Digital Revolution in the Health sector: A private-public insight

Digital Revolution in the Health sector: A private-public insight
Sept. 10, 2020
5:00PM - 6:00PM CEST
Virtual Event. Please note that the time specified is CEST.

Plug and Play Tech Center is an early stage investor, accelerator and corporate innovation platform with global headquarters in Sunnyvale, California in the Silicon Valley. Plug and Play runs two programs per year in each industry and location and has 400 corporate partners and 250 venture capitalists in its global ecosystem. 

ICEX Spain Trade and Investment is a public business organization which works at a worldwide scale with the objective of promoting the internationalization of Spanish companies in order to improve their competitiveness as well as boosting foreign investment in Spain. ICEX offers its services through 31 Provincial and Territorial trade offices in Spain, 98 Economic and Commercial Offices worldwide and 19 Business Centres abroad. 

Public and private organizations that are pioneers in the sector are invited to participate and showcase their key remarks on the management of new healthcare models and new health challenges. In addition, Plug and Play, expert in Open Innovation in the Health vertical, will explain how the cooperation between hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, and startups work and share best practices. 

Join us for this insightful virtual webinar where the top leaders and experts of the Health and Pharma industry will share their take on its digital transformation and future.

Opening Remarks by 

Jaime de Borbón Dos Sicilias, Director Plug and Play Spain
Xiana Méndez, Secretary of State for Trade & President ICEX

Round table with 

Moderator: Simon Mawer, Plug and Play
Iñaki Ereño, CEO Sanitas & Bupa Europe and Latinamerica
Francesca Wuttke, CDO Almirall
Seena Amidi, Managing Director EMEA Plug and Play
Rafael Bengoa, Co-Director SI-Health, Expert in International Public Health


  • 05:00 - 05:10 PM:
    Opening Remarks
  • 05:10 - 05:55 PM:
    Round table
  • 05:55 - 06:00 PM:
    Closing Remarks

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