New Investment: Roleshare, Growing the Job-Sharing Economy

By Ghada Odeh, Johannes Wiesholler, & Carolin Wais Published on October 7, 2022

We're excited to announce that we are investing in Roleshare alongside Forward Fund, Techstars, and Rethink Education.

Roleshare has developed a platform that leverages algorithms to enable job sharing for three parties: talents, employees, and businesses. By identifying the best job-sharing partner with their matchmaking, talents and employees can co-apply to a role. With this technology, Roleshare can potentially decrease the costs in the recruiting process by up to 80% and increase retention and employee satisfaction.

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The sharing economy has proven to be a significant necessity in today’s modern world, where the classic 40-hour work week in an office is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Employees are demanding more and more flexibility from employers, and the job market needs to keep up with this. Job sharing is a flexible working model in which two or more employees share a full-time role. It differs from part-time positions, as this refers to two different jobs in which both employees work independently and don’t require an arrangement. Benefits and incentivization of the full-time role are accessible to both job-sharing partners.

Roleshare provides an algorithm-driven matching platform for talents that identifies an employee's relevant job sharing partner, checks the parties' compatibility, and allows the partners to co-apply for jobs at mid-to-large enterprises. Doing this in the financial services and insurance industry will bring them the expertise to transfer this technology to other areas.

Meet the team behind Roleshare

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Plug and Play first met Roleshare in October 2021 and has followed the company ever since. Roleshare consists of a firm founder married couple team, David and Sophie Smallwood. Sophie struggled with reentering the workforce after having children of her own, which was one of the key drivers for creating Roleshare. Their passion and drive to provide a new work-life balance solution that everyone can benefit from came through fervently, and immediately showed Plug and Play the potential behind such a concept.

We are excited to onboard Dave, Sophie, and their team to our portfolio. Their advantage in moving fast to the relevant markets will bring many benefits to employees' and employers' personal and professional lives.