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  • Phusis Bio Logo
    Phusis Bio

    Company Description
    Phusis creates products that advance the de-carbonization of the agricultural and food industries. With expertise in developing unique microbial technologies, Phusis uses its artificial intelligence system to find naturally occurring microbes that are optimal and highly effective in developing specific ingredients that solve some of the biggest challenges face by the food industry. Using a proprietary fermentation platform we can deliver high performance, sustainable & clean-label ingredients to help companies meet the growing demand from their customers, and lower their carbon footprint. PhusisBio has developed a unique class of clean-label natural preservatives using a proprietary blend of organic acids which are highly effective in protecting and preserving various types of food such as baked goods, packaged goods, plant-based milk, dairy products, alternative meats, pet food and traditional meats. Our first product is called Nature Preserve, which outperforms other natural preservatives: It is 3-4 x more effective Offers improved sensory experience with no negative impact on taste Provides ~20% immediate cost-in-use savings Offers improved sensory experience with no negative impact on taste Delivers higher quality and consistency It is a verifiable bio-based source
  • Nous Logo

    Company Description
    Nous offers a healthy alternative to caffeine, aiming to improve people's quality of life and support their personal and professional goals by helping them improve concentration and productivity. NOUS products are made with sustainable technologies and materials, offering innovative and eco-friendly solutions. Understanding people's needs is our priority and they aim to provide natural and healthy support for maintaining focus and mental and physical energy.
  • Prefer Logo

    Company Description
    We make coffee without coffee beans. Climate change is affecting coffee’s supply and quality; coffee farming is carbon intensive, creating a negative flywheel. Coffee retailers pay a premium for an inconsistent supply and poor quality. We make bean-free coffee by fermenting surplus food, creating a product that replicates the coffee bean. This process is more consistent, affordable, and sustainable than coffee farming. Zooming out, Prefer is a sustainable bioflavours company leveraging fermention as a platform technology. Our goal is to create a portfolio of crops threatened by climate change, such as cacao and vanilla, derived from sustainable feedstock.
  • ReDrink Logo

    Company Description
    ReDrink is developing a smart drink dispenser that produces healthy and personalised drinks with natural ingredients at the point of use. - As a B2B beverage service, they will reduce the cost (-73%) and time (-64%) for businesses related to beverages. - Massively reducing bottle waste & saving CO2, generated by transporting bottles. - The start-up is testing the first drinks dispenser with pilot customers and plans to build out the software infrastructure, automation of logistics and user experience to officially launch in late 2023. - The team is currently funded by a government grant (€135k) and is now looking for business angels & VCs to finish building the product and accelerate growth. The company was founded by Adrian and Eberhard; with Alex joining the team as a new addition to the team. - Adrian rebuilt a company during his studies, focusing on sales and org, leading a team of 17. - Eberhard attended ETH and Harvard and has vast product and prototyping experience from the medical and automotive industries. - Alex studied Computer Science and made a huge contribution with his software, IoT and machine learning experience.
  • Food Brewer Logo
    Food Brewer

    Company Description
    Plant cell cultivated company focused on providing b2b ingredients to food manufacturers. Initially focused on treenuts, fruits, coffee, and cacao. Food Brewer AG is a Switzerland based company specialized in the production of food and food ingredients using plant cell cultures. We focus on research, development, and marketing of pioneering technologies for large scale cultivation in fermenters (similar to beer brewing) as an alternative to conventional agriculture. We secure key resources for the food industry and eliminate geographic, climatic, and ethical uncertainties
  • Grocery Shopii Logo
    Grocery Shopii

    Company Description
    Grocery Shopii’s retail media technology provides grocers with shoppable recipe solutions. Our proprietary click-to-cart technology allows a recipe to be deployed anywhere, pulling shoppers directly into the grocer’s site to complete their cart within our white-label meal planning platform. These shoppers spend up to 30% more and return to that grocer’s homepage 4x more often, proving that innovative recipe solutions linked to shoppable media generate real results.
  • Bluicity Logo

    Company Description
    BluTag is a comprehensive solution that provides location, temperature, humidity, vibration, and shock monitoring. It features over the network configuration and a 10-year battery life, so you can rest assured that your data is being securely delivered on a reliable basis. With BluTag, it's easier than ever to keep track of your assets and products and get accurate readings with ease. Our services ensure that your assets and products are tracked and monitored live no matter how complex your logistics network and business needs. Our services use this data for live notifications and pre-emptive actions to prevent spoilage or miss customer delivery and quality demands.
  • Attribute Analytics Logo
    Attribute Anal…

    Company Description
    The trained taste team at Attribute Analytics™ is a group of experienced professionals that have worked with major food retailers, manufacturers, co-packers, farmers, agencies, artisans and restaurants. Describing and measuring sensory attributes using our proprietary methodology is our way of understanding how product features influences consumer preferences. Our expert panel uses our analysis technique to generate quantitative profiles and to develop lexicon libraries for entire categories of food products. Because instruments are not able to measure human perceptions we use our highly trained panelists as sensors for optimal data resulting in Attribute Analytics™. Our data analysis team understands food and beverage industry and the language to utilize in order to code attributes correctly and consistently. These diverse teams are comprised of food and CPG industry professionals, nutritionists, and culinarians who have been highly trained to formulate objective and accurate assessments.
  • SCO2 Logo

    Company Description
    Developed and patented breakthrough supercritical CO2 extraction technology that dramatically improves the efficiency, effectiveness and scalability of what was previous possible. The innovative design delivers a low cost, high throughput, GREEN extraction system that can fractionate directly out of extraction to near isolate level isolation! That means, no co-solvent, no follow on distillation process.
  • Rainfed Foods Logo
    Rainfed Foods

    Company Description
    Rainfed Foods is producing plant based ingredients for products such as milk, yogurt and ice-cream using derivatives from under utilized millets. We are the world's first plant-based milk with 8g of protein, and equal levels of calcium to that of regular cow milk. Our products are allergen-free and full of nutrients. The company is looking to launch and ship its first shelf ready milk product by Q1 of 2022.
  • Xampla Logo

    Company Description
    Xampla has created the world’s first plant protein material for commercial use. Our next-generation material performs like synthetic polymers, but decomposes naturally and fully, without harming the environment. Our mission is to replace the everyday single-use plastics you see all around, like bags, sachets and flexible packaging films. And the less obvious, such as microplastics within liquids and lotions.
  • sofi.health Logo

    Company Description
    key milestones 01 | team works secured talent + funding to develop sofi, coded, built and distributed apps, hardware and formulations all over the world in the most challenging market for hardware supply chains in decades 02 | product works ran multiple real-world trials with over 1k Pioneers (users) across 14 territories (including UK and US) 03 | science works evidenced significant group-level improvement in sleeplessness (quality + duration) confirmed an effect with >95% certainty in ≈51% of Pioneers within 30 days of the first pilot program generated 2.1x average sleep quality improvement for our Pioneers who responded to valerian + passiflora observed responses to plants are deeply individual, validating the personalised approach 04 | partners work partnered with Reckitt (FTSE 100 global FMCG leader) + Firmenich (the world's largest fragrance and flavour house used by 4bn consumers every day) to validate the market and complete our formulations; both are investors 05 | market validated completed consumer analysis with over 10k US consumers by Reckitt, who believe sofi is an industry disruptor addressing a significant consumer gap between "wellness" and "pharma"; a market of +43m in the US alone tested + secured 10k sign ups for sofi, selecting 1k to become pioneers
  • AgriFiber Solutions Logo
    AgriFiber Solu…

    Company Description
    AgriFiber is a commercial scale specialty ingredients manufacturer. Our proprietary separation and extraction technology (six patents) upcycles residual agricultural materials like corn bran and oat hull. We produce a portfolio of insoluble and soluble fiber ingredients that provide exceptional water holding, texturant, emulsification, binding and formulation extension properties. We operate out of 43,000 sq ft. commercial scale facility and currently sell a portfolio of five ingredients to over 25 customers. Our soluble fiber ingredients are non GMO, GRAS Certified (FDA no comment) prebiotic with two human clinical trials supporting our prebiotic claims. While corn and oat residuals source our current portfolio the separation and extraction technology is agnostic and can be used for variety of fiber residuals including kelp, beets, cranberry, hemp, cannabis and cassava (tapioca). Our ingredients can also be solutions for lowering oil content and fat reduction, extending food formulations in tomato based products and various sauces dips and dressings. Our prebiotic fibers allow for claims of good to excellent sources of fiber and the clinical studies indicate a contribution to weight loss thru increased satiety and a lowering of the glycemic index.
  • Atomo Coffee Logo
    Atomo Coffee

    Company Description
    Atomo developed a molecular coffee that is not derived from coffee beans - making coffee more sustainable and less bitter.
  • Naturannova Logo

    Company Description
    Our computational platform analyses the hidden fingerprints that define the structures, dynamics and functions of proteins that will become in novel, natural and sustainable ingredients. 1. Technological sense We combine the AI’s strengths and bioinformatics to recreate how proteins are involved in modulating flavors perception. 2. Experimental Sense In silico protein candidates are tested in the laboratory to explore flavor diversities. 3. Scaling Using the power of microorganisms as a biology factory we produce our natural and sustainable ingredients.
  • EverGrain Ingredients Logo
    EverGrain Ingr…

    Company Description
    EverGrain turns spent barley into nutritious and functional ingredients for use throughout the food and beverage industry. EverGrain gets its raw materials from AB InBev, which is responsible for about 1.4 million metric tons of spent barley. EverGrain currently offers two ingredients: EverPro and EverVita. Both are high in protein, highly adaptable and different than anything else on the market. EverPro is being marketed as an ingredient for plant-based dairy applications (it could also be used to add protein to less conventional products, like RTD iced tea). EverVita is a high protein ingredient that is marketed to the baked goods sector. Barley has a fairly neutral taste, meaning it doesn’t need bitter blockers or heavy flavouring to make it palatable in several applications. It also has a high-protein quality. While barley isn’t a complete protein, several of the amico acids it lacks are in pea protein, making it a complementary ingredient. And barley protein is 95% soluble, so the ingredient can be used to easily add nutrients to beverages without changing their appearance or texture.
  • Ombre Logo
    Ombre Logo

    Company Description
    Ombre has sequenced over 90,000 consumer microbiomes, and converts microbiome test takers to probiotic consumers, the majority of whom subscribe. Consumers love Ombre’s personalized digital experience and premium targeted probiotics. Ombre is launching at retail in 1000 CVS Health Hub stores this year. The company is on plan to reach profitability in 2024.
  • Fabumin Logo

    Company Description
    Fabumin is an innovative food product so similar to a real egg that many top chefs can't even tell the difference. This plant-based egg substitute performs exactly what egg protein does in food products: Foaming, emulsifying, and binding, and has the same texture. ‍ Those fluffy light-as-air pancakes, moist cakes and soft cheese scones are delicious when made with Fabumin. Plus, our plant base product is better for the planet! ‍ Eggs have a limited shelf life, leave a heavy footprint on the environment and come with risks, such as allergies and salmonella. Fabumin has a long shelf life and is more affordable and easier on the planet. Also, you instantly access the wider market, including vegan consumers or those who suffer from food allergies, by offering Fabumin. How amazing is that? Once you use Fabumin as a raw material as a regular raw material, you will quickly understand the variety of possibilities inherent in it, while helping the world at the same time, you will be quick to share this joy with your customers.
  • Sweet Balance Logo
    Sweet Balance

    Company Description
    Sweet Balance is a custom-made natural sugar reduction solution. After 5 years of food sensing R&D, they have developed a formula fit for the most challenging food and beverage applications. Based on their proprietary formula building blocks, they create custom-made sweetening solutions for each food and beverage application.
  • Exosomm Logo

    Company Description
    Exosomm is an advanced foodtech start-up. Exosomm develops food solutions based on natural milk exosomes, which are backed by research at Hadassah Medical Center conducted by Prof. Reif's team. Exosomm’s first product is a food formula with a patented-based active anti-inflammatory effect designed for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn´s & Colitis).
  • mk2 Biotechnologies Logo
    mk2 Biotechnol…
    mk2 Biotechnologies Logo
    mk2 Biotechnologies

    Company Description
    mk2 Biotechnologies develops, produces and investigates peptides using a revolutionary synthesis technology. Our innovative process allows the scalable and thus cost-efficient production of high-purity peptides for a broad range of applications. Up until now, conventional technologies were unable to produce authentic and complex peptides at scales. Our technology eliminates the bottleneck and main cost driver of established production methods and additionally provides a continuously scalable process. Now, peptides with sufficient purity and authentic termini can be produced with high cost efficiency.
  • Culinary Science CSI Logo
    Culinary Scien…

    Company Description
    Rapid chill vacuum technology
  • GreenChoice Logo

    Company Description
    For years, it’s been hard to know if a food matches your diet, if it’s healthy, and good for the planet… Not anymore–we turn hours of research into seconds for conscious consumers. Our patent-pending tech uses AI to process 140+ vetted public data sources and 28+ million data points for fast, evidence-based health and sustainability product attribute analysis and scoring. 84% of shoppers use grocers’ websites or apps whether shopping online or in-store. Luth Research, 2022 50% of Americans now follow a diet and 30% shop for someone with food allergies. IFIC, 2022 69% of consumers wish food companies were more transparent about how they make their products. FMI, 2022
  • Arkeon Logo

    Company Description
    Arkeon is a patented technology, converting inorganic gases into organic food. Arkeon captures CO2 from industry and convert inorganic gases into organic food. No arable land required. NO planting, growing or harvesting of plants. And NO killing of animals. We apply a one-step fermentation process to create the perfect protein ingredient for the next generation of alternative protein. Our microbes naturally produce all 20 amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) in one fermentation. The biological result after fermentation: Sustainable protein products, including every single amino acid of animal protein, yet 100% vegan. Fast. Healthy. Sustainable.
  • Food4You Logo

    Company Description
    Food4You is using lactic acid bacteria specifically selected for each plant substrate enhancing its properties and looking for clean label products. But, fermenting each plant matrix is a challenge itself, so we are creating a software that not only optimizes the best combination between bacteria and plant substrates, but speeding up the process too, focusing on personalized solutions. In this way, Food4You’s goal is to become a provider of starter cultures and probiotics for food production, providing new characteristics such as better texture, flavor, nutrition and cleaner labels.
  • Stem Logo

    Company Description
    STEM is a cell-based coffee start-up based in Paris France with a mission to create a new and complementary stream of coffee production to ensure we may enjoy coffee for centuries to come. Our cell-based technology will provide for a huge simplification of the coffee value chain, with full control and consistency from cell to cup. Shielded from threats like climate change, pests and diseases, and reducing inputs and resources to lower the environmental impact, STEM provides a sustainable alternative means of production which will support and contribute to the transition of traditional coffee farming. While the science and technology is only emerging, cultured coffee allows for the exploration and revelation of the full flavor spectrum of coffee. Our world-class team of scientists, biotech and coffee entrepreneurs have achieved a Proof of Concept and are diligently working on perfecting our commercial version for market launch.
  • Argyle Earth Logo
    Argyle Earth

    Company Description
    Argyle Earth is developing a dynamic heat engine system for converting low-temperature waste heat from manufacturing processes into electricity that can be used onsite. Their proposed heat engine is based on a derivative thermodynamic cycle called the McMillan cycle. This cycle dynamically manages a working fluid to operate in a saturated state, which increases the amount of mechanical work that can be extracted from a thermal energy source. As a result, their system can produce roughly 30% more output than a traditional Rankine cycle heat engine.
  • Earthware Logo

    Company Description
    Earthware’s sustainable initiative aims to unclog some of the waste caused by takeout/delivery containers (single-use plastic, styrofoam containers and even compostables) while simultaneously supporting the vital restaurant industry. The service is very user friendly - order takeout from your favorite participating restaurant, select the Earthware reusable container option, enjoy your meal, and then scan the QR code to have your Earthware containers collected! The containers are washed, sterilized and redistributed to the restaurants strictly following Health Services guidelines.
  • Liven Proteins Logo
    Liven Proteins

    Company Description
    Liven’s mission is to enable circular economy in the food industry to make it more sustainable. The process involves using side streams from food processing industries and converting them into protein ingredients. This ensures that food raw materials are utilized to the fullest extent, without any food being lost. We need more sustainably produced foods to feed the next billion. This includes making more proteins than what we produce today through the $1.4 trillion animal industry, and reducing the 1.3 billion tons of annual food loss and waste. At Liven, our vision is to address both these challenges by transforming lost food into highly valuable protein ingredients. We are using the power of synthetic biology and precision fermentation to achieve this transformation.
  • TechBrew Robotics Logo
    TechBrew Robot…

    Company Description
    We help companies automate dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs within their plants. TechBrew specializes in robotics and vision systems for industrial applications. We help our clients improve throughput, quality, and safety using robotics and automation. We’ve applied our skills in a wide variety of industries including food, medical devices, transportation, and forestry.
  • GrainFrac Logo

    Company Description
    GrainFrac is a technology-driven ingredient company focused on the future of plant-protein. The Company’s novel technologies enable the extraction and purification of grains and pulses into functional ingredients including protein isolates, concentrates and high value co-product streams. GrainFrac’s proprietary extraction processes are more cost-efficient, notably decreasing the cost of production compared to traditional processing methods and require considerably less upfront capital expenditures to establish production capacity. The process is also far more sustainable, minimizing environmental impact by reducing water and energy utilization by up to 60%. In 2022, GrainFrac executed pilot projects and strategic collaborations with multinational ingredient processors and food manufacturers to demonstrate the technology’s ability to produce novel protein ingredients with the functional properties and characteristics required by the industry. The Company has now secured validation of the product market fit for its novel protein ingredient and established interest from several high profile prospective commercial and strategic partners.
  • Savefruit Logo

    Company Description
    With SAVEFRUIT® we have develop a post-harvest solution that enables longer life of fruits than any other product on the market, while also generating virtually no waste or residue for its application and without altering the quality, taste, texture, or water content of your fresh produce. We lengthen the shelf life of your fresh produce by 2.3x on top of existing post-havest's Due to the innovative science behind SAVEFRUIT®, it works and benefits from existing post-harvest products, extending the shelf life of your product by 2.3x on top of them. This includes methods like refrigeration, fruit wax, and other solutions.
  • Opalia (previously BetterMilk) Logo
    Opalia (previo…
    Opalia (previously BetterMilk) Logo
    Opalia (previously BetterMilk)

    Company Description
    Opalia is one of the first companies to develop a process for making whole milk outside the body. Opalia's proprietary technology allows for the production of whole milk that has all the properties of traditional cow milk, without the cow. Opalia's process involves collecting mammary cells from cow milk, selecting the most proliferative cells, immortalizing them, and using their proprietary platform to make milk efficiently outside of the body. Through their proprietary platform, they have developed a cell line that grows without the use of expensive growth factors or fetal bovine serum, and can produce milk without lactation hormones. In only a year, these achievements have allowed them to reduce the price of our process by 98%. This is an unprecedented feat in the industry. ur process has the potential to offer a low-cost, scalable alternative to traditional dairy farming.
  • Syzl Logo

    Company Description
    The kitchen rental system is based on underground economics, corruption and a cash driven ecosystem that creates systemic barriers for historically disadvantaged groups. Millions of square feet are sitting idle and losing billions. Syzl is transforming kitchen utilization by repurposing existing infrastructure and bringing it into the sharing economy.
  • NuVessl Logo

    Company Description
    NuVessl is a nanotechnology company that specializes in product development and research development in the food tech space. NuVessl is a world leader in nano-encapsulation delivery systems enabling the delivery of ingredients faster, stronger and more effectively to the body. NuVessl's delivery systems are all-natural, patent protected and in-expensive. Through its team of encapsulation and delivery experts located in St. Petersburg, FL, NuVessl develops cutting edge consumer products to enhance consumer's health and wellness. Examples of products developed to date utilizing NuVessl's proprietary technology include situational supplements, functional beverages, enhanced skin care, and pet care. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with manufacturing and R&D facilities in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.
  • Hy VIDA Logo
    Hy VIDA

    Company Description
    HyVIDA was founded by engineers and scientists from the medical technology & semiconductor markets after they researched the theraputic benefits of molecular hydrogen gas. HyVIDA's patented process infuses molecular hydrogen (a powerful antioxidant) and high bioavailable magnesium bicarbonate into any beverage (sparkling water, beers, spiked seltzers, sports drinks, energy drinks, etc.) using standard canning operations. HyVIDA launched its sparkling water brand, gaining traction in over 1500 retail locations, and also has a pipeline of licensing opportunities various brands to address a $100B+ total available market in the USA.
  • Trendi Logo

    Company Description
    It’s not every day we waste half of our food… oh wait, yes it is. But we are here to change that. At Trendi, we are using robotics, upcycling and social change to combat excess and unnecessary waste of misfit food from farms, cuttings from processors, waste from retailers and even the waste we produce in our own homes. Wasting food is expensive not just in dollars and resources but also in emissions, and hungry stomachs. With over 2.5 billion tonnes of food going to waste (contributing to 10% of emissions) and over 800 million facing food insecurity around the globe, something needs to be done! We can all do a better job of preventing waste, and we’d like to invite you to join us in our mission.
  • Nimble Science Logo
    Nimble Science

    Company Description
    Nimble Science is a health technology company delivering broad scale access to the gut microbiome through a first-in-kind ingestible capsule, a passive and inexpensive approach to supply the precision and convenience demanded by personalized food and medicine. In an era of individualized and digital health, quality diagnostics of the microbiome are becoming essential pre-requisites for effective and sustainable therapeutic outcomes. We are able to capture unique and valuable data sets from the deepest, most bioactive regions of the GI, translating biochemical observations into insights and digital assets for both our partners and customers. Nimble is ISO 13485 certified with a regulatory ready technical dossier and have already begun forming strategic industrial and academic partnerships around the globe in ever-expanding realms of chronic diseases, SIBO/IBS, mental health, nutrition, oncology, animal health, and so on.
  • Tactotek Logo

    Company Description
    TactoTek creates injection-molded structural electronics that integrate flexible printed circuitry and discrete electronic components into mass-produced 3D injection-molded plastics. With its patented and patent pending technology, TactoTek enables differentiating and cost-effective designs with highly scalable production processes. Because TactoTek encapsulates electronics and circuitry in injection-molded plastics, the resulting products are inherently durable and protected from the environment.
  • Sustained Logo

    Company Description
    Sustained helps costumers make more sustainable choices starting with more environmentally friendly food, using their Chrome and Safari browser extensions users can get environmental impact information about the food products they are browsing when shopping. Their mobile app is the costumers' companion while shopping in store or assessing the pantry, ready to give environmental information for products costumers scan. Sustained currently calculates the product ratings using production and logistical averages based on the ingredients in the product. This is an estimate rating calculated using data from 'LCA background modelling' information and frameworks.
  • NextInput Logo

    Company Description
    Nextinput is the market leader in MEMs based force-sensing solutions for touch enabled devices in markets such as consumer, wearable, IoT, automotive, industrial, medical and many other applications. It is our mission to bring 3D touch solutions to market and enable the next generation of intuitive user interface (UI)
  • Parloa Logo

    Company Description
    Hi, we are Parloa! We enable companies to create outstanding customer conversations with the help of AI, putting smiles on customers' and agents' faces. Ever since our company was founded in 2018, Parloa has become one of the leading SaaS platforms for Conversational AI. The platform orchestrates market-leading AI technology (e.g., STT, TTS, and NLU) and combines them with an easy-to-use low-code front-end. Today, our platform helps companies automate their customer service with AI-powered bots for phone and chat. Thanks to how we automate conversations, agents are freed from repetitive tasks, and customers have less waiting time and an overall better experience. We also offer AI-based real-time translation for phone calls, enabling our clients' customer service representatives to speak any language. Meaning: every agent can serve every customer, breaking down long-standing language barriers. Our aim is to build the most comprehensive solution in this sector to enable every company in the world to have better conversations with their customers. We pursue this vision with the highest standards of technical engineering and combine it with innovative leadership and a strong commitment from every team member to reimagine the future of customer communication.
  • Nourished Logo

    Company Description
    Nourished 3D-prints personalised supplements containing seven different types of vitamins, minerals and/or superfood ingredients. Each stack is printed fresh and shipped to the customer on a monthly basis. Alternatively to personalised stacks customers can purchase pre-made stacks. Nourished formulations use a base made up of erythritol, pectin and maltitol to create a pleasing sweet taste without any sugar and the negative impacts sugar can bring. All our packaging is recyclable and home compostable, and 98% of our ingredients are sourced from the UK.
  • Net Zero Logo
    Net Zero

    Company Description
    NetZero is a carbon-removal venture targeting corporates serious about moving towards net-zero emissions. We extract carbon (“biochar”) from agricultural waste in tropical developing countries, and convert it into sustainable soil amendment and green energy. When mixed with soil, biochar remains stable for at least hundreds of years, hence providing the only permanent carbon removal model currently scalable. The emission-offset effects of our products generate high-quality carbon credits. Biochar-specific methodologies for accounting carbon credits appeared in 2020; Verra/VCS (“Verified Carbon Standard”), the world’s leading certification body for carbon credits, will have its own methodology by autumn 2021.
  • Holifya Logo

    Company Description
    Holifya is an innovative healthtech startup, one of the first in Italy to offer such a personalised service rooted in science. Holifya's mission is to create the first hub, the first platform for Digital Health & Wellness, with a personalised and scientific approach, based on users' genetic profile, biomarkers, habits and goals. To leverage technology, and advanced data analysis modalities (such as machine learning), to support doctors or nutritionists in creating an increasingly personalised 360° health and wellness plan that evolves with the clients needs. Holifya analyses all aspects of health and wellness - through DNA testing in conjunction with costumers' relevant biomarkers and goals - from the body, to the mind.
  • HIRO Robotics Logo
    HIRO Robotics

    Company Description
    HIRO Robotics was founded to unlock access to the latest frontier of robotics. HIRO's team of robotics engineers partners with clients to develop a deep understanding of the specific process and then develops and deploys ad-hoc systems. HIRO Robotics' systems are applicable in industrial settings as flexible co-bots, as well as advanced systems to support in Electronics Waste (WEEE) disassembly and recycling.
  • Enuan Logo

    Company Description
    Enuan is an AI Conversational Partner with +10y experience selected by Enterprises to digitalize Customer Service & Support Virtual Agent (Chatbot/Voicebot) used by Enterprises as TIM Brasil(#1 Telco in South America), ENEL (#4 Utility Company in EU), TNT (#6 Logistic Enterprise in EU) to improve CX and reduce customer service costs for all contact channels (Live Chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Telegram, Apple Business Chat, IVR..)
  • Covariant.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Covariant is building the Covariant Brain: universal AI that allows robots to see, reason and act on the world around them. Founded in 2017 by the world’s top AI researchers and roboticists from UC Berkeley and OpenAI, Covariant is bringing the latest artificial intelligence research breakthroughs to the biggest industry opportunities.
  • Copprint Logo

    Company Description
    Copprint's Nano Copper Ink is a self-sintering alternative for high conductivity, low cost printed electronics. Their Nano Copper Ink is compatible with standard printing technologies, featuring rapid 2 second sintering by standard heating methods, and 50% bulk conductivity, with substantial cost reduction compared to silver ink. Copprint's Nano Ink offers an affordable, conductive ink for a range of applications including: RFIDs printed on paper, touch panel bezel contacts, printed antennas, printed PCBs, heaters & defoggers, fabrics, 3D printing of conductive patterns, batteries and many other printed electronics applications.
  • Black Swan Data Logo
    Black Swan Data
    Black Swan Data Logo
    Black Swan Data

    Company Description
    Black Swan is a pioneer in using proprietary AI techniques to transform raw social data into refined datasets that generate remarkably accurate insights into consumer trends — so called Social Prediction. Using Social Prediction, Black Swan Data is able to predict consumer behaviour and trends more accurately and further ahead than anyone else. This is how Black Swan empowers leading CPG companies, like PepsiCo, Unilever, Danone, and others, to make the right decisions and to get to market faster, with greater confidence.
  • Actronika Logo

    Company Description
    Based on more than 30 years of research by our co-founder, Vincent Hayward, Actronika has developed haptic technologies that enable tactile feedback to be seamlessly integrated in human-machine interfaces. Actronika's technologies can be integrated in a plethora of devices. Unitouch is Actronika's interactive haptic ecosystem tailored for the integration of realistic vibro-tactile haptics in next-generation hardware and software products.
  • SwipeGuide - Capture Logo
    SwipeGuide - C…
    SwipeGuide - Capture Logo
    SwipeGuide - Capture

    Company Description
    Empower frontline excellence through crowdsourced digital standard work. The SwipeGuide platform and apps empower leading manufacturers to reduce errors and downtime across sites, lines, and teams. Crowdsource scalable digital work instructions, procedures, and checklists and give your deskless workers the critical operational knowledge they need to excel in their tasks. Our customers - including Heineken, PepsiCo, Orkla, Barilla, and Coca-Cola - have experienced increases in First-Time-Right (up to +26%) while motivating their workforce with clearer standards that improve knowledge retention by 25%. Digital standard work drives operational excellence and makes your workers awesome. SwipeGuide delivers it in a way that finally makes sense. SwipeGuide is currently reducing errors in >200 plants and >500 teams at the lines in 93 countries.
  • BetterMeal AI Logo
    BetterMeal AI

    Company Description
    BetterMeal AI is a data driven company on a mission to understand the biological connections between human gut and food at the deepest level. Gut and food have played a vital role in human health and we have yet to realize the full potential of both. BetterMeal AI is a data company with the technology to provide nutritional treatments for chronic health issues like PCOS, Thyroid, Type 2 Diabetes, IBD and Celiac. We help you identify specific foods works for your body. We identify the hidden sequence of biomarkers to detect your gut health that can impact your overall health. BetterMeal AI's core AI technology is one of the largest digital platform that reveals the interaction between gut and food. The reviver algorithm is a deep technology capable of predicting and helping you feel better with clinical validation. BetterMeal AI is a leading provider of first kind of a food based clinical study and deep technology, offering food based treatments for specific chronic health issues. Founded by Data Scientist and a Gynaecologist who started by scribbling their ideas on a piece of paper followed by clinical studies and today we offer precise nutritional solutions and have created large community of ~500,000 and growing. We analyze deep connections between food and human gut.
  • Zero Cow Factory - The Future of Alternative Milk Comes from Microbes Logo
    Zero Cow Facto…
    Zero Cow Factory - The Future of Alternative Milk Comes from Microbes Logo
    Zero Cow Factory - The Future of Alternative Milk Comes from Microbes

    Company Description
    We are reinventing the meaning of traditional dairy/food industry by producing India's first milk & dairy/food products (certainly a world's first A2 milk protein) using bioengineering the microbes & precision fermentation. We are developing a technology to reproduce milk proteins to craft real dairy/food products that are ethical, safe, delicious, and identical to cow milk without any animal involved. Our products which are free of lactose, antibiotics, hormone, cholesterol and saturated fat. This technology is also environmentally friendly and there is 99% less land consumption, 98% less water consumption, 84% less CO2e consumption and 65% less energy consumption compared to traditional dairy industry.
  • Kyomei Logo

    Company Description
    Kyomei has developed a first-in-class protein production platform using plants as bioreactors growing animal proteins for the alternative meat industry. Our platform is sustainable and carbon negative, naturally grown and purely plant-grown and produces the identical proteins found in meat. It uses sustainable ways to add flavor on meat-based alternatives. Kyomei was founded in 2021 and is based in Cambridge, England.
  • Yeasty Logo

    Company Description
    Yeasty produces a protein-rich super-ingredient for food manufacturers by leveraging the power of an industrial by-product : brewer's yeast. We have unlocked the main barrier to upcycling brewer’s yeast at a large scale for human food applications: its bitterness. Our main technological innovation is based on the de-bittering of yeast recovered from brewers through a process that does not alter neither the naturality of the product nor its nutritional properties. The business innovation is based on the circular economy, as we are using a recovered raw material at an attractive cost for brewers, still allowing for large-scale production at a competitive selling price. Our final product offers great characteristics to food manufacturers: it is a natural and complete yeast flour with 50% protein and all the essential amino-acids. It is also rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. All this with a naturally present and tasty umami flavour!
  • Ajinomatrix Logo

    Company Description
    Our aim is to produce software digitizing scent and taste as of fingerprints for food items, and produce a standard file that can be exchanged over networks, after being recorded into an AI driven database repository.
  • CrushDynamics Logo

    Company Description
    Crush Dynamics Inc. (CDI) is a privately owned, development stage corporation based in Summerland, British Columbia, Canada. CDI has created a patent-pending bio mechanical process using a portable bioreactor for upcycling agricultural side streams into highly nutritious food. Agriculture side streams are often discarded creating a tremendous amount of methane from anerobic compost. Our patent pending process eliminates methane emissions. At scale, 50 megatonnes of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases per year would be eliminated with the valorization of our first side stream, wine making derivatives. Our target clients are commercial food producers driving to create the next generation of plant-based food products which address the deficiencies in taste, texture, nutrition, price & shelf life. Our initial products have already been designed and validated in multiple SKUs in our beachhead market of challenger brands in the North American plant-based “alt protein” market.
  • Yeastime Logo

    Company Description
    Yeastime Startup S.r.l. develops a fermentation 2.0 process using an innovative stimulation cycle induced through a device dynamically and externally applied to different geometries of already existing bioreactors. The developed technological innovation intervenes in the landscape of production processes that occur through liquid cell culture to optimize their economies of scale. Thanks to the alternative stimulation cycle we engineered and which is patent-pending, we act only in the active phase of bioproduction to decrease lenght, energy costs and environmental impact without affecting the chemico-physical properties of the obtained output. We started building this project fascinated by bioacoustics, a discipline that integrates studies of physics, engineering and biotechnology, with a focus on the "micro-world", confident that innovativeness in the multidisciplinary approach can provide new tools to impact bioproductions. Yeastime contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide through energy optimization of bioreactors closely linked to production times, helping industries to come into synergy with IPCC standards. From our research, the fermentation process requires 40% of the process energy cost, we act by reducing it in a range of 20-30% depending on the bioproduction.
  • Greencovery Logo

    Company Description
    Greencovery is a provider of food technology intended to enable food companies to produce sustainable ingredients from their production side-streams. The company's platform accelerates the time-to-market of new ingredients recovered from side-streams making businesses feasible, sustainable and also the technology can be applied to diverse ingredients and is used to produced circular flavours, supplements and other food ingredients for the growing sports nutrition, drinks and protein alternatives market, enabling food manufacturers to recover valuable products from their side-streams effectively. The problem is that recovering these compounds form side-streams (liquid and solid) source is lengthy and expensive. Greencovery tech makes it both affordable and faster to recover these compounds, while they are still food graded.
  • Multus Biotechnology Ltd Logo
    Multus Biotech…
    Multus Biotechnology Ltd Logo
    Multus Biotechnology Ltd

    Company Description
    Multus is enabling the cultivated meat industry to realise its disruptive potential, creating the key ingredients to make cultivated meat production scalable, affordable and profitable. Our first product, Proliferum M, grows muscle, fat and connective tissue using a unique formulation and ingredient design process. Based in London, UK, Multus was founded in 2019, went through the IndieBio S20 programme, and closed £1.5M seed round in June 2021. We use a proprietary machine learning platform to optimise a variety of growth factor proteins to meet the requirements for growing different animal cell types and tissues at scale. Taking a statistical and data-led approach we design animal-free growth media that is designed for the cultivated meat industry.
  • Cultivated Biosciences Logo
    Cultivated Bio…
    Cultivated Biosciences Logo
    Cultivated Biosciences

    Company Description
    Fermenting creamy fats - like in a brewery, but your final product is ice-cream, cheese or milk! Collaboration is key to success. We work with government institutions, academic laboratories, startup accelerators and industry organizations to ensure we have access to know-how, funding and talent to bring our vision forward
  • The Leaf Protein Co. Logo
    The Leaf Prote…
    The Leaf Protein Co. Logo
    The Leaf Protein Co.

    Company Description
    We're building a library of biodiverse plant proteins by unlocking Earth's most abundant source of protein, RuBisCo, found in green leaves. We source green leaves from crop by-products and use our extraction process to produce functional plant proteins that are not only sustainable and free from the major plant allergens, but also offer superior foaming, gelling and emulsification properties. Food companies can use our "protein+" ingredients to create cleaner label plant-based foods from meat and dairy analogues to beverages, sauces & condiments and baked goods.
  • Compound Foods Logo
    Compound Foods

    Company Description
    Compound Foods creates coffee without coffee beansCoffee is one of the most consumed and most polluting products in the world; we are reinventing coffee to make it better and more sustainable. 140 liters of water are needed to produce 1 cup of coffee and 1 kg of coffee produces 17kgs of C02 equivalents. We are giving customers a more sustainable alternative that tastes just like the coffee they love. We are an early stage food tech company creating coffee without beans. We are producing the best tasting and most sustainable coffee with fermentation. With the same flavors, aromas and benefits of coffee without the negative environmental and humanitarian impacts.
  • Voyage Foods Logo
    Voyage Foods

    Company Description
    Voyage Foods has made sustainable and scalable alternatives to foods that have current obstacles –environmental, social, and health alike. Our breakthrough technology provides endless opportunities to make delicious, nearly identical, versions of beloved foods, without compromising individual health or our planet. We replicated the world’s favorite foods so that we can all enjoy them, forever.
  • Retail Aware Logo
    Retail Aware

    Company Description
    Retail Aware helps brands, retailers, and their partners track in-store product and shopper behavior data in real time. We help you know what shoppers want like never before to increase your ROI. For the first time, an accurate and precise way to track shopper behavior around your products in-store. We were founded with the mission to bring in-store shopper behavior data to brands, retailers, and their partners in real time. Our patent-pending and award-winning BiaaS data solution is helping clients understand what shoppers want like never before to drive ROI.
  • Aegis Packaging Logo
    Aegis Packaging

    Company Description
    The demand from brand owners and packaging manufacturers for circular economy supported packaging is increasing due to the law for implementation of more environmental friendly packaging by 2025. However, the availability of barrier packaging that is suitable for this purpose in terms of quality and functionality is very limited. Aegis Packaging offers barrier coating with the highest level barrier performances developed after a lot of research and studies. It can be apply onto plastics film and paper through rotogravure application and drastically improve the barrier properties of the packaging material without compromising on functionality or appearance. O₂X™ is a non-toxic water based transparent liquid barrier coating. With no volatile solvents in the formulation, users have the freedom to use it with different types of material to create flexible packaging according to their needs. O₂X™ has been successfully applied on different materials such as polyester, OPP and treated paper.
  • traceless materials Logo
    traceless mate…
    traceless materials Logo
    traceless materials

    Company Description
    traceless materials is a female-founded circular bioeconomy start-up offering a holistically sustainable alternative to conventional plastics and bioplastics. With our innovative biomaterial solution, we address global plastic pollution. With our innovative patent-pending technology, we for the first time use agricultural industry by-products to produce a holistically sustainable biomaterial that provides the beneficial properties of plastics while being compostable under natural conditions. Even though traceless materials are bio-based, they do not compete with food production, preventing food conflict and land-use change. In contrast to conventional plastics and bioplastic, they don’t need any hazardous chemicals. traceless materials are climate friendly, as their production and disposal causes up to 87% less CO2 emissions compared to virgin plastics. traceless is plastic free, making use of natural polymers and does not fall under eg. the EU Plastics Directive. Already competitive in quality to conventional plastics and bioplastics, on industrial production scale the materials will be price competitive to virgin plastics. traceless is applicable to a wide variety of products - from rigid and flexible packaging to disposables and coating & adhesive solutions.
  • Nfinite Nanotechnology Logo
    Nfinite Nanote…
    Nfinite Nanotechnology Logo
    Nfinite Nanotechnology

    Company Description
    Nfinite Nanotechnology is an advanced material university spin-off based in Waterloo, ON. Founded on Earth Day 2021, Nfinite’s breakthrough nanocoating technology is based on over 10 years of experience in developing advanced functional thin film, supported by $2M in research funding.Nfinite is commercializing a rapid open-air nanocoating platform that produces large-area, high-quality, ultrathin-films at low cost, that can be used on a wide range of applications such as batteries, fuel cells, membranes, photovoltaics and flexible electronics. Nfinite’s initial focus is to provide industry high performance barriers layers for biodegradable plastic packaging to accelerate the world’s goal to eliminate plastic packaging pollution.
  • Pow Bio Logo
    Pow Bio

    Company Description
    Pow.bio provides intelligent fermentation services for industrial and synthetic biology, helping turn great ideas into profitable products. We combine continuous fermentation with advanced control methodology to quickly optimize your fermentation process and deliver high yields at low costs. Our scale runs from 1-100 liter capacity for bacteria, yeast, and filamentous fungi.
  • Renaissance BioScience Logo
    Renaissance Bi…
    Renaissance BioScience Logo
    Renaissance BioScience

    Company Description
    The Company is in the applied life sciences industry with a focus on proprietary yeast-based technology platforms to develop functional, market-ready microorganisms for the global healthcare, agriculture, food and beverage, and chemicals industries.Their current products include commercially available yeast strains that prevent the formation of two separate and significant naturally occurring contaminants: acrylamide in carbohydrate-rich foods and coffee, and hydrogen sulfide in wine, beer, and cider. Acryleast is a natural, non-GMO yeast enzyme that reduces acrylamide by up to 90% in a range of food and beverage products, including biscuits, crackers, infant food and more. This clean label, effective and versatile solution has no or minimal changes to manufacturing processes and no impact on flavour, aroma and texture.
  • Proteimax Logo

    Company Description
    Proteimax discovers and commercializes biologically active peptides. Its mission is to solve major problems of health and agriculture. The company was born in its discovery of Pep19, which works as a food additive to promote loss of body fat, reduce liver fat, flatten glycemic spikes, and reduce fasting insulin. This peptide is envisioned as a new, food based approach to the global epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and fatty liver; it has applications in human, canine, and feline health. Among the company's numerous other peptides is Pep44, which prevents cell division and prevents post-harvest crop loss caused by microbes.
  • Sincarne Logo

    Company Description
    Sincarne has developed a solid state fermentation process that converts commodity agricultural feedstocks and side products into high quality foods for humans, pets and other animals. Our process uses a rapid fungal fermentation technology to convert agricultural crops, side products and residues into highly nutritious non-GMO food products. Our fungus is already approved for human consumption and represents a cost disruptive solution to large scale production of meat alternative proteins which are cheaper and faster to produce with less processing, and more nutrition than competitors products. We will also leverage this same production technology to produce specific high value chemicals through applied synthetic biology.The company is poised to rapidly scale this technology and be ready for production within 12-18 months.
  • MOA Foodtech Logo
    MOA Foodtech

    Company Description
    We are establishing a new industry of sustainable food that solves growing global food demands without the need for arable land. We are focused on designing high-value, natural and nutritious food.
  • Allozymes Logo

    Company Description
    At Allozymes we are building google of enzymes. Appling our proprietary microfluidics technology to screen 10M enzymes varients per day to develop custom-designed enzymes for cleaner and sustainable manufacturing of complex natural products. Allozymes’ interdisciplinary innovation enables 10x faster enzyme engineering with 200X higher chance of success and 1000X faster screening power compared to the robotics which enables breakthrough development in a wide range of industries. Some of our current projects is as below; -Biosynthesis of low yield tomato natural extracts for cosmetic industry-Biosynthesis of lamb taste for vegun plant-based lamb meat-Engineering enzymes for degradading plastic waste-More efficeint enzymes for home care products Our ready to commercialize technology addresses a $600B market with a pipeline of projects worth millions and products worth billions. At Allozymes, we do enzyme engineering as a service and also make partnership with companies for biomanufacturing of novel ingredients.
  • Profile Print Logo
    Profile Print

    Company Description
    ProfilePrint is a food ingredient analysis Saas (Software-as-a-Solution) platform, based on our patented, non-destructive A.I. food fingerprinting technology, allowing rapid authentication, and characteristics prediction such as taste profiles, empowering B2B users to match, source and sell better. The company analyses on a molecular level and can be used seamlessly by stakeholders in the supply chain, retrieving real-time results immediately.ProfilePrint has been used along verticals such as tea, cocoa, coffee and more in just a few seconds to ascertain quality without the need for human-tasting. Users can self-create A.I. models easily by training it without prior technical training, and the project is a web-based software with a device easily hand-carried in a travel bagThe team is constantly exploring and expanding their database.
  • Biteback Biotechnology Pte. Ltd. Logo
    Biteback Biote…
    Biteback Biotechnology Pte. Ltd. Logo
    Biteback Biotechnology Pte. Ltd.

    Company Description
    We develop a processing technology to refine edible insects (beetle larvae) into functional product line like cooking oil, butter, fatty alcohol, and bio-fuel. Our solution has 40 times more yield than palm oil within the same area of land, can be scaled vertically, and fed by using biomass from agro-industry waste streams. The fatty acid properties are rich in unsaturated fats, and omega-3.
  • Aqua Cultured Foods Logo
    Aqua Cultured …
    Aqua Cultured Foods Logo
    Aqua Cultured Foods

    Company Description
    The first whole muscle seafood alternative created through microbial fermentation. AquaCultured Foods has developed a novel new tech that creates an alternative seafood option through the use of microbial fermentation.We start with widely available, affordable, unprocessed organic matter and add a nutrient-rich solution to “feed” and nurture the microbes. We then introduce a strain of fungi to begin the transformation. By controlling environmental factors like heat, humidity and moisture – and nailing the formula – the end result is a whole protein with a realistic texture and taste to traditional seafood. We’ve developed formulas for tuna, whitefish, squid and shrimp.
  • Brevel Logo

    Company Description
    By providing truly affordable, consistent and scalable production of microalgae-based alternative protein and functional ingredients, Brevel is opening the doors to microalgae as the future of our food system. Brevel’s proprietary technology reduces costs by more than 90% which is a complete paradigm shift in the industry where cost and quality were the main barriers until today. Brevel is working with global partners from the food and other industries towards making the world a better place.
  • Faba Alimentos Logo
    Faba Alimentos

    Company Description
    We have developed a new ingredient, through chickpeas, for the food industry, replacing 100% chicken’s egg functionalities, creating a new category of emulsifying and foam-generating ingrediente. Our product is plant-based, natural and from a renewable source. With H2Faba, as we call it, we contribute to the creation of clean label foods, animal well-being, in addition to mitigating the environmental impacts along the chain, such as decreased land, water and energy when compared to Chicken egg. Due to the pandemic, we had to reinvite our business, so we started the development and commercialization of foods using our ingredient as a means of demonstrating to the market the functionalities of H2Faba in addition to generating revenue for the company in the short term.
  • eniferBio Logo

    Company Description
    Enifer Bio is an expert at squeezing every last drop of value from biorefining operations. Our Pekilo fermentation solution is built on decades of Finnish expertise to allow the production of valuable protein-rich feed from streams previously considered worthless. At the heart of our continuous bioprocess is a proprietary Pekilo microfungus capable of rapidly consuming minute quantities of different organic compounds, and that is extremely easy to recover via filtration.Pekilo protein can replace soy protein , which is commonly used in fish feed and whose cultivation poses ecological challenges, such as deforestation in South America.
  • De Novo Dairy Logo
    De Novo Dairy

    Company Description
    De Novo Dairy focuses on producing non-animal functional & nutritional dairy proteins that assists with mouthfeel in food as well as infant immune development.
  • B'ZEOS Logo

    Company Description
    B’ZEOS is a start-up developing seaweed-based packaging from sustainable sources, which is fully bio-based and home compostable. We are participating in projects like ERA-BlueBIO in collaboration with SINTEF and other academic institutions. We are based in Norway but have opened our new lab in Spain (Barcelona) and will therefore open a branch in Spain. B’ZEOS uses kelp since it can provide a sustainable feedstock for biopolymers through both cultivation and harvesting. The manufacturing process of the material does not use harsh chemicals and does not rely on land-based crops. B’ZEOS has been part of an incubator project (leading potentially to the accelerator program) of 1 of the top3 F&B Industy. B’ZEOS is about to start the second phase for the development of the seaweed based packaging solution. We secured funds and are looking for more investments (another 50%).
  • Regusto Logo

    Company Description
    Tool that optimises the donations process and sales of food (and non food) products making them transparent, traceable and accessible to everyone. Corporations upload the products they want to donate on Regusto’s platform and interested NGOs can place reservations for products in the quantity they need. Corporations can then accept or deny the reservation.
  • Hubcycle Logo

    Company Description
    Hubcycle is the leading hub for plant-based upcycling aimed to create a global sustainable market, where the by-product offer can fulfil the demand for responsible, clean label, plant-based ingredients.
  • Superunit Logo

    Company Description
    Superunit develops novel processes for the preservation of food and biomedical products using knowledge and technologies in the field of supercritical fluids.
  • Droople Logo

    Company Description
    It can be applied onto plastics film and paper and drastically improve the barrier properties of the packaging material without compromising on functionality or appearance.
  • Agrosingularity Logo
    Agrosingularity Logo

    Company Description
    Circular powder ingredients for Clean Label Solutions working to address food loss
  • Full Cycle Bioplastics Logo
    Full Cycle Bio…
    Full Cycle Bioplastics Logo
    Full Cycle Bioplastics

    Company Description
    Full Cycle is a biotech company that converts organic waste into bioplastics. Our proprietary technology addresses climate change by reducing food waste and plastic pollution.
  • Qloo Logo
    Qloo Logo

    Company Description
    Qloo is a cultural artificial intelligence platform that operates via an application programming interface.
  • Le Papondu Logo
    Le Papondu
    Le Papondu Logo
    Le Papondu

    Company Description
    Developing egg replacements.
  • Sophie’s Bionutrients Logo
    Sophie’s Bionu…
    Sophie’s Bionutrients Logo
    Sophie’s Bionutrients

    Company Description
    High quality sustainable plant based protein from microalgae grown in urban environments and fed with industrial food waste.
  • Hero Protein Logo
    Hero Protein
    Hero Protein Logo
    Hero Protein

    Company Description
    Hero Protein is the first domestic company in China that produces and sells plant-based meat using high moisture extrusion technology.
  • Origin by Ocean Logo
    Origin by Ocean
    Origin by Ocean Logo
    Origin by Ocean

    Company Description
    Reviving the oceans with profit, addressing the increasingly growing market demand for bio-based ingredients for industrial applications.
  • Boston Meats Logo
    Boston Meats
    Boston Meats Logo
    Boston Meats

    Company Description
    Boston Meats creates protein fibers for authentic texture in alternative meats.
  • Plug and Play
    Plug and Play

    Company Description
    Grain4Grain uses a patent pending process that upcycles byproducts, like spent grain from breweries - after all the carbs are removed for beer, into a keto friendly, gluten reduced, high protein, high fiber flour.
  • The Live Green Co Logo
    The Live Green…
    The Live Green Co Logo
    The Live Green Co

    Company Description
    The Live Green Co uses technology to make plant-based foods tastier, healthier, and more sustainable.
  • Umami Meats Logo
    Umami Meats
    Umami Meats Logo
    Umami Meats

    Company Description
    We are developing affordable, delicious, and sustainable cell-cultured seafood based on our proprietary low cost, serum-free media and novel marine cell lines.
  • Change Foods, Inc. Logo
    Change Foods, …
    Change Foods, Inc. Logo
    Change Foods, Inc.

    Company Description
    Change Foods recreates real cheese and dairy products using precision fermentation, producing products that are indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • RambuHealth Logo
    RambuHealth Logo

    Company Description
    We produce innovative functional ingredients
  • Fig: Food Is Good Logo
    Fig: Food Is G…
    Fig: Food Is Good Logo
    Fig: Food Is Good

    Company Description
    FIG's AI reads and rates foods in real-time to a personalized understanding of anyone's diet
  • Kiwi Biosciences Logo
    Kiwi Bioscienc…
    Kiwi Biosciences Logo
    Kiwi Biosciences

    Company Description
    Kiwi Bio develops novel enzyme technologies to make food a painless experience for the 1 in 8 Americans who are intolerant of the most common and nutritious foods.
  • Xylene Logo

    Company Description
    Xylene changes the way companies interact with their supply chains. The technology is a combination of supply chain visualization, due diligence and product traceability, which leverages on blockchain and remote sensing (satellite imageries) to validate the authenticity of the data exchanged.
  • Swirltex Logo

    Company Description
    "Swirltex has developed a membrane filtration system for treating wastewater. The patented membrane system can utilize lower-cost polymeric membranes, and provide a significantly higher flux while avoiding fouling."
  • Recyda Logo

    Company Description
    Recyda provides suggestions for designing product packaging to ensure regulatory compliance, reporting tools to support recyclable claims, and sales tools for packaging manufacturers, everything in a unique solution.
  • Provenance Logo

    Company Description
    "Provenance makes information open and accessible throughout the supply chain and at the point of sale. The software-based technology connects information to things that help us understand and discover the origin, journey and impact of our products."
  • Oriient Logo

    Company Description
    "Oriient can activate indoor positioning in any building without installing anything with an accuracy within 1m (3ft). Oriient provides users with extremely accurate navigation on their smartphones and allows facilities and retails to improve their service, space utilization, staff performance and operations."
  • Neurons Inc Logo
    Neurons Inc

    Company Description
    Neurons is an applied neuroscience and AI-based tech startup which helps asses and understand consumer responses. Neurons Inc has been able to protocolize and move consumer- response analysis from the lab to anywhere.
  • Greencovery Logo

    Company Description
    Greencovery has developed technology that helps food manufacturers recover valuable compounds from their side-streams. The resulting, high-quality ingredient helps businesses offer an attractive economical proposition that reduces CO2 and waster consumption.
  • Kiinns Logo

    Company Description
    Kiinns has developed a patent-pending technology that eliminates the need to clean food processing equipment after use in food production lines by coating the equipment with a biodegradable polymer.
  • Aryballe Logo

    Company Description
    Through supervised machine learning, Aryballe is training its hardware-enabled software to recognize and discern between scents to power research and development, ensure product and sourcing quality, and facilitate the creation of positive consumer experiences.
  • W-Cycle Logo

    Company Description
    We offer a green and compostable, single use packaging solution for hot meals or beverages.
  • Papkot™ Logo

    Company Description
    Papkot provides a 100% paper solution to fully replace plastic films cost-effectively: fully biodegradable, fully compostable and fully recyclable like any normal virgin paper.
  • IXON Food Technology Logo
    IXON Food Tech…
    IXON Food Technology Logo
    IXON Food Technology

    Company Description
    We specializes in advanced sous-vide aseptic packaging (ASAP), a processing technique wherein meat and vegetables are sterilized at 60 to 80 degrees Celsius to produce shelf-stable products.
  • iSense AG Logo
    iSense AG

    Company Description
    iSense provides the first flavor portal to manage, search, compare, benchmark and rationalize your flavors while building essential data to accelerate your innovation.
  • Peekage Logo

    Company Description
    A digital product sampling platform that helps the consumer packaged companies to give a taste of their products to targeted consumers at home

    Company Description
    Food as Medicine
  • Gini Health Logo
    Gini Health

    Company Description
    We aggregate user data to make personalized nutrition products that change with user's continuous health data. Our first product is a subscription based customized multivitamin.
  • Xilinat Logo

    Company Description
    Using biotechnology to transform agricultural waste into a natural, healthy and appetizing sweetener.
  • Michroma Logo

    Company Description
    Fungal-based biotech platform to produce next-gen natural ingredients
  • Tomorrow Foods Logo
    Tomorrow Foods

    Company Description
    Plant-based innovation for a better future
  • Probitat Logo

    Company Description
    Fermented plant-based food products for better gut health.
  • Phynova Logo

    Company Description
    We use science to turn the power of plants into proven health benefit solutions and commercialise these natural ingredients globally into food, beverage and supplement applications.
  • Kern Tec Logo
    Kern Tec

    Company Description
    Through the development of a highly innovative, industrial process, Kern Tec upcycles fruits stones of apricot, cherry, plum and peach - a byproduct in the fruit industry - to a new, sustainable high value resource.
  • FermBiotics Logo

    Company Description
    Fermbiotics is a company developing natural fermented seaweed and plant products that support gut health.
  • BranchOut Logo

    Company Description
    Manufacturers Avocado Powder, Avocado Chips, Chewy Banana Bites and Pineapple Chips
  • Aegis Packaging Logo
    Aegis Packaging

    Company Description
    More than a packaging film manufacturer, Aegis will become a future global leader in manufacturing regenerative high barrier coating for flexible packaging.​
  • Insertcoin Logo

    Company Description
    Insert Coin uses behavioural science and gamification to increase companies ability to achieve sustainable digital growth by improving key metrics such as engagement, retention, and churn.
  • Yoran Imaging Logo
    Yoran Imaging

    Company Description
    Introducing industry 4.0 to the heat sealing arena.
  • TurtleTree Labs Logo
    TurtleTree Labs

    Company Description
    First biotech company to create milk sustainably using cell-based tech.
  • Turing Labs Logo
    Turing Labs

    Company Description
    R&D digital transformation platform that top global CPGs trust. Evaluate and optimize R&D outcomes - all in one place - faster than ever.
  • Talkin’ Things Logo
    Talkin’ Things

    Company Description
    mart Packaging one-stop-shop for brands to benefit from connected products throughout the entire supply chain.
  • StenCo Logo

    Company Description
    StenCo's patent pending barrier coating system blocks oxygen, is cost effective, and biodegradable.
  • Shiru Logo

    Company Description
    o feed people sustainably, Shiru leverages machine learning and precision biology to identify and create ideal food proteins.
  • Posidonia Logo

    Company Description
    We help food professionals to differentiate by reducing the salt and keeping the taste. Posidonia is a 100% natural sea salt with only 8% sodium.
  • Paragon Pure Logo
    Paragon Pure

    Company Description
    Understanding the science of nature to create genuine ingredients for delivering natural flavors, colors and nutrients into wholesome foods
  • MyAir Logo

    Company Description
    Functional personal superfood for stress management.
  • Mycroft Logo

    Company Description
    Biotechnology innovator with focus on discovering, developing, and producing natural bio-actives derived from micro algae targeting human nutrition and personal care/cosmetics.
  • Edamam Logo

    Company Description
    Provides nutrition solutions to businesses in the food, health, and wellness sectors by leveraging its cloud-based structures.
  • DayTwo Logo

    Company Description
    Provides personalized nutrition and actionable insights for people to maintain normal blood sugar levels based on their microbiome.
  • BioTip Logo

    Company Description
    Freshness-stickers, IP protected technology - external stickers which change color exactly when product spoils.
  • Algama Logo

    Company Description
    Algama aims to harvest the unique potential of Microalgae by integrating them to daily food products.
  • LifeNome Logo

    Company Description
    Award Winning Precision AI Platform for Personalizing Health and Wellness Products, Programs, and Services.
  • Tastes Natural Logo
    Tastes Natural

    Company Description
    We are an Ingredient Technology company that produces proprietary all-natural ingredients which block negative tastes in food, beverages, and nutraceuticals. We sell our ingredients directly and also produce products that reduce or eliminate sugar and sodium in food and beverages.
  • Simporter Logo

    Company Description
    A.I. platform that predicts sales for new products before they hit the market.
  • Progel Logo

    Company Description
    The worlds cheapest industrial scale production system for continuous production of food and pharma microparticles.
  • Plantible Foods Logo
    Plantible Foods

    Company Description
    Plantible Foods is a B2B food technology company with the goal to develop the most functional and applicable plant-based protein
  • Phytoption Logo

    Company Description
    Innovation of highly functional ingredients from nature.
  • Nanothings Logo

    Company Description
    NanoThings is an automation platform for end-to-end, autonomous, cold chain sensor monitoring and delivery management.
  • Genesis Feed Technologies Logo
    Genesis Feed T…
    Genesis Feed Technologies Logo
    Genesis Feed Technologies

    Company Description
    Feed ingredients are purchased and valued for the wrong reasons. The result is $3B in waste annually due to inefficient and incorrect purchasing practices. We bring the right information to the right people to make more informed decisions. We are changing how commodities are traded globally.
  • FlaVR Labs Logo
    FlaVR Labs

    Company Description
    We create digital taste, to give the tongue and mouth the perception of flavour. Starting with healthcare, patients with xerostomia, diminished taste sensation and sodium-restricted diets, enjoy food again. We also give plain water the taste characteristics of most any flavoured beverage.
  • FiberVita Logo

    Company Description
    Multifunctional, plant-based, innovative, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free, Vegan-Friendly, Clean-Label and Short-Label food ingredient.
  • Crop Enhancement Logo
    Crop Enhanceme…

    Company Description
    Our mission: Empower every grower with sustainable products that improve agriculture and protect our planet.
  • Canomiks Logo

    Company Description
    Using cutting-edge genomics and AI, Canomiks tests ingredients and formulations as well as designs recipes for functional foods and dietary supplements that can target chronic conditions or maintain health and wellness.
  • Baze Labs Logo
    Baze Labs

    Company Description
    The first personalized nutrition platform to connect consumers with foods and supplements that specifically target blood micronutrient gaps identified through a simple at-home diagnostic.
  • Aquacycl Logo

    Company Description
    Aquacycl™ provides the BioElectrochemical Treatment Technology (BETT™) for onsite wastewater treatment.
  • Adhark Logo

    Company Description
    Adhark uses artificial intelligence to analyze imagery, giving companies the ability to see through the eyes of any consumer audience with a suite of powerful visual intelligence tools.
  • 1World Online Logo
    1World Online

    Company Description
    1World Online is a Blockchain-powered Interactive Marketing & Research company
  • Zymtronix Logo

    Company Description
    Zymtronix commercializes a patented platform technology that enables more innovative and efficient enzyme processes across industries in lieu of classic chemistry or fermentations.
  • SwissDeCode Logo

    Company Description
    SwissDeCode helps farmers and Food Processing companies to grow and produce food that is safe to eat and compliant with all regulations, by offering a rapid onsite DNA test that gives results in hours
  • Stem Sugar! Logo
    Stem Sugar!

    Company Description
    Stem Sugar! is an alternative sugar solution.
  • Shaka Tea Logo
    Shaka Tea

    Company Description
    Shaka Tea is the tea for every body, every diet, always with ALOHA. 0cal/0g sugar, tropical-botanical, herbal Hawaiian teas supporting sustainable agriculture in our islands at an accessible price point.
  • Phyteau Logo

    Company Description
    Phyteau is a completely safe, new class of therapeutics for diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and weight management.
  • NANOX Logo

    Company Description
    NANOX is a natural antimicrobial product line, derived from a nanotechnology that contains silver as an active ingredient`
  • Meyo Tech S.L. Logo
    Meyo Tech S.L.
    Meyo Tech S.L. Logo
    Meyo Tech S.L.

    Company Description
    Meyo Tech S.L. is technology at the service of personalization
  • InnovoPro Logo

    Company Description
    InnovoPro is the first to launch chickpea protein concentrate.
  • Induction Food Systems Logo
    Induction Food…

    Company Description
    Induction Food Systems is a solid-state heating solution to improve food & beverage manufacturing and product development
  • Hooray Foods Logo
    Hooray Foods

    Company Description
    Hooray Foods is a delicious, plant-based meat company
  • FlavorWiki Logo

    Company Description
    FlavorWiki helps the food and beverage industry evaluate consumer perception and preference in record time, from anywhere in the world.
  • Digested Organics Logo
    Digested Organ…

    Company Description
    Digested Organics manufactures advanced filtration solutions to help businesses reduce wastewater disposal costs, reclaim clean water for reuse, and produce valuable co-products.
  • Bond Pet Food Logo
    Bond Pet Food

    Company Description
    Bond Pet Food works with biotechnology to make pet food from animal protein like chicken, turkey and fish, without the animal.
  • BioLumen Logo

    Company Description
    BioLumen is a nutech (nutritional technology) company that has developed a patented dietary fiber technology that can mitigate the negative impact of a western diet heavy in processed foods.
  • AsiaBiome Logo

    Company Description
    AsiaBiome is accelerating the discovery of microbiome-based therapeutics through our proprietary technology platform.
  • Shipchain Logo

    Company Description
    ShipChain is making transport and logistics more effective, secure and transparent by utilizing blockchain technology.
  • Vessl Logo

    Company Description
    With the Vessl™ technology we have been able to compact and mobilize heavy liquid containers, bringing a wide array of liquid products into the age of ecommerce.
  • Anavo Logo
    Anavo Logo

    Company Description
    Tethis designs and licenses high volume biomaterials
  • Babylon Micro-Farms Logo
    Babylon Micro-…

    Company Description
    We are making sustainable food production accessible by empowering a network of decentralized urban farms.
  • Cambridge Crops Logo
    Cambridge Crops

    Company Description
    Natural and edible solutions for extending the freshness of food
  • CarbiotixAB Logo

    Company Description
    Personalized nutrition company focused on consumer gut health solutions and microbiome therapeutics
  • Cocoterra Logo

    Company Description
    CocoTerra has developed the world’s first table-top, bean-to-bar chocolate maker.
  • CosmosID Logo

    Company Description
    Microbial genomics platform for research and diagnostic applications in pharma, clinical, food safety, and environmental monitoring
  • CRATUS Technology Logo
    CRATUS Technol…

    Company Description
    AI platform bridging the gap between business intelligence and the physical world, making it extremely easy to access to real time sensor data and analytics for enterprise software.
  • Jovian Technologies Logo
    Jovian Technol…
    Jovian Technologies Logo
    Jovian Technologies

    Company Description
    Lower cost of new food & beverage products with artificial intelligence
  • Kiverdi Logo

    Company Description
    Kiverdi technology uses all natural microbes, we call them Nature's Super Charged Carbon Recyclers, to transform CO2 and other gases into high-valued oils, nutrients and bio-based products.
  • Ocean's Halo Logo
    Ocean's Halo

    Company Description
    New Frontier Foods Inc. and our Ocean's Halo brand brings delicious, nutritious and amazing innovations to the consumer food & beverage market.
  • Primordial Genetics Logo
    Primordial Gen…

    Company Description
    Primordial Genetics is a synthetic biology company focused on performance improvements of microbes and enzymes used in high-value applications for nutrition, pharma and bio-manufacturing.
  • Vestaron Logo

    Company Description
    Vestaron is dedicated to improving the safety, efficacy and sustainability of crop protection through migration from chemical pesticides to biological peptides.
  • Qbit Logo

    Company Description
    Qbit is a decision intelligence platform that helps CPG brands scale faster by revealing why consumers buy.
  • Wild For Logo
    Wild For

    Company Description
    Wild For is a natural food company making delicious and nutritious chips based on the ancient Ethiopian grain, teff. Our air-popped teff chips have more than twice the protein and less than half the fat of traditional chips.
  • Mimica Logo

    Company Description
    Accessible, affordable freshness indicators. From food to pharma, Mimica aims to become the global mark of freshness for industry, consumers & communities.
  • Zen Basil Logo
    Zen Basil

    Company Description
    Zen Basil is a 1st to market plant-based prebiotic beverage line with hydrated organic basil seeds and raw organic basil seed bags.
  • ZBiotics Logo

    Company Description
    ZBiotics bioengineers probiotic bacteria for nutraceutical and other applications.
  • Veracet Logo

    Company Description
    Enhancing food and beverage quality with microbiome science.
  • Terramino Foods Logo
    Terramino Foods

    Company Description
    Terramino Foods is using fungi as an alternative protein which replicates the taste, texture, and nutrition of meat and seafood products.
  • SuperEats Logo

    Company Description
    SuperEats makes familiar snacks with honest, nutritionally functional ingredients.
  • Sun Genomics Logo
    Sun Genomics

    Company Description
    Sun Genomics is microbiome health company manufacturing personalized probiotics. Our high resolution profiling of customers gut DNA empowers people to make and track changes over time.
  • Soft Robotics Logo
    Soft Robotics

    Company Description
    Soft Robotics opens new markets to automation through the application and commercialization of its proprietary soft robotics technology.
  • SnapDNA Logo

    Company Description
    SnapDNA slashes the time for food safety tests from 3 days to less than 90 minutes, providing quantitative results from on-site or field-deployable instruments with near-zero false positive accuracy.
  • Probius Logo

    Company Description
    All electronic platform for fingerprinting of biological specimens in preclinical and food safety applications: any target, any background, fast.
  • PERKii Logo

    Company Description
    PERKii delivers live and protected probiotics, in a refreshing water-based drink with a delicious splash of natural flavour.