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  • InterAx Biotech Ltd Logo
    InterAx Biotec…
    InterAx Biotech Ltd Logo
    InterAx Biotech Ltd

    Company Description
    InterAx is pioneering a new scientific discipline at the intersection of biology and machine learning with the aim to be on the forefront of the digital transformation of drug discovery and ultimately improve human health. InterAx is a Swiss biotech company, spinoff of ETH Zurich and Paul Scherrer Institute incorporated in 2016, reinventing drug discovery to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with the discovery and development of new drugs for a wide array of human diseases. Our solution lies in the combination of in-house experimental assays, mathematical modelling and AI to analyze and predict the physiological response of cells to drugs. We are able to describe the complex action of drug molecules in their cellular context and to guide the optimization of drug candidates to achieve a specific cellular response leading to higher efficacy and reduced side effects in humans, thus significantly accelerating drug discovery and de-risking clinical trials.
  • InSilico Trials Logo
    InSilico Trials

    Company Description
    InSilicoTrials.com is a web-based platform, which provides a user-friendly computational modeling and simulation environment where many integrated easy-to-use in silico tools are readily available. The platform targets primarily users from the medical devices and pharmaceutical sectors. The in silico tools available for medical devices enable computational testing in different biomedical areas like radiology, orthopedics and cardiovascular during product design, development and validation processes. For the pharmaceutical sector, the platform provides access to in silico tools developed at all stages of the drug discovery and development processes and for many different therapeutic areas. The platform further ensures users management, content protection, simulation solvers, a validated environment, IT security, results reporting, pay-per-use licenses, the computational power of cloud machines and cloud storage.
  • Pipra AG Logo
    Pipra AG

    Company Description
    30% of patients aged over 60 suffer from cognitive impairment after surgery. Disorientation, memory loss, difficulty in speech, and behavioura changes are among the symptoms experienced by patients affected by Post-Operative Delirium (POD). These cognitive disorders result in longer post-surgical recovery time, with increased hospital stays and associated costs. In addition, the most severe forms of post-operative cognitive disorders can lead to admission in nursing homes, dementia and even death. After onset, POD cannot be treated. Instead, prevention can be very effective. By giving special care to high-risk patients, the incidence of POD is reduced. Our novel AI-based approach allows us to identify high-risk patients before the operation. In addition to reducing risk, it also allows the benefit of the intervention to be weighed up against the real likelihoods of adverse effects.
  • Scailyte AG Logo
    Scailyte AG

    Company Description
    Scailyte has established a biomarker discovery platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to extract insights from single-cell molecular data. This gives us the ability to rapidly identify disease-associated cells and use this knowledge to develop ultra-sensitive molecular diagnostics. We first applied this approach in skin T-cell lymphoma and discovered a biomarker that detects the disease with an unprecedented accuracy of 95%. We are now scaling up our biomarker discovery effort into multiple indications in oncology and women's health.
  • Eyepick Logo

    Company Description
    Our software makes robots execute dexterous tasks that were never automated before, by users who have no technical skills. With our software, robots can: pick, pack and sort objects of variable size and shape. Automation works best for highly standard and high-volume processes. Hence, manual workers are still needed today in underserved industries with a high diversity of objects or small batches. However, finding labour for repetitive, physically-intensive tasks is hard and turn-over is skyrocketing. We provide robotic workers as a service. Powered by EyePick, these robots are aware of their environments and can autonomously perform tasks as any trained human in unstructured environments.
  • Yoran Imaging Logo
    Yoran Imaging

    Company Description
    Yoran Imaging was established to provide effective sealed product inspection that perfects the quality assurance process of manufacturing facilities. Our Package Analytical Monitoring (PAM) solution combines thermal imaging technology with advanced real-time algorithms to provide 100% in-line monitoring of product sealing process. This solution integrates seamlessly with manufacturing facilities without disrupting or slowing down the production sequence. This solution is critical in today’s manufacturing process that neglects the inspection of final products. We help our clients detect defect in products before they slither into the market. Our customers can now avoid expensive recall of defective product batches and the negative publicity that comes with it. Our system is backed by about two decades of technical expertise. We have perfected the thermal imaging technology for ensuring 100% heat sealing integrity and process control. This breakthrough makes Yoran Imaging PAM-2 systems