truckoo, building a purchasing platform for commercial vehicle trade

By Daniel Dilger, Alina Biermann, and Timo Linnemann Published on July 30, 2021

We are excited to be backing truckoo, a Munich-based startup, alongside Global Founders Capital and renowned business angels such as the founders of FlixBus and sennder. truckoo is building a global purchasing platform for commercial vehicle trade — from vans to heavy-duty vehicles.


Today’s commercial vehicle trade is characterized by high-cost and high-risk sales processes and a low level of transparency of vehicle conditions displayed online. truckoo addresses those issues and pursues a specially-developed network approach. The solution: to organize trade via established truck repair shops and to digitize the necessary infrastructure for this.

How does it work?

truckoo is a web platform for commercial vehicle trading. It enables repair shops to become central service points for customers that intend to buy or sell their commercial vehicle.

At certified repair shops, sellers can get their commercial vehicles inspected via the truckoo app.

The inspection of vehicles is rather effortless: Step by step, truckoo guides the repair shop employee through the whole process. The software is standardized and adapted to the respective vehicle type so that truckoo always asks the relevant questions, even for damaged vehicles. After approximately 20 minutes, the recorded data is sent to truckoo in real-time. A multilingual offer is then automatically loaded onto the truckoo platform. Once that’s finished, international dealers and repair shops can bid and directly negotiate price offers with the seller. After the purchase, truckoo takes care of the processing, including payment and logistics.

truckoo’s goal is to become the go-to digital buying & selling platform for used commercial vehicles and construction machinery. Like other companies we backed in the past, truckoo has a path to a clear leadership position in a highly fragmented market. This Munich-based startup has a unique and scalable approach, which is difficult to copy. Early traction has already supported proof of the huge potential. More and more repair shops are trusting truckoo to complement their existing service offering and generate additional revenue.

The team behind truckoo

We believe in the team's strategy to take full advantage of the strong relationship between repair shops and the owners of commercial vehicles to create a superior customer experience in both directions.


In fact, Co-founders Julia Unützer and Max Füchsl have years of knowledge and experience in the status quo of the used commercial vehicle market. They also have relevant experience in the startup world (e.g. Foodora, Shopwings, FlareHR) and in consulting.

Added to this are the experience and network of our fellow investors (i.e. Global Founders Capital and renowned angels such as FlixBus and sennder) and our own global network of corporate partners in the automotive space. They can help leverage the massive future opportunities which will result from truckoo’s existing platform.

We believe truckoo is set up well to leverage the vast market opportunity with an accelerating offline-to-online shift. We share the ambitious, technology-driven vision of Julia and Max and are excited to welcome truckoo to Plug and Play’s family!