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  • BrilliantMD Inc Logo
    BrilliantMD Inc

    Company Description
    By using AI, machine learning, blockchain technology and advanced analytics, BrilliantMD provides transparency to healthcare data, increases revenue in the claims process, and transforms data-driven decisions and insights.
  • OsteoApp.ai Logo

    Company Description
    OsteoApp.ai’s proprietary, FDA cleared cloud-based SaaS screening service enables simple measurement of bone mineral density (BMD) and early detection of osteoporosis by rapid automated analysis of standard X-rays.
  • Implicity Logo

    Company Description
    Implicity has developed a remote monitoring platform for patients with connected pacemakers and defibrillators. Implicity covers 40k patients in over 60 medical facilities across Europe and the United States and is the only industrial that develops AI solutions through Health Data Hub, one of the world’s largest database of patients with heart diseases.
  • Virtonomy Logo

    Company Description
    Virtonomy is creating the first web platform for use by medical device developers that utilizes virtual patients for data-driven clinical trials, thereby shortening the time-to-market for life-essential medical devices, accelerating medical innovation, and significantly reducing costs by up to 50%.
  • 8chili Logo

    Company Description
    8chili is a medtech startup with a vision to reimagine training, collaboration, engagement, and planning for surgeries using deep technologies like computer vision, mixed reality and artificial intelligence.
  • Robbie AI Logo
    Robbie AI

    Company Description
    Robbie's computer vision platform automates all aspects of patient safety, prevents falls, and predicts delirium in real time, increasing patient safety in ICU and hospital rooms.