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  • Silbat Logo

    Company Description
    Developer of molten silicon batteries intended to transform the landscape of long-duration stationary storage. The company offers a device based on the latent heat of metal-grade silicon and its back-conversion to electricity using thermophotovoltaics, enabling clients to save money and reduce storage costs.
  • Newtrace Logo

    Company Description
    Newtrace is developing next-gen, innovative electrolyzers to enable the wide-scale adoption of green Hydrogen at an affordable cost to help fight climate change. For clients transitioning or upscaling into clean energy & decarbonization from sectors such as refineries, ammonia, chemical, mobility, and steel & cement, our electrolyzers provide the ability to unlock expansible applications across numerous use cases. Based on the Alkaline water electrolysis architecture, our entire stack has been re-designed, optimizing it significantly. Using precision fluid engineering, our novel technology (patent pending) simplifies stack construction and eliminates critical components that hinder the widespread accessibility of existing commercial electrolyzers. Our enhanced electrocatalyst contributes to the cost being comparable with Alkaline based systems while displaying the efficiencies comparable with PEM systems. By eliminating rare earth metals and over 70% of core components, the complexity and cost of our stack is heavily reduced. This drastically increases the ease of deployment and subsequent integration with pre-existing infrastructures. By empowering industries with carbon-neutral alternatives, we enable a healthier and more sustainable future for us, and for the earth.
  • Bovlabs Logo

    Company Description
    Bovlabs platform is used to manage and control EV chargers to maximize utility for operators and EV owners. In doing so, every charge cycle is optimized based on energy price, demand chargers, demand response programs, and EV driver input (parking durations).The platform connects and digitalizes all the energy assets of a local grid (buildings, solar panels, batteries), and integrates EVs as additional energy assets to facilitate behind-the-meter (charging greener &cheaper) and front of the meter energy optimisation (grid services).The platform also interacts with EV drivers via a mobile app to understand their mobility needs, and proposes an incentivization framework to empower consumers for a clean energy transition.To continually optimize processes, Bovlabs utilizes a private/consortium blockchain to handle energy transactions and machine learning to create a secure and resilient network They have commercial customers in Europe and are looking to expand in US market. Their focus is on the fleet market especially bridging partnership to facilitate a turn key solution for fleet Electrification
  • Excarta Logo

    Company Description
    Excarta's goal is to make businesses and people resilient to the increasingly volatile weather the world is facing. Weather impacts every industry, and accurate forecasts can help businesses make optimal decisions to prepare for any upcoming weather. Conventional weather forecasting approaches use physics-based models to predict how weather will evolve, but this does not fully exploit the massive amounts of data available about the atmosphere. Excarta uses the latest techniques in AI research to provide hyper-accurate short-term weather forecasts. These forecasts can augment or even replace existing weather forecast sources, with the assurance that the predictions outperform existing, conventional weather forecasts. They rigorously assess the quality of our forecasts, and are proud to share our results publicly (https://excarta.io/quality.html). See our weather forecasts in action a demo at https://excarta.io/map.html
  • Piersica Logo

    Company Description
    Piersicas’ novel solid polymer electrolyte and cutting-edge 3D lithium metal anode combine to provide a safe lithium battery with industry-leading energy density. Safe, ultra-high energy density battery, with an energy density above twice that of conventional cells. ▪ Proprietary solid separator enables more energy in the battery, does not require heating, and is significantly less expensive to manufacture. ▪ Proprietary anode technology creates significantly higher energy density and faster charging capability. ▪ New “leak-free” cathode layer, currently under development, will yield significantly higher capacity and higher voltage. Piersica’s team has decades of experience leading research and development of Li-ion battery technologies and manufacturing techniques.
  • Power to Hydrogen Logo
    Power to Hydro…
    Power to Hydrogen Logo
    Power to Hydrogen

    Company Description
    Power to hydrogen is a designer and manufacturer of advanced clean hydrogen production technology. We see three big problems standing in the way of clean hydrogen. Current electrolyzers have problems with (1) handling intermittent renewable energy, (2) material usage causing CAPEX and supply chain issues (platinum, iridium, titanium), (3) low-cost logistics and transportation of hydrogen once it’s produced. Our AEM electrolyzer tech ties directly into renewables with much lower cost nickel and stainless steel to solve (1) and (2). We also are producing the hydrogen at the pressure needed for transportation, liquefaction, and ammonia production (250 bar) which cuts out the need for an expensive, energy intensive compressor and reduces transportation expense. To date, the company has been financially supported by industry leaders Shell, NASA, and ARPA-E. P2H2 has also developed revenue generating pilots with global energy leaders, including Enel Green Power, American Electric Power, EDP, E.ON, and ESB. The technology is ideal for industrial decarbonization, synthetic fuels production, long duration energy storage, and fuel cell vehicle refueling. The company is now working on it's first industrial scale demonstration at a notable European port.
  • FlyX Technologies Inc. Logo
    FlyX Technolog…
    FlyX Technologies Inc. Logo
    FlyX Technologies Inc.

    Company Description
    FlyX has developed a proprietary Wireless Power Charging technology for drones to achieve unlimited flight range and provide unparalleled solutions to energy industry’s most challenging problems i.e., asset resilience and reliability, vegetation, and wildfire management, etc.
  • Blackburn Energy Logo
    Blackburn Ener…

    Company Description
    Electrifying trucks - eliminating engine idling and the parasitic fuel loss of mechanical systems that drain engine power. Blackburn is leading the electrification of trucks by turning them into platforms that create, store, and can deliver clean electricity. Blackburn invented a new kind of kinetic energy recovery system that, like a hybrid, uses otherwise wasted mechanical energy to run a generator creating clean electricity. RelGen makes power from the rotation of the drive shaft behind the transmission. At low speeds, “the transmission effect” allows RelGen to make power with lower percentage of the engine’s available torque. At higher vehicle speeds the driveshaft spins faster than the engine crank shaft giving RelGen up to a 30% higher RPM which creates more power in less time. This allows RelGen to generate power at a faster rate while the truck is in motion. RelGen also uses a high efficiency 200 amp 12 volt alternator that is 15% more efficient than factory alternators helping to reduce your fuel consumption while keeping your equipment on the road. Fleet owners can save as much as $3000/truck per year in fuel alone.
  • Rainforest Automation Logo
    Rainforest Aut…
    Rainforest Automation Logo
    Rainforest Automation

    Company Description
    Rainforest Automation provides an energy management software platform geared towards electric utilities to automate energy generation, distribution, and home load optimization. Rainforest leverages energy data utilities already have to drive insights for grid planning, distribution optimization, and customer programs. Those insights include determining what is using power WHEN such as who has an EV, and when it is charging. Then, using a combination of behavioral and automated control along with a software-focused approach, the company is able to cut peak energy demand and improve energy efficiency in a way that is lower cost and faster to scale than comparable solutions or infrastructure investments.
  • Highwood Emissions Management Logo
    Highwood Emiss…
    Highwood Emissions Management Logo
    Highwood Emissions Management

    Company Description
    Highwood’s Emissions Management Toolkit (EMT) is a software platform that creates a digital twin of an oil and gas company’s emissions inventory and a dynamic knowledge ecosystem of technologies, incentives, and projects for mitigating emissions. The core purpose of EMT is to help operators make better emissions management decisions and accelerate decarbonization by revealing profitable emission reduction opportunities. 1. Emissions Insights Module: An inventory management system that can be considered the “base module” of EMT. Users are able to build out their inventories and visualize their emissions data, methane, and carbon intensity, simple benchmarking, and the impact of changing inventories and production over time, including both projected and historical emissions. Emissions Insights is a data visualization tool that can be used by leadership teams to engage with emissions data. 2. Reduction Pathways Module: A framework for building marginal abatement cost curves (MACCs) that are both interactive and customized to an operator’s assets. MACCs are then used to conduct scenario analysis to explore and formalize emissions reduction roadmaps. 3. Measurement & Reconciliation Module: Enable clients to upload and manage fugitive emissions data using standard formats that applies
  • FuVeX Logo

    Company Description
    Manufacturer of hybrid-technology drones intended to facilitate aeronautical access to large companies and institutions. The company's drones are easy-to-use multi-rotor aircraft with vertical landing technology, thereby enabling users to have an airplane flight with twice the autonomy of helicopters.
  • Ahyres Logo

    Company Description
    Ahyres is developing an UAS Inspection Solution that will lead the Next-Gen of Remote Infrastructure Inspection by Automating Drone Operations and Saving Costs
  • Eugenie Logo

    Company Description
    Eugenie accurately predicts the failure probability of heavy machinery up to six months in advance. This empowers operations teams to optimize maintenance scheduling as per necessity, avoiding either under or over-maintenance. The reliability improvement offered by Eugenie lowers process dependencies on carbon-contributing backup equipment over time, helping industrial operations become more environmentally sustainable. Eugenie's two products, Ray-finn and Papillon, ingest high-velocity, multi-variate data from machine-plugged sensors and SCADA system to predict machinery failures to enable proactive preventive maintenance using patented algorithms, deep technology, AI, and unsupervised ML.
  • AOE - Accumulated Ocean Energy Logo
    AOE - Accumula…
    AOE - Accumulated Ocean Energy Logo
    AOE - Accumulated Ocean Energy

    Company Description
    The AOE / OBAS: AOE was established to implement the patented Wave Energy Conversion technology called the OBAS. This initial technology has led to a total of six patents for associated technologies. These associated technologies can be viewed as accessories that use the compressed air that the OBAS will generate. The OBAS is a point-absorber style of wave energy conversion device. It is anchored to the ocean floor using tethers and the motion of ocean waves moves the buoy up to compress air in a specially designed cylinder. One of the key characteristics of the OBAS is that it uses compressed air as the energy storage medium and does not generate electricity in the water, which has been found to be a severe limitation to other wave energy devices due to electrolysis. Compressed Air Uses: Aquaculture - Closed Containment Fish Pen Oxygenation Water Desalination - Pneumatic Reverse Osmosis Wastewater Remediation - Oxygenation Electricity Generation - Remote grid support and diesel abatement
  • Arrecife Systems Logo
    Arrecife Syste…

    Company Description
    Arrecife Systems is an energy company that focuses in the field of fluids mechanics for over 25 years, experimenting on the design of turbines and airfoils. This led to improvements applicable in the fields of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. Combining his research with the observation of Nature, Prof. Doria noted that tiny living corals occupy vast extensions, forming a reef able to absorb much of the energy of waves in an efficient manner. This led to the idea of ​​creating direct action turbines placed in series, being them composed of many blades simulating a coral reef. PRODUCTS Arrecife’s technology enables to develop a made-to-measure product. Nevertheless, they have developed models of different sizes and powers. 750W - One turbine concept. - Designed for small applications. - Isolated houses, connectable to solar systems. It works with waves and river currents 1,5kW - Two turbine concept. - Small applications with higher power needs. - High power concepts - Designed to work all around the world. Through its standardized design, the manufacturing cost is reduced.
  • NoviOcean Logo

    Company Description
    The NoviOcean Wave Energy Converter relies on several unique and patented innovations. Using highly efficient and well-proven components as well as a strong and light-weight structure ensures full weather resilience and much higher power density compared to any other known wave energy technology. Simplicity in manufacturing, installation, and maintenance ensures lower projected capital and operational costs. Combining higher power density with lower costs leads to substantially lower LCOE values for NoviOcean wave energy converter (WEC) compared to any other ocean energy concept known to date, even reaching a level that is competitive to fossil energy sources in many regions.
  • Transmutex Logo

    Company Description
    Transmutex develops nuclear technology designed to efficiently reduce the stockpile of existing nuclear waste-based technologies tested at CERN and at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). Transmutex's team team is composed of physicists, computer scientists, and environmentalists that pioneers a new type of nuclear energy that delivers scalable carbon-free energy without the traditional challenges of existing nuclear plants. Transmutex was founded in 2019 by Franklin Servan-Schreiber in Geneve, Switzerland.
  • Strayos Logo

    Company Description
    Strayos is a platform that uses 3D visual AI technology to create digital twins of mining and cement sites. The platform gathers data from a variety of sources, including drones, satellites, scanners, smart drills, and sensors. Strayos provides AI-powered tools for every step of the mining value chain, enabling companies to extract raw minerals and materials more sustainably. By applying a combination of visual sensing technology and AI software, Strayos is able to improve the detection of high-grade ore, model geology more accurately, and optimize extraction methods to increase yield and reduce waste. The platform has been implemented in 600 mines and integrated with the top 2 drilling OEMs. Customers of Strayos have reported up to a 10% reduction in energy costs for ore crushing and milling processes, which translates to 100K CO2e for medium-sized mines.
  • TerraStor Logo

    Company Description
    TerraStor is an independent energy storage provider reinventing the electrical grid by solving difficult technological problems to create low-cost, highly-responsive, extra-long duration, grid-scale energy storage for a 24/7 carbon-free energy future. They develop highly efficient advanced compressed air energy storage (ACAES) systems. ACAES systems are large, mechanical batteries that: - Charge by compressing air during periods of high electricity production and low demand - Store the compressed air until needed in an underground reservoir, such as a repurposed natural gas field or salt cavern - Discharge the compressed air through a turbine to run an electric generator when electricity is in high demand
  • Ocean Grazer Logo
    Ocean Grazer

    Company Description
    Ocean Grazer's mission is to unlock the untapped potential of offshore renewable energy generation. Ocean Grazer develops innovative solutions for the offshore renewable energy sector. Their innovations integrate multiple renewable sources together with onsite storage technology to improve the efficiency of offshore wind farms and the energy yield per square kilometer. Their current main focus is on their newest development, the Ocean Battery. The Ocean Battery is a scalable, modular solution for large-scale storage of electricity that is produced by renewable sources such as wind turbines and solar energy farms at sea. The Ocean Battery system is a pumped hydro system in a box that provides eco-friendly utility scale energy storage up to GWh scale. The mechanism is based on hydro dam technology, that has proven itself for over a century as highly reliable and efficient. To store energy, the system pumps water from the rigid reservoirs into the flexible bladders on the seabed. Now the energy is stored as potential energy in the form of water under high pressure. When there is demand for power, water flows back from the flexible bladders to the low-pressure rigid reservoirs, driving multiple hydro turbines to generate electricity.
  • Vertus Energy Logo
    Vertus Energy

    Company Description
    Vertus Energy is accelerating the world’s transition to green energy. Its BRIO™ technology turbocharges the production of green fuel from waste and generates a more powerful biofuel, producing 60% more energy from the same amount of waste while also processing three times the amount of waste than any other system on the market. Vertus Energy has two main technologies: BRIO: A small but powerful unit that lives inside the anaerobic digester. BRIO allows AD plants to process three times more waste in the same sized tank while delivering biogas with 60% more energy potential than ever before. BODA, is carbon sequestration and conversion technology. BODA can either be used to “upgrade” the biogas from AD into Bio-methane or it can capture raw CO₂ and convert it into Renewable Natural Gas. BODA is a unit that "eats" CO₂ and H₂ to produce Renewable Natural Gas.
  • Wildfire Energy Logo
    Wildfire Energy

    Company Description
    Wildfire Energy is a privately held renewable energy startup developing technology for gasification and waste to energy applications. Wildfire has developed a novel, proprietary gasification process to enable cost effective conversion of low value biomass and waste feedstocks into high quality syngas for electricity generation and production of fuels and chemicals. The technology employs a unique, scalable configuration which avoids common problems typically associated with biomass and waste utilisation. Testing is currently underway at a pilot plant located in Brisbane, Australia prior to scale up and commercialisation of the technology.
  • Boston Atomics Logo
    Boston Atomics

    Company Description
    Boston Atomics is reinventing fission reactors by creating a Modular, Integrated, Gas-cooled, High-Temperature Reactor (MIGHTR) with a “design to build” philosophy to accelerate deployment of safe nuclear energy with minimal cost. Decades of research and development has shown HTGRs lead the industry in safety and have high technology readiness. MIGHTR is an evolution from this global R&D effort.
  • Emvolon Logo

    Company Description
    Emvolon is a technology company developing a platform for distributed chemical production from resources that otherwise would be wasted. Its platform converts wasted natural gas at flare sites into usable chemicals for use in a broad array of industrial applications or as a fuel. The team is reimagining mass-produced diesel engines as miniature chemical reactors that can efficiently and effectively provide communities the raw materials they need, without building massive refineries and chemical plants. The process enables economically attractive small plants by exchanging economies of mass production for economies of scale.
  • EnerVenue Logo

    Company Description
    EnerVenue provides metal-hydrogen batteries for large-scale renewable and storage applications. EnerVenue's technology: - Durable: Operate in -40 to +60C ambient temperature with a 30+ year lifespan and 30K+ full cycles without degradation or usage restrictions. - Safe: No fire or thermal runaway risk, or toxic materials and easy to recycle. - Flexible: Charge/Discharge range >5C to C/10+. Future proof with a scalable and stackable form factor for C&I and Grid-scale. - Maintenance-free: No moving parts and no O&M required. - Affordable: Low-cost materials enable CAPEX that beats Li-Ion learning curves and zero O&M. - Proven: Over 200 million cell-hours in orbital spacecraft & more than 100,000 charge and discharge cycles.
  • Orbio Logo

    Company Description
    Orbio aims to eradicate global methane emissions and leaks by leveraging the power of satellites and data fusion technology. Orbio formats this data for companies' methane reporting requirements and configures it to inform methane reduction efforts on the ground, enabling companies to align with their net-zero targets.
  • 1s1 Energy Logo
    1s1 Energy

    Company Description
    1s1 Energy is a Portugal and US-based company developing key technology that improves the economics of water electrolysis to eliminate the 300% to 400% "green premium" that hampers the adoption of green hydrogen. A core element of the technology is a novel proton exchange membrane (PEM) that provides superior performance and durability at a fraction of the cost, enabling a Levelized Cost of Hydrogen production (LCOH) below $1.5/kg. 1s1 Energy will be producing PEMs, water electrolysis stacks, and 1 MW water electrolysis modules. The 1 MW modules will be integrated into 2-10 MW distributed operation or combined to realize centralized plants with a capacity exceeding 100 MW. 1s1 scale-up plan includes working with large plant integrators that use third-party electrolysis stacks and modules to implement hydrogen fueling stations and large plants by first engaging in testing collaborations to develop these products to meet their specifications.
  • Geofinancial Analytics Logo
    Geofinancial A…
    Geofinancial Analytics Logo
    Geofinancial Analytics

    Company Description
    Geofinancial Analytics is a climate tech startup at the forefront of a science-driven revolution in radical transparency using satellite remote sensing. We have a passion for rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions – especially methane, a powerful heat trapper when airborne. The UN now says that methane emissions must be cut by almost half during the next decade to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Geofinancial’s technology addresses the first crucial step in solving this problem – attributing emissions to the parties responsible. Leveraging an advanced satellite-powered remote sensing platform, Geofinancial's MethaneScan® subscription data product informs investment professionals, insurers and energy producers with transparent, objective facts on sustainability leaders and laggards. This helps them innovate and avoid ESG risks. Worldwide distribution via Bloomberg (Summer 2021).
  • SunGreenH2 Logo

    Company Description
    SunGreenH2 is transforming green hydrogen production by building the world's highest performance electrolyzers using their platform technology to incorporate proprietary advanced nanostructured materials into electrolyzer components. Electrolyzers made with their materials increase production 2x and decrease energy consumption 10% using 30x lower amount of expensive platinum group metals.‍ Their novel, ground-breaking technology is a result of over 10 years of cutting-edge research and innovation in electrochemistry and nanotechnology for renewable energy generation. They have a vision for decarbonising the planet with zero carbon, low cost, renewable H2. They use only sustainable, earth abundant materials and their fabrication method is compatible with existing industrial processes allowing the technology to scale from KW-MW-GW scale systems. They have successfully demonstrated a working prototype of their electrolysis cell utilizing their proprietary components. Their aim is to seek strategic partners to commercialize their electrolyzer components and mass-deploy them across all types of electrolyzers. In future their platform technology can be used to make other green transition materials for fuel cells, batteries, hydrogen compression, storage and solar-hydrogen panels.
  • Kanin Energy Logo
    Kanin Energy

    Company Description
    Kaning energy is a development company that focuses on transforming industrial waste heat into emission-free power with no capital needed from host facilities. Kanin brings together technology, engineering, construction and third-party capital to turn wasted energy into revenue for our industrial partners. We build independent power plants that allow our partners to reduce carbon emissions with no capital expenditures. Industrial partners can monetize their waste heat and not worry about plant construction, financing or operations.
  • Harvest Thermal Logo
    Harvest Thermal

    Company Description
    Buildings produce over 20% of CO2 emissions in the US, and utilities still burn fossil fuels. Harvest Thermal provides disruptive heating, hot water and cooling for homes, uniquely delivering emissions reductions of 90%, while lowering bills and supporting the penetration of renewables on the grid. Harvest's proprietary controller manages a high efficiency heat pump and a hot water tank. With built-in thermal storage by default, it decouples the time of purchase of electricity from the time the energy is consumed, minimizing costs and emissions. Harvest's systems have been endorsed by professionals in the energy sector, with a total of $1.45M from the California Energy Commission, National Science Foundation, and local utility PCE. Policies supporting building electrification are growing, with cities, utilities and states taking strong action to reduce emissions from homes. Harvest's unique capability positions it to capture this market, saving money and slashing emissions.
  • Utility Global Logo
    Utility Global

    Company Description
    The world should be powered by low-carbon, low-cost energy solutions. That’s not what we see around us today. Utility Global is changing that. Utility’s hydrogen production systems are based upon our proprietary high-temperature electrolysis processes that convert water into high-purity hydrogen. Our cutting-edge techniques are centered around high-efficiency, environmental-sustainability, and low-cost. High-temperature electrolysis leverages heat & electrochemistry to increase efficiency beyond that of traditional low-temperature electrolysis and conventional steam methane reforming. Our small, modular units are designed to fit perfectly on any customer’s site. With hydrogen-as-a-service customers can realize immediate savings for all of their hydrogen needs. Utility was founded in an innovation hub, Hall Labs, renowned in the fields of energy technology, material science, clean-tech, and manufacturing. Hall Labs is a modern-day Edison lab with 70 years of track record of developing and deploying new technologies and innovations with $700 Million in exits.
  • ElectricFish Energy Inc. Logo
    ElectricFish E…
    ElectricFish Energy Inc. Logo
    ElectricFish Energy Inc.

    Company Description
    ElectricFish builds containerized, battery-backed DC Fast Chargers that readily integrate with grid-constrained site hosts for market-leading permitting and installation speeds, cost-effective energy management, and local grid resiliency for supporting their business continuity. Their patented product’s dual ability to provide fast charging and grid resiliency at the same location has significant traction at Commercial Sites with Public Access, and they have $1M in executed and planned pilots with IBEW Local 58, National Park Service, Kia Motors, and an undisclosed energy infrastructure developer.
  • Pressure Corp Logo
    Pressure Corp

    Company Description
    Pressure Corp provides industrial facilities and the distributors and operators of natural gas and hydrogen pipelines the ability to monetize their waste pressure by transforming their waste pressure resources into turnkey, low emission or emission-free power. We combine our proven waste pressure power generator and third-party project capital to eliminate the technical and financial risk for host facilities to develop projects. Pressure Corp enables host customers to focus on their core business while adding to their bottom line and achieving a key Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance objective, reducing emissions. Pressure Corp's customers are industrial facilities with high natural gas feedstock needs, natural gas and hydrogen pipeline owners and operators and utilities seeking base load distributed energy resources that operate during peak hours.
  • BluumBio Logo
    BluumBio Logo

    Company Description
    BluumBio develops cutting-edge bioremediation technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. BluumBio makes bacteria and plants eat toxic chemicals that clean up pollution. Discovery is at the heart of BluumBio's platform. Their platform helps identify enzymes found in nature that can degrade and sequester toxins. BluumBio finds these enzymes in fungi that degrades plastic. In tropical trees which hyper accumulate nickel. In bacteria that eat PCBs. In the lab, they study how these enzymes work and evolve them to work faster.
  • CleanInnoGen Energy Solutions Ltd. Logo
    CleanInnoGen E…
    CleanInnoGen Energy Solutions Ltd. Logo
    CleanInnoGen Energy Solutions Ltd.

    Company Description
    CleanInnoGen Energy Solutions Ltd. decarbonizes heavy industry with on-site production of green hydrogen and oxygen leveraging industrial waste heat. By commercializing a lab scale thermalchemical water splitting process, our disruptive solution only requires 15kWh/kg H2 which is up to 80% less compared to water electrolyzers. Green hydrogen and oxygen produced can be used as emission free fuel or feedstock for our customers which further lower the cost by minimizing transportation and storage cost. A wide range of heavy industry plants such as cement, steel and petrochemical will be ideal beachhead customers to take advantage of on-site low-cost green hydrogen and oxygen produced by our solution to decarbonize their processes. Our solution will enable an important pathway to help the world achieve net-zero. In the future, it can go beyond waste heat and be powered by renewable heat sources such as solar heat or geothermal. A seed round is open now to support the execution and delivery of the first pilot with a multinational construction material company at its cement plant in Ontario, Canada to build the first-of-its-kind waste heat to hydrogen in the world.
  • Plagazi Logo

    Company Description
    Plagazi converts any type of waste to pure green hydrogen via plasma gasification.
  • inBalance Logo

    Company Description
    inBalance empowers clients to make key decisions in electricity markets every day.
  • Glint Solar Logo
    Glint Solar

    Company Description
    Accelerating the solar revolution by utilizing satellite data and machine learning.
  • SoHHytec Logo

    Company Description
    SoHHytec provides renewable systems that allow for the onsite production of solar fuel and power which is cleaner, greener, and more cost-effective.
  • Encoord Logo

    Company Description
    Encoord is a software company specialized in the modeling of energy networks.
  • Bloom Biorenewables Logo
    Bloom Biorenew…

    Company Description
    Producing petroleum alternatives from plants.
  • Versogen Logo

    Company Description
    Producing green hydrogen at scale—reliably and affordably.
  • Carbmee Logo

    Company Description
    Analyze, automate, and decarbonize your enterprise with Environmental Intelligence.
  • 1s1 Energy Logo
    1s1 Energy

    Company Description
    1s1 Energy is developing breakthrough proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology to enable an economically viable production of green hydrogen via water electrolysis and improve the efficiency of using hydrogen to generate energy via fuel cells.
  • BeePlanet Logo

    Company Description
    BeePlanet Factory develops technological projects based on the reuse of batteries removed from the electric car.
  • Phelas Logo

    Company Description
    Phelas develops and distributes the missing key for the energy transition: a containerized, competitive and sustainable energy storage system for renewable energy operators, grid operators and energy industries.
  • Everimpact Logo

    Company Description
    Helping cities and companies finance their CO2 reduction efforts.
  • Plexigrid Logo

    Company Description
    Plexigrid is changing the way energy ecosystems by allowing the electrical systems to work as a perfectly tuned orchestra. An ecosystem made of electricity grid operators as well as energy retailers, aggregators and energy communities, where consumption adapts to the production, allowing more renewable generation.
  • Guaranteed Logo

    Company Description
    Guaranteed repairs and rebuilds large metal parts for mining, oil & gas, railway, maritime, energy, and other heavy industries beyond conventional techniques using Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM), prolonging the life of industrial equipment, reducing lead times, logistic costs, and waste.
  • Gridcognition Logo

    Company Description
    Optimizing the planning and operations of distributed energy systems.
  • Kauel Technologies Logo
    Kauel Technolo…
    Kauel Technologies Logo
    Kauel Technologies

    Company Description
    We are experts in asset and productivity monitoring with artificial intelligence using computer vision and data processing in energy sector related industries such as oil and gas and electricity.
  • ev.energy Logo

    Company Description
    Their software manages EV charging, automatically optimizing for a greener, cheaper charge.
  • Planetary Hydrogen Logo
    Planetary Hydr…

    Company Description
    Carbon Negative Hydrogen Production.
  • Fincovi Logo

    Company Description
    Enterprise Software automating the back and middle-office service for the renewable energy industry.
  • Veloce Energy Logo
    Veloce Energy

    Company Description
    Veloce Energy enables the electrification of transportation by removing the physical and financial barriers to EV charging station deployment. Our purpose-designed battery energy storage system and overhead power distribution system reduce cost and time for deployment, and reduce opex.
  • Energy Dome Logo
    Energy Dome

    Company Description
    Using CO2 to solve climate change through ground-breaking long duration energy storage.
  • Proof Energy Logo
    Proof Energy
    Proof Energy Logo
    Proof Energy

    Company Description
    Commercializing Fuel Cells 2.0
  • Kuva Systems Logo
    Kuva Systems

    Company Description
    Kuva is an industrial IoT solution that continuously monitors and quantifies the intensity of methane and VOC emissions.
  • Rebase Energy Logo
    Rebase Energy

    Company Description
    Rebase creates production-ready Energy AI-forecasts in minutes.
  • Dynamhex Logo

    Company Description
    Decarbonization as a Service.
  • ElectroActive Technologies Logo
    ElectroActive …
    ElectroActive Technologies Logo
    ElectroActive Technologies

    Company Description
    Electro-Active Technologies is focused on transforming waste into renewable products.
  • Overstory Logo

    Company Description
    Real-time vegetation intelligence, at scale.
  • Kanin Energy Logo
    Kanin Energy

    Company Description
    Kanin Energy helps heavy industry monetize their waste heat and decarbonize their operations.
  • Ecolectro Logo

    Company Description
    Ecolectro is using chemistry to decarbonize transportation, energy and industrial manufacturing.
  • SineWatts Logo

    Company Description
    SineWatts integrates the entire infrastructure necessary for electric vehicle sustainability.
  • Hive Power Logo
    Hive Power

    Company Description
    Hive Power develops a turnkey solution for the creation, management and optimisation of local energy communities.
  • Sync Energy AI Logo
    Sync Energy AI

    Company Description
    Sync develops no-code AI-based predictive simulations and analytics, that streamline planning and operations for electrical utilities.
  • Yotta Energy Logo
    Yotta Energy

    Company Description
    Yotta has developed a smart energy storage solution designed to effortlessly scale with solar PV projects at a much lower total installed cost than any current solution on the market today.
  • Wallbox Chargers Logo
    Wallbox Charge…
    Wallbox Chargers Logo
    Wallbox Chargers

    Company Description
    Wallbox designs and develops intelligent charging stations and user-friendly energy management software for electric vehicles
  • VECKTA Logo

    Company Description
    The Energy Transition Marketplace Platform - Empower your Energy Future
  • Utility Global Logo
    Utility Global

    Company Description
    Revolutionizing the world's electricity & hydrogen landscape with zero-carbon, low-cost energy.
  • Litmus Logo
    Litmus Logo

    Company Description
    Intelligent Edge Platform for IIoT
  • HeyCharge GmbH Logo
    HeyCharge GmbH
    HeyCharge GmbH Logo
    HeyCharge GmbH

    Company Description
    We build ultra-low-cost retrofit solutions for electric car charging in apartment buildings.
  • Eliq Logo

    Company Description
    Eliq provides utilities with customer engagement software that enables stronger and more profitable customer relationships through rich digital experiences
  • Electrochaea GmbH Logo
    Electrochaea G…

    Company Description
    Electrochaea integrates established processes for CO2 and renewable hydrogen generation into a third, flexible methanation system, to produce renewable natural gas at grid scale. Our scalable, proprietary process provides a rapid pathway to displacing geologic gas from the pipeline, and decarbonizing the gas grid.
  • Electric Fish Logo
    Electric Fish

    Company Description
    Distributed energy storage for Extreme Fast EV Charging
  • Divigas Logo

    Company Description
    Over US$15 billion worth of hydrogen is lost every year at petrochemical plants due to equipment failure against heat and chemical conditions. Divigas has invented proprietary polymers materials to make a new hydrogen membrane, a nano-molecular filter, that allows for much of this wasted gas to be re-used. Saving $ billions & avoiding millions of tons of CO2.
  • Charm Industrial Logo
    Charm Industri…

    Company Description
    Charm Industrial is working to return the atmosphere to 280 ppm CO₂, through novel sequestration methods, green hydrogen and green steel production.
  • 75F Logo

    Company Description
    5F is a BEV-backed tech company with IoT sensors and controls to make commercial buildings more efficient, healthy, and comfortable than ever before. Our customers saw a 41.8% energy savings on average in the past 12 months.
  • Remote HQ Logo
    Remote HQ

    Company Description
    Remote HQ is a collaboration tool for remote teams. Stay connected and work together virtually with your team in all the ways you do in real life.
  • Bia Logo

    Company Description
    Turns electric vehicles into the core enablers of clean and resilient electricity grids.
  • TOKU Logo

    Company Description
    TOKU’s ILLUMASS IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology is revolutionizing industrial monitoring with simplicity, accuracy & affordability by connecting cost-effective, industrial-grade wireless sensors to smartphones & mobile apps.
  • Terrapin Logo

    Company Description
    Designs and develops industrial heat recovery projects.
  • Scanifly Logo

    Company Description
    Drone-based 3D modelling software for surveying, designing and maintaining solar energy projects.
  • Revterra Logo

    Company Description
    Developing a highly efficient flywheel energy storage system for utility scale applications such as storage of wind and solar energy.
  • Relectrify Logo

    Company Description
    Supplies advanced control technology, which increases the lifetime and decreases the cost of battery storage systems, both for second-life and new batteries.
  • Predii Logo

    Company Description
    Processes repair and maintenance data with AI to transform the servicing, maintenance and design of mission-critical equipment.
  • Orbital Sidekick Logo
    Orbital Sideki…

    Company Description
    Global, persistent monitoring services for the energy sector and beyond.
  • Mission Secure Logo
    Mission Secure

    Company Description
    A leading industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity company protecting clients in energy, defense, maritime & critical infrastructure from cyber attacks. The patented MSi Platform is the only end-to-end ICS cybersecurity solution with visibility & protection down to Levels 0-1.
  • Live Eo Logo
    Live Eo

    Company Description
    We Identify Potential Threats For Infrastructure Grids From Space.
  • Konectcity Logo

    Company Description
    Smart Technology Control Center Innovations for Smart Cities, Buildings, Airports, Grids, Waste Management, Facilities Management, Logistic.
  • Helios Logo

    Company Description
    Helios is an online platform to streamline, accelerate and scale building energy retrofits.
  • Heila Technologies Logo
    Heila Technolo…
    Heila Technologies Logo
    Heila Technologies

    Company Description
    An MIT-born startup dedicated to simplifying the integration and operation of individual Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). It is focused on the commercialization of the Heila IQ Platform, a decentralized optimization system that reduces system complexity and cost.
  • GridCure Logo

    Company Description
    Provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) predictive analytics for electric utilities.
  • Gecko Robotics Logo
    Gecko Robotics

    Company Description
    Robotic inspections for industrial assets.
  • Enapter Logo

    Company Description
    On a mission to replace fossil fuels with affordable green hydrogen using its modular anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyser technology, which is scalable across power, industrial, heating and transport applications. `
  • Copper Labs Logo
    Copper Labs

    Company Description
    Helps utilities take control of energy demand by engaging consumers with real-time meter data.
  • Blue Planet Energy Logo
    Blue Planet En…

    Company Description
    We enable grid independence with our scalable energy platform, Blue Ion, that delivers safe, resilient, clean energy through distributed, smart energy storage and microgrids.
  • Axiom Exergy Logo
    Axiom Exergy

    Company Description
    Software-based “virtual battery” provides the same services as a battery - without expensive hardware or scalability challenges - for portfolios of buildings with large thermal loads.
  • AVRL Logo

    Company Description
    Cognitive Automation Platform.
  • ampcontrol.io Logo

    Company Description
    A software that provides the first Smart Charging plug-in for EV charging networks to reduce high charging costs. The founder is former energy consultant at PwC. Customers include one of the world's biggest charging point operators.
  • PickyMySolar Logo

    Company Description
    Managed Marketplace for Distributed Energy Resources.
  • Opus 12 Logo
    Opus 12

    Company Description
    Opus 12 captures carbon emissions where pollution is generated and turns the CO2 into chemicals like methane, ethylene, and ethanol.
  • Gridline Logo

    Company Description
    AI to unlock financing for commercial solar projects.
  • Fullmoon Logo

    Company Description
    Intelligent sensing networks for continuous monitoring of emissions.
  • ForePaas Logo

    Company Description
    Ensemble provides a SaaS based prescriptive analytics platform for clean energy power plant operators.
  • Ensemble Energy Logo
    Ensemble Energy
    Ensemble Energy Logo
    Ensemble Energy

    Company Description
    Ensemble provides a SaaS based prescriptive analytics platform for clean energy power plant operators.
  • Blastpoint Logo

    Company Description
    BlastPoint helps energy providers drive adoption for customer services programs, increase customer engagement and satisfaction, and grow infrastructure in a maximally profitable way.
  • Archon Logo

    Company Description
    Archon aims to serve all robotics applications with a particular focus on the energy production and transmission industry.
  • Anax Power Logo
    Anax Power

    Company Description
    Anax Power generates clean energy from natural gas, without combustion.
  • Amply Power Logo
    Amply Power

    Company Description
    Amply Power is a distributor of energy storage.
  • Alchera Logo

    Company Description
    Alchera Inc. provides Visual Anomaly Detection Technology (VADT) utilizing edge-based image recognition AI to save life and property.
  • DEX Logo

    Company Description
    Direct to the customer, an integrated platform for procurement, partnership, and management of energy products and services including grid electricity, renewables, and distributed energy resources. The platform is powered by secure and efficient blockchain and machine learning enabled technologies.
  • Intellicharge Logo

    Company Description
    Software to optimize electric vehicle charging so cars are charged with the cleanest and the greenest electricity while helping electricity grids balance.
  • Xelectrix Power Logo
    Xelectrix Power

    Company Description
    Innovations for electrical energy storage and power control.
  • Miqrotech Logo

    Company Description
    Merging IoT and AI to predict oil and gas pipeline leaks before they happen.
  • Ondaka Logo
    Ondaka Logo

    Company Description
    Visual search for the real world. Heavy infrastructure, oil and gas, industrial IoT intelligence company.
  • Sapient Industries Logo
    Sapient Indust…
    Sapient Industries Logo
    Sapient Industries

    Company Description
    A plug load management system that deploys smart outlets and uses machine learning to optimize buildings' electricity consumption.
  • VIA Logo

    Company Description
    VIA helps energy companies across the globe realize the value of their data through AI and blockchain.
  • Noiseless Acoustics Logo
    Noiseless Acou…
    Noiseless Acoustics Logo
    Noiseless Acoustics

    Company Description
    We aim to be the leading provider of acoustics based predictive maintenance solutions in the world. Our solutions can find problems by literally making sound visible, and by applying audio machine learning methods for predictive maintenance.
  • Sterblue Logo

    Company Description
    Sterblue builds software that helps drones inspect power lines and wind turbines.
  • Smartvid Logo

    Company Description
    Smartvid.io’s easy-to-use software applies artificial intelligence to improve safety, productivity and quality in the $10T global AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry.
  • Sparkcharge Logo

    Company Description
    SparkCharge offers a portable charging unit that is small, ultra fast, and modular.
  • eLichens Logo

    Company Description
    First comprehensive air quality analysis and prediction platform
  • Climacell Logo

    Company Description
    ClimaCell is a weather tech company that uses new proprietary technologies to see weather that no one else can see.
  • Monolets Logo

    Company Description
    MonoLets is building an end-to-end encrypted and enterprise-scale data warehouse. We build the network with batteryless and standards' compliant wireless mesh sensors, at a profile and price point that essentially enables embedding wireless connectivity into physical objects.
  • Weave Grid Logo
    Weave Grid

    Company Description
    Weave Grid uses machine learning across utility, automotive and driver data to predict, optimize and manage electric vehicle charging, solving grid integration challenges from rapid EV adoption
  • SPIN Logo

    Company Description
    SPIN will disrupt the market for grid-scale electricity storage by delivering high efficiency flywheels with significantly lower life-cycle costs than Li-ion and other batteries. Revolution is a 30kWh/6kW high-speed carbon fiber flywheel suspended in a vacuum on a zero-contact magnetic suspension. Storage capacity will not materially degrade over its planned thirty-year lifetime. The unique patented Virtual Axle spins unbalanced rotors around their natural center of inertia with no physical axle. This dramatically reduces manufacturing cost and extends the life of the system. First units available early 2019.
  • SigmaGen Logo

    Company Description
    Sigmagen offers the world’s most portable, rapidly deployable, fuel-independent, and high-performing smart electricity generators. Sigmagen will provide its differentiated products at the lowest electricity cost to its target markets, including: resilient islandable DEG microgrids, telecom cell towers, co-located distributed electricity generation with existing infrastructure (commercial & industrial buildings, residential, agriculture), EV charging stations, and military. Although it has large and diversified addressable markets, Sigmagen’s go-to-market approach is focused on getting its smart power generation supply product to its early industrial
  • Salient Energy Logo
    Salient Energy

    Company Description
    Salient Energy is developing a new type of battery called the zinc-ion battery. It is made with far cheaper and more abundant raw materials than lithium-ion, has double the service life, and uses an intrinsically safe water-based chemistry. However, the most exciting aspect of the zinc-ion battery is that it is completely compatible with standard lithium-ion manufacturing. This keeps manufacturing costs low and allows for a rapid scale-up around the globe through partnerships with existing manufacturers.
  • Place to Plug Logo
    Place to Plug

    Company Description
    Place to Plug is a Blockchain based platform that connects electric vehicle drivers and charging points. We are creating an extensive global wide charging network by bringing together disperse public and private charging point operators in one collaborative platform. Our vision: to be a referral electric vehicle charging platform worldwide.
  • Keracel Logo

    Company Description
    KeraCel is the creator of a revolutionary solid-state battery that is safe, 2-3 times longer lasting, half the cost for the same energy as the best batteries in the market, and can be built to fit into any shape.
  • HST Solar Logo
    HST Solar

    Company Description
    HST Solar is the leading online platform to design and deliver solar power. Our platform has been used to design over 45 GW of solar power projects globally and our suite of applications include feasibility and design, energy marketing, as well as equipment and financing marketplace. We work with leading solar power producers, utilities, contractors, and customers to accelerate development of solar power projects.
  • Evolve Energy Logo
    Evolve Energy

    Company Description
    With an abundance of renewable energy, the energy wholesale markets often have many hours with negative pricing followed by a few hours of high prices. With our autonomous load management software, residential and SMB customers can take advantage of the very low-priced TOU or real-time. wholesale rates while minimizing their exposure to high-priced hours. We enable our customers to set preferences to price and real time carbon emissions, and through this data, enable technology partners (solar, EE, EVs) to reach their target market effectively.
  • EV Connect Logo
    EV Connect

    Company Description
    EV Connect has created EV Cloud™, the most innovative, robust, flexible and feature-rich cloud-based software platform for managing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and their interaction with utilities, energy management systems and drivers. Established in 2009, EV Connect is a leading provider of EV charging solutions for commercial, enterprise, hospitality, utility, university and government facilities.
  • CleanO2 Logo

    Company Description
    CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies has developed a unique application, which directly removes approximately 5 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year per unit, produces a revenue-generating by-product and contributes up to a 20% cost reduction in pre-heat water heating through a 80% efficient heat recovery technology.
  • Chargehub Logo

    Company Description
    Mogile Technologies builds the ChargeHub platform. ChargeHub is a community driven platform that helps electric vehicle drivers beat “range anxiety” by helping them find over 60,000 public charging stations in Canada and the US. Over 300,000 people have used ChargeHub to find charging stations, add reviews or pictures.
  • CopperTree Analytics Logo
    CopperTree Ana…

    Company Description
    CopperTree Analytics provides energy management and automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) with our Kaizen software, and empowers you to optimize your building’s performance, reduce energy consumption, and improve occupant comfort.
  • Aurtra Logo

    Company Description
    Aurtra is an IOT/Big Data based solution that delivers an online condition monitoring service for transformer assets used by electric utility and large energy uses based on a SAAS business model. Aurtra's TILAS solution is a very easy to install and use system that delivers immediate short and long terms benefits around state of transformer health and overall asset management of the equipment while delivering an ROI in the orders of magnitude. The company has a strong IP position with additional patents submitted.
  • Wivity Logo

    Company Description
    Wivity secures your IoT device with one line of code.
  • Watt-Learn Logo

    Company Description
    Watt-Learn has developed a stand-alone autonomous intelligence platform for grid-connected batteries.
  • Solar Analytics Logo
    Solar Analytics

    Company Description
    Founded by a team of passionate, world leading solar pioneers, our analytics platform empowers solar owners to realize more value from their solar system, creates more profitable customers for solar retailers, and enables energy utilities to defend their market position.
  • SkyX Logo

    Company Description
    SkyX is data services and predictive analytics platform that uses purpose-built long range unmanned systems to capture and analyze data from real world assets and infrastructure in industries such as oil/gas, transportation, telcos and power grid.
  • PTG Logo

    Company Description
    PTG’s combination of water and energy technologies generate low-cost, sustainable solutions which provide the means to address two important resources together.
  • Orison Logo

    Company Description
    Orison energy storage is the first self-installable, all-in-one home battery system.
  • Omniflow Logo

    Company Description
    Omniflow developed an autonomous energy platform powered by wind and solar that stores energy in built in battery to power multiple service layers like Smart Lighting, IoT, Surveillance and Telecom.
  • Nevados Logo

    Company Description
    Nevados designs mounting systems for solar modules.
  • Nanogrid Logo

    Company Description
    Software intelligence for residential energy.
  • MICROrganic Technologies Logo
    MICROrganic Te…
    MICROrganic Technologies Logo
    MICROrganic Technologies

    Company Description
    MICROrganic is revolutionizing water treatment. They use the power of microbes to naturally and sustainably solve big problems, transforming energy-intensive processes to energy-positive.
  • Industrial Optic Logo
    Industrial Opt…

    Company Description
    Industrial Optic aims to be the global leader in the inspection and repair of water pipelines through the use of submersible robots.
  • GreenFire Energy Logo
    GreenFire Ener…

    Company Description
    GreenFire Energy’s ECO2G™ closed-loop technology harvests geothermal energy, by far the largest source of continuous renewable energy.
  • Gravity Power Logo
    Gravity Power

    Company Description
    Gravity Power energy storage functions like PSH but can be constructed on very little flat ground at lower cost. It also operates with better efficiency.
  • FGC Plasma Solutions Logo
    FGC Plasma Sol…
    FGC Plasma Solutions Logo
    FGC Plasma Solutions

    Company Description
    FGC Plasma Solutions, is developing a novel fuel injector for jet engines and gas turbines. Their technology uses plasma to solve many difficult combustion problems, thereby leading to improvements in emissions, operability, safety and fuel efficiency.
  • Enersis Logo

    Company Description
    Enersis specializes in Visual Energy Analytics. Their software platform “grids“ is based on SAP HANA and integrates Big Data, analytics and visualization technologies.
  • EnergySage Logo

    Company Description
    EnergySage’s leading online comparison-shopping marketplace makes it as easy as possible for homeowners and businesses to go solar by empowering them with information, transparency, and choice.
  • CircuitMeter Logo

    Company Description
    CircuitMeter represents a breakthrough in "behind the meter" energy metering and management.
  • AOMS Logo

    Company Description
    AOMS Technologies has developed a fully integrated optical sensing technology using fiber optics to empower industries with uninterrupted monitoring of multidimensional performance data.
  • Aerospec Logo

    Company Description
    Aerospec's vision is to automate industrial inspections with unmanned robotics and data analytics.
  • Advano (fka Nanostar) Logo
    Advano (fka Na…
    Advano (fka Nanostar) Logo
    Advano (fka Nanostar)

    Company Description
    Advano is an engineered materials company whose mission is to affordably, and scalably improve the energy density of lithium-ion batteries by 10-40% with "drop-in" silicon nanotechnology.
  • YouSolar Logo

    Company Description
    YouSolar offer their product named PowerBloc™. PowerBloc is a solar+battery systems that are modular, extremely robust, and fully automated. They provide a clean, quiet and reliable power source that is 100% sustainable. And at much lower costs than diesel generators or other backup power systems.
  • Indegy Logo

    Company Description
    Indegy’s Industrial Cyber Security solution enables organizations to gain visibility, security and control of their industrial operations, OT and IT networks.
  • Blacksands Inc. Logo
    Blacksands Inc.

    Company Description
    Blacksands, an Enterprise Remote Connectivity leader, provides Dynamic Point-to-Point Encrypted Connections to Applications and Devices.
  • Indrio Technologies Logo
    Indrio Technol…
    Indrio Technologies Logo
    Indrio Technologies

    Company Description
    Advanced portable laser-based chemical sensors for energy, industrial manufacturing, defense and security, transportation and healthcare sectors.
  • Ario Logo
    Ario Logo

    Company Description
    Our augmented reality platform allows you to see and search your data in the real world, placed where you need it, when you need it most.
  • FreeWire Technologies Logo
    FreeWire Techn…
    FreeWire Technologies Logo
    FreeWire Technologies

    Company Description
    FreeWire Technologies is developing innovative battery-based energy storage solutions for electric vehicle charging and diesel generator replacements.
  • Cloudbus Logo

    Company Description
    Cloudbus is bringing the Cloud to enterprises of all size, securely, reliably and onDemand. The Cloudbus platform allows partners and customers to build their own cloud-native applications and services to a broader ecosystem of consumers.
  • Qlair Logo

    Company Description
    Coming from three continents, we gather in Bay Area, CA, where our 27 years of filtration experience meets Artificial Intelligence. QlAir provides the experience of breathing Clean Air indoors. We help you achieve the optimum air cleanliness at the lowest possible operating and environmental cost.
  • Volt Markets Logo
    Volt Markets

    Company Description
    Volt Markets' mission is to disintermediate traditional energy markets with a public, decentralized, blockchain-based platform that promotes open innovation for monitoring, managing, and trading energy and energy attributes. Self-upgrading smart contracts ensure jurisdictional regulatory compliance, open markets to new asset classes, incentivize renewable energy, and give households and businesses the ability to trade the energy they produce and consume in real time and at any scale.
  • Sylvatex Logo

    Company Description
    We replace petroleum based solution chemistry with a technically superior, lower cost, higher performing non-toxic solution chemistry.
  • Semtive Logo

    Company Description
    SemtiveSmall wind turbines for decentralized clean energy generation and smart electronics for energy efficiency/management
  • Scoop Solar Logo
    Scoop Solar

    Company Description
    Scoop® is a Cloud-based aPaaS (application Platform as a Service) that enables industry professionals without coding skills to build & publish mobile apps to automate work processes.
  • ALYT Logo

    Company Description
    ALYT's platform allows users to manage any type of connected hardware using a smartphone, tablet, or other connected device
  • Locbit Logo

    Company Description
    Locbit provides the platform to automatically adjust their appliance and energy usage based on programmed parameters. The bottom line is, by using sensors, reporting the data and then matching that data to determined criteria, the building becomes more energy efficient and saves you money.
  • Ingu Solutions Logo
    Ingu Solutions
    Ingu Solutions Logo
    Ingu Solutions

    Company Description
    Ingu Solutions offers intelligent and cost effective monitoring for water and oil pipelines. Using compact sensors that travel within the flow, Ingu captures critical data that enables its customers to optimize pipeline performance, detect anomalies, and flag changes in condition. Ingu sensors are free-?owing (neutrally buoyant) in any fluid and easily deployed without interruption to operations. The results are reduced inspection costs, strengthened preventive maintenance, and lower repair and replacement expenditures.
  • Flow Labs Logo
    Flow Labs

    Company Description
    Flow Labs helps commercial buildings save water and save money using a combination of affordable, easy-to-install sensors and a mobile-based alert system.
  • Enact Systems Logo
    Enact Systems

    Company Description
    ENACT's platform provides end-to-end solar software solutions: solar design, financing proposals/contracts, installation management and customer management for solar assets.
  • Cool Energy Logo
    Cool Energy

    Company Description
    Cool Energy produces high-efficiency power generation equipment for converting wasted heat from industrial processes and power generation into clean electricity, improving efficiency and reducing harmful emissions.
  • Clean Carbon Technologies Logo
    Clean Carbon T…

    Company Description
    We build reactors that capture and convert emissions, especially flare gases from Industries into Carbon nanotubes and Graphene.
  • Buzz Solutions Logo
    Buzz Solutions

    Company Description
    Buzz Solutions automates power line inspections using data collection from autonomous drones and fault detection with a predictive analytics software platform. We differentiate ourselves with our software platform allowing 90% time savings in data inspections and minimizing grid failure through predictive analytics. Unlike other drone inspection companies, we use more specialized sensors that provide the utility more well-rounded feedback, namely with vegetation growth and line overheating.
  • Breezi Logo

    Company Description
    Breezi is like a ‘Check Engine’ light for the smart home. Our AirPulse connected device monitors the vital signs of HVAC systems and detects problems before they become severe.
  • PRENAV Logo

    Company Description
    PRENAV is developing an automated system to capture data about the world’s infrastructure using small aerial robots. Flying with unmatched precision, PRENAV drones represent a new way to sense and interact with the industrial internet of things.