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Can we sustainably feed a world with close to 10 billion people?

At OCP, we believe that the answer is ‘yes.’ 

Because it provides essential elements to soil fertility, plant growth, and increased crop yields, OCP Group contributes to sustainably feeding a growing world population. With nearly a century of expertise, the Group makes innovation central to the development of tailored and effective fertilizers for balanced soil fertilization.

We know that using the right fertilizer, at the right rate, at the right time is one of the most effective methods to significantly increase crop yields. As a main provider of this essential mineral for the fertilizer industry, the Group contributes to transforming agriculture worldwide. This goal of feeding the planet while respecting the land, communities, and the environment finds its full potential in a responsible growth and innovation strategy that supports our partners and all our business ecosystems. 

As an African Group that is resolutely committed to developing South-South cooperation, we place Africa at the heart of our growth plan. We contribute to bolstering the entire African agricultural ecosystem by providing the continent with sufficient and specific quantities of fertilizers. We strive to give farmers the means to improve their yields while preserving their soils.