Our Food & Beverage Corporate Innovation Partners

Our Food Innovation Program is driven by industry leaders who dictate the focus of our startup sourcing efforts and collectively select the startups for the accelerator. Our partners recognize the value of outside innovation to augment their own capabilities, increase market share, or enter entirely new markets. They are diversifying their portfolio companies and embracing self-disruption.

Our corporate partners

  • Pepsico startup accelerator
  • Tetra Pak Corporate Innovation
  • ajinomoto
  • ezaki glico - plug and play corporate partner
  • Esselunga
  • Better Foods.001
  • Klabin
  • Ki Tua Fund.001
  • Claro logo
  • mars-logo.png
  • S&S Lab:Simple Planet.001
  • Barilla
  • Fonterra Ventures.001
  • Tridon
  • Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center - Plug and Play
  • Mosaic - Plug and Play
  • ICL