorithms within the scope of lung auscultation in children.
  • Sickweather Logo

    Company Description
    Sickweather knows where sick people are, and where they will be, with real time and predictive insights at the point of incidence.
  • ReThink Medical Logo
    ReThink Medical

    Company Description
    ReThink Medical is a medical device and digital health company with the goal of reducing heart failure related hospitalizations.
  • Redox Logo

    Company Description
    Redox is an industry-leading integration solution for health systems and healthcare software companies.
  • Osso VR Logo
    Osso VR

    Company Description
    An award winning VR surgical simulation platform with advanced hand tracking.
  • Optimity Logo

    Company Description
    Optimity is digital system that fosters micro-habits to help people live longer, feel better and reduce their health risks.
  • Nanowear Logo

    Company Description
    Nanowear MedTech start-up changing the world of diagnostic monitoring through medical-grade smart textiles.
  • monARC Bionetworks Logo
    monARC Bionetw…
    monARC Bionetworks Logo
    monARC Bionetworks

    Company Description
    monARC’s patient led clinical research platform exponentially accelerates clinical trials by making it simple for patients to directly share their consolidated digital and clinical health data.
  • Lumos Logo

    Company Description
    Lumos is developing a smart sleep mask that uses light therapy to improve sleep and eliminate jet lag.
  • Aido Logo

    Company Description
    Aido is the next generation social family robot. Smart, interactive, and uniquely mobile, Aido is the first social robot that can move around your home/office to help improve your lifestyle.
  • iSono Health Logo
    iSono Health

    Company Description
    iSono Health combines automated ultrasound with AI for accessible breast cancer screening.
  • Glidian Logo

    Company Description
    Glidian offers an electronic solution to streamline obtaining prior authorizations.
  • Footfalls & Heartbeats Logo
    Footfalls & He…

    Company Description
    Footfalls & Heartbeats have developed a revolutionary manufacturing process that allows the control and manipulation of both yarn-to-yarn interaction and the movement of micro-mechanical structures that form the basis of knitted fabrics.
  • FocusMotion Logo

    Company Description
    FocusMotion is a cross-platform, hardware-agnostic motion recognition system for developers that want to analyze user's movements.
  • Elyse28 Logo

    Company Description
    Elyse28 is an AI powered health coaching platform for chronic disease prevention.
  • BabbyNoggin Logo

    Company Description
    BabyNoggin is a digital therapeutic platform that allows parents to track their kids’ milestones at home, their pediatricians to get reimbursed from insurance, and the child to have better health outcome.
  • b.well Logo

    Company Description
    b.well unlocks new predictive insights and drives lifelong engagement for health plans and employers large and small.
  • Ava Logo

    Company Description
    Ava is a leading digital women's health company focusing on adding insight in all stages of a woman's reproductive life.
  • Aerobit Logo

    Company Description
    Aerobit is an asthma management platform integrating smart hardware, software and big data analytics.
  • Vida Health Logo
    Vida Health

    Company Description
    Vida Health is a mobile platform that helps people prevent, manage and reverse over 20 chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression, etc. Users select a personal human health coach who helps develop personalized plans, provide accountability and guidance, and recommend evidence-based clinical programs. With industry-leading engagement and outcomes, Vida is able to improve health and productivity while reducing long-term healthcare costs.
  • Vibronix Logo

    Company Description
    Vibronix provides advance imaging technologies for disease diagnosis and treatment. We currently developed two patent protected technologies on imaging-aided breast conserving surgery. 1) AcouStar system can help surgeon locate the lesions within the breast in a first person perspective and ~1 mm accuracy; 2) MarginPAT system can help the surgeon confirm a complete surgical margin intraoperatively with our hybrid photoacoustic/ultrasound imaging system.
  • Vitagene Logo
    Vitagene Logo

    Company Description
    Within a decade, 10% of all consumer healthcare products will be personalized and delivered to your home. Vitagene is building the personalization and distribution platform for these products.
  • Tueo Health Logo
    Tueo Health

    Company Description
    Tueo Health is developing a platform technology for passive physiologic monitoring with broad applications in improved chronic disease management. The system will initially be brought to market to address an unmet need for objective measurement of asthma control. It has four key components: an internet-connected monitoring device in the home, personalized analytics, a smartphone application, and a team of asthma educators.
  • Quantbiome Logo

    Company Description
    Quantbiome helps people learn about the microbes inside their body to improve health.
  • NowRx Logo

    Company Description
    NowRx is a mobile and logistics-enabled, on-demand pharmacy that delivers prescriptions directly to the customer rapidly and for free. NowRx is a highly differentiated, vertically integrated solution with a unique business model innovation that is disruptive to the large pharmacy chains and is outperforming other startups in the space. NowRx provides a dramatically better customer experience and has established itself as the leader in on-demand pharmacy.
  • Pillo Logo

    Company Description
    Pillo is an intelligent healthcare assistant for the home – he stores, dispenses, and reorders vitamins and medication, and provides users with the information and services that they need to better manage their health.
  • Lief Therapeutics Logo
    Lief Therapeut…
    Lief Therapeutics Logo
    Lief Therapeutics

    Company Description
    The Lief is an ultra thin wearable patch that helps you control your body's natural stress response. Connected to your doctor, Lief is insurance reimbursable and FDA 510(k) exempt. The team includes repeat healthcare entrepreneurs from Harvard, Stanford and UC Berkeley, and is funded by SOS Ventures, the world's #1 seed hardware investor.
  • KNOX Logo

    Company Description
    KNOX is developing Aeris, a portable spirometer for kids that has hospital-grade accuracy to detect early signs of asthma attacks.
  • iTreatMD Logo

    Company Description
    Doctors spend 49% of their day documenting encounters, and 27% as face time with patients. $102 Billion and 324 Million hours are spent annually in the US to solve this problem. Yet, patients only recall 25% of what their doctor said, resulting in high hospital re-admission rates and 125,000 deaths per year. We solve this problem by automating encounter documentation. We save doctors upwards of an hour per day, increase revenue, and improve patient satisfaction.
  • iClinical Logo

    Company Description
    iClinical is a real-time analytics and collaboration platform for clinical trials. Clinical trial data collection happens at source (eSource) on Android tablets. Secure FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant storage is in cloud servers and real-time analytics is again on study tablets. The pharma executives, trial managers and monitors can now get real-time status of their drug trial, they can stop non-working trials sooner and for trials that are working; they can get the drug to market faster.
  • Healthcoin Logo

    Company Description
    healthcoin is the world's first blockchain-based diabetes prevention platform. Our mission is to prove that millions of users have prevented their diabetes. With this proof, users can obtain corporate wellness rewards, pay-as-you live insurance rebates and government tax breaks. Under the hood is also a data analytics engine: by accumulating millions of user biomarker records on a blockchain, we enable drug discovery, population health management and precision medicine.
  • GoGoGrandparent Logo

    Company Description
    GoGoGrandparent is a senior concierge that arranges and oversees on demand transportation for older adults.