KISSME is a well-known cosmetic brand in Japan that is well-liked and appreciated by people all over the world. Their Heroine Make product line packaging, which can be found on Japanese store shelves, depicts pretty anime-drawn women with eye-catching lashes.

The brand has a long history in Japan, having begun in a small shop in the Edo Nihonbashi period in 1825. Their products were ahead of their time; for example, their mascara formulations are popular due to the fibres that help lashes stay curl for an extended period of time.

The KISSME logo expresses a deep commitment to lipstick passed down since our foundation, as well as our unique, adventurous spirit of creating unique products and enhancing the beauty of women forever.

More freedom to express who you are. That’s who we are. We hope KISSME will continue to stay by your side your makeup of choice that lets you express who you are.