Plug and Play Europe Summer Summit


Plug and Play Europe Summer Summit
9 - 10 July 2019
9:00AM - 6:00PM
Balanstraße 73, 81541 Munich, Germany

Join us to the first European Plug and Play Summer Summit happening on July 9-10 in Munich!

It will be a huge, yet focused event with tremendous opportunities to connect with innovative thought leaders and top management across different industries - join us and learn how other sectors leverage technology and data to drive customer value or create new business models. 

We have a great lineup of keynote and panelist speakers as well as pitching startups, covering a wide range of perspectives from early and later stage companies to corporates and system integrators, consultants and academic - and surely we would love to hear yours!


Day 1 will be kicked off by PNP Insurtech's Expo with 18 startups presenting their multi-industry facetted technologies and solutions. After lunch, the afternoon session will be focused on transportation and sustainability. We will present elements of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and their effects on our lives and cities, including last mile mobility, and then dive deeper into adjacent areas covering storage, route optimization and the role of IoT. In the last part, we uncover how transportation affects our environment and how businesses can generally become more sustainable through resource efficiency and data analytics. The content session will be closed by our Founder and CEO, Saeed Amidi, and all guests are invited to join the casual networking event with dinner and drinks.


Day 2 will start with our strategic partner's Insurtech Expo (ITHM) covering a wide range of topics and a networking lunch. Afterwards, we will show-case the advancements of healthcare with particular focus on prevention as well as personalization, leveraging an ever increasing amount of data. This will lead into a cross-industry discussion on the different facets of the data revolution, and how we may protect this data against breaches. In the following, the ubiquitous cyber risk will be exhibited through use-cases in payment fraud, and lastly we will reveal further insights into the future of payments and other retail trends. The day will be closed by a keynote on entrepreneurship and relaxed networking with drinks.


  • June 9 - Morning
    Insurtech Europe
  • June 9 - Afternoon
    IOT & Mobility
  • June 9 - Afternoon
    Supply Chain
  • June 9 - Afternoon
    Energy & Sustainability
  • June 10 - Morning
    Insurtech Hub Munich
  • June 10 - Afternoon
  • June 10 - Afternoon
  • June 10 - Afternoon
  • June 10 - Afternoon
    Brand & Retail

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