COVID-19 Series: Contact Centers - Ensuring Business Continuity at the First Line of Customer Service

Enterprise Tech Webinar

COVID-19 Series: Contact Centers - Ensuring Business Continuity at the First Line of Customer Service
May 4, 2020
9:30AM - 10:30AM PDT
This is a virtual event. Please note that the time specified is PDT.

Covid-19 and the macroeconomic situation has hit enterprises hard. Customer service has been one of the worst affected departments. In particular, call centers are under increasing strain. They face increased anxiety amongst consumers & businesses, surges in contact volume, lost productivity and stress on IT systems.
Call centers are the first to engage with customers, represent the brand & see products in action. Solutions are needed to connect and empower frontline agents to increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction & improve service quality. This situation presents an opportunity to reassure customers with accurate information, build omnichannel connectivity and ensure service reliability using both currently available resources and newly accessible ones. 
In this webinar, Plug and Play will showcase a selection of startups that are easily implemented, provide quantifiable benefits to your contact center efforts and apply across multiple industries. 



Agara uses advanced Voice AI to process customer support calls in real-time. Agara can process calls entirely autonomously or provides live suggestions to a human agent to resolve the call quickly and successfully. Agara removes all friction points in support calls. Enterprises can improve their support experience dramatically with zero hold times, significantly improved first call resolution rate and shorter call durations. This improved experience comes on top of over 50% cost savings and operational efficiencies.


Airkit is a cloud-based CX platform that makes it easy for service and sales teams to build delightful customer-led moments, wherever they take place. We empower enterprises to deliver experiences that are fast, personalized, self-service and consistent across all channels. We do so by deflecting inbound communications or proactively engaging your customers with a self-service web experience that automatically validates the customer's identity, proactively collects information, allows the customer to take actions to self-serve and/or render status updates. All without downloading a native app or logging in. We are connecting your customer directly to your back-office systems through technology instead of through a live person.


Forethought is AI for customer support. Unlike incumbent rule based competitors, Forethought uses natural language understanding (NLU) to offer deflection, ticket routing, and answers to assist customers support teams. Clients that use us have seen 26% support team improvement which represents millions in ROI.


Aigo 'Light Years' ahead of Alexa, Siri and other Chatbots. Aigo is the most advanced natural language intelligence platform. Aigo remembers what users said prior and uses that information contextually in future conversations, learns interactively, understands context & complex sentences, allows ongoing meaningful conversations and hyper-personalizes the user’s needs and goals.


Pypestream is conversational AI built for scale. Built to usher the customer-centric enterprise into the digital age with “always-on” automation. No more single-task chatbots, no more embarrassing NPS scores and no more cobbling together technologies from multiple vendors. Elevate your customer experience with a full-stack platform, military-grade security, and the only patented B2C messaging carrier purpose-built to handle any volume.


  • 09:30-09:35 am
    Opening Remarks
  • 09:35-10:05 am
    Fireside chat : Jaspar Weir and Stephen Ehikian
  • 10:05:10:55 am
    Startup Presentations
  • 10:55-11:00 am
    Closing Remarks


  • Jaspar Weir

    Jaspar Weir

    Jaspar Weir
  • Stephen

    Stephen Ehikian


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