Inven Capital

Inven Capital is a Venture Capital Fund backed by CEZ Group and the European Investment Bank (“EIB”) with EUR 240 million at its disposal. EIB financing uses funds from the European Fund for Strategic Investments (“EFSI”). Inven Capital’s strategy is to seek opportunities for investing in innovative and fast-growing smart energy businesses in Europe. It primarily focuses on later-stage growth investment opportunities with a sound business model proven by realized earnings and long-term growth potential. Inven Capital’s goal is to generate long- term value through active collaboration with the companies it invests in and to actively support organic or acquisition-based growth strategy. Companies in Inven Capital’s portfolio can take advantage of CEZ Group’s extensive expertise in the energy sector, client base, and technology synergies for their further development. The fund is a full member of Invest Europe and CVCA (Czech Private Equity and Venture Capital Association).