New Investment: Somethings, App-Based Peer Support Platform for Teens

By Ayah Hamdan, George Damouny, and Julianne Roseman Published on May 16, 2023

Somethings is addressing a pain point that hits close to home for just about anybody. Teen years can be a challenging time. Whether it’s the difficulties of managing school responsibilities and navigating college plans or the day-to-day social dynamics of being a teen, having an older peer to provide mentorship can make a world of difference. Somethings is the platform to connect younger teens with peer mentors who can relate and say, “Hey, I’ve been through a similar situation. I’m here for you.”

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Youth mental health is one of the most pressing issues affecting our nation today. In 2021, the CDC reported more than 4 in 10 (42%) students felt persistently sad or hopeless, and nearly one-third (29%) experienced poor mental health. Somethings is working to identify teens early on while their mental health issues remain manageable with a simple solution: peer-to-peer support.

The name, Somethings, is inspired by that feeling where you have something on your mind that’s bothering you or that you might want help dealing with. Somethings connects 13-18-year-olds with older peers (typically in their early to mid-twenties) who can relate to them and give them that added support to ensure that the challenges they face in their early teen years do not have to be dealt with alone.

Meet the team behind Somethings

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The founding team not only brings a strong technical skill set but also knows the pain point well because they’ve been directly impacted by the lack of peer and mental health support in their teen years. The CEO, Patrick Gilligan, dropped out of his Master’s in Computer Science degree program to work on an issue he wholeheartedly believes in full-time, leading to Somethings.

Why we’re excited to invest

The members of the Somethings team are driven innovators with the enthusiasm and technical know-how to create an impactful product. Ayah Hamdan, Ventures Analyst at Plug and Play, believes this will revolutionize the space, stating, “I’m excited to work on such a high-need area affecting youth and families across the country. I really believe this is going to be THE peer mental health support platform, and teens all across the US are going to be logging onto Somethings.”