Alternative Proteins Webinar

Why Some of the World’s Largest Food Companies are Diversifying

Alternative Proteins Webinar
July 22, 2020
8:30AM - 10:00AM PST
This is a virtual event. Please note that the time specified is PST.

The alternative protein industry is in the midst of rapid development. When some of the world’s leading food manufacturers and restaurants start focusing on alternative proteins, it’s clear that there is a major shift afoot. 

As consumers show more enthusiasm and companies reach milestones like building the first pilot production facilities for cell-based meat, how will the new economic landscape have impacted the future of this segment?

In this session, The Good Food Institute, Unilever, and Rebellyous Foods will discuss current protein diversification efforts and how these are driven by both consumer demand and the imperative to minimize business risk.




  • 08:30 AM
    Opening Remarks
  • 08:40 AM
    Keynote Speech from The Good Food Institute
  • 09:10 AM
    Fireside Chat
  • 10:00 AM
    Closing Remarks

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