Toronto Innovation Day Webinar

Virtual Event

Toronto Innovation Day Webinar
June 23, 2020
10:00AM - 12:15PM EDT
This is a virtual event. Please note that the time specified is EDT.

Join us for a day of corporate innovation and startup pitches focused on Supply Chain themes. We will hear from executives at BASF, corporate partners, founders from top-tier startups, and members of the community.

Toronto Office Launch

Our new Plug and Play office in Toronto will provide global partners with an expanded access to high-potential businesses in the Canadian market, and connect Canadian entrepreneurs and businesses to the innovation world of Silicon Valley. 

Startups Presenting:

- Forager: A venture-backed company building technology to automate cross-border logistics

- Circularise: Using blockchain to bring transparency to global supply chains and empower businesses to move towards a circular economy

- Morpheus Network: Optimizes global trade using blockchain with a potential total cost savings of 10%

- Roserocket: Automates the back office of LTL trucking companies with a modern cloud based TMS

- Canaria Technologies: Predictive biometric systems for duel real-time prediction of heat exhaustion and cognitive fatigue


  • 10:00am - 10:02am:
  • 10:02am - 10:20am:
    Plug and Play Overview
  • 10:20am - 10:35am:
    BASF Remarks
  • 10:35am - 11:00am:
    Startup Pitches
  • 11:00am - 11:35am:
    Corporate Innovation Panel
  • 11:35am - 12:05pm:
    Startup Pitches
  • 12:05pm - 12:15pm:
    Closing Remarks

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