A Roundtable Between Some of our Partners and Front-Runners in Innovation in Atlanta

How do big corporations help build and learn from smaller startups? And how are they using new technology and innovation to grow and stay current?

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Atlanta Innovation Roundtable

On January 28, 2021, Nate Hinman, Director of Plug and Play Enterprise Tech, hosted a roundtable discussion between Bharat Rajaram, managing director and CFO at Aflac; Brad Devilbiss, senior director of strategy and innovation at RSM; David Ness, vice president of innovation and R&D at US Bank; and John Featherston, senior director of new ventures at Chick-Fil-A. The panelists discussed innovation strategies, how they evaluate and partner with startups and the role Plug and Play has in advancing their innovation initiatives.

In addition to highlighting innovation strategies, the panelists also discussed their excitement for the Plug and Play Atlanta office launch. The Atlanta Office will initially provide a new location for Plug and Play Enterprise Tech, and will support startups with technology covering cybersecurity, AI/ML, big data, automation, finance, ops, legal, HR, customer success, and IT & Infrastructure.


Key Takeaways

  • Innovation is not only about how corporations can improve internal systems and processes, but also how they can improve services to their clients.
  • New technologies are allowing bigger companies to solve problems quicker and more efficiently.
  • Working with large corporations is a challenge for early stage companies, however Plug and Play's programs lower the barriers of entry, making it easier for entrepreneurs and corporations to learn from each other and have a meaningful engagement.
  • Adopting new technology has enabled organizations to improve work from home operations throughout the pandemic.

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