Fall Startups 2018

Brand & Retail

plug and play retail startups

Afterpay Inc. – Afterpay is an installment payment product targeting millennials that partners with retailers to allow customers to pay for their product in 4 equal payments, interest-free. View their Website >

Allure Systems – Allure Systems creates stunning on-figure garment visual experience for clothing retailers using advanced virtualization and computer vision technologies. View their Website >

Astronomer – Astronomer is a data engineering platform that supports an agile data culture. View their Website >

Conversation.one – Conversation.one is a build-once-deploy anywhere platform for conversational applications that combines deep-learning and crowd-sourcing to improve the accuracy levels of voice and chat interactions. View their Website >

Clinch – Clinch is a dynamic creative solution for video and display ad automation and personalization across social and programmatic channels, that helps brands significantly increase online and in-store sales. View their Website >

Feed.fm – SaaS audio platform improving customer engagement through music. View their Website >

Flexetail – Flexetail builds & leases MTRs (mobile tiny retail) units that are 100% off-the-grid, mobile, and turnkey so companies, brands, and retailers can quickly expand retail footprint without the carbon footprint. View their Website >

Headstart – Headstart is diversity recruiting software focused on breaking the cycle of exclusion. We help calculate candidate suitability, increase diversity in talent pools and minimize bias in the hiring funnel. View their Website >

Influenster – Influenster is a digital destination where millions of consumers research and review products and where brands can connect with shoppers. View their Website >

LexSet.ai – Artificial Intelligence for interior design. View their Website >

Loyyal – Loyyal is the industry-leading blockchain platform for incentive management. We are built to incentivize any behavior, action, or event. The only limitation is imagination. View their Website >

MileZero – MileZero develops cloud-based logistics software that enables enterprise retailers and carriers to optimize large-scale logistics networks and delivery fleets. View their Website >

Ople – AI Building AI™. Ople's software models the behavior, experience, and intuition of elite data scientists and delivers deployable production-grade AI-models in minutes, ready to predict. View their Website >

Popwallet Inc. – Mobile Wallet Marketing Automation View their Website >

Radius8 – Sell more to consumers by creating store-centric online experiences and in-store experiences based on local digital demand. View their Website >

Remesh Inc. – Remesh's mission is to make engaging with and understanding a group of people fast, informative and accurate. View their Website >

SplitIt – Splitit is a global payment solution enabling customers to make purchases by splitting the cost into interest-free monthly payments on an existing credit/debit card with instant approval. View their Website >

Twiggle – Natural Language Search for E-Commerce. View their Website >

Qopius – Automating and optimizing retail execution using cross-platform computer vision. View their Website >


Plug and Play Energy and sustainability startups

Alcatraz.ai – Replace badging as an access point identification method by leveraging facial recognition, 3D sensing and artificial intelligence to enable highly secure and frictionless entry into physical locations. View their Website >

AnchorID – AnchorID is the world’s first rewards program for user authentication, using a cryptocurrency called IDcoin to motivate stronger user security, which has been proven to reduce both fraud and customer service expenses. View their Website >

Anonybit – Anonybit is a decentralized, community-based, biometric identification platform.View their Website >

Bit Discovery – A complete portfolio of your company's websites. Instantly created. Automatically updated. View their Website >

Blacksands Inc. – Blacksands, an Enterprise Remote Connectivity leader, provides Dynamic Point-to-Point Encrypted Connections to Applications and Devices. View their Website >

Cog – Cog leverages modularity to isolate critical functions and services on IoT, securing devices by reducing attack surface and points of failure. View their Website >

CyberCentric – CyberCentric enables organizations to better understand their most sensitive data with our AI engine that reads data across the network, determines what’s important, and automates of the process to ensure data safety. View their Website >

CybeReady – CybeReady is a SaaS based fully-automated learning solution that enables continuous training and constant adaptation to phishing threats that lowers security risks significantly. View their Website >

Indegy – Indegy’s Industrial Cyber Security solution enables organizations to gain visibility, security and control of their industrial operations, OT and IT networks. View their Website >

Paygilant – Paygilant's mission is to deliver a fraud prevention platform for mobile payments. Paygilant on-device disruptive technology makes in-store payments, eWallet and online transactions easy and secure, increasing conversion rates and reducing friction. Issuers (banks), merchants, PSPs and eWallet providers also benefit from a significant risk and operational cost reduction. View their Website >

PFP Cybersecurity – PFP provides device security using AI and power analysis for detection, remediation and prevention. View their Website >

ReSec Technologies – Ultimate protection from known and unknown file-based malware threats, using patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology. View their Website >

SIEMonster – SIEMonster provide solutions for Managed Security Providers and security administrators in all sized companies. View their Website >

Swimlane – Swimlane is a leader in security automation and orchestration (SAO). Our platform empowers organizations to manage, respond to and neutralize cyber threats with the adaptability, efficiency and speed necessary to combat today’s rapidly evolving cyber threats. View their Website >

Trillium Secure Inc. – Trillium Secure platform provides a multi-layered solution for hardening IOT and autonomous vehicles against cyber-attacks. View their Website >


Plug and Play Fintech startups

Accrualify – Complete spend & vendor management with b2b payments domestically & internationally. View their Website >

Align17 – Incubated by UBS, Align17 is a marketplace that provides private wealth investors exclusive access to institutional-quality impact-investing opportunities vetted by trusted third parties. View their Website >

Alkymi – Alkymi turns documents into data to help capital markets automate, understand risk, and make better decisions. View their Website >

BotDoc –BotDoc is the secure FedEx of Data, easy transport of data and documents. Typical secure solutions for collecting data an documents make doing business harder, BotDoc is simple. View their Website >

bouquet.ai – We believe that “getting answers at work should be as easy as chatting with a friend” and created Aristotle, your personal AI analyst for business intelligence. View their Website >

Capway – CapWay is a mobile-first platform that provides financial content and services to financially underserved millennials who lack the opportunity and access to traditional banking and services. View their Website >

Compliance.ai – Providing Actionable Regulatory Intelligence for financial services compliance professionals. View their Website >

Conversation.one – Conversation.one is a build-once-deploy anywhere platform for conversational applications that combines deep-learning and crowd-sourcing to improve the accuracy levels of voice and chat interactions. View their Website >

Difitek – Difitek is an enterprise fintech company. It provides a modular, API-first back office platform for digital finance applications. View their Website >

Grove – Grove's mission is to make financial planning honest and accessible. View their Website >

Joust – Joust is an all-inclusive mobile banking toolkit for freelancers and entrepreneurs. View their Website >

Kyndi –Kyndi is an Explainable Artificial Intelligence company. View their Website >

Mortgage Ready – Mortgage Ready is an advanced mortgage preparation software. View their Website >

Ople – AI Building AI - World class deep-learning in days, not months. View their Website >

Peanut Butter – Peanut Butter offers student loan assistance as a benefit. View their Website >

ProxToMe – Proximity authentication for IoT. View their Website >

Stratyfy Inc. – Stratyfy empwoers busienss leaders with a decision managementsystem that imrpoves predictive accuracy without sacrificing flexibility or transparency, enabling safe and profitable growth. View their Website >

VRAY – VRAY is a SaaS company that developed omni-channel payment platform that can integrate into existing payment processors. View their Website >

Food & Beverage

Plug and Play Food & Beverage startups

ARBOREA – Arborea produces functional vegan food ingredients to help processed food and beverage companies deliver more sustainable and healthy food thanks to our groundbreaking cultivation platform. View their Website >

Asarasi – Asarasi has developed a renewable & sustainable source of pure plant-based water adding to the world's drinkable water supply. View their Website >

Ceres Imaging – Ceres Imaging is an aerial spectral imagery company that helps growers optimize their water and fertilizer application. View their Website >

Floragraph – Floragraph is developing the first infant microbiome monitoring device - “from poop to profile” in under 4 hours, at home or in the lab. View their Website >

Gastrograph – Gastrograph AI is a specialized artificial intelligence platform for the F&B industry that understands what consumers taste and how consumers develop preferences based off that perception. View their Website >

Influenster – Influenster is a digital destination where millions of consumers research and review products and where brands can connect with shoppers.View their Website >

Inhalio – Inhalio licenses software platform and firmware for scent diffusion devices for Connected Auto and Connected Home. View their Website >

JuiceInnov8 – Sugar reduction platform for juice industry by biotechnology. View their Website >

The Markov Corporation – Marry AI software & hardware to transform food economics. View their Website >

PERKii – PERKii delivers live and protected probiotics, in a refreshing water-based drink with a delicious splash of natural flavor. View their Website >

Probius – All electronic platform for fingerprinting of biological specimens in preclinical and food safety applications: any target, any background, fast. View their Website >

Quantifind – Quantifind’s mission is to empower people to make better decisions that combine human intuition with the voice of intelligent data. View their Website >

SnapDNA – SnapDNA slashes the time for food safety tests from 3 days to less than 90 minutes, providing quantitative results from on-site or field-deployable instruments with near-zero false positive accuracy. View their Website >

Soft Robotics – Soft Robotics opens new markets to automation through the application and commercialization of its proprietary soft robotics technology. View their Website >

Sun Genomics – Sun genomics is microbiome health company manufacturing personalized probiotics. Our high resolution profiling of customers gut DNA empowers people to make and track changes over time. View their Website >

SuperEats – Supereats makes familiar snacks with honest, nutritionally functional ingredients. View their Website >

Terramino Foods – Terramino Foods is using fungi as an alternative protein which replicates the taste, texture, and nutrition of meat and seafood products. View their Website >

Veracet – Enhancing food and beverage quality with microbiome science.View their Website >

ZBiotics – ZBiotics bioengineers probiotic bacteria for nutraceutical and other applications. View their Website >

Zen Basil – Zen Basil is a 1st to market plant-based prebiotic beverage line with hydrated organic basil seeds and raw organic basil seed bags. View their Website >

New Materials & Packaging

Plug and Play New Materials startups

ACI Materials – Develop, manufacture, and sell advanced aerospace coatings and materials for FHE. View their Website >

Bioserie – Durable, heat resistant, USDA 100% biobased and made safe certified baby essentials (and potentially more!) View their Website >

Cruzfoam – Cruz Foam creates a compostable styrofoam substitute from upcycled shrimp shell waste. View their Website >

Flora Coatings – Development and manufacturing of advanced intelligent coatings. View their Website >

Vessl – With the Vessl™ technology we have been able to compact and mobilize heavy liquid containers, bringing a wide array of liquid products into the age of ecommerce. View their Website >

Is It Fresh – Is It Fresh is digitizing food supply chain through our unique freshtag (combination of sensors and NFC chips) which can be integrated in almost any type of packaging. View their Website >

Lingrove – Lingrove is a materials and design firm focused on plant-based fibers and resins. View their Website >

Liquid Wire – Provider of printable metal gels for stretch electronics, in garment RFID and biofeedback. View their Website >

Molecule Works – Molecule Works develops and produces thin micro-porous metal and molecular sieve membrane sheets for energy and environmental applications. View their Website >

Novarials – A leading nanowire technology developer. View their Website >

Radisurf – Developing unique replacements of glue and primers for strong plastic-to-metal bonding - an environmentally friendly nano surface coating. View their Website >

Salus Nanotechnologies – Coatings for energy and sustainability in consumer and industrial spaces. View their Website >

Serionix – Serionix bring color-changing air filtration technology designed for NASA and Astronauts to your family, pets, homes, and cars. View their Website >

Tacit – Enabling tacit knowledge collaboration for industrial workers. Tacit gives workers superpowers through AI technologies. View their Website >

Tethis – Tethis designs and licenses high volume biomaterials. View their Website >

XOnano – XOnano engineers enhanced foam products which can sense impacts and pressure. View their Website >

Visolis – Engineered Biology enabled Carbon Negative materials. View their Website >

Vizru – Vizru offers a Digital Transformation suite that allows enterprises to adapt to any changes in the industry. View their Website >

Supply Chain & Logistics

Plug and Play Supply Chain Startups

300cubits – 300cubits brings financial and blockchain solutions for shipping. View their Website >

Advanced Voice Research Labs – AVRL is a venture-backed Artificial Intelligence company with arguably the most powerful AI Voice system ever built. View their Website >

Agent IQ – AI and Machine Learning-Boosted 1:1 Customer Engagement Platform. View their Website >

Alchemy IoT – Alchemy IoT offers AI powered Predictive Analytics. View their Website >

Allegro.ai – End to end deep learning computer vision platform. View their Website >

Cloudleaf – Cloudleaf transforms business operations into digital intelligence. View their Website >

Dorabot – Robotic Solutions for Logistics & E-Commerce. View their Website >

Edgybees – Augmented reality for fast-moving cameras. View their Website >

Element Analytics – Element connects operations data across the industrial enterprise in order to rapidly uncover new insights. View their Website >

FarEye – Enabling Digital Logistics for Parcel and Freight. View their Website >

Foghorn – FogHorn Systems is a leader in edge intelligence for IoT. View their Website >

Locix –Collecting actionable data to transform warehouse and logistics operations. View their Website >

LogistiVIEW – LogistiVIEW is a Digital Workforce Platform that uses computer vision, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality to improve the productivity and job satisfaction of frontline workers. View their Website >

Milezero – MileZero develops cloud-based logistics software that enables enterprise retailers and carriers to optimize large-scale logistics networks and delivery fleets. View their Website >

MoBagel – MoBagel’s Decanter AI engine is made for businesses that want to utilize data science methods to make better data-driven decisions and extract deeper insights from their valuable data. Use cases include demand forecasting, predictive maintenance, and targeted marketing. View their Website >

ProGlove – ProGlove develops an intelligent glove that enables the employee to work faster, safer and more ergonomically in production and logistics. View their Website >

Project 44 – Project 44 accesses full multimodal transparency and make smarter transportation decisions. True end-to-end visibility. View their Website >

Quantifind – Quantifind is an on-demand insights platform that uses customer feedback data correlated to business KPI's to help companies explore, understand, and optimize their performance. Quantifind’s clients are some of the world’s most recognized brands, spanning industries such as automotive, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, financial services, food & bev, retail, and telecom. View their Website >

Reply.ai – Reply.ai is an enterprise level bot building and management platform that makes B2C communication more manageable and efficient through messaging. View their Website >

Sentient Science – Predictive O&M, Life Extension, and SCO with Less Historic Data. View their Website >

Transmetrics – Transmetrics solution provides logistics companies with data cleansing, demand forecasting and network optimization tools based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. View their Website >

Wave – The key to paper less trade - digitizing trade documents using the blockchain. View their Website >