New Investment: Switch EV, Revolutionizing EV Charging Networks

By Rebecca Rosser, Theodora Alexe Published on March 27, 2023

Plug and Play is investing in Switch EV, a provider of vertically integrated solutions for seamless EV charging. It offers an embedded charger operating system (Josev) as well as a cloud-based charger management platform (Switch platform). The startup works closely with charger OEMs and charger installers to accelerate a frictionless charging experience.

ISO 15118, an Open Communication Protocol for EVs Smart Charging, is co-authored by Dr. Marc Mültin. It enables benefits such as Plug and Charge, V2X, and secure transactions. After 10 years of researching, consulting, and educating people on electric vehicles and EV charging, Dr. Marc Mültin launched Switch in 2020 to help speed up the adoption of this sophisticated technology.

The Switch system offers unique insight into the entirety of the charging process. It includes the conversation between the electric car and the charger (based on ISO 15118) and between the charger and the CSMS (OCPP 2.0.1 / OCPP 2.1), including the grid integration powered by Nuvve’s GIVe™ platform. This is essential to control, optimize, and maintain charging sessions across time, location, vehicles, and loads and tackle the issues customers currently face in a heavily fragmented EV charging ecosystem.


The resulting insights into the EV charging value chain – from the ISO 15118 specific communication between the vehicle and the charger to individual charger components – are monitored in the Switch platform in granular detail and real-time. With the additional grid integration, Switch isn't just helping balance the grid but unlocking many data-driven revenue opportunities.

Switch is the world’s first and only charging platform native to Plug and Charge and vehicle-to-everything (V2X), thanks to its unique operating system for EV chargers, Josev, and advanced system architecture. This elevates driver experience, creates operator value, and enables smarter energy use by enabling truly next-generation charging capabilities.

“We are thrilled to support the team’s ambitious global plans as it paves the way for a next-generation, seamless, and reliable charging experience. Alongside Plug and Play’s strong ecosystem of mobility innovators, we are committed to accelerating the adoption of EVs for a more sustainable future,” said Theodora Alexe, Ventures Director at STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play.

Startup vision

The API-first design is fit to manage millions of chargers for cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, ships, and small airplanes. ISO 15118’s inherent V2X features also allow for a wide range of chargers settings and use cases, and Switch’s vision is to help accelerate the shift to smart EV charging.

Competitive advantage

Switch is the world’s first and only vertically integrated EV charging platform that is native to Plug and Charge and Vehicle-to-everything (V2X), which therefore enables next-generation services such as Predictive Maintenance and Smart Charging. Any other company will need approximately 18 months to develop software native to Plug and Charge and V2X.

Switch reached out to the Plug and Play UK team following the press release of Plug and Play UK’s partnership with Jaguar Land Rover and BT Group. Theodora and Rebecca met the Switch team on numerous occasions, including Move, the World’s #1 Tech Mobility and Startup Show, Plug and Play UK’s Mobility Program Launch, and Intecharge Network Conference 2022, organized by Hubject.

"We are excited to be backing Switch EV in its mission to accelerate EV adoption worldwide by offering advanced capabilities such as Plug and Charge, vehicle-to-grid, and advanced uptime diagnostics,” said Rebecca Rosser, Ventures Analyst at Plug and Play UK.

ISO 15118, co-authored by Dr. Marc Mültin, enables benefits for different customer segments:

  • Fleet management companies will be able to aggregate EV fleets into virtual power plants to provide grid services through V2G and create additional revenue streams.
  • Real estate agents managing parking spaces will be able to manage dynamic loads and optimize power provided by grid connections.
  • Employers whose employees’ EVs are parked for eight to 10 hours per day will be able to leverage smart charging and V2B or B2G (Building-to-grid) to reduce costs and earn money.
  • Homeowners will be able to store energy from solar roofs in their EV battery during the day and power their homes when energy is expensive.

All in all, Switch can disrupt the electrification market and create a new economy with new businesses and business models.

Why is this problem worth tackling?

Consumers and public stakeholders are pressuring the automotive industry to switch to EVs. However, things are not moving fast enough or well enough because the e-mobility industry hasn’t built the right software to facilitate a hassle-free, seamless charging experience.

A reliable and interoperable network of EV charging infrastructure is an essential prerequisite to achieving this ambitious transition. EV growth is directly proportional to an increase in charging infrastructure as it removes the element of range anxiety.

How big is the problem they cover?

Overall, the charger infrastructure market is expected to more than double every three years up to 2030. Under the sustainable development scenario, 215m chargers are expected worldwide by 2030.

Many large manufacturers' target is that EVs will be 50% of all cars sold in 2026, rising to 70% by 2030. Some are even announcing plans to shutter combustion engines before then. Overall, 138m private EVs will be on the roads by 2030.

What is special about the founders and team?

The founder, Dr. Marc Mültin, is the co-author of the latest EV communication standard, ISO 15118, and the no.1 thought leader in e-mobility communication standards after years of training 80+ corporations (e.g., Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Siemens, Amazon, and Nuvve) across courses, webinars, ebook, and open-source technology.

Switch has managed to hire a highly talented and diverse team spanning from embedded engineering to SaaS platform engineering to product design, focusing on the most intuitive UX and UI as a result of countless hours of user research and cross-disciplinary teamwork. This expertise, combined with many years of experience in the e-mobility industry across team members, makes Switch unique and highly efficient.

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