Strategically located 25 miles north of Dallas in the hotbed of the North Platinum Corridor, Frisco is one of the most desirable locations in the United States to live, work, play, educate, and innovate.

Frisco is a world-class city with key benefits that make doing business here the right choice, including a fast-growing population, deep talent pool, a high quality of life, and competitive incentives.

Our Founding Partner

Frisco Economic Development Corporation

The Frisco EDC’s mission is to improve the economic opportunities and quality of life for all Frisco residents. The Frisco EDC has facilitated major economic development projects, resulting in hundreds of projects and thousands of jobs in the City of Frisco. 

In this dynamic and thriving community, the Frisco Economic Development Corporation’s mission is the creation of jobs, increasing economic opportunities, and improving quality of life for all Frisco residents and their families.

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Our Sportstech Focus Areas

  • Human potential and performance
  • Platform-based technologies
  • Devices and wearables
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Mobility
  • Recovery-related technologies
  • Preventative healthcare and prehab
  • E-sports
  • Fan engagement
  • Performance analytics
  • Smart stadiums
  • Immersive training

Key Dates

  • Mar. 26
    Frisco Launch
  • Mar. 26
    Sportstech Batch 1 Selection Day
  • Mar. 25
    Sportstech Batch 1 Program Start
  • May 23
    Frisco Expo
  • June 11
    Silicon Valley June Summit
  • June 21
    Sportstech Batch 1 Program Finish
  • Aug. 13
    Sportstech Batch 2 Selection Day
  • Sept. 3
    Sportstech Batch 2 Program Start
  • Nov. 13
    Frisco Expo
  • Nov. 30
    Sportstech Batch 2 Program Finish

North Texas Fintech Program

Innovation is reshaping the financial services landscape.

The Plug and Play North Texas Fintech program is a joint program based out of Frisco and McKinney, two rapidly growing economies that are driving innovation across several industries.

Fintech startups have dramatically enhanced innovation in the Financial Services industry. We not only organize events but also facilitate relevant introductions. Meet industry peers, learn best practices, and set industry standards at hundreds of public and private events every year.

Our Fintech Focus Areas

  • Wealth & Asset Management
  • Payments
  • Sustainability
  • Retail Banking
  • Regtech
  • Open Banking
  • Crypto & Digital Assets

Key Dates

  • Mar. 26
    North Texas Fintech Program Launch
  • Mar. 26
    Fintech Batch 1 Selection Day
  • Apr. 2024
    Fintech Batch 1 Program Start
  • May 23
    Fintech Expo
  • June 21
    Fintech Batch 1 Program End
  • Aug. 13
    Fintech Batch 2 Selection Day
  • Sept. 3
    Fintech Batch 2 Program Start
  • Nov. 13
    Fintech Frisco Expo
  • Nov. 30
    Fintech Batch 2 Program End

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