Insurtech Europe EXPO Day

Batch 8

Insurtech Europe EXPO Day
June 28, 2022
3:30PM - 9:00PM CEST
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Join us in Amsterdam for our Insurtech Europe Batch 8 Expo!

We are so excited to welcome you back for in-person events and this time, we are doing something special! We will be featuring a fully in-person pop-up Insurtech Europe Expo Day in Amsterdam alongside the Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) conference.

Batch 8 Expo is all about our stellar startups across all lines of business and exclusive insights to pilot showcases. Want to be at the forefront of open innovation?

Apply now for tickets and see you in Amsterdam!

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Expo Day Agenda

  • 3:30 - 4:00 PM
    Welcome & Registration
  • 4:00 - 4:10 PM
    Opening Remarks
  • 4:10 - 4:20 PM
    Fireside Chat
  • 4:20 - 5:00 PM
    Startup Pitches - Life & Health
  • 5:00 - 5:30 PM
    Networking Break
  • 5:30 - 5:40 PM
    Pilot Showcase
  • 5:40 - 6:00 PM
    Startup Pitches - Property & Casualty
  • 6:00 - 6:30 PM
    Startup Pitches - General
  • 6:30 - 6:50
    Award Ceremonies - Corporate Innovation Award & People's Choice Awards
  • 6:50 - 7:00 PM
    Closing Remarks
  • 7:00 - 9:00 PM
    Evening Reception

Our Startups

  • Aktivolabs Pte. Ltd Logo
    Aktivolabs Pte. Ltd
    Aktivolabs Pte. Ltd Logo
    Aktivolabs Pte. Ltd
    Aktivolabs is a digital health insurtech startup that helps life and health insurers to engage and acquire high value customers, price and manage risk at scale, and provide a deeply valued service for meaningful interaction with customers. Financial institutions, life and health insurers in multiple markets have engaged Aktivolabs to use the digital Aktivo digital health platform to drive innovation for customer acquisition, retention and product design. The Aktivo Score® is a digital biomarker that predicts health and longevity. Aktivolabs has built a proprietary risk analytics engine around the Aktivo Score® that enables banks, life and health insurers and reinsurers to design innovative insurance and financial products. Aktivo solves the last mile problem for insurers by using real-time health and physiological data for focused upsell and cross-sell strategies. The Aktivo platform is also utilised by Corporations to engage and build a more productive and healthier workforce.
  • Allthings Logo
    Allthings Logo
    Allthings delivers all things for a better life in buildings. Strongly focused on creating a great tenant experience, Allthings offers one single platform that connects tenants, property owners and service providers. Tenants use the app for direct communication and to access a variety of digital services that simplify everyday life. Property owners add a new service layer to their buildings and benefit from data-driven insights. Service providers like property managers, local commerce or concierge companies offer their services digitally to the tenants. Beyond that, third-party solution providers can be flexibly integrated into the modular and open Allthings platform, much like an app store for buildings.
  • Anagog Logo
    Anagog Logo
    Anagog is the world’s first On-phone Customer Engagement & Enrichment Platform. Being the first marketing platform that's powered by Edge-AI, working from within the phone without dependency on cloud processing, Anagog helps mobile app owners truly meet and exceed their customers’ expectations for relevant personalized experiences in real-time, while (finally) meeting the demand for privacy. Anagog enables marketers to offer a differentiated, multi-channel personalized engagement, in real-time, including Push Notifications, In-App Messages, App Inbox and more, and to better learn their audience via powerful anonymized audience analytics and actionable insights. Key benefits: • KNOW your users not only online, but beyond it, understanding the user on the phone and in the real-world • ENGAGE users with greater relevance - in context, real-time and with true agility • TRUE PRIVACY to your users • EXPAND and engage more users • Easy and simple integration with no hidden costs
  • BetterYou Logo
    BetterYou Logo
    BetterYou is a wellness coach that helps us find time for social, physical, and mental health. The app automatically tracks health progress and provides redirection at the opportune moment (help people get a walk in when they've been stuck at their desk all day, or to sleep and get off email at 2am), improving overall health in the process. BetterYou provides population-level insights back to organizations, helping them drive health savings downstream by improving their employees’ digital and overall wellness.
  • BirdsEyeView Logo
    BirdsEyeView Logo
    We are entering a new era, one that will be defined by climate change, and one that will be punctuated by an increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters. Currently there is a major insurance gap, with $130bn of uninsured natural catastrophe losses every year. Traditional insurance is either unavailable or unsuitable and these events are becoming the new norm. BirdsEyeView is a European Space Agency funded InsurTech that builds parametric insurance products for climate-change risks. BirdsEyeView is a digital-first Managing General Agent (MGA) that uses space-data to design innovative parametric solutions. ​At the heart of BirdsEyeView's offering is RAPTOR™, their proprietary algorithmic underwriting and quote and bind engine. ​ BirdsEyeView works with brokers and agents. Using RAPTOR™, they can diversify their product offering and ensure that gaps in their client's exposures are covered. This is insurance for the climate change era.
  • Climatica Logo
    Climatica Logo
    Climatica is an European insurtech which uses machine learning models to build parametric insurance products. Our founding team comes from a highly selective background (hedge fund/BCG/insurance/pharma/unicorn fintech). We build parametric insurance products which protect against a number of scenarios related to weather. For example - heavy rainfall, low temperature or lack of sunlight. These solutions are meant for weather-sensitive operations, such as travel, renewable energy and agriculture. Our products rely on novel methods of data analytics, rarely used in traditional insurance companies. We can cover areas of risk overlooked by other companies and can facilitate immediate payouts. We have already created the first product in Poland based on this technology in a partnership with a leading European insurer, and are working with 2 additional insurers on travel and renewable product roll outs. Climatica addresses the problem of the global increase in climate related economic loss (over 2x increase in the last 20 years), and the global protection gap in insuring against such events (i.e., income loss not covered by insurance), which reached close to $200B in 2020.
  • DocMe® Logo
    DocMe® Logo
    DocMe is an SDK technology that takes telemedicine beyond merely a video call and enables effective digital triage, delivers extensive efficiencies and health and insurance benefits, measuring vitals from a face video, acting as a screening technology for video visits. We believe, by the end of this decade, healthcare workflows will become mostly digitized, with wide swathes of personal data captured using computer vision, along with artificial intelligence, enabling personalized precision care through the analysis of that data. Much of the digitized data across healthcare will be visual - captured and analyzed by visual technologies. Today, we present an AI-powered medical triage tool that uses optical sensors from existing ICT devices (smartphones and computers) to capture objective clinical data, which integrate into personalized care recommendations. - Currently, DocMe measures heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate variability and blood pressure from a 30s face video. - We are developing a technology layer to expand our measurement parameters in the next twelve months. - Additionally, we are building different analytics layers to deliver more personalized and targeted actionable insights. We aim to become an industry leader in the next five years.
  • ExactData Logo
    ExactData Logo
    Global cybercrimes costs were estimated at $6T for 2021. With $6B in written premiums last year, the insurance industry is either $T at risk or ignoring a potential $T insurance opportunity. 60% or data breaches occur through 3rd parties or through development and test environments. The use of fully synthetic data eliminates these risks. We generate fully synthetic high fidelity test data that is not derived from a confidential production data source and we are the best in the industry. Our platform scales to large sets of synthetic data, and we can meet the consistency and realism requirements that modern application performance testing demands. Our synthetic data helps our customers reduce their need for test engineering staff, drive greater levels of efficiency, reduce their time to market, and avoid malicious compromises during the software process. We are a US-based, with six patents. For nearly two decades as a critical path technology component for some of the world's largest IT projects, we have been helping customers like the US IRS, US Census Bureau, UK INS, Oracle, IBM, US Department of Defense leverage synthetic test data to generate massive and complex data sets in a fraction of the time and expense of current technologies and manual methods.
  • Healthy Virtuoso Logo
    Healthy Virtuoso
    Healthy Virtuoso Logo
    Healthy Virtuoso
    Healthy Virtuoso has created a free mobile platform that incentivize and rewards people to live a healthier lifesytle through gamification. Today more than 70 corporates are using Healthy Virtuoso interantionally to launch corporate engagement & wellbeing data driven programs with incredible results both in terms of partecipation and wellbeing improvments. Corporate Customers - KPMG, American Express, MERK MSD, PRYSMIAN, Intesa Sanpaolo, Birra Peroni, Entain, Deloitte, Cassa Depositi & Prestiti, Whirlpool, Tesmec, Santander Bank, Societe Generele, BNP Paribas, Indivior, Zurich Italia, Orpea among others) Subscribed Users: +120.000 Available countries +113 (4 Languages)
  • InvestSuite Logo
    InvestSuite Logo
    Investsuite offers cloud-native, modular InvestTech solutions to financial institutions of all types. We combine deep quant expertise and banking & investment knowledge with beautiful, human-centric design. As a B2B company, we ensure easy API connectivity & ensure implementation costs & time are minimal. Our Robo Advisor enables financial institutions to offer personal financial advice to mass affluent customers and HNWI across stocks, ETFs, funds, and even crypto currencies, all wrapped in a human-centric design to give their customers the confidence to invest. Our proprietary Portfolio Optimizer can propose & manage each individual portfolio Our Self Investor is a self-directed investment platform designed with retail investors in mind, leveraging the knowledge and expertise of the team which previously built the #1 self-directed platform in the Benelux. Our StoryTeller is a world-first new way to tell the performance story of an end customer’s portfolio or account status. It is applicable for retail investors all the way to ultra high net worth individuals. It uses story telling techniques coupled with machine learning to automatically generate a personalized & engaging story based on narratives, pictures, news articles and even the ESG story of the portfolio.
  • Nect Logo
    Nect Logo
    Nect offers cutting edge technology in remote identity verification and biometrics. Nect's identity verification solution is fast and safe - offering a high level of assurance yet user-friendly experience. The in-house built technology complies with European and international laws (eIDAS). Nect ensures that customers are getting top-of-the-class solution for their users and gaining more customers and higher conversion rates than ever. Easy to integrate and easy to use Nect technology will allow you to reach people 24/7, anytime and anywhere. With verification done in under three minutes, the potential to expand your customer base is at your disposal while ensuring the latest compliance and regulatory standards. Furthermore, the wallet feature in the Nect app makes it easy to reuse the digital identity once it has been registered. In this way, users can identify themselves with their ID card, passport, driving licence or other documents within seconds. Nect is independent and can guarantee the highest level of data protection: The Technology is built inhouse and thus does not require to share data with third parties. The software is hosted on Nect owned hardware in three, redundant German datacenters, with zero downtime capabilities.
  • PicUP Logo
    PicUP Logo
    PicUP is an AI-based visualization, optimization and personalization platform for outbound calls. We help Vodafone, Amex, Claro, UnipolSai and other tier-1 enterprises increase sales and improve customer experience over the phone channel. Our technology enables callers to add a personalized digital, visual layer to any outbound call, displaying a logo, a branded image, an animated GIf, and a personalized text. Customers get beautiful,digital experience who helps them know who's calling them and why, providing transparency, security and control of their calls. Outbound calling campaigns with PicUP results in +66% answer rate, +43% sales conversion rate, and 92% customer satisfaction. We're already installed in 25M devices, currently partnering with 8 of the leading telecoms, to bring digital calls to dozens of millions of users worldwide, and change the way organizations sell and communicate with their customers.

Focus Areas

  • Customer Wellbeing and Patient Triaging
  • New Products Creations
  • Digital Customer engagement and Privacy
  • Wealthtech as a Service

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