A scientific Approach to Innovation

Acting like a scientist when launching new business ideas.

A scientific Approach to Innovation
April 16, 2020
3:00PM - 4:00PM
Virtual Event. Please note that the time specified is CET.

Professor Gambardella and his research team from Bocconi University will host a workshop focused on a research they ran regarding "A scientific approach to entrepreneurial decision-making".

Goal of the workshop:
The research study will show you how applying a scientific approach to innovation management improves precision and efficiency when it comes to make strategic decisions.

Managers and entrepreneurs who behave like scientists perform better, modify their business idea when the marginal benefit is higher, and are more likely to drop out when the idea is not worth committing further.


  • Alfonso Gambardella_Speaker

    Alfonsa Gambardella

    Full Professor and Head of Management of Innovation and Technology department @Bocconi University

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