Home to Europe’s second largest port and a rich history of seafaring dating back centuries, Antwerp is a unique place to pair the expertise of maritime tradition with agile innovation through startup collaboration.

A new hub for innovation in the maritime sector

With a strong group of partners, industry-leaders in the shipping, information technology, and the broad maritime sectors, this program aims to shape productive collaborations with startups and develop Antwerp as a sustainable global hub for innovation activities.


Our focus areas include:

  • Energy & Propulsion
  • Supply Chain
  • Smart Shipping
  • Port Infra & Ops
  • Safety & Security

Our corporate partners

  • DXC Technology New Logo
  • Euronav
  • City of Antwerp
  • Port of Antwerp Bruges.001
  • CMB .TECH.001
  • Iino Lines
  • Port of Gothenburg.001
  • Mitsubishi Corp.001
  • Elia Group.001

A Word From Our CEO

“The launching of our first maritime platform in Antwerp represents the beginning of a new “voyage” for us at Plug and Play. We are eager to support our founding partners and the existing local innovation community through our global ecosystem, by means of impactful startup-corporate collaboration,”

"The maritime sector is one of the oldest transnational industries, reaching back centuries, and the pairing of tradition with future-thinking open innovation is something that we at Plug and Play not only value, but that which is a central theme of our work in locations around the world.”

Saeed Amidi, Founder and CEO of Plug and Play.

Saeed Amidi Maritime

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