As an Innovative Pioneer in Energy transformation, INPEX will seek to provide a stable supply of diverse and clean energy sources including oil and natural gas, hydrogen and renewable energy. Their core business areas are Japan, South East Asia, Middle east Asia, Europe and North America. Besides, we are involved in more than 70 projects across over 20 countries. Through these business activities, the company will promote initiatives towards the realization of a net zero carbon society.

INPEX has been growing as an upstream company, positioning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas as its core business. While INPEX will continue to be expected to respond to the world’s growing energy demand especially in Asia, their current business environment is undergoing dramatic changes underscored by the global response to climate change and transition to a low-carbon society.

In January 2021 INPEX formulated their “Business Development Strategy—Towards a Net Zero Carbon Society by 2050.” Furthermore, in February 2022 they drew up their “Long-term Strategy and Medium-term Business Plan (INPEX Vision @2022),” conveying their plans to become a leading company supplying diverse energy sources stably by maintaining their focus on oil and gas on the basis of thoroughly making the business cleaner while proactively engaging in our 5 net zero businesses.

As for their core business of upstream oil and gas, INPEX will select and concentrate on their core business areas, implement a shift to natural gas and make the business cleaner and more resilient in an integrated manner to maintain a stable supply of clean energy.