New Investment: Smart Kiwi, Shared Mobility Solution for Accurate Demand Forecasting

By Idil Mayzel Published on November 11, 2022

We are excited to be backing Smart Kiwi, a data intelligence platform that stresses on-demand forecasting models for shared mobility operators. The company has raised €250K in its pre-seed round.

In the round led by SFC Capital, Silicon Valley-headquartered Plug and Play has backed Smart Kiwi alongside Startup Wise Guys. Smart Kiwi will use the funds to grow the team and further develop its technology.

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Smart Kiwi uses automated machine learning techniques and advanced geospatial models to combine fleet data with external variables, specifically traffic conditions, weather, or special events like concerts and football matches, to address the challenges. The platform helps mobile operators increase ridership and reduce operational costs by predicting daily demand, automating in-field decision-making, and optimizing agents’ performance tracking. The platform also provides other optimization services, enhancing marketing efforts by reducing the price of vehicles in certain locations to make them more appealing to customers based on predictive demand.

Meet the team behind Smart Kiwi

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The duo behind Smart Kiwi is destined for success with their complementary skills: a decade-long software engineer and developer, Murat Ozen, paired his tech products knowledge with Angelo Delle Piane's over eight years of leading project experiences in the industry to form a thriving business match. Angelo Delle Piane, the CEO and the other co-founder, says: ‘’We know first-hand how small the margins are in the shared mobility sector, and we hope to support as many businesses as possible through our data and real-time analysis.”

Plug and Play’s investment underscores the significant business opportunity in integrating technological innovations into urban mobility systems. It helps improve the environment and life quality, as the smart city approach necessitates.