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  • RayGen Logo

    Company Description
    RayGen is an Australian technology business with world-leading capability in the next generation of solar power and electricity storage. RayGen’s Solar Power Plant makes renewable energy available on demand with the lowest cost, long duration solar plus storage solution. The Solar Power Plant provides utility-scale, time-shifting energy storage with synchronous generation of high-quality power. The system can also be flexibly located and installed where the grid requires. The Solar Power Plant consists of RayGen’s proprietary PV Ultra (solar cogeneration) and Thermal Hydro (electro-thermal storage) technologies. RayGen has a highly capable and experienced team of 30 employees in engineering, manufacturing, operations and sales. RayGen has built and sold 1MWAC (3MW cogeneration) PV Ultra projects, supported by power purchase agreements. RayGen develops and manufactures its high-efficiency solar modules at its 25MWAC manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Victoria. RayGen has received
  • Envirolite Concrete Logo
    Envirolite Con…

    Company Description
    Our focus and drive is to produce lightweight concrete products of the highest standard using only recycled polystyrene aggregate. We work closely with waste management services across South Africa to divert polystyrene waste from landfill to be used in the manufacture of energy efficient walling and flooring products. Our vision is to turn the tide on waste ending up in our oceans and landfills. Any form of expanded polystyrene can be successfully used to manufacture lightweight concrete. We make use of items such as polystyrene food and beverage packaging as well as any type of polystyrene protective packaging utilised for transportation of electronic goods. More than 70,000 tons of polystyrene, of which most ends up in landfill, is used as packaging in South Africa every year. We can up-cycle this waste into energy efficient structures making Envirolite the most sustainable building solution currently on the market.
  • WEEE Centre Logo
    WEEE Centre

    Company Description
    Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre (WEEE Centre) offers the services of awareness creation (training) and safe disposal of electrical and electronic waste (e-Waste); in accordance with NEMA waste regulations and WEEE regulations that are protective to both the environment and public health. As a fundamental core value, The WEEE Centre runs an environmentally friendly operation. We are committed to the efficient, safe and conservative disposal of electrical and electronic waste
  • Plastic Waste to Energy (Pty) Ltd Logo
    Plastic Waste …
    Plastic Waste to Energy (Pty) Ltd Logo
    Plastic Waste to Energy (Pty) Ltd

    Company Description
    Plastic Waste to Energy (Pty) Ltd (PWTE) is a South African based company that is dedicated to solving the global challenge of waste plastic in the environment. The problem of waste plastic has a detrimental impact on the health, social and economic of a country. Putative solutions such as landfill and incineration bring with them their own environmental negativities. There is an alternative solution, however, and that solution provides highly scalable investment opportunities. The company’s vision truly reflects the nature of the business, to become a key enabler globally in transforming waste into a valuable, cleaner, and usable resource by minimizing the impact on both the economy and environment. PWTE plan is to establish a plastic pyrolysis plant which can turn waste plastic into a reusable and valuable resource, lowering our dependency of fossil fuels, which are the main source of raw materials in plastic production. Using proven technology, the company intends playing a vital role in dealing with the plastic challenge, locally and globally.
  • Ecomak Recyclers Logo
    Ecomak Recycle…

    Company Description
    Ecomak Recyclers was founded in mid-2020 as a leader in recovering and reuse of recyclable waste in Kyaka II refugee settlement, Uganda. Our objectives are to improve waste management across the marginalized communities of Uganda, encourage local businesses to a more sustainable lifestyle, and promote a circular economy. As of to-date we collect and recycle over 50 tons of waste per month and we are now taking a step forward. Advantages of Using Our Plastic Bricks (Manufactured from Waste Plastics) Durability: They replicate concrete and clay equivalents but outlast them in the application. Our ecobricks have a life expectancy of over 50 years, with minimal degradation. Cost effective: Our ecobricks are 42% cheaper than the conventional bricks and in terms of the "life cost", our ecobricks are significantly cost saving due to reduced maintenance and replacement requirements. Zero breakages: Our ecobricks do not break once used and this implies there are no damages while using our products. You buy 1000 and use 1000. Termite Resistant: They cannot rot, become dump and termites cannot feed on them. Easy to work with: Traditional construction-working tools such as hammers and nails can be used. The products can be cut, drilled as easily as conventional bricks
  • Ramtsilo Logo

    Company Description
    Ramtsilo Manufacturing and Construction is the home of the plastic brick. We provide a sustainable and innovative solution to South Africa’s plastic pollution pandemic by using all types of plastic, including non-recyclable plastic, to make bricks. Our recycled plastic bricks look just like cement bricks, but they’re better in all respects. They use less water to manufacture, have a higher compressive strength, are less porous and last longer than conventional bricks. They are also fire-retardant, and are provide greater insulation and energy efficiency. At Ramtsilo, we’re passionate about recycling, reducing waste and creating a greener environment, whilst generating sustainable incomes through waste recycling. We work closely with waste pickers and buy-back centres to source plastic. Through these collection efforts, they not only save municipalities millions of Rands, but are able to earn incomes that support their families. Ramtsilo provides the following services: • Manufacturing of plastic bricks • Recycling • Waste management • Construction: general building, civil engineering and electrical engineering
  • BlueCycle Limited Logo
    BlueCycle Limi…

    Company Description
    We will put an end to the harmful impact of poorly managed polyolefin (specifically PE and PP) plastic waste by recycling these into virgin-grade pyrolysis oil, which can then be used to produce new plastics. We will thus be closing the loop on plastic waste. Our mission is to have
  • NAMe Recycling Logo
    NAMe Recycling

    Company Description
    NAMé recycling aims to provide a country wide solution for plastic waste, operating as a profitable sustainable business in the West-African region, generating broad environmental and social impact and operating at internationally recognized standards. Based on a lean process, NAMé recycling’s main activity is the collection and recycling of local plastic waste, followed by the commercialization of recycled PET flakes and pellets. The end products : PET straps and HDPE pallets are sold on the national and international market
  • PETCO Logo

    Company Description
    PETCO is the industry body for recycling of post consumer PET in South Africa http://www.petco.co.za
  • Tile Green Logo
    Tile Green

    Company Description
    We developed a technology to completely replace cement in multiple applications, through utilizing low value and unrecyclable plastic waste. Through our state-of-the-art manufacturing process, we were able to make paving tiles that are 20X better whether resistant, 6X better abrasion resistance, and 2X stronger than conventional cement-based building materials. Our technology will enable us to manufacture different building materials such as paving tiles, roofing tiles, road pavements, and cladding sheets in the future. In the first 6 months of operations, we delivered multiple projects to construction market leaders. In addition, TileGreen will be participating in multiple large projects in Egypt as a green building materials provider. Regarding the environmental aspect, we are glad to announce that we are the first startup in the world to recycle flexible laminates in a mass scale, which is usually unrecyclable worldwide. With TileGreen, creating sustainable communities is a reality.
  • Yattó Logo

    Company Description
    Our mission is to take care of the world's waste. We do this by increasing recycling rates and avoiding waste from being incorrectly disposed at landfills and dumps. Through our solutions, we support big brand owners to define and execute a strong strategy in reverse logistics and circular economy.
  • Valora Recicláveis Logo
    Valora Reciclá…

    Company Description
    Valora is a start-up for the recovery of recyclable solid waste and sustainability, which operates in the management and selective collection and sustainability projects for companies. The recovery of recyclable waste is done through collection in condominiums and large generators, where it provides a series of services to improve people's experience with the recycling process. For companies, it develops projects specific to the needs and goals established in sustainability topics such as Environmental Compensation, Waste Recovery, Selective Collection, Sustainability Seals, Reverse Logistics and Circular Economy.
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    Siclo Rural

    Company Description
    Siclo Rural is a “B” company which collects rural plastic waste for recycling from Argentine farms. The company has eight storage centers strategically distributed all over the country. We guarantee traceability to the producer through an environmental and social impact. How I do it? ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: We link the recycling industry with the farm, offering a collection service of rural plastic waste, ensuring a correct traceability of all the processes from farm to industry. ● We audit the companies which recycle the materials, guaranteeing a final sustainable disposition in each step of the process, such as use of energy, water treatment, among others. ● We plant five trees in deforested areas per ton of recycled plastic. ● In some of the cities where we work, we carry out the industrial treatment of waste in collaboration with the public sector for these recycling processes. SOCIAL IMPACT ● We work with informal collectors, to whom we offer training on health and safety, handling of materials, as well as accounts and tax management in order to make them work in a formal way, as a requirement of Siclo Rural. ● A percentage of the waste value is donated to the most needed social organizations. ● We develop an educational environmental project in which we integrate other comp

    Company Description
    RECIRCULAPP is a B2B model in which, through an app, companies and recyclers connect with each other to sell and buy their waste. With the app, we allow companies to sell their waste online at a base price to informal retail or wholesale recyclers on an ongoing basis (who then sell it at a higher intermediary price to recycling or collection plants). Our business model charges a percentage per transaction to companies for placing their waste for sale on our platform. What makes us unique and innovators are: we offer online transactions (moneyless), order tracking, transparency and traceability with the estatus of the orders, optimized and scalable operations, capable of manage waste from multiple locations and sustainability metrics.
  • Puro Bioplastics, Inc. Logo
    Puro Bioplasti…
    Puro Bioplastics, Inc. Logo
    Puro Bioplastics, Inc.

    Company Description
    Puro Bioplastics offers three technologies that will reduce the necessity for fossil-fuel resins, the CO2 emissions from processing, and long-term pollution effects of single-use plastic products. The first two technlogies, Oysterplast and Agaveplast, combines pulverized oyster shells and agave fibers with traditional polymers to both reduce the amount of fossil-fuel based plastic in a product but also significantly reduce the CO2 emissions by from the processing of an end product. We offer this product for the processing of HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, and PS polymers. The third technology, Puroplast BioAccelerator, is a cost-efficient, certified additive technology that can be combined with HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, and PP batches to accelerate the biological digestion of non-recyclable plastic products in an anaerobic environment like a landfill. This technology is certified under the ASTM D5526 testing standard.
  • Nauco Logo

    Company Description
    Nauco was created to clean plastic waste from the rivers of the Americas. Nauco uses bubbles to float and direct waste in rivers to the riverbank where it can be captured, removed, sorted and recycled. Powered exclusively by alternative energy, the system does not harm the river, nor prevent animals or humans from passing through the system. Bubble curtains are widely used for a variety of industries, but this application has been adapted for the relatively wild rivers of South and Central America.
  • Musa Logo

    Company Description
    MUSA is a Brazilian-based technology company developing an innovative waste management solution, to digitalize the sector of private waste. In Brazil, waste management is an industry that lacks transparency and efficiency, leading to a painful process for all stakeholders, and very polluting for the planet. Indeed, 95% of everything produced in Brazil ends up in landfills, dumpsites or in nature, producing the equivalent of 63M flights from NYC to Paris in CO2e a year!! MUSA is a SAAS platform, that integrates all actors of the waste chain (producers, haulers and receptors). At our client's establishment, we implement an easy system of waste segregation in 3: organics, recyclables, and "others". We then organize daily collection of this waste, through our Hauler partners, and send it to to a recycling, composting or energy conversion center, depending on its respective category. Besides guarantying 100% reuse of their waste, our digitalization offers a delighful experience to our customers, with transparent and competitive pricing, live tracking of collection routes, and live ESG reports of their positive environmental impact and zero carbon generation.
  • Green Bricks Logo
    Green Bricks

    Company Description
    Green Bricks is an innovation venture dedicated to providing solutions through the circular economy for the construction market. we insert sustainability to construction via quality materials, revaluing plastic residue and decreasing the carbon footprint. The companies in general have issues with the plastic waste and do not present a high level of innovation, moreover, it is necessary for them to align with global trends in sustainability and upcoming laws. We can revalue the different types of plastics being a contribution to reduce the carbon footprint, how? creating sustainable concrete products and "Green gravel" to create even more sustainable concrete for making any precast concret product. Green bricks was born with the purpose of fighting plastic pollution to live in a better world, not for us, but for future generations. GreenBricks was born in Chile, to help mitigate the environmental impacts generated by plastics that affect ecosystems, transforming this waste into products for construction, promoting environmental awareness and responsibility, to fight against climate change and coexist in harmony with nature, with the strong purpose of fighting plastic pollution to live in a better world, not for us, but for future generations.
  • Botellas de Amor Logo
    Botellas de Am…

    Company Description
    Botellas de Amor engage people, schools and enterprises to bring them the flexible plastic filled PET bottles. After recycling, transforms it into RPL (recycled plastic lumber) and provide towards the community houses, playgrounds, furniture and more. The lumber created is flexible, earthquake resistant, and the ambition is to provide more homes to the local community. Currently they need 5T of recycled lumber to build a house but requires 300T to pay for the project. The focus is to recycle low or high dense polietileno, which is a light weight plastic that is usually not a priority for recyclers workers because they are paid by the weight amount of plastic they bring, therefore they are not worried about collecting light-weight plastic. The company has a strong social media presence, with more people requesting to be part of the ecosystem than they are able to gather. They have plans to open 10 processing plants with investors and their vision is to build 60K playgrounds and 40K homes in 10 years. They already operate in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Panama and Dominican Republic but they are not property owners of the processing plants.
  • Bioreset Logo

    Company Description
    A biotechnology startup willing to develop a substitute material for common plastic, but with 100% ORGANIC COMPOSITION , produced by microbiological fermentation and totally adherent to the processes applied by the plastic industry, with a competitive price to conventional resins, and a main differential: TOTALLY SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.
  • YouGreen Logo

    Company Description
    YouGreen offers complete waste management and all the services necessary for the legal and operational framework of large waste generators. Services range from sorting, sorting, and collecting waste to final disposal, including consultancy for compliance with legal and sanitary standards, training of cleaning staff, and traceability and analysis reports on recycled material and the impacts of work on the environment and in the life of the members. Integrated management provides a 50% increase in the recycling rate and can cost 20% below the sector, generating income and decent work for the members.
  • Xinxing Logo

    Company Description
    A startup deeply engaged in researching, developing, applying and manufacturing PLA materials, such as PLA laminated paper which is mainly used in packaging and containers for food.

    Company Description
    TRASHAUS aims to “Reroute the Trash” and to promote awareness on post-consumer trash management. The current circular value chain suffers from issues of information fragmentation, value chain intransparency and lack of engagement with consumers. Therefore, TRASHAUS proposes a closed-loop tracing SaaS platform to securely integrate the data generated by every procedure alone the recycling value chain, and provide intact, transparent and trustworthy tracing information for businesses and consumers while protecting business secrets with the support of IoT, Blockchain and big data technologies. Through our tracing platform, TRASHAUS provides supports for brands to fulfill their sustainability commitments, and helps consumers to increase awareness, recognition and trust in sustainability. Eventually, we aim to valorize trash in order to empower the recycling industry.
  • Re-Mall Logo

    Company Description
    Re-Mall is a leading domestic expert in recycling solutions for waste plastics. The company is headquartered in Shanghai and has set up a professional standardized laboratory for recycled plastics in Shanghai and a joint training base for postgraduates with Shanghai Second Institute of Technology. The company mainly produces high-quality and stable recycled plastics such as PP, HIPS, ABS, PE, PA and PC by recycling plastic waste through its self-developed recycling system. The company provides high-quality recycled plastic pellets to the plastic molding industry, comprehensive recycling technology solutions to the plastic recycling industry chain, and comprehensive consulting services to municipal sanitation waste suppliers/plastic producers/consumers/environmental organizations for the recycling of plastic waste.

    Company Description
    REMAKEHUB is a young social enterprise, which provides a circular solution for waste pollution. We provide creative and impactful recycling solutions on transforming waste into the new generational lifestyle products through high tech innovative material and sustainable design. We follow the “Cradle to Cradle” design concept, promote resource reuse to extend the product life circle, thereby achieving zero-to-landfill. Established in 2018, the business was built on a big ambition to support a “PLANET SCALE” solution for eradicating waste and embracing the circular economy, supported by the top leading manufactories and science-based experts in China. The team is formed by scientists, engineers, artists, architects, entrepreneurs, superstar, and fashion designers. REMAKEHUB is under UNDP Youth CO:LAB program, it has won the 2018 Asia-Pacific Youth SDG Innovation Award and it is highly committed to 8 UN SDGs.
  • NanoxARCH Logo

    Company Description
    NANOxARCH® (Material by Design™) is China's first social innovation enterprise specializing in sustainable material design . From the perspective of materials, we empower enterprises to achieve sustainable innovation with a win-win situation of "brand + consumer + environment" . We are not an "environmental protection company", but by allowing materials to exert their maximum use value , the use of materials by human beings is infinitely close to the natural ecological cycle , thereby helping enterprises to reduce costs and achieve a balanced development of economy, environment and human health and well-being .
  • Mi Terro Logo
    Mi Terro

    Company Description
    Mi Terro is an advanced material company that creates ocean degradable and home compostable flexible packaging materials made from agricultural waste. The startup is giving agricultural waste a new life by repurposing it to replace plastic and paper-based-materials and giving additional incomes to farmers all around the world. Their material accommodates a diverse range of fully compostable packaging applications for fresh produce, dry food, fashion, cleaning product, and standard product packaging. Mi Terro’s technology can potentially apply to any type of agricultural byproducts and surplus food, including plant, dairy, and vitamin supplement byproducts. Our process uses less energy than paper and plastic production while creating 90% less CO2 than plastic. The startup is replacing petroleum-based materials with protein-based materials made from agricultural waste.
  • Incom Recycle Logo
    Incom Recycle

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  • Huidu Environmental Logo
    Huidu Environm…
    Huidu Environmental Logo
    Huidu Environmental

    Company Description
    Huidi Environmental is a technology enterprise of recycling packaging that has launched foldable recycling courier packages to reduce the use of disposable plastic packaging.
  • Fuhai Lantian Logo
    Fuhai Lantian

    Company Description
    This self-developed “waste plastic liquefaction oil technology” overturns the traditional dry distillation process route and achieves a breakthrough in terms of product quality.
  • Comy Energy Logo
    Comy Energy

    Company Description
    Turning plastic to fuel by catalysising and pyrolysising waste plastics through low temperature and low pressure.
  • Bluepha Logo

    Company Description
    Based on our proprietary bio-automation system Holog, Bluepha team is dedicated to developing novel bio-based molecules and materials to meet the increasing demand for multi-industries, such as healthcare, food and beverage, cosmetics, etc. PHA, a bio-based and biodegradable polymer, has been developed to eliminate the global plastic waste issue. Cannabinoids, a portfolio of high-value molecules, have been developed gradually to improve healthcare and well-being of lives.
  • SmartSort Logo

    Company Description
    Focusing on high-end sensing technology, ultra-high-speed artificial intelligence recognition technology, ultra-high-speed sorting technology to develop a variety of artificial intelligence waste sorting robot, can achieve millions of times per hour sorting.
  • Zhongke Guosheng Logo
    Zhongke Guoshe…
    Zhongke Guosheng Logo
    Zhongke Guosheng

    Company Description
    Zhongke Guosheng was established in July 2021, focusing on the design and development of furan-based bio-based materials. The core team graduated from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of biomass catalytic conversion and furan-based material design and development. research foundation and industrialization experience. The company has pioneered the continuous production process of HMF in the world. The specific catalyst matches the corresponding solvent system to realize the large-scale and low-cost production of HMF, which solves the most critical bottleneck in the HMF industry chain and opens up the process from the upstream core monomer to the end application. the whole industry chain.
  • Alpheus Intelligence & IOT Logo
    Alpheus Intell…
    Alpheus Intelligence & IOT Logo
    Alpheus Intelligence & IOT

    Company Description
  • CellUranics Logo

    Company Description
    The products of CellUranics can help the plastics industry achieve carbon neutrality. The founding and consultant team have professional backgrounds in science and technology, and deep industry experience. So far, its main products are glucaric acid, FDCA and PEF made from glucose. The long-term goal of CellUranics is to build an industrial chain: "biomass→ glucose→FDCA→polymer materials".
  • Doctor Scrap Logo
    Doctor Scrap

    Company Description
    Dr. Recycled is an identification and trading platform for bulk waste recycling combining AI and CV technology for large-scale deployment.
  • Zhejiang Jiaren Recycling Logo
    Zhejiang Jiare…

    Company Description
    Zhejiang Jiaren New Materials Co., Ltd. has passed many certification successively such as GRS, Brand Introduction Intertek, and Oeke- Tex Standard 100. By virtue of our high-quality cyclic regenerated fibers our company has successfully established the business relationship with many global companies including ADIDAS, NIKE, H&M and GAP.
  • Ningbo Topcentral New Material Co., Ltd Logo
    Ningbo Topcent…
    Ningbo Topcentral New Material Co., Ltd Logo
    Ningbo Topcentral New Material Co., Ltd

    Company Description
  • Henan Rejuven Resource Recycling Logo
    Henan Rejuven …
    Henan Rejuven Resource Recycling Logo
    Henan Rejuven Resource Recycling

    Company Description
  • Hangzhou Jiman Iron and Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd Logo
    Hangzhou Jiman…
    Hangzhou Jiman Iron and Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd Logo
    Hangzhou Jiman Iron and Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd

    Company Description
  • Poly Material Logo
    Poly Material

    Company Description
    Developer of carbon dioxide utilization technology and manufacturer of carbon dioxide-based high-tech materials intended to improve the shortcomings of China's supply chains.
  • Dabashou Logo

    Company Description
    "Hands-on Recycling" is a large-scale social service project mainly engaged by Ningbo Supply and Marketing Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd. (state-owned holding) on ​​waste front-end sorting and reduction, and recycling and utilization of renewable resources. The company is supported by modern smart logistics technology, vehicle networking technology, intelligent Internet of Things technology and Internet informatization big data technology. Under the guidance of the government and the joint efforts of all participants, the company has comprehensively established a "green and intelligent" renewable resource recycling system. , open up the online and offline recycling industry ecosystem, organically integrate the general public, enterprises and institutions, commercial integration, waste recyclers, renewable resource self-use industries, garbage disposal units, etc., to create a complete set of renewable resources recycling ecological chain, extremely Greatly reduce the amount of waste in landfill and incineration, and solve the problem of the last mile of waste recycling.
  • SuYuan Tech Logo
    SuYuan Tech

    Company Description
    Being a comprehensive service platform for foreign trade, Made-in-China.com is committed to tapping business opportunities for Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers, and providing one-stop services for promoting the international trade between the two sides. Over the past few years, Made-in-China.com has become one of the most extensive and reliable web addresses for international trade. Made-in-China.com currently has more than 40 million pieces of product information from 27 industries. Besides, based on different procurement demands from different buyers, Made-in-China.com also provides various methods as follows for global buyers to source products. Trustworthy Chinese Suppliers In order to reduce trade risks for global buyers, all premium suppliers on Made-in-China.com are verified on-site by SGS, Bureau Veritas or TÜV Rheinland, world's leading inspection companies. Global buyers can access to suppliers’ Audit Reports online for free to check their authentic information. Trade Ea
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  • Reconnai Logo

    Company Description
    An AI based mobile app that tells users how to separate and treat their waste within their neighborhoods. Our goal is to have people separate all 7 types of plastics, but until the infrastructure/machinery is ready to process that, we will focus on general waste (e.g. cans, glass, cardboard, e-waste) so we can start right now. It’s a platform where users sort plastics and upload data (and get rewarded), and where companies can do (green) sponsoring/promotions and offset their plastic production.
  • One World Corporation Logo
    One World Corp…
    One World Corporation Logo
    One World Corporation

    Company Description
  • Microwave Chemical Logo
    Microwave Chem…
    Microwave Chemical Logo
    Microwave Chemical

    Company Description
    Microwave Chemical is a microwave platform technology designed according to product characteristics. We have developed depolymerization technology using microwave, that realizes high-speed processing, compact, and energy-saving.
  • Kaman Logo

    Company Description
  • Environment Energy Logo
    Environment En…
    Environment Energy Logo
    Environment Energy

    Company Description
  • Eii Logo

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  • Aizawa Logo

    Company Description

    Company Description
    Founded in 2007, Recotech. Co. is a company based in Tokyo that strives to turn waste into value by using technology. While consulting companies and local governments on managing waste sustainably, Recotech. Co. provides total waste stream solutions combining hard and soft approaches. With our expertise in waste/resource stream design and management, we aspire to drive the transition toward a Circular Economy in Japan and Southeast Asia. We have developed a waste visualization system “Material Pool System (MPS)” along with “GOMiCO,” a web application, to register waste data onto the cloud. MPS is a platform service that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions massively while preserving valuable materials in circulation by optimising collection and recycling efficiency. Also, by enabling large manufacturers to incorporate PCR materials into their procurement portfolio, MPS helps reduce the extraction of natural resources. The web app “GOMiCO” calculates the volume of CO2 emitted when MPS is used, compares it to usual practices, and gives monthly feedback. MPS was developed based on our expertise in waste management machines, soft solutions in sustainable waste management and recycling business models in Japan.
  • digzyme Logo

    Company Description
    Digzyme is a bioinformatics startup that originated from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2019. They provide computer-aided enzyme discovery technology to support the bio-production of useful compounds. Digzyme’s disruption in silico methods reduces the number of experiments, cost, and time required for enzyme discovery. They can replace environmentally hazardous organic synthesis processes that depend on petroleum to bio-production.
  • AC Biode Logo
    AC Biode

    Company Description
    With our technical partners in Japan, we are ready for a pilot test on carbonizing food waste mixed with plastic (up to 10%). This can be applied for discarded plastic and uneaten food of the airline cabin. Huge amounts of food waste and plastic end up in landfills or incinerated. Problem: Food waste is often mixed with plastic waste and it is quite difficult to separate. If you incinerate them, you need high temperature, or dioxin, tar and high GHG emissions will be made. Huge recycling facilities are along with high CAPEX and OPEX due to high temperature and their centralized systems. Products: We have two types of catalysts: “Kasumi” is to carbonize mixture of food waste (90% or more) and plastic waste (up to 10%) on site at a lower temperature than competitors. “Plastalyst” is to decompose plastics quite efficiently on site from polymer to monomer at lower temperature and pressure than competitors.
  • Waste Labs Logo
    Waste Labs

    Company Description
    Consumers and brands are driving up demand for recycled materials in their supply chains. But over 80% of goods that we consume today end up in landfills, incineration plants or even leaked into natural environments. Recycled material suppliers and their waste management partners are facing two fundamental waste problems: - Where to find recyclable waste? - How to minimise its logistics costs which is the major contributor to the recycling price? We use AI to digitise waste flows and design, monitor and optimise waste collection and recycling. We built our platform on industry-specific technologies that have been developed by the CTO over the course of 12 years. Our teaser: https://docsend.com/view/ypphue5p94cpe8yz Our proposal for recyclers: https://docsend.com/view/xgjf3b69sq8csam7 Our proposal for waste collectors: https://docsend.com/view/nh9ej5tettunxtbn
  • Vinglabs Logo

    Company Description
    Vinglabs are developing AI-based waste segregation systems. Most of the tech available today for waste sorting is not at all suitable for developing economies. The high CAPEX for these systems has forced to rely heavily on manual intervention for sorting at MRFs and Recycling centers. Vinglabs has developed a low-cost Vision-based system, that recognizes potential valuable material in the dry waste stream(HPDE, PET, PP, etc.). Also, designed a very efficient and affordable pick and place DELTA robot, with up to 60+ picks/min and an Air sorter that can fulfill the requirement of these number of decentralized systems scattered across the country. Aim to charge very low CAPEX for installation and monthly service fees for our software, and, provide the real-time data for Plastic recovery to different brand houses, enforcing a better circular economy. Currently, working on their first product for Saahas Zero Waste in Bangalore that we will launch by November end.
  • Ricron Panels Logo
    Ricron Panels
    Ricron Panels Logo
    Ricron Panels

    Company Description
    Based in Ankaleshwar, Gujarat, India, Ricron Panels- Deeya Panel Products is a family-run, recycling business that converts low value plastic waste into quality sustainable materials for furniture, building and construction applications, advancing the circular economy in India and globally. At Ricron we give new life to low value, difficult-to-recycle multi-layer plaster (MLP) waste. Through an innovative proprietary process, Ricron offers an alternative to common building materials, such as plywood, by providing quality recycled materials that are high performing, cost-effective and provide long term utility to the building and construction industry. Our leading offering has changed the building landscape by delivering sustainable products for responsible consumption. Our focus on quality means we offer recycled materials that are high performing, cost-effective, provide long term utility. Our materials are waterproof, heat resistant and fire retardant. We are proud to be certified as a zero-waste discharge company, meaning that there is no waste from our operations as all materials are recycled and reused. We are also a proud recipient of the Green Pro Certification Award, presented by the Confederation of Indian Industry.
  • RecycleX Logo

    Company Description
    Founded in 2020, we are India's first startup manufacturing products from Plastic, Industrial and C&D Waste. Our mission is to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to the global waste pandemic by manufacturing building materials for future India. We have won the circular economy challenge competition (I-ACE Hackathon) and was awarded as India’s SME winner in the plastic waste reduction challenge. Recycling Plastic & Industrial Waste RecycleX collects and specializes in recycling all types and grades of Plastic waste. We also recycle Industrial and C&D Waste. Manufacturing Building Material from Waste We manufacture high-quality, eco-friendly and cheaper products, All our products are according to IS Standards. Our product range comprises Paver Block, Kerbstone and Solid Blocks. EPR Solutions RecycleX works as a PRO (Producer Responsibility Organization) We provide an end to end EPR solutions to Industries and Brands. We also provide certification of the waste recycled.
  • RecycleSmart Logo

    Company Description
    An innovative waste management service that makes it easy for your residents to do the right thing. And easy for Council’s to offer residents a cheap option for recycling these materials and measuring diversion from landfill. Our Pickup service collects tricky recyclables right from your resident’s doors. We’re talking soft plastics, clothes, e-waste, and problem waste like polystyrene, batteries and smoke alarms.. How Pickups Work: residents simply book a pickup via our app or website, and in just two clicks our team of locally vetted and recruited drivers come right to their door, collect the waste and make sure it is properly disposed of. All this for free - local government fits the bill on a subscription membership.
  • ReCircle Logo

    Company Description
    ReCircle is a resource recovery enterprise that works to divert waste away from landfills and oceans, to bring it back into the economy to be reused, recycled, or repurposed, thereby promoting responsible and sustainable consumption of resources. It endeavours to benefit society by building an inclusive, ethical, and circular eco-system, create capacity and organised employment within the informal economy, and promote dignity along with better living standards for workers from all sections of society. ● It collaborates with government to build and manage infrastructure for handling all kinds of dry waste; ● it works with consumers to channelize their waste into resource recovery, and build a stronger awareness and belief about policies and practices that are good for the environment; ● it partners with producers and brand owners to help them comply with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policies and neutralize their plastic footprint, while creating newer channels for recovery; and ● it reaches recyclers and co-processors to utilise non-recyclable waste for energy recovery. The system is driven by data, analytics, and technology to enable transparency and accountability in the entire waste value chain.
  • Rebricks Indonesia Logo
    Rebricks Indon…
    Rebricks Indonesia Logo
    Rebricks Indonesia

    Company Description
    Rebricks Indonesia is a company whose mission is to be a solution for the plastic problem in Indonesia by turning plastic waste into building materials. We started our work in July 2018. We focus our research on recycling multi-layered plastic (sachet) waste. After one and a half years, in November 2019, we launched our first product, Rebricks Pavers. We focus on recycling sachet because we found that scavengers, private waste collectors, and regional waste banks in Jabodetabek don’t collect or sell sachets waste; it has no economic value. Sachet waste ends up in incinerators, landfill, or polluting environment. Our first product, Rebricks Pavers recycles sachet. Our pavers have undergone pressure power tests in B4T of The Ministry of Industry. Rebricks Pavers have 250kg/cm2 pressure power; it fits type B criteria in Indonesia National Standard (SNI 03-0691-1996). We produce up to 100 m2/day. In 100 m2 of pavers, we recycle around 88.000 sachet waste.
  • Karo Sambhav Logo
    Karo Sambhav

    Company Description
    Karo Sambhav collaborates with enterprises and enables them to close their material loops by designing and implementing transformative Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programmes. Karo Sambhav develops socially responsible, and financially sound circular solutions (collection, recycling, secondary materials utilisation) by collaborating with disintegrated players across the waste value chain comprising of producers, brands, consumers, bulk consumers/offices, waste pickers, waste aggregators, responsible recyclers, regulatory bodies, municipalities, etc. Karo Sambhav’s 'Technology Platform/App' and systems foster good governance, fairness, trust, transparency, and traceability. Karo Sambhav partners with a wide range of stakeholders to co-create engagement programmes that drive long term behavioural change in society, enable collection and responsible recycling of waste at scale. In September 2019, an Industry Coalition of over 30 companies announced set-up of a new plastic waste management venture in partnership with Karo Sambhav. Karo Sambhav - Closing Material Loop is the brand name of Circular Sustainability Solutions Private Limited (CSSPL) which is a industry owned-and-led venture focused on plastic waste management.
  • Ecovia Logo

    Company Description
    We have launched our full-stack solution in India, which includes our reusable packaging, infrastructure for reverse logistics and a rewards program. We supply reusable packaging to brands on a pay-per-use basis, and then use various mechanisms to collect the empty packages back from consumers by incentivising them with rewards. Our packaging is made out of fabric made from recycled PET bottles, is very durable and water-repellent. Our smart design makes the packaging size-adjustable and collapsible, to help brands optimise their shipping volumes and costs. This is not just cost-effective and sustainable for brands, but also helps them deliver a more engaging and rewarding customer experience. We take pride in the fact that for every reusable Ecovia bag, the need to manufacture and dispose of 150 single-use packaging is eliminated. Considering that India oberves around 6 million e-commerce shipments daily, our circular model could prove to be the game-changer in terms of environmental impact. We ultimately aim to evolve into an enabler, assisting brands implement any kind of take-back program. Brands (online or offline) could use our platform to collect their primary or secondary packaging back from the consumers for EPR compliances, either for reuse or recycle.
  • AlterPacks Logo

    Company Description
    AlterPacks, is a start-up supported by Temasek Foundation & SMU’s Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, creating a new biodegradable material from food waste to replace plastics. The genesis of Alterpacks is rooted in garbage. 50-60% of global ocean plastics can trace their source to 5 countries in Asia (China, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia). These countries are major producers of the raw materials that we use. Our technology upcycles the raw materials into bioresins on location and for use locally, providing a circular solution. It is a scaleable solution that uses existing manufacturing machines to create the products.
  • Aegis Packaging Logo
    Aegis Packaging

    Company Description
    The demand from brand owners and packaging manufacturers for circular economy supported packaging is increasing due to the law for implementation of more environmental friendly packaging by 2025. However, the availability of barrier packaging that is suitable for this purpose in terms of quality and functionality is very limited. Aegis Packaging offers barrier coating with the highest level barrier performances developed after a lot of research and studies. It can be apply onto plastics film and paper through rotogravure application and drastically improve the barrier properties of the packaging material without compromising on functionality or appearance. O₂X™ is a non-toxic water based transparent liquid barrier coating. With no volatile solvents in the formulation, users have the freedom to use it with different types of material to create flexible packaging according to their needs. O₂X™ has been successfully applied on different materials such as polyester, OPP and treated paper.
  • Ecoplastile Logo

    Company Description
    Ecoplastile is a tech-driven social enterprise, that accepts waste in exchange for insurance cover, recycles it into plastic tiles and timbers for the construction sector, saving forests, reducing plastic pollution & improving access to medical services in emerging markets beginning with Uganda.
  • YO Waste Logo
    YO Waste

    Company Description
    YO Waste is a tech-enabled waste management company that offers waste collection and recycling services to urban communities through the use of a location-based mobile app that connects garbage generators to recyclers & local waste collection service providers who work in their given communities.
  • TakaTaka Solutions Logo
    TakaTaka Solut…

    Company Description
    TakaTaka Solutions is a vertically integrated waste management company active in waste collection, sorting, recycling and composting. TakaTaka manages more than 60 tons of waste per day and recycles up to 95% of the waste they manage, making them the largest and most efficient waste management company in Kenya.
  • SOSO CARE Logo

    Company Description
    SOSO CARE: An emerging micro mobile health insurance startup using innovative approach to bring health insurance to millions of people who never had it before by enabling them to pay for a health insurance with recyclable waste in order to promote universal healthcare and business financing.
  • SESA Recycling Logo
    SESA Recycling

    Company Description
    SESA Recycling: A waste management company located in Accra. The company develops recycling programs for plastics, aluminium, papers, and cardboard.
  • RePATRN Logo

    Company Description
    RePATRN is shifting perceptions from waste to resource by bridging the gap between the developed world that is in dire need of PET plastics and Ghana, a developing country, which does not have the infrastructure to manage the material.
  • Recycle Up Logo
    Recycle Up

    Company Description
    Recycle Up: A company that is tackling Ghana’s waste challenges through education and youth empowerment. They do this through community based waste recycling projects, transforming collected waste to useful products such as building materials and furniture.
  • Kudoti Logo

    Company Description
    Kudoti: Building more circular economies by digitizing and optimizing recyclable waste supply chains across waste collectors, aggregators, recyclers, manufacturers and brands.
  • Dalo Systems Logo
    Dalo Systems

    Company Description
    Dalo Systems: A software platform that helping waste operators better serve their customers, ensuring they can easily update both customers and local authority of their operations and progress.
  • BioMec Logo

    Company Description
    BioMec produces high performance eco-friendly prosthesis through recycling PET bottles collected from the ocean. Their technology helps to increase access to artificial limbs, increases compatibility and comfort while protecting the seas.
  • Arena Recycling Logo
    Arena Recycling

    Company Description
    Arena Recycling collects plastic waste from beaches in Dar es Salaam and produces building materials such as eco-bricks, paving block and tiles out of recycled plastic waste for the construction of affordable houses, toilets and other buildings in rural areas.
  • Poliloop Logo

    Company Description
    We make non-biodegradable plastics microbially biodegrade and then turn the byproducts into bioplastics and biogas
  • Greenback Logo

    Company Description
    We turn plastic waste into profit. We recycle post-consumer packaging with advanced, environmentally-sound technologies to provide key elements for fair circular supply chains.
  • Urbyn Logo

    Company Description
    Urbyn has developed a smart waste management platform.
  • Naturbeads Logo

    Company Description
    We replace polluting plastic microbeads with natural and biodegradable cellulose beads
  • Aquapak Polymers Ltd Logo
    Aquapak Polyme…
    Aquapak Polymers Ltd Logo
    Aquapak Polymers Ltd

    Company Description
    Aquapak Polymers is focusing on bringing multi-functional plastics into a circular economy.
  • Litta Logo

    Company Description
    Turning mobile gamers into citizen scientists
  • Trebo Logo

    Company Description
    Turning industrial plastic waste into valuable resources
  • Circular in Motion Logo
    Circular in Mo…
    Circular in Motion Logo
    Circular in Motion

    Company Description
    Enabling the sustainable transformation of the economy through circular business digitalization
  • Diwama Logo

    Company Description
    AI-based image recognition software which automates waste analysis to drive recycling revenues.
  • Veridis Logo

    Company Description
    We are an ambitious start-up, aiming for a significant improvement of the quality control in the plastic recycling industry
  • Reath Logo

    Company Description
    Software for the reuse and refill systems of the 21st century
  • Trashin Logo

    Company Description
    Trashin provides solution in circular economy, waste management and reverse logistics - with technology and innovation.
  • Instituto Muda Logo
    Instituto Muda

    Company Description
    Instituto Muda has promoted sustainable practices in buildings through waste management.
  • Atando Cabos Logo
    Atando Cabos

    Company Description
    Pioneering plastic circular economy
  • WAS Company Logo
    WAS Company

    Company Description
    WAS Company generates and integrates technology-based social and environmental impact solutions.
  • AddiCo Logo

    Company Description
    AddiCo provides solutions to enable the circular economy of plastics.
  • ReciclApp Logo

    Company Description
    Reciclapp is an application that allows to unite people who have recyclable material.
  • Algramo Logo

    Company Description
    Algramo aims to establish a wholesale relationship with manufacturers of consumer products.
  • ecoins Logo

    Company Description
    ecoins is the first virtual eco-currency that gives value to the commitment to recycling. ecoins has so far developed a community of more than 85,000 individual consumers (33% YoY growth), 110 municipal authorities and 400 collection centers in five countries.
  • GreenMining Logo

    Company Description
    Green Mining has developed an Intelligent Reverse Logistics technology to efficiently retrieve post-consumer packaging and bring it back into the production cycle.
  • Triciclo Soluções Sustentáveis Logo
    Triciclo Soluç…
    Triciclo Soluções Sustentáveis Logo
    Triciclo Soluções Sustentáveis

    Company Description
    Triciclo offers reverse vending machine and recycling solutions.
  • so+ma Logo

    Company Description
    So+ma offers an environmental incentive loyalty program to create new habits and expand opportunities in low-income communities.

    Company Description
    Contaminated plastic packaging recycling without using water and without producing waste
  • Universal Matter Logo
    Universal Matt…

    Company Description
    Develop and produce high quality Turbostratic Graphene from plastic waste streams
  • Scrapo Logo

    Company Description
    Scrapo is the world's largest plastic recycling marketplace with more than 40,000 registered businesses from 140+ countries.
  • Thread Logo

    Company Description
    Thread turns plastic waste from developing cities into socially and environmentally responsible fabric.
  • rePurpose Global Logo
    rePurpose Glob…

    Company Description
    A global movement of conscious consumers and businesses going Plastic Neutral. As the world's first Plastic Credit Platform, we make environmental action simple for companies of all sizes by removing and recycling as much nature-bound plastic waste as they use in their packaging & operations.
  • Replenysh Logo

    Company Description
    Replenysh builds the operating system of material recovery.
  • Recyclops Logo

    Company Description
    Recycling made convenient and affordable.
  • Olyns Logo

    Company Description
    Rethinking recycling for impact and profit
  • Net Your Problem LLC Logo
    Net Your Probl…
    Net Your Problem LLC Logo
    Net Your Problem LLC

    Company Description
    We collect end of life fishing gear and send it to recyclers.
  • Circ Logo

    Company Description
    Chemically recycle blended textiles into raw materials for new fibers, creating a circular system for fashion.
  • Muuse Logo

    Company Description
    Muuse is the future of multiple use. Think Uber for all togo packaging.
  • Betterbin Logo

    Company Description
    Betterbin harnesses the power of data to make localized recycling and composting education relevant, convenient and accessible to all consumers.
  • Intermix Performance Materials Logo
    Intermix Perfo…
    Intermix Performance Materials Logo
    Intermix Performance Materials

    Company Description
    Intermix creates additives that enable the efficient and cost effective recycling of post-consumer mixed plastic waste.
  • Rekosistem Logo

    Company Description
    End-to-end Zero Waste Management Start-Up that aims for Sustainable Ecosystem via Digital Solution and Renewable Energy.
  • Re>Pal Logo

    Company Description
    Re>Pal recycles 100% mixed waste plastics from Indonesia into logistic pallets for sale across Asia from our factory in East Java.
  • PolyCycl Logo

    Company Description
    PolyCycl’s patented technology chemically recycles waste plastics to petrochemical feedstock that has been approved for manufacturing of new monomers and plastics.
  • Plastics for Change Logo
    Plastics for C…

    Company Description
    Plastics For Change has developed a marketplace platform that connects waste-pickers to global markets and ensures a consistent supply of high quality recycled plastic for brands.
  • Myanmar Recycles Logo
    Myanmar Recycl…

    Company Description
    Myanmar Recycles is a plastic film recycling facility specializing in post- consumer plastic that collects, sorts, washes, and pelletizes often ignored, hard-to-recycle plastic film into resin for domestic and international sale.
  • Ishitva Logo

    Company Description
    Ishitva designs & builds automated solutions using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT for sorting and segregation of dry waste including plastic waste.
  • BluePhin Logo

    Company Description
    BluePhin is a smart robot that can collect floating waste in commercial water bodies.
  • BlockTexx Logo

    Company Description
    BlockTexx is a clean technology company that recovers polyester and cellulose from textiles and clothing.
  • Bintix Logo

    Company Description
    Bringing the DATA DIMENSION into waste management is a win-win situation, where all household waste is recycled and doesn't end up in a landfill, and the VALUE of waste increases ten-fold.
  • Banyan Nation Logo
    Banyan Nation

    Company Description
    Unlocking the market for premium recycled plastics in India through technology innovations across the value chain.
  • Agile Process Chemicals Logo
    Agile Process …
    Agile Process Chemicals Logo
    Agile Process Chemicals

    Company Description
    Recycling plastics, transparently. Leading technology and machinery supplier for recycling end-of-life plastic waste.
  • Recycleye Logo

    Company Description
    Recycleye is disrupting the waste industry by combining computer vision and robotics, into an ultra-low-cost, deployable, decentralized, scalable, digital and fully-automated waste sorting solution – a mini material recovery facility.
  • Circularise Logo

    Company Description
    Using blockchain to bring transparency to global supply chains and empower businesses to move towards a circular economy.
  • Plastic-Back Logo

    Company Description
    Using an innovative, economic and environmental friendly technology, Plastic Back is able to convert plastic waste (back) to crude oil and other valuable chemicals. Plastic Back's mission is to reduce the amount of plastic waste landfilled and incinerated in a profitable manner.
  • Impact Recycling Logo
    Impact Recycli…

    Company Description
    We are a plastics recycling technology company with a simple but innovative, water based, Baffled Oscillation Separation System (BOSS) for recycling waste plastic. The BOSS technology is colour agnostic and so produces high purity recycled product without waste losses to dark or black materials.
  • Plastic Odyssey Logo
    Plastic Odyssey

    Company Description
    Developping low tech & affordable solutions to turn plastic wastes into ressources and foster decentralized social businesses in areas lacking waste management
  • Empower Logo

    Company Description
    Empower is delivering digital plastic waste deposit systems, a solution to the plastic waste problem by giving plastic a value and incentivising cost-efficient collection and segregation at source..
  • Ichthion Logo

    Company Description
    Ichthion Limited is an award-winning developer of disruptive technologies to extract plastics and synthetic waste from rivers and oceans. We also develop effective strategies to increase circularity in cities based on data.
  • Upp! UpCycling Plastic Logo
    Upp! UpCycling…
    Upp! UpCycling Plastic Logo
    Upp! UpCycling Plastic

    Company Description
    We support companies, communities and local authorities to become plastic waste-free by using plastic waste to make 100% recyclable “re-plastic” products through our circular plastic factory concept.
  • The Great Bubble Barrier Logo
    The Great Bubb…

    Company Description
    Clearing oceans of plastic pollution by using bubbles at the source: canals, rivers and channels.`
  • Greyparrot Logo

    Company Description
    Greyparrot provides AI-based computer vision waste recognition software to monitor, audit and sort waste at scale. We are on a mission to digitise waste flows to increase transparency and automation in waste management.
  • Resynergi Logo

    Company Description
    Recycling plastics into environmentally-friendly fuels with a modular, low emission system.
  • Oceanworks Logo

    Company Description
    Connecting the commercial demand for recycled plastics with trusted suppliers from around the world.
  • Obaggo Recycling Logo
    Obaggo Recycli…
    Obaggo Recycling Logo
    Obaggo Recycling

    Company Description
    Enabling bags and film to be recycled in curbside bins.
  • Litterati Logo

    Company Description
    Empowering people to crowdsource-clean the planet.
  • Continuus Materials Logo
    Continuus Mate…

    Company Description
    Converting underutilized carbon materials into high-value industrial products using biotechnology solutions.
  • Clean Robotics Logo
    Clean Robotics

    Company Description
    Combining next-generation robotics and the power of AI to differentiate recyclables from non-recyclable material.
  • Arqlite SPC Logo
    Arqlite SPC

    Company Description
    Developing high-efficiency materials made 100% from plastic waste.
  • AMP Robotics Logo
    AMP Robotics

    Company Description
    Creating robotic systems that sort recyclable material at a fraction of the cost of current technology.
  • ByFusion Logo

    Company Description
    Reshaping the future of plastic by recycling the un-recyclable.
  • Interface Polymers Logo
    Interface Poly…

    Company Description
    Interface Polymers developed radical new solutions to long-standing compatibility problems, and is opening up a new world of opportunities in polymer blending, joining, and finishing.
  • Kiverdi Logo

    Company Description
    Kiverdi technology uses all natural microbes, we call them Nature's Super Charged Carbon Recyclers, to transform CO2 and other gases into high-valued oils, nutrients and bio-based products.