New Investment: Peachscore, Providing Solutions for Early-Stage Business Risk Assessment

By Hanieh Arefian Published on July 5, 2022

We're excited to support Peachscore, a company that intelligently uses data to assist and assess early-stage businesses.

Building a comparable measurement system for early-stage businesses

Early-stage businesses are like the unbanked; they don’t have a way to be measured effectively at scale. There are over 305 million private companies worldwide, and this number is growing 27% each year. Among these companies, there are 100 million early-stage businesses, which consist of amazing pools of talent and creative people who risked their comfort and personal financial status to become an entrepreneur and start a business.

Entrepreneurs constitute the largest driver of innovation growth in the world. Despite this, the industry has yet to establish an effective communication channel to evaluate and engage with these businesses at scale. We look forward to this strategic partnership with Peachscore. With our startup ecosystem and the company's unique B2B solution, our $700k investment in Peachscore is synergetic.

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Peachscore believes that early-stage companies deserve to gain all the credibility they need to secure critical resources in a shorter amount of time. To achieve this goal, a comparable measurement system needs to be created like those built for consumers, SMBs, and public companies in the last 50 years. Peachscore provides a B2B solution that focuses on early-stage business risk assessment with directional results.

While other existing solutions are strictly used for consumer credit reporting, SMBs, and public companies, Peachscore has introduced the most advanced and comprehensive analysis to evaluate early-stage opportunities. Based on 900+ qualitative and quantitative micro metrics, the analysis generates a detailed 15-page report to improve the decision-making process drastically.

The team behind Peachscore

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Peachscore’s co-founders received their master's, PhDs, and postdoctoral in computer science, physics, bioinformatics, and business. They have successfully raised and managed over $35M in investment and grants in their previous companies from VCs, CVCs, and the U.S. government. Peachscore’s founding team consists of MIT, Stanford, Brown, and Plug and Play alumni with an extensive and diverse background in technology, management, fintech, and entrepreneurship.

With our successful track record, Plug and Play looks forward to helping Peachscore build a FICO-like score and reporting system for startup founders and any organization that wants to support and engage with them. We believe this solution has great potential and will benefit more early-stage businesses in the future.