Alfa-Bank Innovation Day

On October 2, Plug and Play hosted it’s Alfa-Bank innovation day with a large panel of speakers who talked about banking and other institutions being forced to go digital and how that is affecting their business operations. 

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The Path to Digitization

The panel was made up of experts in the area of technology giants and financial companies. Panelists talked about how Covid has changed the workforce and how many corporations, especially banks have had to make the pivot to digital extremely fast in order to keep up with demand. 

The established institutions are the ones who will be able to take advantage of these changes and thrive. The most important takeaway from this time in our world might be to never be comfortable with where you are. This can lead to complacency. Hence the more open people are to changing and adapting to new circumstances, the better off we will be going into the future. A lot of companies have already started this transformation to digital, but Covid has essentially been able to speed this process up in a good way. 

Alfa Bank

How can companies improve culture?

  • Company culture transformation has to come from the top down.
  • Implement it in different ways so every team can be involved.
  • Create success stories.
  • Put your employees first. You are catering to their needs. Be present and learn about everyone's different situation.
  • Highlight the good - reward and complement those who are thriving and making a difference.
  • Be willing to make mistakes and learn from them.

About Alfa-Bank

Alfa-Bank provides commercial banking services. The Bank offers corporate and retail lending, deposits, payment and account, trade and structured finance, foreign exchange operations, leasing and factoring, cash handling, custody, credit cards, and investment banking services. Alfa-Bank serves customers worldwide.

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