Deep Dive: Smart Materials in Mobility

The Integration of Smart Materials in the Mobility Industry

Deep Dive: Smart Materials in Mobility
May 13, 2020
8:00AM - 9:35AM
Virtual Event. Please note that the time specified is PDT.

Tomorrow’s mobility ecosystem calls for a disruption in materials as the emergence of autonomous and electric vehicles requires a new catalog of lightweight steel replacements, new materials for energy storage and human machine interfaces among other advancements. Integrating these materials with the digital component of the user experience is both a challenge and opportunity for the future of the automotive industry.

What to expect?

Together with our partners Yanfeng and Ford we are hosting a Deep Dive session highlighting 12 startups addressing the integration of smart materials in the mobility industry.


  • 08:00 - 08:05 AM:
    Welcome Remarks
  • 08:05 - 08:20 AM:
    Ford + Yanfeng Keynote
  • 08:20 - 9:30 AM:
    10 Startup Solutions (4-minute presentation + 2-minute Q&A)
  • 09:30 AM:
    Wrap-up & Overall Q&A

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