New Investment: Lola Health, Health Insurance Targeting Gender Specificities

By Arthur Bessieres and Laura Bonomini Published on October 14, 2022

Lola Health aims to provide more significant inclusion in the insurance sector by launching products for overlooked segments of the market. They provide social and digital health insurance targeting gender specificities to meet today's customer needs. They position themself as a B2B2C digital insurance solution targeting reimbursements of health expenses for company employees. They aim to boost recruitment and retention of talent and attract female and young talent by reducing health inequalities.

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In essence, health and the healthcare pathway are evolving: new diseases appear, discoveries, new communities, and new social rights; health coverage must also develop accordingly. Current insurance policies do not respond to evolving needs of customers. Of those insured customers who also own health coverage in France, many feel abandoned by their insurance regarding their health particularities. Considering France's three levels of health insurance, none can fully meet the evolving customers' needs.

Meet the team behind Lola Health

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The team comprises very young and talented graduates from an exclusive HEC and École Polytechnique program, which provided them with complementary skills covering entrepreneurship, marketing, product design, and web development. In addition, they benefit from an extensive SMEs network from the CEO’s family and strong support from BAs, mentors, doctors, and academics from the X-HEC Entrepreneurs program. This master's degree is co-created by the best business school and engineering school in France to help young talents become entrepreneurs.

“We are excited to support the Lola Health team's ambition to make health insurance more inclusive. We have been following Lola Health for several months and were impressed with the team's drive, commitment, and capabilities and what they have already accomplished. In addition to the great team and the market fit of the product, we strongly believe in the power of supporting companies that are committed to making a positive impact on society,” said Arthur Bessieres, Ventures Associate & Laura Bonomini, Ventures Associate