Digital Solutions for Africa

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Digital Solutions for Africa
May 13, 2020
7:00AM - 8:30AM PST
This is a virtual event. Please note that the time specified is PST.

Global Innovative Solutions for theCrisis and Beyond in Africa 

Plug and Play South Africa aims to bring 1) technologies that can support with immediate challenges we face, and 2) sustainable innovative solutions that look beyond the crisis, towards the future. The seeds we plant today will be the fruits of the future we grow tomorrow.

We invite you to join us in our ambitions to bring global common interests together and share new technologies for our African Continent and the international community at large. Startup pitches will address applications across industries, and present existing technology solutions that can be quickly implemented. 

About Speaker: Nic Kohler

In November 2017 Nic stepped down as Hollard CEO after 10 years at the helm, to join Yellowwoods Ventures investments as the Head of Global Insurance. In addition to supporting the Yellowwoods insurance portfolio companies, Nic is actively engaged with the Yellowwoods Inclusive and Sustainable Growth team on specific financial inclusion and education initiatives, including South Africa’s first social impact bond (Bonds4Jobs). Nic founded the Ethos AIfund together with Roger Grobler and Ethos in 2018. The AIFund invests in quality businesses that will benefit significantly from the introduction of artificial intelligence technology and then supports those businesses to ensure successful implementation.

Most recently Nic was co-opted to head up operations at the South African Solidarity Fund, a rapid response vehicle designed to fund impactful initiatives that will augment the national health response, contribute to a national humanitarian effort and mobilize all South Africans.


1. LifeVoxel.Ai - Voxel offers a zero-latency streaming medical imaging software platform in our cloud so users can enjoy absolute speed & clarity on their end, even on a phone vs. downloading DIACOM slice-by-slice to a browser.

Country of Origin: U.S.

2. MedSaf - Medsaf is a technology-enabled medication supply chain solution for hospitals and pharmacies. They are making the process of buying and selling medication in Africa's complex health system easy and efficient.

Country of Origin: Nigeria

3. Vizru - Vizru is the industry’s first zero-code environment for business teams to develop AI-based applications and processes without IT intervention. Vizru allows teams to deliver Minimum Viable Products (MVP) in just 4weeks at 75% less total cost of ownership.

Country of Origin: U.S./India

4. Wasla - Wasla is a next-generation mobile browser that leverages digital advertising to subsidize mobile internet costs in emerging markets while enabling the unbanked to transact online for the first time. 

Country of Origin: Egypt

5. Vula Mobile - Vula is an app that makes it easy to refer patients to specialists. We put primary healthcare workers directly in touch with on-call specialists, making the referral process much quicker than by fax or phone.

Country of Origin: South Africa


  • 7:00 -7:05 AM
    Opening Remarks - Karen Airola, Director of Corporate Partnerships & Saeed Amidi, CEO of Plug and Play
  • 7:05 -7:20 AM
    Keynote & Live Q&A - Nic Kohler, Head of Yellowwoods Global Insurance & Head of Operations, SA Solidarity Fund
  • 7:20 - 7:30 AM
    Plug and Play’s Plans for South Africa - Grace Legodi, Country Head
  • 7:30 - 8:05 AM
    Startup Pitches & Live Q&A (5 startups - 7min each)
  • 8:05 - 8:10 AM
    Closing Remarks


  • Saeed Amidi Plug and Play Tech Center CEO & Founder

    Saeed Amidi

    CEO of Plug and Play
  • Nic Kohler, Head of Yellowwoods Global Insurance

    Nic Kohler

    Head of Yellowwoods Global Insurance & Head of Operations, SA Solidarity Fund

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