How to Raise $100M in a Pandemic

A fireside chat between two big-shot investors and one thriving company during a time of uncertainty. 

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Pushing forward in a time of uncertainty

In a conversation between Saeed Amidi, CEO and co-founder of Plug and Play; Hussayn Kassai, CEO and co-founder of Onfido; and Mike Zappert, Partner at TPG Growth, panelists spoke about how to increase attractiveness to investors as well as company practices in general during this new, virtual world of business. 

When asked what investors look for during COVID and in general, Mike Zappert explained that TPG looks for, “companies that are looking to disrupt existing markets with next generation solutions.” He continued, “We are looking for companies that are growing capital and have large, addressable markets.” 

As Hussayn Kassai mentioned, companies “need not only a strong US presence, but also they need support from strong US partners and investors.” When asked what success would look like in a few years from now, Zappert explained that if Onfido’s market positioning was at the goal they have set, they would be happy with the success. 


In collaboration with Onfido & TPG Growth

Onfido uses AI to verify Government issued ID’s and compares it to their facial biometrics. Users can verify themselves anywhere, anytime. Their technology gives security to companies during onboarding sessions and natural citizens when confirming the identity of someone coming to their home.

TPG Growth is a private equity investment firm focused on leveraged buyouts and growth capital. They identify unique companies across the US, Asia and other select regions to help them achieve their full potential. 


Key Takeaways

  • Make sure you are targeting a large market.
  • Think about and transition to virtual work, but also consider new needs and demands of employees.
  • Develop customer trust.
  • Focus on execution.
  • Re-evaluate and always look at what you can be doing better.

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