New Investment: Twiser, Best-Fit OKR and Performance Management Solution

Published on September 9, 2022

We’re honored to be backing Twiser, a next-generation performance management process and OKR (Objectives and Key Results) solution that can be easily adapted to company strategies and is dynamically changing conditions in the post-pandemic work environment. Its mission is to create a work culture that makes each employee and their contribution to the company matter.

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With Twiser, organizations all over the globe can build a workspace in which both managers and employees are happier, more productive, aligned by shared goals, have no communication gaps, and transform performance management to cultivate strategy execution.

Why is the next-gen performance management system a new trend?

Over the past few years, companies had to dramatically change their practices, especially when it comes to performance management. Traditional work culture is now being replaced by hybrid work models, where people combine working in the office and at home.

One of the issues arising in this context is the lack of alignment between individual and company goals which inevitably leads to a gap between business results and employee performance. Giving employees goals that align with the company’s long-term objectives enables them to visualize the way they contribute to the larger picture.

Along with that, it’s also important to understand the role and effectiveness of systems like CRM tools used by organizations. Most companies invest large sums of money into acquiring and maintaining them but can’t properly measure the performance and efficiency of this software.

These drawbacks are mainly caused by ineffective and dysfunctional performance management culture with low employee engagement adopted by companies worldwide. According to 2020 Deloitte research, up to 96% of HR professionals have reported dissatisfaction with their current performance management, or PM, process; 83% of organizations are considering or have made changes to their PM process; and 100% of companies in the second or year or later of their PM transformation said it was worth the investment.

The solution and team behind Twiser

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Twiser’s “Best Fit OKR & Performance Management Solution” helps companies around the world not only re-consider and reform their work culture through an innovative platform and strong team expertise but also easily measure the performance and effectiveness of CRM tools, both for department leaders and management teams.

Twiser provides a holistic approach to individual and company-based performance by aligning goals and closing the gap occurring between results and performance. This fosters clear and transparent communication, goal visibility and regular progress tracking, and improved productivity and agility in a hybrid workspace.

However, companies worldwide differ in their culture and needs, so what’s considered an ideal solution for one organization may not be a match for another.

Twiser’s unique three-step solution involves:

  • Assessing the company’s culture, needs, and expectations
  • Designing individual “best fit” solutions
  • Supporting throughout the entire journey with OKR coaches and a customer success team

Plug and Play is supporting a powerful Twiser team with diverse professional and educational experiences from major corporations and world-renowned universities. The team is led by its CEO and co-founder Ongun Demirler who combines extensive expertise in HR software with a background in managing IT teams of numerous sizes both domestically and internationally. Demirler has supported a range of businesses on their digital transformation journey in HR.

We’re impressed by the success Twiser achieved in such a short period of time and strongly believe the startup possesses a huge potential to revolutionize the future of work.