The Story of Ooredoo

Ooredoo QSC is an international telecommunications company that offers mobile, wireless, hardline, and content services doing business in both domestic and international markets. Ooredoo partnered with Plug and Play to source startups from our expansive network to develop a unique, virtual experience during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

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Using AI-based verification technology to service World Cup fans

Based in Qatar, Ooredoo had a large mission to support visiting fans for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on top of providing for their regular customers. By taking a customer-centric approach, their goal was to make an easy and seamless experience for the many new users that would be relying on Ooredoo for the first time. In partnership with NCR Corporation, the telco leader created the Hayya SIM for fans to have internet access and installed SIM dispensing machines across many convenient locations, including airports, seaports, and land entry points.

The SIM dispensers were equipped with cutting-edge AI-based verification technology, enabling fans to verify themselves with a selfie and activate their SIM within 60 seconds. Ooredoo also achieved more than 4 Gbps (download) in a single cell in its Ooredoo Qatar 5G Network, which had a significant impact on fans’ experience during the historic World Cup.

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“As part of our corporate strategy, we actively seek to establish and develop partnerships with world-leading organizations that share our vision and aims. Collaborating with Plug and Play aligns perfectly with our commitment to investing in innovation. ”

Sabah Rabiah Alkuwari, Director of PR, Ooredoo

A customer-centric approach to enhance positioning in the digital space

Ooredoo Virtual Treasure Hunt

For the FIFA event, smartphones users searched for trophies placed around malls in Doha, visible only through Augmented Reality features. This initiative was focused on diving into the metaverse. The objective was to position Ooredoo at the forefront of innovation by enhancing its positioning in the digital space and showcasing their 5G capabilities. Through selected startups sourced by Plug and Play, Ooredoo gained access to disruptive technologies to develop a series of treasure hunts where participants could win tickets for FIFA WC games, FIFA WC merchandising, and World Cup-related experiences. The virtual environment allowed users to experience immersive mixed reality experiences.

“Ooredoo is using AI strategically to enhance our efficiency and leverage the usage of data analytics to exceed our customers’ expectations and quickly anticipate and address their needs.”

- Clay Susini A. Jr., Director of Digital Innovation, Ooredoo


Maximizing Dealflows and Innovation with Ooredoo

What does innovation mean for your organization?

Ooredoo: In a fast-moving industry that thrives on innovation, we aspire to build a future-proof, employee and customer-centric environment that will define the core of our corporate transformation strategy. Being the main corporate in Qatar driving open innovation, we're excited to be working with Plug and Play which offers even more exciting technological innovations to our customers to keep moving customers and employees forward.

What are your main tools for your innovation strategy?

Ooredoo: Our aim is to break silos and breed active collaboration within the organization alongside our partners. We adopt the design thinking methodology at the heart of our work and utilize digital tools to visualize our workflow. Our process is also very progressive, we tend to start small with the right challenge and scale up as we develop new solutions, therefore, working with agile frameworks like Kanban is vital to our success.

What inspired you to partner with us?

Ooredoo: Our corporate strategy includes a firm commitment to investment in innovation and technology and also to seeking, establishing, and developing partnerships with world leaders in the field to enable us to drive forward our progress toward complete digitalization. Thus, the collaboration between Ooredoo and Plug and Play can bring more valuable technology, business models, and use cases to Ooredoo customers.

After integrating the solutions discovered through this partnership, what tangible improvements did you see?

Ooredoo: Cultivating an outside-in mindset over the years, we have gathered more interest across various business units to experiment and try out new solutions via Plug and Play. This has allowed us to maximize the dealflows we conduct, ensuring we can run more pilots and POCs.

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Connecting Customers Efficiently Through AI and VR

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