New Investment: Modicus Prime, Self-Service AI for the Life Sciences

Published on January 11, 2023

Modicus Prime addresses a significant unmet need and few companies are solving this problem. They’ve taken a unique approach of promising that no data scientists are needed and the technology is entirely hardware agnostic. Selling to pharmaceutical companies as customers, plus the ability to scale rapidly and globally, is very promising and is what makes Plug and Play excited to invest.

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With its sophisticated and proprietary visual AI solution, Modicus is addressing a major market need. The technology supplements the current human based approach and raises the bar on the quality assurance in manufacturing, moving from an error prone statistical method to total quality oversight. Modicus Prime’s technology offers an AI-driven solution that actively identifies contamination that may result from a human behavioral error. The product has proven its ability to support specialized needs of life sciences clients while other existing companies offer self-service AI in an industry-agnostic approach.

Meet the team behind Modicus Prime

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Taylor Chartier, founder and CEO, has firsthand experience of the inefficiencies and pain points. Taylor is a PhD-trained scientist and previously worked as a Senior Engineer of Process Analysis and Optimization at Bayer and was a Development Engineer at Shire, both global pharmaceutical companies. She took the initiative and brought together a small but mighty team at Modicus Prime to build software to solve this workflow issue for scientists like herself. Plug and Play Health Ventures Analyst Ayah Hamdan praised her as well, saying that "the founder is very energized and determined. It’s exciting to see powerful leadership from a female founder!"

David Vardanyan, Director of Engineering, works alongside Taylor and previously worked as a full stack engineer. Finally, to round out their core team is Vitaliy Kucheryaviy, CTO, who comes from an extensive background with 18+ years of experience as a software lead developer.

Why we're excited to invest

Modicus Prime’s overall mission is to eliminate contamination from the pharmaceutical industry through AI. Every pharmaceutical company is highly aware of the risk associated with potential contamination and invests massive amounts of capital in preventing contamination in their manufacturing and packaging process. Recent events, primarily vaccine development during the COVID-19 pandemic, are putting a greater and more urgent need for improved AI solutions to reduce pharmaceutical contamination and improve drug quality assurance. For example, the FDA required Johson & Johnson to scrap 60 million doses of its COVID vaccine due to possible contamination concerns, according to a report from CNBC. According to Forbes, Takeda also had similar issues when they claimed that human error caused the contamination of Moderna vaccines in Japan, which led to the withdrawal of 1.63 million doses.