Retail Banking

Retail Banks exist to:

  1. Provide more liquidity by influencing the money supply in an economy
  2. Reduce the probability of default on loans by pooling together the risks of lending money
  3. Lower the cost of borrowing by offering competitive interest rates

Understanding your audience

"It really starts by understanding the context of the partner or the customer. It is essential to deep-dive into the pinpoints of each and every partner in order to have an early involvement and to understand if the API products we already have are enough or if there is a need for adapting the data.

If you look on the customer side, I think it’s obvious that every customer wants to have something easier and faster. So what we at Deutsche Bank learned is that you really need to build up this trust and put efforts in educating the customers about the usage of their data and about the new and evolving possibilities of retail banking.”

Joris Hensen, Founder and Co-Lead of Deutsche Bank API Program

Deutsch Bank Circle.001

“We continuously measure the satisfaction of our customers to understand, develop and evaluate the impulses for said development. The wishes and needs of our customers are crucial to ensure the permanent increase of our customer satisfaction.”

Julia Koch, Deputy WEU Leader E2E Current Accounts, First Vice President at UniCredit

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