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  • LINDA Lifetech Logo
    LINDA Lifetech

    Company Description
    LINDA is a Canadian startup that developed a platform that helps doctors and healthcare professionals in the early detection of breast cancer. Through our proprietary methodology, we help detect early-stage breast lesions using painless technology, without radiation and without physical contact with patients. We are in more than 10 cities in Brazil where we are available to more than 3M women nationwide. Linda seeks to help clinicians prioritize the care of patients at high risk of breast cancer, avoiding queues and shortening the diagnostic journey.
  • AwakeAI Inc. Logo
    AwakeAI Inc.

    Company Description
    AwakeAI Inc. (a mila startup) is a forward-thinking health tech startup dedicated to empowering caregivers through an innovative intelligent care management tool, enhancing the quality and efficiency of senior care. Our intelligent care management system provides real-time, customized risk-based notifications for each resident using a smart activity detector based on vision technology.
  • ElderPRIME Solutions Inc Logo
    ElderPRIME Sol…
    ElderPRIME Solutions Inc Logo
    ElderPRIME Solutions Inc

    Company Description
    The majority of seniors can’t remember what to talk to the doctor about, can’t accurately communicate their health history and symptoms, or remember what the doctor said in the appointment. This lack of clarity and information leads to misdiagnosis, medication errors, unpredictable emergencies that families have to deal with, and incomplete patient and medication information that has to be tracked down by home health providers. 90 million Canadians and Americans will be 65 and over by the end of the decade, so this is a massive problem and $30 billion market opportunity. ElderPRIME solves these problems by guiding the elder and family to keep more accurate health history, reconciling medications, capturing clinician instructions in the medical appointment, and coordinating care in an app designed to be easy for seniors and families to use and accompanied by concierge support services. ElderPRIME's flagship product, PrimeHealth, is launching with our first partner, VHA Home Healthcare, and later this year will be distributed on GreenShield Canada's digital health platform. We are currently expanding the business development and operations teams to support these launches.
  • Wave View Imaging Logo
    Wave View Imag…

    Company Description
    Wave View Imaging is developing a new approach to breast imaging using microwave technology. The Wave View Scanner is safe, comfortable, and simple to operate. It can be easily integrated in clinics due to its ease-of-use and portability. Our device will help in detecting breast cancer sooner with better contrast in dense breast and ability to scan at any age. It can also be used to provide breast density, monitor a patient’s response to neo-adjuvant treatment, and monitor general breast health.
  • GenHealth.ai Logo

    Company Description
    GenHealth provides a generative AI foundation model trained on medical events from over 40M patients to support use cases for all the encoded data in healthcare.
  • MiiCare Logo

    Company Description
    MiiCare's AI-powered preventative home care platform was designed along with older adults, their families, and caregivers to turn homes into safe and healthy spaces that extend health span. Miicare keeps older adults independent by integrating home/health sensors, acoustic sensing, predictive AI, digital therapeutics, and user engagement via a digital wellness coach named Monica. Powered by Microsoft’s NLP and LLM technology in partnership, Monica monitors the home, manages medications, promotes healthy habits, and proactively empowers older adults conversationally. Our central AI engine, MiiCortex, uses machine learning to extract and analyze biomarkers from home activity, vitals, and acoustic data. We also analyze voice and gait to assess mental health, dementia progression, and fall risk. Monica shares these insights with care providers and delivers personalized digital therapeutics to focus on prevention where the need is greatest, extending health span at scale. MiiCare collaborated with older adults, families, and caregivers to co-design an AI Home Care Platform that transforms the home into a safe, healthy, and connected space for aging individuals. Our comprehensive packages empower active aging, prioritizing prevention through a personalized, human-centered approach to healthy living. By considering health determinants like the physical environment, vital signs, and mental well-being, we utilize telehealth devices, passive sensors, acoustic sensing, and AI-driven digital therapeutics to drive outcomes. Our conversational AI, Monica, acts as a Digital Health Coach, engaging with users, monitoring their home, and promptly alerting caregivers of any behavior or health changes. Monica ensures medication adherence, motivates healthy habits, and integrates personalized digital therapeutics content. MiiCare reduces care costs, staff burden, and hospitalizations significantly, with industry-leading engagement according to our customers.
  • Sonance AI Logo
    Sonance AI

    Company Description
    Our belief is that AI will revolutionize healthcare practice in ways we cannot yet imagine - but that AI researchers are the engine that will drive the revolution forward. We are supercharging their efforts by providing platforms and tools that will be at the core of research teams' daily work. Like GitHub for medical imaging AI projects. Datamint will see medical imaging AI projects through from start to finish. Its platform will help on day one - when teams are making their data accessible - all the way through until the day models are ready to be deployed. AI researchers spend 60-80% of their time managing data and the rest doing science. Datamint looks to invert that.
  • Biotwin Logo

    Company Description
    We've all been touched by stories of lives cut short due to late diagnosis, especially from cancers. At BioTwin, we believe in a future where early detection is the norm because it is proven to save lives. Our mission is clear – to pioneer a new era in healthcare through the creation of Human Virtual Twins. BioTwin develops clinical decision support tools for healthcare professionals by creating virtual human twins derived from metabolomic profiling associated with different health conditions. This unique technology developed by BioTwin uses tens of thousands of biomarkers from biological samples collected with a non-invasive collection kit directly from home. BioTwin's Virtual twins are aimed at facilitating healthcare professionals’ decisions in early detection, remote monitoring, historical data tracking, prognosis, treatment support, prediction, and simulation. Therapeutic applications are endless, current focus is oncology, diabetes, allergies, women’s health, and chronic fatigue. .
  • Singularity Health Canada Logo
    Singularity He…
    Singularity Health Canada Logo
    Singularity Health Canada

    Company Description
    Singularity Health is at the forefront of the digital healthcare revolution, specializing in developing innovative AI-driven solutions to transform patient care and healthcare management. Our commitment is to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and advanced digital tools to bring efficiency, accuracy, and personalized care to the healthcare industry. Product Portfolio: Zaia Patient: Description: A comprehensive patient-centered module designed to empower individuals in managing their own health. It allows patients to meticulously track their symptoms, manage their medication schedules, and monitor key health parameters, fostering an active role in personal health management, particularly beneficial for those with chronic conditions. Zaia Doctor: Description: This module caters specifically to healthcare professionals, providing them with essential tools for efficient patient monitoring and treatment management. Zaia Doctor facilitates effective communication with patients, enabling personalized and timely healthcare delivery, thereby enhancing the overall patient care experience. Florence: Description: An advanced AI-based module, Florence acts as a virtual assistant to healthcare professionals. Utilizing generative AI, it offers critical insights and recommendations based on clinical guidelines and patient histories. Florence is instrumental in enhancing decision-making, thereby improving the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services.
  • Tochtech Logo

    Company Description
    Tochtech Technologies is an award winning Canadian-based digital health company with clients that include senior care providers, hospitals, healthcare providers and technology integrators in North America, Australia, Europe and Asia. We create smart care hardware and software products and solutions that enable healthcare and senior care providers to remotely access vital data to enable safety and evidence-based care. Our two main products: - Sleepsense system: a non-contact, non-wearable sleep tracker system and won 2020 AGE-WELL national competition. It has helped businesses and families not only deliver safe and evidence-based care but also address the pain points of staff shortages in care industry. The system has been deployed to over 50 senior care sites in Canada, China, UK and Australia with proven outcomes, especially for nursing homes and dementia care homes. - Vericare system: a ADL (activity of daily living) remote monitoring system for community care organizations and families to support Seniors aging in place. 85-95% of seniors prefer to age at home, Vericare offers a practical and efficient tool for care providers to remotely track and caring for them.
  • Alto Logo

    Company Description
    Alto stands at the forefront of revolutionizing home care services, providing a seamless and efficient experience for both families and hospitals alike. Our commitment to simplifying the process extends beyond the home to include a cutting-edge outpatient software solution specifically designed for hospitals. By leveraging Alto's outpatient software, hospitals can significantly reduce administrative burdens associated with patient care transitions. The platform automates candidate selection based on patient preferences and needs, eliminating the need for extensive vetting, interviews, and hourly rate negotiations. This not only streamlines the process for hospitals but also ensures a smooth and timely transition for patients from hospital to home during their recovery period. Patients, in turn, benefit from a hassle-free experience, as Alto takes care of the entire administrative aspect. With automated candidate matching, payroll management, scheduling, and replacement support, Alto reduces the administrative burden on both hospitals and patients. This commitment to efficiency and simplicity makes Alto an invaluable partner in the journey of post-hospital care, emphasizing a focus on patient well-being and operational effectiveness for healthcare providers.
  • ProtonIntel Logo

    Company Description
    ProtonIntel provides biomarker monitoring to manage chronic disease and save lives. ProtonIntel was founded in 2020 and was headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. At Proton Intelligence, we are building the first real-time, continuous potassium monitoring wearable, allowing clinicians to treat and manage kidney disease patients more safely and precisely. Life-saving treatments that cannot be deployed when patients have dangerous K+ levels today will be unlocked for safe and optimal use.
  • Simmunome AI Logo
    Simmunome AI

    Company Description
    Simmunome is an artificial intelligence-based contract research organization focused on predicting clinical trial outcomes using computational simulations. Using our machine-learning driven, biologically accurate disease models, a clinical researcher can determine the likelihood of success of a clinical program before stepping into the lab. We offer a different approach to leveraging AIML towards resolving biological complexity. At Simmunome, we understand that the complexity of “biological order” has to be replicated in order to accurately simulate outcomes. Our solution uses AI to accurately replicate biological complexity and through our robust validation process, provide a disease model that can be used to predict the outcome of targeting different parts of a biological system. With our approach, an R&D organization can de-risk their clinical programs by confirming whether the biological target they are going after will have any efficacy against the disease of interest. Our models can be used to optimize drug development pipelines in all the stages of clinical trial development as well as determine how to develop a clinical program to increase likelihood success. Altogether, a 4% increase in clinical trial success rate results in $30MM saved per drug. In total this would save organizations hundreds of millions and prevent years of opportunity cost.
  • Attest Laboratories Logo
    Attest Laborat…
    Attest Laboratories Logo
    Attest Laboratories

    Company Description
    ATTEST™ is developing the next generation of biomarker test technology for healthcare providers and people living with diabetes and other metabolic conditions. Our portable magnetic resonance system, myScanLab™, is designed to make fast and accurate measurements of metabolite biomarkers like glucose and cholesterol from a simple finger scan. Unlike a finger prick test meter or continuous glucose monitor (CGM) our device tests without breaking the skin and obviates disposable test strips or sensors. Our solution will advance testing at point-of-care organizations such as primary care practices and senior living facilities by lowering recurring costs and improving patient outcomes.
  • tenac.io Logo

    Company Description
    Cardiovascular diseases are the #1 cause of death worldwide; 80% of them are preventable. The spend on cardiovascular diseases are also the largest single cost item and amount to $1 trillion globally of which $100-200 bn are preventable, because current cardiac care practice is dysfunctional: differing and complex systems, lack of knowledge, biases, impact of co-morbid conditions and health systems bureaucracy. tenac.io develops a dynamic heart health platform which enables physicians to provide optimal cardiovascular care and patients to take control of their disease. Physicians get an assessment of the cardiovascular risk of their individual patient based on clinical characteristics alongside guide-line based treatment recommendations on how and by what extent they can reduce the cardiovascular risk. Patients will get their risk assessment and prescribed therapy alongside disease and treatment information and will be continuously monitored regarding their CV risk.
  • QUIBIM Logo

    Company Description
    At Quibim, our ambition is to turn medical imaging into a catalyst for precision health. We design pioneering tools that unlock imaging data to improve patient outcomes and maximize the value of drug development & commercialization programs. Quibim offers a comprehensive approach that provides an all-in-one environment for all imaging-related needs, from data collection to prediction. Utilizing state-of-the-art imaging processing and artificial intelligence algorithms, Quibim's products extract more precise and clinically relevant information, enabling accurate patient endpoint estimations. As a foundational product focus, we develop and commercialize organ-specific AI products (e.g., QP-Liver®), classified as medical devices for regulatory purposes, to enhance radiology workflows for clinics and hospitals. Our most advanced device is QP-Prostate®, which optimizes clinical workflow and supports accurate decision-making for prostate MRI exams. QP-Prostate is currently FDA 510(k), UKCA, and CE mark cleared for automated prostate segmentation (prostate size & volume). QP-Prostate® is on track to get FDA clearance for automated lesion detection during H1 2024. Our second most advanced product is QP-Brain®, which is pending FDA clearance for automatic brain volumetry white-mater-lesion (WML) detection. QP-Liver® is under development for accurate quantification of tissue fat and iron from MRI. Our next-gen product focus, which is Quibim’s emerging and differentiated capability, is centered on developing imaging biomarker panels based on radiomics and AI technologies. We achieve this by partnering with biopharmaceutical and real-world-evidence (RWE) companies to develop medical imaging-based drug development tools and companion diagnostics that correspond to specific therapeutic programs.
  • Carevive Systems, Inc. Logo
    Carevive Syste…
    Carevive Systems, Inc. Logo
    Carevive Systems, Inc.

    Company Description
    Carevive is a health technology company focusing on care management and patient engagement solutions to improve the quality of life and clinical outcomes of cancer patients. Our platform analyzes clinical and patient-reported data, and the latest clinical guidelines, to offer evidence-based recommendations to clinicians so they can improve patient outcomes from cancer treatment. Our health system customers often partner with us and life science companies to use our insights of the real-world cancer patient experience to inform the drug development process. Carevive has partnered with over 35 academic and community cancer programs and 8 oncology-focused life science companies.
  • Kumu Logo

    Company Description
    Kumu is a material innovation company focused on using biomaterials from food, plants, and minerals to make single-use plastic alternatives. Our patent-pending process covers these sustainable bioproducts and how to recycle them. Why waste food? Therefore, let's make it circular! Just like plastic is not one type fits all, we designed our formulations such that the "last mile" customizations can be made with our commercialization partners. You know your clients best. And so, we do our best to meet your aesthetic and functional requirements. We also value transparency. No more greenwashing or fancy words. Is it bio-based, biodegradable, home compostable, soil enriching, or marine degradable? As consumers ourselves, we want to disclose all the biomaterials we use in our products, much like a food label, and allow the consumers to decide for themselves.
  • Beekeeping innovations Logo
    Beekeeping inn…

    Company Description
    Beekeeping Innovations is developing new technologies and partnerships to promote more sustainable beekeeping.
  • Nurish'd (Nutrimeals inc) Logo
    Nurish'd (Nutr…
    Nurish'd (Nutrimeals inc) Logo
    Nurish'd (Nutrimeals inc)

    Company Description
    The core challenge that Nurish'd addresses is the concern of health issues, particularly those stemming from poor nutrition. In today's fast-paced work environment, employees often neglect proper nutrition due to time constraints, limited healthy food options conveniently available, and even budget. This leads to increased risks of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and other chronic conditions – a dire scenario considering that over 50% of Canadians are forecasted to be over weight by 2035 (2023 Obesity Atlas Report). It’s even more concerning that 75% of all health care related costs can be linked back to diet related illness (Michael Pollan). Moreover, poor nutrition directly impacts workplace productivity and absenteeism. Studies show that unhealthy employees are 66% more likely to experience loss in productivity (Brigham Young University). Health-related absenteeism and productivity loss costs approximately $6000 per employee per year. Compounding this challenge is the prevalence of a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, which fails to address the unique dietary needs of individuals. In the absence of personalization, many fall prey to fleeting diet trends and misinformation, which can lead to inadequate nutrition and even exacerbate health issues. There's a clear gap in providing not just healthy food options but also proper nutrition support.
  • Twidlee Logo

    Company Description
    Twidlee is a platform that effortlessly addresses an age old No 1 problem for restaurants . How to fill empty seats, increase take out sales & reduces excess inventory before it expires. Twidlee is different . Twidlee is a flash sale platform that draws customers for dine in & take out at times that matter the most to the restaurant. Twidlee is a classic intervention in a Post Covid Enviroment to bring restaurant industry out of the woods . If it's not on deal , It's not on twidlee . Twidlee is always free to the end users .
  • Cellar Insights Logo
    Cellar Insights

    Company Description
    Cellar Insights provides agricultural growers and processors with actionable information to optimize the storage and logistics of their crops. Cellar's smart data analytics assist in enhancing the quality, health, and value of stored crops. Additionally, these insights contribute to better logistical efficiency, as well as reducing energy and water consumption and reducing the use of chemicals. Through increasing yields and reducing risks to crops, global food security is also improved. Cellar Insights is initially targeting a significant and unmet need in the North American potato industry for its smart storage monitoring, management, and logistics solutions, with significant upside potential by expanding to other geographies and to other crops in storage.
  • Truffle Systems Logo
    Truffle Systems

    Company Description
    Automate your operations with omnichannel solutions for enterprise food & beverage. Transform your front of house with Truffle. Automate ordering and pickup, reduce labor costs, and deliver unforgettable guest experiences.
  • Yadag Logo

    Company Description
    Each year billions of dollars worth of crops go to waste because there is no labor to pick them. One of the constant challenges in the agriculture industry is seasonal labor availability and coordination. Yadag is an end-to-end digital platform that addresses the acute agriculture labor shortage by connecting agricultural employers and seasonal farm workers, featuring three key components: Visa Automation(for foreign workers), Digital Onboarding, and a Communication Platform.
  • Lupin Platform Inc Logo
    Lupin Platform…
    Lupin Platform Inc Logo
    Lupin Platform Inc

    Company Description
    Establishment of a Lupin ecosystem in Canada, from sustainable farming to producing safe food for consumers.
  • Hypercell Technologies Logo
    Hypercell Tech…
    Hypercell Technologies Logo
    Hypercell Technologies

    Company Description
    At Hypercell, we quickly identify and manage biological contaminants in the food chain to protect human health and improve productivity. Every year, 45 million Americans are affected by foodborne illnesses and this number is not going down! One of the main reasons is that traditional PCR testing is accurate but too slow to provide results leading to product recalls. Our patented, on-site, molecular diagnostic testing solution is simple, easy to process and delivers results in less than an hour with the same level of accuracy as the gold standard PCR. With our solution food operators will be able to more effectively reduce food contamination and food borne diseases.
  • ABAzyne Logo

    Company Description
    ABAzyne is an R&D company specializing in analogs of ABA derived from natural ABA (abscisic acid). The two types of product are ABA Boost and ABA Blocker. The products provide producers of all types of commercial crops and plants with tools to help them manage climate extremes and other environmental stresses such as heat, drought, cold temperatures, salinity and biotic stresses. ABA Boost triggers plants’ responses and lasts longer than natural ABA. Its advantages are greatly expanded functionality, cost saving and increased potency. ABA Blocker blocks the action of natural ABA and helps promote and improve germination rate and timing, and enhanced root development, nutrient efficiency, and disease resistance.
  • GroHERE Logo

    Company Description
    groHERE Harvest (groHERE) is a total controlled environment agriculture (CEA) company utilizing vertical farming technology to grow fresh, local produce year-round in Alberta at a commercial scale. Our first crop will be strawberries as this is a high value crop that is not yet grown locally year-round.
  • Eleat Technologies Inc. Logo
    Eleat Technolo…
    Eleat Technologies Inc. Logo
    Eleat Technologies Inc.

    Company Description
    Who We Are: Eleat Technologies is a dynamic and innovative company on a mission to transform the restaurant industry. The Problem We Solve: In today's fast-paced dining landscape, customers often grapple with disjointed and frustrating experiences. They waste precious time searching for the perfect dining spot, navigating confusing menus, and struggling to secure reservations. Meanwhile, restaurants face their own set of challenges with fragmented digital marketing efforts, leading to operational inefficiencies and missed opportunities for customer engagement. Our Solution: Eleat Technologies offers a groundbreaking mobile app designed to seamlessly harmonize the entire dining journey. For customers, Eleat eliminates the need for cumbersome online searches by providing a unified platform where they can access up-to-date menus, receive personalized recommendations, secure reservations, and be part of multiple gamification features, all without switching between multiple platforms. For restaurants, Eleat empowers them with real-time menu management, dynamic promotional updates, a new marketing method, and valuable insights into customer behavior through robust analytics. Eleat stands out by not merely addressing individual pain points but by redefining the entire dining ecosystem. The app acts as a unifying bridge, aligning the interests of customers seeking convenience and personalized experiences with restaurants aiming to optimize operations and foster customer loyalty. Furthermore, Eleat's compatibility with Canada's most popular POS systems ensures seamless connectivity and a competitive advantage. At Eleat, we envision dining as more than a transaction; it's an immersive and transformative experience for all stakeholders involved. Our passion lies in making dining a seamless, user-centric journey, eradicating longstanding frustrations, and bringing renewed harmony to the culinary world.
  • Modoru Logo

    Company Description
    Problem Statement F&B chains are struggling to build circular reusable packaging systems that drive customer adoption. Two main reasons. Current solutions are inconvenient to use or standard, creating extra friction for customers and operators. This has resulted in reusable adoption levels of less than 10% - much less than the 30% target for F&B chains to warrant serious investment, and make a genuine impact on reducing CO2 emissions in the long term. Secondly, F&B chains lack access to data and insights on the performance of the reusable system, hence unable to monitor its impact on CO2 emissions, Inventory, Return logistics and more. Solution Modoru helps F&B chains build fully customised, frictionless and data-driven circular reusable packaging systems. We provide a fully customised infrastructure of software, hardware and logistics, that results in seamless and completely frictionless circular reusable packaging systems. We provide access to comprehensive data in real time - ESG, Inventory, Return logistics and more. This helps F&B chains improve operations, increase customer engagement - and even produce an ROI. Goal. Build the world’s most innovative and effective circular reusable packaging systems that customers love, drive real results to CO2 reduction and grow bottomline profits.
  • Blu Cocoon Digital Logo
    Blu Cocoon Dig…
    Blu Cocoon Digital Logo
    Blu Cocoon Digital

    Company Description
    Blu Cocoon Digital is a digital transformation company that provides machine learning, business analytics, and legacy modernization.
  • Slow Bottled Sunday Logo
    Slow Bottled S…
    Slow Bottled Sunday Logo
    Slow Bottled Sunday

    Company Description
    We’re a corporation with 2 equal shareholders, who are both also directors and full time employees. Our kitchen, owned by one of our shareholders, is located near the heart of BC’s fruit production. It serves as both a primary processing facility (raw produce into our primary ingredients) and production facility. We have 1 production assistant. Most of our sales (about 80%) are DTC at markets and events throughout BC. This helps us gain quick and very affordable exposure with 10s of 1000s of customers and also provides a very close and comprehensive window into what our target customers want. By the end of 2023, our managing sales partner partner will have personally met and spoken with over 100,000 potential customers since the end of 2021. This, combined with having our production facility and our managing chef /production manager in the heart of Western Canada’s fruit growing region gives us one of the most direct and responsive lines between agriculture and consumer, allowing us to maximize undervalued food toward meeting consumer demands. Working with our network of farmers, we’ve upcycled 65,000 pounds of fruit since 2021, and we anticipate this number to grow to well over 100k pounds annually by 2024.
  • Arvist Logo

    Company Description
    Warehouses are at the heart of the supply chain. Arvist’s mission is to empower supply chain professionals to gain insights from their existing infrastructure allowing for more efficient warehousing operations and creating a resilient supply chain for the world. At Arvist, we are giving brains to warehouses. Arvist transforms warehouses and distribution centers with real-time digital twin technology, unlocking cost savings, driving up efficiencies, and elevating safety without any additional infrastructure costs by using existing data, security camera video and combining our unique marker technology with AI. · Currently in production deployment with customers around the US · Software approved by the Department of Homeland Security with deployment at Pittsburgh International Airport and a POC done with a major US airline's cargo operation. · Bootstrapped to revenue by a founding team with extensive experience in supply chain, Artificial Intelligence and building startups · Recently raised their first outside funding round with prominent VCs in the supply chain space · Part of accelerators like Techstars, Plug & Play and 1871
  • Pivot Electric Machine Corp. Logo
    Pivot Electric…
    Pivot Electric Machine Corp. Logo
    Pivot Electric Machine Corp.

    Company Description
    Pivot Electric Machines Corp builds and retrofits existing heavy equipment with economically viable and operationally effective "next generation" battery systems. Dedicated to transforming the mining and construction industries into carbon neutral businesses. Bringing together a well respected team of BEV designers and builders with experience in delivering gear box design and production, unit control systems, battery management & design ​ Derisking the diesel-electric conversion process by leveraging 40 years of manufacturing experience with 10 years of building light BEV mining equipment and integrating battery parts and drive systems from well respected international suppliers. Target market of 45,000 existing vehicles worth over $200 billion
  • C-Zero Logo

    Company Description
    Our technology can convert any industrial off-gas or flue gas (e.g. 10-20 volume% CO2) into ethylene - which is the most widely used petrochemical in the world. The key competitive advantage of our technology is that it can bypass intermediate steps of incumbent CO2 conversion processes. Our mission is to avoid 1 million tons (Mt) of annual emissions to produce ~0.4 Mt of C2H4 by 2030.
  • Qube Technologies Logo
    Qube Technolog…
    Qube Technologies Logo
    Qube Technologies

    Company Description
    Qube Technologies provides industrial operators with an end-to-end continuous monitoring solution that detects methane emissions with advanced sensors and powerful machine learning algorithms capable of quantifying emissions and localizing their source. We work with leading oil and gas operators across the globe and have support from a wide range of investors and government bodies. Qube is the first technology provider to have received regulatory approval for continuous monitoring technology in North America. Qube's mission is to make environmental monitoring accessible, affordable, and easy for all industrial emitters around the world.
  • NanoTerraTech Advanced Materials Inc. Logo
    NanoTerraTech …
    NanoTerraTech Advanced Materials Inc. Logo
    NanoTerraTech Advanced Materials Inc.

    Company Description
    NanoTerraTech has developed an Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Advanced Material which is also a "Critical Mineral" BIO-Graphite from Forestry Biomass Waste for the EV Battery & Storage Markets, that Replaces Fossil Fuel Derived Carbon Materials in Manufacturing. Our mission is a commitment to sustainability, striving for a Net Negative/Climate Positive footprint. NanoTerraTech's Battery Grade BIO-Graphite (BG2)™ is not only sustainable, scalable, and a drop-in solution; it also facilitates permanent carbon capture, offering inset carbon credits. The use of BIO-Graphite eliminates the need for destructive mining or CO2-intensive fossil fuel-derived graphite. The transition to Electromobility represents a $1.2 trillion market – a generational opportunity. Producers of: BIO-Graphite, Carbon Black, Carbon Nanotubes, Carbon Nanofibers, Activated Carbon.
  • BioOilSolv Logo

    Company Description
    BioOilSolv specializes in sustainable energy solutions, utilizing residual agricultural and forestry biomass to produce green solvents through a thermocatalytic process for the oil sands industry. BioOilSolv solvents not only improve bitumen production rate by 100% but also reduce the carbon footprint by 40%, resulting in potential savings in energy costs and emissions reductions.
  • Momentum Materials Solutions Logo
    Momentum Mater…
    Momentum Materials Solutions Logo
    Momentum Materials Solutions

    Company Description
    Momentum Materials has developed a novel nanoporous carbon scaffold (NCS). Various independent lab tests have validated increased performance, improved durability, and lowered comprehensive costs for these next generation, order-structured membrane electrode assemblies with this technology when compared to those constructed with catalyst coated membrane technology.
  • CycleCarbone Logo

    Company Description
    CycleCarbone has developed a proprietary simple, cost-effective carbon capture technology using an environment-friendly solvent in a simple and robust process utilizing the customer available energy. The process is targeting large emitters in the oil & gas, metallurgy, and power generation industries. CycleCarbone aims at emitters dissatisfied with existing solution and seriously looking to reduce their emissions.
  • Polymer-X Logo

    Company Description
    Polymer-X Inc. is a spinoff company from University of Maryland and Princeton University. Led by a group of materials scientists and chemical engineers, the startup has developed innovative electrothermal methods for sustainable chemical manufacturing. The technology uses electrothermal methods for converting plastic waste into jet fuel and eDiesel. The technology uses an electrified and catalyst-free reactor that has demonstrated record-high selectivity and yields. The reactor converts polyolefin and polyester plastic wastes to jet fuel and eDiesel. Existing pyrolysis reactors use combustion based heat sources and offer low product yield, low product selectivity, and are energy intensive. Polymer-X has a fully electrified reactor that uses up to 80% less energy through a “pulse” heating technology. The company has built and tested a lab scale system (TRL 3-4) and has plan to build the next generation reactor in early 2024 (TRL 4-5). The company has a strong technical team, experienced management team, and supportive initial VC investor that together lay the foundation for exciting next steps ahead.
  • Upcycling+ Logo

    Company Description
    We've developed proprietary technologies to selectively convert mixed plastic directly into high value-product, which has the advantage of cost-competitive and low-carbon comparing to the petrochemical analogue. The innovation consists of specialized catalyst and reactor design to remove the dependency of refinery-type process. A portfolio of catalyst formulation has been developed to target different products, including diesel, kerosene, processing fluid, and lubricating oil.
  • Capwell Services Logo
    Capwell Servic…
    Capwell Services Logo
    Capwell Services

    Company Description
    Plugging wells is slow and expensive. Currently, an oilfield service company has to... 1. Erect a rig at the well site, requiring access roads and other lengthy site engineering tasks 2. Replace any deteriorated casing downhole 3. Prevent any vertical movement of gas by cementing plugs above and below each rock formation Due to the number of AOOGs and the limited number of plugging rigs, wells can be emitting for years before plugging can take place. In Pennsylvania, these plugging jobs can cost $100,000+. Our system captures and destroys methane from leaking wells at the surface ,creating a zero methane leak process from measurement to plugging. A Capwell Methane Abatement Unit (MAU) can be operational on a well within one week of leak detection and will remain until that well is plugged to quickly mitigate the problem while permanent solutions can be explored. This increases plugging efficiency and prevents any financial or environmental consequences that come from allowing a well to leak.
  • Coala Energy Logo
    Coala Energy

    Company Description
    CoalaEnergy is a Calgary-based company revolutionizing the energy sector with thermal storage batteries made from upcycled sedimentary materials. Committed to sustainability, CoalaEnergy's zero carbon emissions approach is driven by Machine Learning algorithms, ensuring top performance and reliability. Join us in combining intelligent design with environmental responsibility for a greener future.
  • Axon4D Technologies Logo
    Axon4D Technol…
    Axon4D Technologies Logo
    Axon4D Technologies

    Company Description
    Axon4D creates a patented Fiber Optic Sensing System (FOSS) around large floating roof storage tanks. The first solutions will include: * Floating roof level and tilt monitoring coupled with the fill level on a tank. This allows for floating roof monitoring and pinpointing potential asset integrity issues. * Wet Sensing - For annular pontoons on floating roofs – 'Wet Sensing’, identifies if water or hydrocarbons are present in any of the pontoons. * Ponding - the ability to sense ponding on Floating Roof storage tanks * The data is presented in a secure web-based portal accessible from any computer or mobile device. Axon4D Technology becomes integral to your operational digital twin by delivering real-time insights for intelligent decision-making. Creating Operational Excellence through Axon4D Smart Tank Technology: * Near real-time monitoring of tank asset integrity * Allows for an immediate reduction in operational costs * Provides for decreased risk through better monitoring * Provides definitive documentation of performance for ESG reporting * Eliminates operational unknowns and surprises * Reduces emissions and operational downtime * Provides better information
  • Sentry Water Tech Logo
    Sentry Water T…

    Company Description
    The SENTRY platform is a unique bio-electrode sensor technology that provides real-time microbial performance monitoring in anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment systems.
  • Varme Energy Logo
    Varme Energy

    Company Description
    Varme Energy is deploying waste-to-energy facilities coupled with post-combustion carbon capture and sequestration. These plants will extract the energy from our waste to provide 97% decarbonized baseload steam for district heating, industrial processes, or produce electricity. Each facility will capture between 150,000-200,000 tonnes of CO2 for sequestration or utilization. We are closing the carbon circle of our waste.
  • ViVent Logo

    Company Description
    The significant shift in temperatures and weather patterns is due to the greenhouse gas emissions that trap sun's heat. Methane is responsible for 40% warming since industrialization and is 86x more potent than Carbon Dioxide. Methane emission reduction is the need of the hour ViVent Bioprocesses is harnessing the metabolic power of microorganisms to reduce methane emissions with a financial gain.
  • Inversion Point Logo
    Inversion Point

    Company Description
    Inversion Point Technologies Ltd. is working to commercialize a novel direct atmospheric methane conversion technology. When deployed at scale this will reduce the severity of global warming effects and improve air quality worldwide by depleting carbon monoxide and volatile organic carbons in the atmosphere.
  • Anodyne Chemistries Logo
    Anodyne Chemis…

    Company Description
    Anodyne harnesses biology to make low carbon chemicals. We employ enzymes, nature’s factories, to deliver products with incredible efficiency. We can do this because we figured out how to simplify and control a traditionally complex and difficult process. Our process combines the best of biology and electrochemistry to bypass the limitations of traditional petrochemical and fermentation processes. This allows us to produce chemicals at room temperature using renewable feedstocks, with no toxic byproducts. We are striving to build the industry’s leading chemical technology platform, the infrastructure to accelerate scale-up, a rapidly expanding pipeline, and a world-class team. Anodyne’s industrialized enzymes produce an array of sustainable chemicals and fuels. These chemicals directly substitute for the usually toxic fossil-based versions that are the building blocks of countless industrial and consumer products.Our pipeline includes development candidates for fuels, polymers, food additives and pharmaceutical ingredients, and we have multiple trials underway with other development candidates. In addition, we have initiated discovery programs with leading research universities, expanding the potential impact for our technologies.
  • Aquacycl Logo

    Company Description
    Aquacycl™ provides the BioElectrochemical Treatment Technology (BETT™) for onsite wastewater treatment. The BETT™ systems eliminate up to 80% of incoming primary sludge, recover energy as direct electricity (no methane), and can provide a 90% reduction in treatment footprint and a 50%-70% reduction in operating expenses relative to conventional approaches for managing high-strength wastewater streams.
  • Guideline FYI Logo
    Guideline FYI

    Company Description
  • RiskMind AI Logo
    RiskMind AI

    Company Description
    The norm today within the insurance industry is that insurance documents are sent unsecured as email attachments and valuable data is trapped in documents & silos within insurance companies and brokerages. RiskMind AI offers a secure insurance document management system akin to "DocSend" that automatically extracts data from insurance documents that we make easily accessible via our "chat gpt-like" insurance AI co-pilot. By unlocking valuable data that's typically trapped in documents or kept in silos, insurers & brokers can now: - Automate critical manual workflows such as the issuance of insurance certificates; issuance of binders; policy document reviews & comparisons; etc. for an immediate boost in productivity; - Enhance their data security, governance & compliance controls; - Access and analyze data with ease to drive business & sales strategies; and - Enhance their risk assessment & underwriting capabilities with the opportunity to expand into new markets. RiskMind Ai is currently a finalist within Zurich Insurance Company's 2024 Global Insurtech Innovation Competition.
  • Walli HR Logo
    Walli HR

    Company Description
    Walli is a fresh approach to HR that weaves AI into every employee touchpoint. Our AI copilot handles labour intensive work like onboarding new hires. Not only can Walli take tedious admin work off your plate, but it improves the quality with consistent and responsible logic. Walli HR compliments human decision making, but doesn’t aim to replace it. Instead, our mission is to give you and your team more time to focus on what’s important - your people.
  • NovaceneAI Logo

    Company Description
    AI is here to transform business. So are we. Artificial intelligence — or AI — has arrived, and its potential to transform companies large and small can be seen everywhere we look, from offices to the field, service providers to manufacturers. But getting the most from AI depends on how you analyze your data and implement the results. That’s where NovaceneAI can help. We design and develop the tools you need to harness the full potential of AI.
  • Nova Logo

    Company Description
    Nova is a collaboration and stakeholder management platform that leverages intelligent technology to help teams work together while coordinating the work for you - so teams can share their knowledge and get things done efficiently. Unlike other platforms - Nova helps organize work by goals, people, and deadlines and includes tools like whiteboards, tasks, and documents to get things done in the same space. At Nova, we have four commitments: 1) ensure collaborative processes can be scalable, 2) ensure that collaboration is more engaging and productive without having to rely on meetings, 3) ensure that everyone, including clients, can be held accountable, and deadlines are met, and 4) ensure that collaboration is managed holistically, understanding that teams need support from their leaders to stay healthy and thrive. - Smart Roadmaps and Process Diagrams. - Tool Library with over 200+ Tools and Workflows. - Collaborative Sessions - Digital Whiteboards - Progress & Decision Tracking - Automations and Reports - Time Tracking - Leadership Hub & HR - Additional PRO features for consultants and coaching teams.
  • Loop Parking Technologies Inc. Logo
    Loop Parking T…
    Loop Parking Technologies Inc. Logo
    Loop Parking Technologies Inc.

    Company Description
    At Loop Parking, we envision a world where urban parking is no longer a hassle but a seamless experience. Loop parking is backed by Founder Institute, Communitech, Innovation Guleph, Treefrog Accelerator, InvestBrampton etc. Loop Parking is a B2B2C we developed ParkSense+, an AI-driven real-time parking detection system that transforming urban chaos into seamless experiences. With license plate recognition, real-time parling violation alerts, and real-time parking availability, ParkSense+ makes enforcement smarter and cities more efficient. In a successful Newmarket pilot with the support of Rogers Communications , it proved affordable and user-friendly, outperforming ground based sensors. Beyond on-streets, it enhances accessibility at train stations, hospitals, malls, and more. Received Government Grant . We are also got selected as one of the Top 5 Canadian startup for the Fast Track Cities challenge by Communitech. Join Loop Parking in reshaping urban parking—safer, smarter, and accessible. Let's create a future where finding a parking spot is no longer a nightmare.
  • Verano.AI Logo

    Company Description
    Verano is an AI-powered technology to automate and elevate regulatory compliance workflows. Using our proprietary generative AI, we save our clients approx. 80% of the time it takes to monitor, map and assess the many regulatory requirements so they can get back to doing higher value work. As we are AIaaS (AI as a Service), we can integrate via our API into compliance management systems (CMS) already in use, such as ServiceNow, IBM, SAP and many more or directly into our own dashboard.
  • Quantized Technologies Logo
    Quantized Tech…
    Quantized Technologies Logo
    Quantized Technologies

    Company Description
    Quantized Technologies Inc. (QTi) is developing a next-generation, quantum-proof cybersecurity solution to protect customer data from being decrypted by threat actors with access to AI and quantum computing resources. Our solution will change the world by enabling unprecedented security in quantum-resilient data exchange, cost-effective user network scaling, interoperability and flexibility to meet customer needs and integrate with existing telecom architectures and solutions, and cloud-based quantum security in the form of Quantum as a Service (QaaS). QTi envisions a transformation of digital communication through the development and wide-spread adoption of relevant quantum technologies, giving society quantum-based solutions to real-world problems. QTi's mission is to provide relevant communications technologies to meet societal needs. The second quantum revolution and the rapid development of quantum computation open the doors for society to benefit from the advancement of various quantum communications technologies. In addition to securing classical network communications, QTi's solution will also enable secure quantum networks, and eventually a quantum internet, as we develop other key components in a collaborative effort to connect quantum computers around the globe.
  • Centro Commerce Logo
    Centro Commerce

    Company Description
    Operations and production teams are drowning in inventory work, missing deadlines on costly restocks, and still tracking operations in sheets and siloed inboxes. Centro augments procurement with AI so brands can scale their business without scaling operational headcount. Specifically, Centro deploys an AI model that sits between Shopify, ERP, WMS, and inboxes to synthesize and coordinate every step of procurement. It is a virtual inventory coworker trained on a brand's unique processes and supply chain. Centro's AI, known as AIM, tracks key developments across your supply chain into one virtual space and requests to do tasks to receive a purchase order on-time, in-full. This ranges from drafting new purchase orders, coordinating emails with vendors, surfacing early warnings of delays, to coordinating receiving with warehouse.
  • Finofo Logo

    Company Description
    We help business finance teams become more productive! With our platform, businesses get access to multi-currency global bank accounts, significantly cheaper currency conversions, and free international transfers to send and receive money in their unique global accounts in multiple currencies.
  • Blackfern Data Logo
    Blackfern Data

    Company Description
    We are a company designing a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for field-service businesses that includes full integration of AI features and provision of 'AI Teammates', which are supportive AI agents that can perform business functions similar to a real employee. We aim to solve the difficulty of digital transformation and AI adoption for small businesses by making the software approachable and aligned to real-life workflows. Through automation and AI support, the workflow and analytics needed to support a business become simpler, more efficient and effective.
  • The Rubic Logo
    The Rubic

    Company Description
    The Rubic is at the forefront of warehouse automation, marrying AI and advanced robotics to redefine industry standards. Our flagship product, Freedom Pick, streamlines the box-picking process, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs. With AI-driven vision systems, unique arm designs, and state-of-the-art mobility, Freedom Pick ensures faster, safer, and more reliable warehouse operations. Join the next-gen revolution with The Rubic, where innovation meets functionality.
  • Green Edge Computing (aka GECCO) Logo
    Green Edge Com…
    Green Edge Computing (aka GECCO) Logo
    Green Edge Computing (aka GECCO)

    Company Description
    GECCO meets the need for a more sustainable approach to AI/ML and IOT computing needs for on-premises and cloud edge computing. We have developed a compact general purpose multi-server solution that is rugged and secure, requires no floor space, no special power supply and no supplemental cooling. This avoids the need to transmit high volumes of data from widely dispersed sources over increasingly congested network connections, and brings the power of conventional rack-mounted servers to virtually any edge location.
  • Flexibl Logo

    Company Description
    Flexibl removes the ambiguity of payment data for software providers by eliminating data cleaning, translation and interpretation concerns. The platform centralizes payment data from multiple processors and combines it with software and/or banking data. It also cleans and aggregates the data to provide contextual insights on territory performance, pricing structure, payment types and more. Lastly, the platform automates the payment reconciliation process with transaction matching and inconsistency flagging.
  • Data Safeguard Logo
    Data Safeguard

    Company Description
    Data Safeguard Inc. produces and sells award winning enterprise products giving confidence in data privacy and synthetic fraud identification. Their data privacy products help enterprises manage personally identifiable information which is collected throughout the customer lifecycle. their synthetic fraud products help enterprises identify Frankenstein Identities and mitigate financial losses. Their suite of products utilize advanced AI frameworks and ML algorithms in combination with leading edge data accelerator processors. Data Safeguard's products have gone through the life-cycle of incubation through maturity. The products have been fail tested and hardened and made complex customer ecosystem implementation ready by regularly interacting with customers during the evolution of the product suites. Data Safeguarders have deep expertise with Data Privacy, Synthetic Fraud and Data Science Lab product suites to support Finance, Healthcare, Retail and Technology industry domains. Their expert understanding of the customer ecosystem, and optimized product implementation strategy for fastest Time-to-Market at the lowest cost provides significant value added service to our customers.
  • Evitado Technologies Logo
    Evitado Techno…
    Evitado Technologies Logo
    Evitado Technologies

    Company Description
    Evitado is developing a robotics system that is temporarily installed on any asset and provides collision avoidance functionality. This system aids the process of moving large assets that currently rely on human error alone. Our first use case is towing and parking an aircraft on the ground. The system provides advanced collision warnings before an accident occurs, avoiding costly damages and downtime, as well as reducing resources required to move an asset. Evitado has developed LiDAR based collision avoidance systems for the aviation industry to accidents during ground movements of aircraft. They provide Real-time collision warnings with 3D Lidar solution that gives a 360 degree coverage. The way it works is that the Lidar scanner is installed on the aircraft tug in under 2 Minutes and the operator will see the information realtime on a tablet. Evitado is focused on developing software and rely on of the shelf hardware to deploy its solution. It can be used on any size aircraft. We have 12 active systems in the field and over $1M of orders so far.
  • Quantolio Logo

    Company Description
    Quantolio augments the investment management process through AI and ML. Our technology leverages advanced AI methods including deep and reinforcement learning to develop predictive algorithms for pricing and determining optimal trading policy with a primary emphasis on liquid asset classes.
  • Hutsy Logo

    Company Description
    Hutsy enables AI to be embedded in traditional and challenger banks. Seamlessly integrating with existing banking infrastructures, our sophisticated AI algorithms offer personalized financial advice and support through an intuitive chat interface to our clients users.
  • 10Adventures Logo

    Company Description
    10Adventures a proprietary tour platform and booking engine for active and adventure travel, providing customers with private active vacations for about the cost of booking a group tour. We had over $1.5m in GMV in 2023, and are aiming for $4.4m in 2024. Already in January we have a record month that is 25% higher than any other month so far, and our conversion rate has 3x'd since September. We have tour suppliers in 85 countries, and sell to travelers in 30 countries, with the US, UK, Australia and Canada being the most prominent locations for our customers. The customers on our marketplaces are: 1. Tour Suppliers. Local tour operators that specialize in active and adventure travel and want to grow a B2C business but struggle with marketing directly to customers. 2. Travelers looking to book an active holiday. Typically these individuals are 45 to 75, middle class and above, value their health, experiences and doing something meaningful. They are tired of traditional travel and want to explore by foot, bike, boat or ski.
  • Cence Power Inc. Logo
    Cence Power In…
    Cence Power Inc. Logo
    Cence Power Inc.

    Company Description
    The world is rapidly moving towards DC power, yet efficient distribution remains a challenge. Cence Power’s intelligent DC power distribution product ecosystem solves that problem. Cence is more effective than other low and high-voltage power distribution systems; it not only enhances the efficiency and longevity of DC devices like LED lighting, but also boasts a seamless plug-and-play design that’s compatible with existing infrastructure. Our advanced product ecosystem redefines efficient high and low-voltage DC power distribution, emphasizing intelligence and safety with features like fault-management. Within the ecosystem, our hardware is enriched with wireless sensors and intuitive digital twin software. Serving clients across Canada and beyond, the Cence product ecosystem is proven to curtail capital expenditures related to electrical systems while reducing operational costs by up to 40%. Cence is defining the future of efficient, and intelligent, power distribution.
  • Susgrainable Logo

    Company Description
    Upscaled healthy baking mixes made from rescued grains from local craft breweries.
  • Neptune Nanotechnologies Inc. Logo
    Neptune Nanote…
    Neptune Nanotechnologies Inc. Logo
    Neptune Nanotechnologies Inc.

    Company Description
    Neptune Nanotechnologies Inc. is an early-stage tech Startup active in the bio-nano material space. Specifically, we are commercializing a technology that can convert organic fishing waste into ultra-high value nanocrystals. These nanocrystals are stronger than steel, lighter than plastic, entirely bio-based, non-toxic, bio-compatible and biodegradable. They function as physical additives where a small quantity of nanocrystals added can drastically increase the strength, stiffness, crack resistance and barrier properties of the underling material. And they have a wide range of applications including but not limited to aerospace and automotive composites, high barrier films and packaging, structural adhesives, 3D printed materials, biomedical devices and even energy storage devices. We own proprietary IP, have a strong team lead by a Forbes 30 under 30 founder, a former Dow Chemical Scientists and a former public company CFO. We closely collaborate with leading research institutions such as the University of Toronto and York university.
  • ShareWares Logo

    Company Description
    ShareWares is a citywide borrowing platform that offers Vancouver businesses a reusable cup-share program.
  • MetaCycler Logo

    Company Description
    We are a B2B producing a biodegradable material called PHA using our proprietary bacteria that feed on industrial organic waste. We have engineered our bacteria to use different kinds of organic waste, like compost food waste and dairy waste, to create PHA. PHA is the only material that is marine biodegradable while offering the convenient properties of traditional plastics. We are revolutionizing the bioplastic market by bringing a material that is biodegradable in all environments, can be composted under any conditions, and can have a wide variety of properties so it can be used in many markets like clothing, consumer packaged goods, and even medical devices. With the global plastic crisis, we are first focusing on the CPG market which has massive demand for a new material like ours and has immense financial potential. We are currently scaling our production to the demo phase and working towards sales. We have a strong diverse team with bacterial genome engineering and management and business experience.
  • Genuine Taste Logo
    Genuine Taste

    Company Description
    Genuine taste is a cell agriculture company focused on creating fat without harming animals. We add taste, aroma, and texture to alternative meat products, giving them the 'meatiness' that makes them delicious and savory. Our mission is to enable consumers to experience the genuine taste of meat while building toward a sustainable and cruelty-free future for the food industry.
  • CropMind (formerly All-Farmers-Online) Logo
    CropMind (form…
    CropMind (formerly All-Farmers-Online) Logo
    CropMind (formerly All-Farmers-Online)

    Company Description
    Human Vision is not only time consuming but has it limitation due to cognitive bias.In traditional agricultural practices, various challenges hinder the accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability of crop management and yield estimation. At present, the labor cost in orchard management and maintenance accounts for 56% of the total cost, among which pruning accounts for about 20% of the total cost. At Cropmind, we use Computer Vision technology to enhance Fruit Growers' Decision-Making with Data-Driven Solutions. Our software and camera hardware collect and analyze crop data throughout the fruit life cycle. From unit tree segmentation to tree branch clustering, we aid pruning decisions. We enable crop load control through flower and fruit abscission analysis. Accurate apple counting and sizing help plan harvest efficiently. Empowering fruit growers with quick and informed decision-making capabilities. Our computer vision technology enables farmers to monitor crop health and make adjustments to their inputs, resulting in reduced reliance on chemical thinning, fertilizers, and manual labor. This not only leads to cost savings but also promotes environmental sustainability by minimizing the impact of farming operations.
  • Biofect Innovations Logo
    Biofect Innova…
    Biofect Innovations Logo
    Biofect Innovations

    Company Description
    Biofect Innovations is a biotech startup on a mission to harness the power of microbes to create a kinder, healthier, and more sustainable food system. Using similar technology used to make beer, wine, and insulin, Biofect combines advanced biotechnology with traditional fermentation technology to create microbes capable of efficiently producing functional molecules that are structurally and functionally equivalent to those found in nature. With their approach, resource-demanding ingredients can be made sustainably, bypassing traditional agricultural constraints. As an initial focus, the company is working on producing functional plant ingredients such as high-intensity protein sweeteners, 2000x sweeter than sugar. Importantly, Biofect's technology platform is adaptable which paves the way for future production of a range of high-value ingredients, broadening their impact on the food & beverage industry and beyond.
  • Local Eats Logo
    Local Eats

    Company Description
    Local Eats is a new marketplace connecting farmers & food artisans directly with consumers, businesses and farmers across Canada. We're making shopping for local food products accessible, easy for everyone and fully transparent.
  • High grade Farmers Logo
    High grade Far…
    High grade Farmers Logo
    High grade Farmers

    Company Description
    High Grade Farms Inc. (HGF) develops micro algae and specialized strains to provide a unique solution for sustainable agriculture, aquaculture, textiles, methane conversion, and bioplastics
  • Relocalize Logo

    Company Description
    Relocalize is decarbonizing and hyperlocalizing food & beverage manufacturing with distributed networks of fully autonomous hyperlocal micro-factories. RELO micro-factories produce fresher, greener, and more affordable packaged foods and beverages. They co-locate food production, packaging, and distribution in close proximity to distribution centers to achieve localized fulfillment. By eliminating unnecessary upstream trucking from production plants to retailers, the RELO system effectively reduces greenhouse gas emissions, operating costs, and supply chain risks. Transporting products made primarily of water on trucks comes at a huge economic and environmental cost. 20% of the GHG footprint of food comes from transportation according to Nature Sustainability, much of it from middle mile trucking. While the majority focuses on replacing their traditional trucking fleets with electric vehicles, we are questioning the fundamental design of centralized food supply chains by pioneering a distributed, hyper-local food production system, with the aim of completely eliminating trucks and the chain. Recently, Relocalize made a groundbreaking achievement, launching the world's first autonomous food & beverage micro-factory in collaboration with Southeastern Grocers in Florida. The RELO system produces packaged ice hyper-locally on-demand, effectively eliminating 100% of upstream logistics and transportation. The result is fresher, better and more affordable ice with an impressive 90% reduction in transportation carbon emissions.
  • Soralink Logo

    Company Description
    Soralink helps manufacturers and food producers to reduce unplanned downtime by predicting machine failures before they occur. They offer a solution in predictive maintenance for critical machines in food manufacturing plants such as compressors, pumps, ventilators, motors, etc. Their solution consists of wireless sensors, secure cellular connectivity, as well as cloud-based AI analysis engine capable adapting to seasonal and production variability of each factory. Their solution is flexible and self-contained. It can work with any rotating equipment and takes only a few hours to install. Their analysis engine uses artificial intelligence models to adapt to usage changes and to various types of machines. They have installed over 80 sensors in 6 factories in the last 12 months and are actively looking for new customers for pilot projects.
  • Rivercity Innovations Ltd. Logo
    Rivercity Inno…
    Rivercity Innovations Ltd. Logo
    Rivercity Innovations Ltd.

    Company Description
    Rivercity Innovations designs and manufactures IoT sensors for food-tech and supply chain management. We focus on automation of cold chain temperature and humidity processes to reduce food loss and digitize compliance data. We have one legacy product we developed as an opportunistic startup which does GPS tracking and temperature monitoring using hybrid satellite and IoT networks. Today Rivercity Innovations operates in 4 countries (Canada, USA, France, and Spain) with our sales team, key partners and resellers growing generating over $800K TTM, and over $350K ARR. Our primary focus is our proprietary TxH sensor / software solution developed for temperature monitoring which generates over 90% of our revenue and is actively used in grocers, pharmacies and restaurants (now integrated to 7Shifts). Our revenue stream comes from one-time hardware sales (our hardware) PLUS SaaS (our software). Rivercity Innovations has extensive client contracts and key partners across our market, with over 170 locations using thousands of our sensors to reduce food loss today.
  • ZeroIN Logo

    Company Description
    ZeroIN is a foodtech company developing breakthrough sugar reduction technologies. Sweet Fiber is revolutionary fiber that provides the same sweetness of sugar at 10X lower cost than existing solutions while reducing GHG emissions. The company is working with global brands and ingredient manufacturers to transform the sugar and sweetener market.
  • Cubbi Logo

    Company Description
    Cubbi was founded on the University of Saskatchewan campus in 2019 by Dawson Norrish, who wanted to re-invent the traditional fridge. As a young entrepreneur, Dawson noticed every workplace had a residential fridge but nothing designed for the office. ‍ As the pandemic changed the design and re-working of traditional office spaces, it allowed Cubbi to re-design a fridge suited for any workplace. With the realization that it is the biggest piece of infrastructure that connects us to our diets. ‍ With back-to-back meetings, shift work, food deserts, and inadequate access to healthy or affordable food options, the issues surrounding food at work kept rising. Cubbi looked into how people receive food and the logistics of operating kitchens. Our service is a food delivery platform that connects ghost kitchens and restaurants to businesses via our pickup pod. Creating a food services amenity in office 2.0. Benefits of providing this service include increased energy and productivity in the workplace. ‍ But our care for our community is what fuels us. We are passionate about what we do and go above and beyond for our customers. We are confident in our ability to add value and convenience to your life.
  • LifestyleRx Logo

    Company Description
    LifestyleRx delivers virtual care for Type 2 Diabetes reversal. Our doctors guide patients through lifestyle changes to reverse the underlying process of diabetes. 46% of patients reach the range for diabetic remission within 6 months. We have 2,000 patients in our program, are adding 500/month, and a team of 14 physicians and 5 dietitians.
  • SeamlessMD Logo

    Company Description
    Surgery is one of the most vulnerable experiences that a person can ever go through. They find it scary that in the 21st century, they still rely on paper instructions and human memory to get patients through this complicated journey. They can and they must do better. At SeamlessMD, they are on a mission to give every patient the best health outcomes after surgery. Together with healthcare providers, they leverage design, data and technology to enhance the patient experience, improve outcomes and lower costs.
  • Sifio Health Logo
    Sifio Health

    Company Description
    Hospitals and healthcare systems rely too much on hindsight to make important decisions. At Sifio, we know that forward-thinking solutions based on real data can transform the perioperative workflow. Our first-hand leadership experience in workflow optimization for healthcare inspired us to build a Machine Learning technology solution that helps optimize performance, reduce surgical backlogs, and more, by better understanding the future. Technology is meant to help us do our jobs better, so let’s leverage it in healthcare. Imagine having performance transparency across your perioperative program, an accurate forecast to help manage resources or even a smooth workload that reduces demand peaks and staff burnout. Sifio’s cloud-based software and artificial intelligence create a digital workflow reflection and analysis to help your staff to accomplish all of this. Our platform gives you the tools and data to effectively manage complex operations with better outcomes, improved clinical experience, reduced costs, and improved patient accessibility.
  • CAREier, Inc. Logo
    CAREier, Inc.
    CAREier, Inc. Logo
    CAREier, Inc.

    Company Description
    CAREier helps healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers improve quality of care and save lives. by ensuring no information is lost. We provide a framework for seamless communication across the entire medical device ecosystem, connecting manufacturers, hospitals, physicians, and patients for the automated, immediate, and secure delivery of patient alerts, device recalls, device data, and more.
  • varient Logo

    Company Description
    Varient uses AI, genetics, and social listening to tell you which medications are right for your disease.
  • Clinia Logo

    Company Description
    Clinia makes it easy for health organizations to implement and deploy personalized health-grade navigation within their own digital platforms. Our modular AI-powered infrastructure understands every individual’s unique situation, enabling better classification and discovery of approved and trusted health resources. Powering millions of journeys every year, Clinia’s products are built to scale with the largest digital health companies. Organizations of all sizes work with us to transform the way people and care teams find and access care. Today, Clinia is proudly headquartered in Montréal, Canada with team members sprawled across North America, South America, and Europe.
  • Hero AI Logo
    Hero AI

    Company Description
    Hero AI (www.heroai.ca) is a healthcare technology company dedicated to empowering patients and providers with AI. We have created one of the world's most agile and highly customizable clinical automation platforms for hospitals and clinics. This allows your frontline providers to rapidly build, iterate, and deploy AI powered solutions directly into the hands of patients and healthcare providers at massive scale. Unlock the creativity and clinical expertise of your team and solve the problems that matter most! Improve patient safety, add capacity, and drive flow and efficiency with Hero AI. ​ Easily adapt our clinical automation modules and deploy them to fully customizable, real-time AI powered dashboards, web-apps, and mobile apps. ​ Customizations take a few hours to days, not weeks to months! We were founded in 2020 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Dr. Devin Singh alongside a team of incredibly talented computer scientists and industry experts. Dr. Singh is one of Canada's first physicians to specialize in clinical artificial intelligence. He is an emergency physician at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and holds a Masters in Computer Science degree from the University of Toronto. He is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto in both the Temerty Faculty
  • Journey Biosciences Logo
    Journey Biosci…
    Journey Biosciences Logo
    Journey Biosciences

    Company Description
    Our flagship biomarker screening detects an individual’s personal risk for diabetes-related kidney disease (DKD) years before any signs or symptoms appear. This early insight enables people with diabetes and their healthcare teams to take action to prevent or delay this condition. One in three adults with diabetes will develop kidney disease and, in 90% of cases, they won’t know they have it until it has advanced to the point where they need dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive, as it develops slowly and without symptoms. NaviDKD identifies high risk of kidney disease before signs or symptoms arise. Proactively assessing risk years in advance of clinical signs and symptoms, NaviDKD provides the opportunity to change the outcome.
  • CardiAI inc. Logo
    CardiAI inc.
    CardiAI inc. Logo
    CardiAI inc.

    Company Description
    CardiAI is a data-driven company that harnesses technical innovation to create positive outcomes for patients. CardiAI is creating a handheld medical device that can rapidly diagnose, manage and monitor infectious diseases and chronic health conditions. We have a team of dedicated scientists, clinical researchers and hardware developers who work together to develop rapid diagnostic tools. CardiAi has created a point-of-care device to detect Covid-19 and biomarkers for other chronic diseases. Patients can use the device to test themselves and send the results to their physician. The physician then has all the information they need to deliver highly personalized care. The device is part of a technology platform that uses data and analytics to enhance patient care. Advanced analytics powered by machine learning can provide insights for patients, healthcare providers and insurance companies and drives the health care system towards integration. CardiAI’s machine learning and data processing allows for fast and efficient prediction models by leveraging historical and real time data. With CardiAI’s data collection and analytics platform, healthcare service providers can make better decisions for a patient’s diagnosis and treatment.
  • EmergConnect Logo

    Company Description
    At EmergConnect we are leading the way in revolutionizing emergency care by empowering patients and giving clinicians the power of data. We are using cutting edge AI and ML to improve patient ER experiences, increase ER efficiency and save hospitals money.
  • My Viva Inc Logo
    My Viva Inc

    Company Description
    Revive focuses on providing leading edge, up-to-date and evidence based nutrition and wellness coaching for individuals as well as corporate clients. We can help with weight loss, disease management, sports nutrition, recipe analysis, media and more.
  • Ellerca Health Corp. Logo
    Ellerca Health…
    Ellerca Health Corp. Logo
    Ellerca Health Corp.

    Company Description
    Ellerca Health empowers newly diagnosed patients and caregivers throughout the entire treatment journey. Our innovative technology provides the answers to patients’ most important questions, increases their adherence to medications, and helps them make well-informed decisions based on our unique data insights. 360Care™ Diabetes management app by Ellerca Health brings together key clinical data from your smartphone and integrated wireless health monitoring devices giving you a complete view of up-to-the-minute health and progress. The 360Care™ app and smart device integrations provide an easy way for you to stay on top of your blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, physical activity, and more.The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to connect devices, update readings, and see health trends. 360Care™ also connects to both Apple Health Kit and Google Fit providing data streams from OS integrated apps and devices, including Apple Watch.
  • Pentavere Logo

    Company Description
    Pentavere is an artificial intelligence (AI) clinical discovery company that has developed a breakthrough proprietary AI engine called DARWEN™ that dramatically accelerates the discovery of insights buried in vast amounts of clinical text data. Pentavere’s AI rapidly and inexpensively discovers, catalogs, organizes and analyses electronic health records, physician notes, pathology reports, and many other clinical data sources that are extremely costly to analyze and often left unused. By unlocking the power of data, Pentavere enables researchers, clinicians, and pharmaceutical companies to apply data to develop breakthrough health solutions. Pentavere and DARWEN™ have received significant acclaim from major global pharmaceutical companies, medical journals, and healthcare leaders.
  • IBD Relief Logo
    IBD Relief

    Company Description
    We aim to improve the lives of people around the world affected by inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease and forms of colitis, including ulcerative colitis and microscopic colitis. IBDrelief was created in 2015 by husband and wife team Seb and Emily Tucknott with a website to provide more information about IBD to patients. When Seb was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2008 he found very little support or information to help him on his journey of learning to live with the disease. With his skills as a web developer and Emily’s content and communications background they decided to start their own information website to help fill this gap. The website has now received nearly 4 million pageviews from around the world. Since then IBDrelief has grown into a for-purpose digital health social enterprise creating agile, creative digital solutions that affect positive change for the inflammatory bowel disease community. Many members of our team either have IBD themselves or family members who do, meaning we really understand the effects IBD has on people's lives. We involve patients in everything we do and work in partnership with NHS trusts, hospitals and other healthcare services, charities, organisations and pharmaceutical companies to tackle problems and issues faced
  • Ayble Health Logo
    Ayble Health

    Company Description
    Ayble empowers people with GI conditions to improve their symptoms through our data-driven digital platform. It’s an ecosystem of behavioral health, precision dietary analysis, and support. We close the care gap after your clinical diagnosis to ensure the right progress and get you to remission faster.
  • Samdesk Logo

    Company Description
  • Aro Robotics Logo
    Aro Robotics

    Company Description
    At Aro, our mission is to create safe work places for employees and higher operational efficiency for employers through robotics. Our robots are intelligent and can perform their tasks without any human supervision. We help manufacture automate their manual and repetitive work with our multitasking robots. We focus on Robotics, autonomous robots, autonomous mobile robots, automation, sensors, warehouses and related areas.
  • AYLA Logo

    Company Description
    AYLA is a cutting-edge technology company focused on building AI assistants for humans and tools for their AI to collaborate and connect to marketplaces. Our first AI assistant, a personal finance AI, is designed to help everyone automate their finances and connect to marketplaces of recurring services such as energy, telecom, insurance, and financial products. As we continue to innovate, AYLA's AI assistant will expand its capabilities into retail, medical, travel, and properties. Any organization can host AYLA for their members, transforming their existing platform into an AI-powered ecosystem that enhances user experiences and drives efficiency. Organizations can also share marketplace revenue, creating new opportunities for growth and profitability. Additionally, AYLA can be configured as a customer service AI assistant for organizations, providing seamless and personalized support to their users. By offering versatile and customizable AI solutions, we empower individuals and organizations with the ability to automate and streamline various aspects of their personal and professional lives. As we continue to push the boundaries of AI technology, AYLA remains committed to redefining the way humans and AI interact in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
  • PolyAI Logo

    Company Description
    Travel and Hospitality Customers/Partners: hotels, airlines, travel services, cruise lines PolyAI is a London-based machine learning startup building the next generation of conversational user interfaces. The company's platform employs machine learning and natural language processing to offer data collection and content curation, enabling developers to design human-like interactions. Natural language works better than existing web or mobile-based user interfaces, and the technology provides an integrated solution for voice or chat-based search, recommendation, and proactive sales. The general-purpose platform enables the development of chatbots or voice-based agents capable of performing tasks across many application domains, using a plethora of world languages. PolyAI is a voice-first conversational solution focused on call centres, which gives companies an advantage as they have already trained their models for customer service intents and use-cases. Hence, they offer already-made templates to be deployed from the start. While their strength is their delivery model, with their engineers specialised in voice experience, they are also building a low-code platform for more autonomy.
  • BetterCart Analytics Logo
    BetterCart Ana…
    BetterCart Analytics Logo
    BetterCart Analytics

    Company Description
    BetterCart Analytics is a cutting-edge ML/AI-powered web-based tool empowering retailers, manufacturers, and food and beverage processors to execute superior data-driven pricing strategies in real-time. By stitching together billions of price points and product attributes, food supply stakeholders from can operate with the most advanced data sources to increase their margins, efficiencies, and return on investment.
  • Archetype AI Logo
    Archetype AI
    Archetype AI Logo
    Archetype AI

    Company Description
    Archetype AI has built a multimodal AI foundation model that fuses real time sensor data (video, audio, radar, time series) and natural language to reason about the physical world and discover hidden insights. Their open developer platform makes it possible for developers to rapidly build physical AI applications using this pre-trained AI model. Archetype’s model is able to run in the cloud, on-prem, or offline at the edge. See our Customer Deck for links to demo videos. Use cases include: - Summarizing large amounts of video, audio, and other data and generating reports - Identifying patterns and predicting behaviors of people and machines (e.g. customer purchase intent) - Measuring space utilization - Safety and security, monitoring dozens of cameras simultaneously in real time - Predictive maintenance across diverse streams of industrial time series data - Autonomy, based on complex signal sensor fusion All of these use cases can be supported by Archetype's single foundation model. Free-form natural language queries make using the model accessible to everyone in an organization.
  • Mavryck Inc Logo
    Mavryck Inc

    Company Description
    Welcome to Mavryck Inc, where cutting-edge AI technology meets project management excellence. Our proprietary platform/ecosystem empowers organizations to execute programs and projects flawlessly—on time, within budget, and with utmost safety. But that's not all, we take it a step further by driving sustainability with reduced carbon footprints, helping you make a positive impact on the world. Mavryck analyzes project risk by comparing contract to schedule and highlights potential hotspots within the project to eliminate project surprises. Elevate your projects to new heights with Mavryck Inc and embrace success that's smart, safe, and sustainable. Mavryck AI models are trained on more than 142,000 projects & programs information globally on variety of industries which adds value in benchmarking, accurate predictions, optimized performance, powerful recommendations, automation, integration, safety and reduced greenhouse emission
  • Virtual Gurus Logo
    Virtual Gurus

    Company Description
    Virtual Gurus is a talent marketplace that matches organizations with highly skilled Canadian and American virtual assistants. We recruit talented remote assistants who may traditionally have faced barriers to employment. Then we curate personalized matches between businesses and assistants using our own algorithm, machine learning and human expertise – all within a monthly subscription. It’s a win-win-win for businesses, assistants, and diversity.
  • Sorair Technologies Logo
    Sorair Technol…
    Sorair Technologies Logo
    Sorair Technologies

    Company Description
    Our autonomous perimeter security solution - the Soranet™️, is a central intelligence platform that integrates with drones, sensors, and existing surveillance cameras to track real-time activity of individuals and assets across large sites. Using computer vision and AI technology, our system detects intrusions and unauthorized individuals at the earliest stages. With our proprietary software we can command and control any drone or autonomous vehicle for automation operations. Sorair is backed by the European Space Agency and Techstars; Partners of Inmarsat Aviation - a global satellite company, and Argenbright security group.
  • Structa Logo

    Company Description
    Structa is an AI Co-Pilot for real estate developers, investors & lenders to automate and improve financial analysis. Structa streamlines market analysis, financial modeling, and deal presentation materials, saving you money, time and increasing your deal flow.
  • Instill AI Logo
    Instill AI

    Company Description
    Instill AI is an early-stage startup on a mission to make AI more accessible to everyone. We develop open-source unstructured data infrastructure, Versatile Data Pipeline VDP. For users who want to derive insights or build AI-first applications 10x faster from unstructured data (e.g., text, image or video data), VDP provides a reliable and scalable foundation for their services and applications via a no-/low-code interface. We are a small nimble team with members sharing academic PhD backgrounds in Robotic Vision and Machine Learning from Imperial College London and University College London, with also industrial experiences in the large-scale real-time distribution system and AI products.
  • H+Trace Logo

    Company Description
    We are the first AI-powered platform for supply chain improvement that is affordable in any industry worldwide, currently in use ranging from organ transplants to ice cream.
  • NetNow Logo

    Company Description
    B2B commerce is going digital faster than ever before. We are building the infrastructure to support businesses to pay and finance transactions, digitally. We work with B2B merchants to help them sell more by offering better payment terms to their business customers. This can be done through their marketplace, website or through their key ERP systems. Whether it's a supplier looking for an advance on an invoice, a buyer looking to extend/defer a bill, or a marketplace operator aiming to embed trade financing during checkout, NetNow's technology enables SMBs with flexible payment & financing tools to support growth and cashflow management.
  • Delphi Technology Corp Logo
    Delphi Technol…
    Delphi Technology Corp Logo
    Delphi Technology Corp

    Company Description
    Founded in 2020, Delphi Technology Corp specializes in providing virtual AI-avatar training solutions to businesses. Delphi's VR City is an immersive virtual training campus that utilizes AI-powered avatar trainers to upskill employees by fivefold. This creates an avatar that embodies the techniques and processes of your best trainers while also acting as a personal educator and companion as it provides real time feedback. This approach enhances learning for every individual, allows organizations to rapidly scale up training, cuts down on cost by at least 25%, increases training capacity by 5X as the human trainer now takes on a validation role as the employee will achieve certain competency before showing up. All training sessions are also connected with the learning management system. It can also be used to practice anywhere, including the comfort of your own living room.
  • Entuitive Compliance Inc. Logo
    Entuitive Comp…
    Entuitive Compliance Inc. Logo
    Entuitive Compliance Inc.

    Company Description
    Entuitive Compliance Inc. is a leading provider of contractor and vendor workforce management software solutions. Our enterprise and SAAS solutions cater to diverse industries such as healthcare, hospitality, insurance, REITs, medical services, gig economy, logistics, entertainment, retail, manufacturing, and home services. Our software is specifically designed for contractor and workforce management, allowing clients to CRIM/ID checks, track certifications, credentials, training, and site-specific documentation. This empowers our clients to ensure compliance with workplace health and safety regulations, reduce risks, and improve operational efficiencies. A key advantage of our solution is the ability to manage your workforce by exception. Our software identifies exceptional cases, enabling you to focus on critical areas that require attention and streamline your overall workforce management process. With a thriving community of over 35,000 contractors and workers in Canada, our platform provides a robust network for connecting and collaborating with skilled professionals across industries. Entuitive Compliance is widely recognized for excellence in the field and has received awards for our insurtech software solutions. Our comprehensive suite of tools assists businesses.
  • ResVR Logo

    Company Description
    ResVR makes interactive 3D software for industries like residential construction, airports, aviation and commercial warehouses. We create digital twins that are ultra realistic and can be used for pre-planning, designing a future project, running simulations or monitoring assets in real-time.
  • Braintoy Logo

    Company Description
    Braintoy offers an AI platform for people who need to produce ML FAST. For projects that can't afford to spend a year trying to build & deploy machine learning with complex AI tools, Braintoy is your FASTEST way to a working AI solution!
  • KODIF Logo

    Company Description
    Kodif is a low-code customer support automation platform powered by GPT4 & Generative AI that enables non-technical teams to build and maintain self-service customer support automation without engineers. Has 4 serial entrepreneur cofounders from Stanford, Uber, Amazon, Walmart, and Plug and Play. Kodif's founding CTO, Norm Usenkanov, initially created this platform for Uber/Uber Eats which has now handled over 600m customer requests. Kodif has 10+ customers and is able to scale with large enterprises. Here are the use cases: 1. AI Agent Assistant: Turn any multi-step agent workflow into a one-click action and enable agents with automation to reduce average handling time and improve agent morale 2. Omni-channel Self-service customer support automation powered by AI. It enables customers to self-serve over their preferred channel of communication: sms, email, voice and chat 2. Proactive Outreach: move from reactive mode to proactive by notifying your customers about late delivery, order, status, or special offers 4. Risk and Fraud Prevention: Leverage contextual customer data and anti-fraud rules and templates to prevent fraud in self-service. 5. Refund: Use the contextual customer data to make decisions and refund customers based on their LTV, geography, or any other parameter
  • Bluemarvel Logo

    Company Description
    BlueMarvel AI is an Alberta-based Industrial Operations Applied AI solutions company. We combine our deep knowledge of operating challenges - existing and emerging - with technological solution development expertise to help Operating Functions capture value through applied AI. Our capabilities are put to work in a number of ways, but the goal remains consistent. We generate insights and predictions that are of particular importance to the industrial process industry: Sustainability, Safety, Throughput, and Cost. After all, it's all the outcomes that matter. Currently, process control systems gather and securely transmit process data for computation. This hard-coded approach is ripe for disruption by adaptive self-learning solutions. As AI transforms industries, early adopters stand to gain the most. BlueMarvel AI draws on its deep knowledge of operations technology, industrial process control, and risk management to assist an Operator's drive for excellence. We have walked in our customers' shoes. We connect outcomes to their key drivers. We generate predictive insight to help decision makers improve results.
  • Liveweb Logo

    Company Description
    A new generation of business communications for an online world. Upgrade your business phone communications to the experience modern buyers expect — and sales reps crave with liveweb. A powerful communication automation tool for you and your team.
  • frenter Logo

    Company Description
    frenter is a smart fleet management software designed for real-world needs, empowering real people.
  • ORNA Logo

    Company Description
    ORNA is a cyber incident response automation SaaS that streamlines detection and full-cycle incident resolution, guiding InfoSec, IT, third parties, business, and even legal and HR stakeholders towards a perfect response in a single real-time collaborative tool. ORNA automates the entire process, from market-leading complex attack detection, to AI-guided step-by-step resolution across all business functions, all the way through recovery, reporting, and even NIST CSF-centric active prevention measures. Our fully proprietary solution not only detects highly complex attacks across the entire infrastructure, but uses AI-enhanced scenario-specific playbooks to bring together stakeholders across all business functions, guiding them towards perfect response across every single stage of the incident in accordance with their role. This cross-functional capability is unique in the market, and has proven to drastically reduce cyberattack-related losses across the organization. On top of that, ORNA easily integrates with 200+ existing IT and security tools, maps KPIs against the NIST cybersecurity framework, and proactively suggests remediation actions across all 23 categories of NIST.
  • Western Frac Vap Logo
    Western Frac V…

    Company Description
    Our company has developed a ground breaking method of water purification and desalination that is more efficient than anything the world has seen before. Our system can make the dirtiest water drinkable, at any scale, at a cost that is attainable for the whole world. Our proprietary technology uses cutting edge science alongside time proven methodology that has been used for hundreds of years to clean water. We’ve learned from what works, and what doesn’t, and we’ve brought together a system that cleans water previously considered uncleanable. It does it using a fraction of the energy current systems use at a fraction of the cost. Our proprietary technology uses cutting edge science alongside time proven methodology that has been used for hundreds of years to clean water. We’ve learned from what works, and what doesn’t, and we’ve brought together a system that cleans water previously considered uncleanable. It does it using a fraction of the energy current systems use at a fraction of the cost.
  • Enline Logo

    Company Description
    Enline introduces a new paradigm in the operation and maintenance of the power grid, thanks to the development of a sensor-less digital twin concept for grid assets. Today’s conventional power grid monitoring requires strong investments in hardware, line inspection equipment, drones, optical fiber, site visits and man-hours. In addition, there is a lack of innovation and digitalization, which increases operational costs and limits the profitability and lifetime of the assets. Enline’s platform introduces a digital twin that integrates all electrical and physical characteristics of the grid, as well as topographic, weather, vegetation growth and operations data, enabling the predictive and real-time monitoring, fault detection, losses reduction, dynamic line rating, proactive maintenance and design optimization of the line, without the need for additional sensors or hardware.
  • EnerCat Logo

    Company Description
    The Enercat Oil Tools are a revolutionary solution to some of the biggest problems in the oil extraction industry – Paraffin, Scale, Emulsions, and Heavy Oil. The Enercat Tool is a disruptive innovation that prevents production problems while reducing LOE, stabilizing and often increasing production while protecting the environment. Enercat’s Oil Extraction Technology is a result of our advances in material science and the study of physical and chemical properties of materials at the molecular level. Current approaches to production problems such as paraffin and scale are expensive, usually only mitigative, and damaging to the environment. The Enercat tool uses physics to drive physical changes that eliminate the need for chemical, thermal and mechanical mitigation to manage asphaltenes, paraffin, and scale deposition in oil wells. The Enercat Tool has been installed with nearly 100% success in more than 5000 wells in 23 countries, but only recently has been available in the US and is already being actively used in 9 states
  • Enviro Integration Strategies Logo
    Enviro Integra…
    Enviro Integration Strategies Logo
    Enviro Integration Strategies

    Company Description
    Enviro is on a mission to prevent costly and dangerous dam failures, to effectively protect people and the environment globally. Applicable to any mine, any place in the world, our our Enterprise SaaS platform helps mining executives visualize their waste portfolio risks, inform on decisions impacting safety, and plan measures to improve their facilities. The tool captures risk-relevant information in one hub; calculates and plot risks to support communications; and enables risk compliance & reporting against global management standards. Key benefits of using the software include: • Production of risk rankings, and highlighted areas of focus, enabling prioritization of risk reduction strategies • Auditable results, including consolidation of all notes and associated documentation used to generate the evaluation process – a record that continues to grow over time • Creates a complete record for a facility (should the user upload all historic information about the facilities) • Easier communication of risks and results to non-technical audiences • Multi-standard reporting capabilities (future function) • Ability to document risks and mitigative management plans, as well as assign accountability and track progress for corrective actions that might be necessary (future function)
  • Visionaize Logo

    Company Description
    Visionaize is a pioneer and leading provider of digital transformation solutions based in Silicon Valley, California. The company’s flagship Digital Twin product V-Suite has been successfully deployed and integrated with the mission critical production systems to support Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) by the leaders of Energy, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas industries worldwide.     Visionaize’s immersive 3D approach to EAM contextualizes relevant information to improve plant productivity, safety, and decision-making cycles by facilitating seamless integration of the asset’s “physical condition” with various plant-wide engineering, inspection, operation and maintenance systems. V-Suite enables the creation, management, and access to high fidelity 3D views of plant assets, which consolidate and integrate with enterprise data systems to contextualize and simplify pertinent data for operations and maintenance applications.innovative approach, multi-domain knowledge, expertise in data integration and intelligent mapping of relevant outcomes, we help enterprises enhance their digital journey.
  • Aetos Imaging Logo
    Aetos Imaging

    Company Description
    3D scanning, revolutionary marketing and training for your building? Contact Aetos Imaging today for your free demo and find out how we can help you.
  • HazTrack Inc. Logo
    HazTrack Inc.

    Company Description
    HazTrack's mission is to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the industrial oil and gas sector with next-generation sensor technology. Our first product, the HazTracker, helps oilfield services companies drive operational efficiencies by providing near real-time data on their chemical tanks and pumps in the field. This data enables OFS companies to eliminate any unnecessary tank checks, while allowing them to respond quickly to issues with their assets out in the field. Our technology provides oil field services companies with the knowledge to eliminate many of their site visits; reduce carbon emissions and vehicle degradation; speed up their month-end inventory consolidations and billing cycles; and minimize lost sales due to pump failures. The HazTracker is a wireless, intrinsically safe, remote tank level monitor; that mounts inside of chemical tanks on oil and gas sites. It measures tank level, pump rate, temperature, GPS Location, and impact events which it reports back to the customer's back end via the LTE-M1 network. It is intrinsically safe certified Class 1, Division 1 (C1D1) for Hazardous Location, across all North America.
  • Safelight Cleaning System - A clean light is a Safe Light Logo
    Safelight Clea…
    Safelight Cleaning System - A clean light is a Safe Light Logo
    Safelight Cleaning System - A clean light is a Safe Light

    Company Description
    The Safe Light Cleaning System uses compressed air, stored in a dedicated receiver installed in the undercarriage of a trailer or tractor, to periodically, predictably and autonomously clean lights with a short duration air burst. The benefits for trailer fleets running this system include: increased safety for truck drivers & the driving public, increased convenience/efficiency, decreased insurance premiums for fleets, regulatory compliance, market differentiation, public & industry relations goodwill, and the flexibility to adapt the system to keep any crucial surface clean such as cameras, sensors, mirrors, license plates, and the like. Truck-trailers operating in challenging conditions, especially in long-haul and resource sectors in northern climates, experience road conditions that obscure their marking-brake lights (fouling) with snow, ice, mud, dirt, and dust. Federal and provincial vehicle safety legislation mandate that all vehicles have clearly visible lamps and reflectors, both in the front and in the rear, at all times. Compliance is difficult, near impossible to maintain, and results in non-compliance of a regulatory safety mandate. Fouled lights increase the risk of collisions from the rear as the trailers become ‘phantom vehicles’ that are difficult to spot.
  • Planette Logo

    Company Description
    Planette is an AI-powered SaaS-based planning platform to that provides climate and energy intelligence to renewable Energy (solar, wind, hydro) providers, managers and investors to maximize energy production and profits through advanced site selection and operational intelligence, energy policy monitoring, and 1 year to 30 year energy production/demand/pricing forecasting. We hasten deployment of renewable energy infrastructure capital by boosting production and profits.
  • EarthEn Logo

    Company Description
    They create patented novel thermo-mechanical storage solution uses CO2 in a closed loop to store 4-100+ hours of energy at a low cost & highly scalable manner. Their technology is the most cost-effective comparatively with an LCOS of $60/MWh & doesn’t suffer from any geographic or material constraints like their competitors. Their technology also uses CO2 in a closed loop, thus serving as a carbon sequestration application as well. 1MWh uses 90 tons of CO2 in a closed loop. Their solution has a 30-year LTV and doesn’t suffer from heat/cycle-based degradation which is the best on the market. Lastly, They're providing a flexible & future-proof potential since they can store 4-100+ hours. Their modular & small technology is designed to decouple the energy & power units, so that as customer’s grid needs increase, you can simply purchase additional units and retrofit their main frame system to support your increased needs. Their value proposition to you is that once you choose EarthEn as your storage supplier – you never have to look elsewhere as they can grow with your needs at an incremental low cost. They pair this with their novel AI/ML solutions to optimize peak demand pricing & leverage their storage assets with predictive analysis to enable grid resiliency.
  • Novus Earth Logo
    Novus Earth

    Company Description
    Novus Earth Energy is an innovation-driven corporation that develops and implements decarbonized technologies that enable sustainable stewardship of the earth's resources. At Novus Earth, closed loop geothermal system can help people revolutionize the way they produce and utilize energy, even in the most remote locations.
  • Aeon Blue Logo
    Aeon Blue

    Company Description
    Aeon Blue is developing "The Mother", a hydrogen and decentralized carbon capture technology to make market competitive eFuel that is up to 600% carbon-negative.
  • TerraVent Environmental Logo
    TerraVent Envi…
    TerraVent Environmental Logo
    TerraVent Environmental

    Company Description
    TerraVent Environmental Inc. is a clean energy technology company with a portfolio of 75 patents, trademarks, and technologies developed over a 10-year period in conjunction with a consortium of international Energy Producers. At the heart of the technology is the Heatwave® platform, an Electromagnetic (EM) thermal tool tailored for Energy and Industrial processes. EM heating is a cost effective and environmentally friendly mechanism for industrial heating needs. Current methods of generating heat are energy intensive and emit a tremendous amount of Greenhouse Gases (GHG). Heatwave® systems enhance economic performance, while meaningfully reducing GHG emissions. TerraVent’s patented ESEIEH® process and HeatWave® system support low-to-no GHG emission production of Hydrogen, Hydrocarbons, and production optimization of Critical Minerals. TerraVent’s proprietary CEMRS™ software is the only field validated simulation tool for in-ground EM heating. With hardware and software solutions, TerraVent will create significant recurring revenue streams for the life of each system.
  • SBI BioEnergy / Golu Hydrogen Technologies Logo
    SBI BioEnergy …
    SBI BioEnergy / Golu Hydrogen Technologies Logo
    SBI BioEnergy / Golu Hydrogen Technologies

    Company Description
    Golu Hydrogen Technologies Inc., a spinoff from and backed by SBI group of companies, has developed a disruptive green hydrogen production technology, Gölu-H2. This technology thermo-catalytically extracts hydrogen from a combination of water and a renewable product, ethanol which, unlike electrolysers, requires no electricity. Gölu-H2 allows the decentralized production of green hydrogen and clean electricity, independent of petroleum feed stocks and high CAPEX wind and solar energy. Using widely available low carbon ethanol as feed stock in Gölu-H2 solves the hydrogen distribution problem by tapping into existing petroleum pipelines, transportation, distribution, storage and dispensing systems readily available globally. The Gölu-H2 modularized integrated power generation systems are specially designed for onsite hydrogen generation for the refueling of heavy and light duty HFCEVs and generating power for EV charging. Modular units to be installed onboard a flatbed rail car or a ship will generate hydrogen to power a locomotive or a ship. Rail and ship owners will use existing liquid fuel storage and dispensing facilities for ethanol to avoid building costs of prohibitive hydrogen supply chain infrastructure.
  • Red Shift Energy Logo
    Red Shift Ener…
    Red Shift Energy Logo
    Red Shift Energy

    Company Description
    Red Shift Energy, Inc. is a privately held, Texas based company founded in 2017 that develops and commercializes proprietary applications of plasma technology for use in the energy and specialty gas industries. The Company will focus on two key development programs -- remediation of hydrogen sulfide in natural and associated gas streams, and the formation of syngas from carbon dioxide and methane. The next chapters in the Company’s development will be creating field scale solutions that demonstrate the technical advantages as well as the favorable operational and capital expenditure comparisons to competitive options. More importantly, the Company believes that its technology can be deployed where other remediation options are neither practical nor cost effective, increasing the value of customer assets. Downstream Impact RedShift technology allows recovery and recycling of hydrogen at a cost less than US $1/kg. This process produces carbon-free hydrogen. The process has a modular design for maximum operational efficiency and a small footprint. Upstream Impact High sulfur content prevents development of many reserves. Our technology allows for handling of hydrogen sulfide on-site and enables development of high sulfur content reserves.
  • Kapture Logo

    Company Description
    Kapture has developed low-cost, user-friendly membrane technology that captures CO2 emissions before it is emitted into the atmosphere. The filter can be retrofitted to a diesel generator, and the by-product can be discarded directly in soil as a low-cost fertiliser. Kapture's technology will give companies a real and affordable solution to capture CO2 and immediately reduce their emissions.
  • CHZero Emissions Ltd. Logo
    CHZero Emissio…
    CHZero Emissions Ltd. Logo
    CHZero Emissions Ltd.

    Company Description
    CHZero Emissions Ltd. provides innovative Zero-Flare pipeline and vessel cross-compression services to the Oil & Gas utility, production, midstream, and transportation sectors. CHZero crews arrive on site, execute the job, and follow up with a report of the emissions mitigated compared to conventional blowdown practices. Cross-compression is becoming more widespread, resulting from development of new, efficient and cost-effective ways to capture 100% of gas that would otherwise be released to the atmosphere. The IEA reports flaring of 143 billion cubic metres of natural gas in 2021, equivalent to the amount of gas imports into Germany, France and the Netherlands combined. The market value of the flared gas is as much as $55 billion per year. North America loses 327 Petajoules of gas to venting and flaring annually, enough for the energy needs of 3.6 million Canadian households. Unquestionably, reducing waste of natural gas is important for the global economy and environmental sustainability alike!
  • Litus Logo

    Company Description
    Litus is an emerging leader in the use of nanotechnology to provide ground breaking solutions to some of the world’s biggest energy challenges. Litus was formed in Calgary, Canada in 2019, by a team of experienced scientists and engineers. The Company’s first offering is a solution that selectively extracts lithium directly from water sources using a proprietary and patent pending nanomaterial composite. This technology enables companies to recover lithium with unmatched purity, speed and efficiency, resulting in far lower financial and environmental costs than any other known method.
  • 4Zero Technologies Logo
    4Zero Technolo…

    Company Description
    Integrated operations are no longer optional – they are mission critical. 4Zero deploys the power of deeply integrated, AI enhanced technology to provide real-time access and control of your operations. By fusing together the intelligence of remote sensing and control, predictive analytics and human resources, we implement relevant solutions that solve real problems. Optimizing in ag, food and beverage, mining, and waste. Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2018, 4Zero set out to achieve a simple mission – bridge the gap between operations and the rest of the organisation through advanced tech like IOT, AI and predictive analytics, and to do this in a way that makes the customer’s life easier. From reducing unplanned downtime, to increasing efficiency and operational resilience, 4Zero technology transforms businesses – all while maximizing their bottom line. The Parent Company Omnesse Is A Powerful Interoperability Platform, Driven By A Universal Language. It connects disparate machines and devices, enabling them to finally communicate and collaborate successfully. Through their cooperation, useful data can be collated in one place and applied in ways that transform industries.
  • Arolytics Logo

    Company Description
    We help the oil and gas industry become leaders in emissions management. Our data management software and emissions modelling solutions enable our clients to design, manage, and track the most efficient emission reduction programs, providing third-party data transparency while aligning with regulatory and corporate ESG objectives. Navigating the diverse array of options for methane detection and quantification is challenging. How can emissions measurements be used to achieve: Compliance? Cost savings through an alternative LDAR program? ESG targets? Differentiated product pricing? Voluntary initiatives and certifications (ex. OGMP 2.0)? This is where we excel. Our solutions: 1) AroFEMP Model - A modelling and emissions forecasting tool that evaluates and designs best-fit emissions monitoring programs tailored for cost, effectiveness, and alignment with corporate objectives. AroFEMP has been used by multiple producers and service providers to support the design and application of cost-effective alternative leak detection programs (alt-FEMPs) to the regulator. AroFEMP has been used to develop and approve individual and collaborative multi-operator alt-FEMPs. 2) AroViz Emissions Software - A centralized platform to streamline the end to end workflow of emissions management, a
  • Stranded Solutions Logo
    Stranded Solut…
    Stranded Solutions Logo
    Stranded Solutions

    Company Description
    Stranded Solutions is commercializing a patented chemical process that is an industry first combining two well-known technologies to combat GHG emissions and increase oil and natural gas producers’ profits. One technology is the process of direct partial oxidation which combines natural gas with oxygen at elevated temperature and pressure to produce methanol. The other technology is a fluidized bed reactor which is a chamber in which the reaction occurs and that manages temperature and pressure to increase efficiency. Methanol is a $42+ billion market expected to increase 5-fold by 2050. Stranded Solutions’ patented methane-to-methanol conversion technology can be scaled down to 1/100th the size of typical methanol plants, a solution that accommodates diverse types of smaller and non-traditional gas resources such as associated gas flared from oil wells. Comments from a natural gas producer’s CEO and prospective customer: “Stranded Solutions uses the earlier simpler direct reaction process of “partial oxidization” (burning). This is less efficient but less capital intensive. The potential low capital cost of Stranded Solutions’ process may become a “game changer” in upgrading natural gas in-field to higher value products.”
  • Kiana Analytics Logo
    Kiana Analytics
    Kiana Analytics Logo
    Kiana Analytics

    Company Description
    Kiana strengthens physical safety and security, optimizes operations and delivers proximity solutions to understand visitor behavior at physical locations worldwide. Corporate campuses, event venues, transportation hubs and shopping malls use Kiana’s patented device detection capabilities and cloud-based software. Kiana uses data fusion - WiFi signals from mobile devices and security camera images to detect the presence and monitor customer location and movements. Large volumes of real-time data are collected for each device, aggregated, and processed to provide customer behavior analytics, intelligent alerts, and actionable information.
  • Carbon Upcycling Technologies Logo
    Carbon Upcycli…
    Carbon Upcycling Technologies Logo
    Carbon Upcycling Technologies

    Company Description
    Carbon Upcycling Technologies (“CUT”) uses the waste of today to build a better tomorrow by converting CO2 gas into solid products. CUT sells advanced solid products derived from greenhouse emissions and cheaply available solids. Since 2014, CUT has scaled its ability to convert CO2 emissions into value-add end materials by over a million times and has since been confirmed as one of the top CO2 utilization companies in the world as a winner of the X-Factor Award in the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE. Through its portfolio of CO2-derived solid nanoparticles, CUT has technically validated its solutions for use in concrete, coatings, and plastics. CUT recently launched a consumer brand called Expedition Air. CUT commercialized a corrosion-resistant coating, utilizing its nanoparticles, in 2017, becoming the youngest CO2 utilization company to generate commercial revenue (<2.5 years since inception). CUT has been named as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label recipient, a funding recipient of Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund, and a winner of the 2019 76West Clean Technology Competition.
  • Copperstone Technologies Logo
    Copperstone Te…
    Copperstone Technologies Logo
    Copperstone Technologies

    Company Description
    Copperstone helps clients manage liabilities and safety costs associated with maintenance and monitoring of hazardous infrastructure. We do this by building field robots that can access their these environments in a way never before possible. Our robots carry sensors, surveillance, and sampling payloads, keeping people out of harms way, reducing costs, and improving efficiencies for our clients. Our primary markets include mine waste tailings ponds, sewer infrastructure, and industrial or agricultural waste water storage ponds. Copperstone runs also geotechnical surveys that are aimed at understanding the behaviours and properties of earth and foundations. These surveys include soil sampling, soil mechanics, and subsurface investigations to evaluate the foundation of structures, such as tailings storage facilities and earthen dams.
  • ClimateWells Logo

    Company Description
    A science-first approach to cleaning up American oilfields. ClimateWells plugs oil and gas wells and creates verified emission reduction projects in the carbon market. ClimateWells is a carbon credit company that measures and removes emissions in the oilfield. Marginal oil and gas wells make up less than six percent of production but over 50% of all oilfield methane emissions. Plugging and wellsite reclamation stops emissions and restores the native landscape.
  • Diesel Tech Industries Logo
    Diesel Tech In…
    Diesel Tech Industries Logo
    Diesel Tech Industries

    Company Description
    Diesel Tech Industries is Driving Innovative Technology for the Transportation Industry, a subsidiary of DTTR (1999), founded in 2005 in Edmonton, Alberta and has taken on multiple challenges that have faced the trucking industry over the years. DTI is developing the Guardian Hydrogen-Diesel System. We are currently designing this latest technological innovation as a solution to the 2050 net-zero goal. Our solution provides a dual-fuel hydrogen blending solution, multiport injection, full ECM integration and a proprietary control system. Our Guardian HDS technology will support fleet operators with the energy transition and ensure competitiveness and economics for their fleets.
  • Qaptis Logo

    Company Description
    Truck & ship industry are together responsible for more than 10% of global CO2 emissions and are part of the hard-to-decarbonize sector. There is a strong pressure to bring rapid changes! However, the current solutions, like hydrogen and electric vehicles, are not ready to clean these sectors before decades. This is why Qaptis is committed to a greener tomorrow and their mission is to solve the climate change challenge in the transportation industry by capturing the emissions at their source. With their plug-in technology, their solution is able to capture up to 90% of the emitted CO2, store it in liquid form directly onboard and recycle it (fuel, plastics, building materials, CO2 sequestration).
  • Optiseis Solutions Ltd Logo
    Optiseis Solut…
    Optiseis Solutions Ltd Logo
    Optiseis Solutions Ltd

    Company Description
    OptiSeis is a geophysical company focused on providing high-resolution, cost-effective subsurface data with the lowest environmental footprint. We specialize in seismic acquisition design for optimal inversion results. Utilizing our proprietary software, we help clients plan, acquire, process, and interpret their seismic datasets, enabling accurate development of all subsurface resources including oil and gas, critical minerals, geothermal, and carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). Seismic exploration often requires the clearing along seismic lines to provide safe access for equipment deployment. As industry progresses and the long-term operational footprint associated with these programs becomes better understood, new methods are needed to reduce the environmental impact of acquiring seismic, including reducing the emissions associated with fuel usage. Our new technology, EcoSeis, can reduce the total operational footprint of a seismic program by more than 55% while still maintaining subsurface data quality and providing safe access for field operations. This method has the potential to reduce the emissions associated with the acquisition, the amount of reclamation required at the end of a project, and potentially the costs due to fewer linear km and improved efficiencies.
  • Hago Energetics, Inc. Logo
    Hago Energetic…
    Hago Energetics, Inc. Logo
    Hago Energetics, Inc.

    Company Description
    Our company reduces carbon emissions through various technical approaches. Our first focus is the conversion of agricultural waste to green hydrogen. We are a group of scientists and engineers with deep expertise in the area of using renewable energy to decarbonize the present chemical industry.
  • Nanoprecise Logo

    Company Description
    Nanoprecise has created a patented solution (hardware + software) that combines physics, material science, and data analytics to diagnose issues with machinery and detects anomalies, characterizes the faulty components and predicts the "Remaining Time to Failure." Nanoprecise's sensor is the first sensor in the world that extracts RPM, vibration, sound, temperature & humidity information, all from one sensor. The software (which is built on AI algorithms that are only limited to research papers until now) analyzes the data from various sensing elements and achieves anomaly detection, fault characterization & remaining useful life prediction.
  • Cvictus Logo

    Company Description
    Cvictus’s patented and proprietary Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery (EHR™) technology can produce clean hydrogen with lower carbon intensity than green hydrogen from hydropower and at a cost that’s less than half the cost of hydrogen from SMRs. EHR™ extracts hydrogen-rich synthesis gas (syngas) from ultra-deep coal and brine and re-injects associated CO2 back into the space it creates in the same deep seam for permanent geological sequestration, turning coal ‘from a source to a sink’ of CO2. Cvictus’s technology and projects target the most difficult climate challenges with flexible applications and huge scalability. We can produce the lowest cost, lowest carbon intensity bolt-on products (hydrogen, methanol, ammonia) to decarbonize difficult industries (chemicals, energy, transportation) providing a way for Canada, the US and many other countries that lack other energy resources to extract valuable products from heavy hydrocarbon while leaving carbon in the ground. Cvictus is also developing a bolt-on industrial fermentation system to produce single cell protein (SCP) as a high-quality, low-carbon alternative for soybean meal and fishmeal in animal feed to help restore our natural carbon sinks. At commercial scale, the process generates 80% EBITDA margins.
  • Terrapin Geothermics Logo
    Terrapin Geoth…
    Terrapin Geothermics Logo
    Terrapin Geothermics

    Company Description
    Terrapin Geothermics Inc. (Terrapin) is a designer and developer of industrial heat recovery projects. As a turn-key solutions provider, Terrapin helps large industrial emitters advance their net-zero commitments by generating emission-free, baseload power from wasted heat off their operating assets. Unlike the traditional project developer, Terrapin will self-finance and build turnkey clean energy projects at zero cost to the client where we will pay them for access to turn their waste heat into value. Terrapin can provide the generated carbon offset credits as a royalty payment for access to their waste heat which offers rare opportunity to receive emission reductions for $0 per tCO2 reduced or clients can buy our emission-free power behind the fence at a reduced $/kWh rate. Terrapin's team is comprised of energy and utilities experts who specialize in developing the operational, commercial, technical, and regulatory aspects of heat recovery projects. Ultimately, Terrapin's projects represent a negative-cost, emissions reduction opportunity for industrial facility operators.
  • Ayrton Energy Logo
    Ayrton Energy

    Company Description
    As home electrification grows, so does the strain on the current electrical grid system. Net-zero regulatory policies like zero-emission vehicles by 2035 in Canada and the US continue to provide further pressure on an electrical system already under severe strain. To alleviate the increased electricity demand expensive infrastructure upgrades are required to the transmission and distribution systems. Ayrton Energy is developing a hydrogen-powered EV charging and energy storage system. Ayrton's EV charging systems can be installed at small commercial sites for fleet charging or at residential locations for individual use. The system is remotely monitored for automated just-in-time hydrogen delivery. The hydrogen is delivered in compact, safe containers that fit directly inside the unit. While clean hydrogen is the next clean fuel to decarbonize the energy market it currently lacks the transportation network to enable safe and efficient delivery to a broad customer base. Ayrton's technology solves this challenge - Ayrton's proprietary hydrogen storage and transportation technology delivers hydrogen no differently than gasoline.
  • NGON Solutions Logo
    NGON Solutions

    Company Description
    NGON’s mission is to help the oil industry eliminate flaring of natural gas by capturing, converting and utilizing the gas onsite in an environmentally friendly way. NGON captures excess gas before it is flared and converts it onsite to usable energy. We provide and operate modular equipment for upstream and industry operators without economic access to a pipeline. Our solution reduces aggregate emissions for our producer clients by 40-60% per site, and provides competitive power pricing for our hosting clients while utilizing off-grid economics. Our regulatory tailwinds are robust, from methane taxes levied from the IRA, endorsement from Federal agencies as additive to US climate and economic goals, and tax rebates from state emissions regulators. Oil producers feel the urgency to address their fugitive emissions immediately, and NGON's services provide a turnkey solution with positive economics.
  • C the Signs Logo
    C the Signs

    Company Description
    C the Signs is an evidence-driven AI platform, founded by Doctors for Doctors, to accelerate early cancer diagnosis and survival. Covering all cancers, C the Signs creates a systematic approach that stratifies patients according to their cancer risk, using signs, symptoms, risk factors and other clinical markers. With thousands of data points, we've created a Bayesian model with optimisation and prioritisation systems, to indicate which cancers a patient is at risk of and what test, investigation or review they need in under 30 seconds. The platform is used for face-to-face or remote risk assessment. Using ML, we adapt algorithms to the local population to identify cancers that are more prevalent or harder to detect. Using dashboards, we're able to support a better understanding of tumour burden and capacity and demand-modelling for diagnostics, thereby diagnosing cancer sooner and more cost-effectively, improving patient prognosis and survival.
  • uCarenet Logo

    Company Description
    uCarenet is a HealthTech social enterprise helping keep seniors and palliative patients at home. uCarenet achieves its mission by developing technology solutions that close gaps in the healthcare journey of seniors from companionship and personal care, to wellness support, to home health care, and to end-of-life palliative care. Current uCarenet e-health solutions directly support seniors, their family members, home-care providers, and healthcare practitioners — coming together to help seniors age in their own home while also helping to solve one of healthcare’s most pressing problems: reducing hospital visits and stays.
  • nQ Medical Logo
    nQ Medical

    Company Description
    nQ Medical is an artificial intelligence company that has developed a computational biomarker that has been proven in five years of clinical trials to substantially change the way disease is managed for a wide range of neuromotor and neurocognitive disorders (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, mTBI, et al. nQ focuses on analysis of user interaction with common electronic devices to capture functional decline related to neurodegenerative disorders. The fine control of typing and touch screen kinematics together with the frequent use of electronic devices allows for precise monitoring of small changes in neurodegeneration that frequently go unnoticed by clinicians. nQ allows for early detection of disease, 24/7, passive, at home, remote monitoring of disease progression and the measurement of impact of therapy at a fraction of the cost of current gold standards. There is no required task. Just use your device as your would normally use it. nQ received Breakthrough Designation from the FDA in 2019.
  • Clinical Trial Hero Logo
    Clinical Trial…
    Clinical Trial Hero Logo
    Clinical Trial Hero

    Company Description
    Clinical Trial Hero is a digital healthcare platform that helps underserved patients join clinical trials quickly. We are transforming healthcare by empowering underserved patients to get new life-changing therapies by making it easier for them to find and enroll in clinical trials across the globe. We use disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and social media to create a faster approval process for novel drugs, improving access and empowering patients. At Clinical Trial Hero we believe investing in technology and data is the best way to expand access to life-saving treatments. We are building a better way to fill trials, allowing access to underserved patients in rural and urban areas who would not otherwise have easy access to clinical trials. Our mission is to transform the clinical trial process by using disruptive technologies to create a faster approval process for novel drugs, improving access and empowering patients. Through our technology platform, we find those who don’t get exposure to clinical trials- this is now an FDA requirement, connecting them with people that do.
  • Kaleidoscope XR Logo
    Kaleidoscope XR

    Company Description
    Based out of Calgary, Canada and with a global team, Kaleidoscope XR's vision is to Enhance the human experience with technology for the greater good of all. We do this by developing live multiuser Virtual Reality (VR) solutions for Healthcare and Training. To address the growing aging population which is projected to double from 703 million in 2019 to 1.5 billion globally by 2050, and the need for well trained caregivers, we will be launching Caregiver VR in April 2023. Caregiver VR is a VR/Desktop platform that enables live role-playing simulations between Teachers (subject matter experts) and trainees role-playing as caregivers and patients in front of a virtual classroom. This platform also helps end-users practice interactions with and experience the world from the perspective of those experiencing dementia and aging. The Caregiver VR platform is designed with the following goals: help caregivers share core soft skills, and hard skills in a hands-on manner globally, reduce training costs, increase accessibility to subject matter experts, and finally increase caregiver expertise and capacity, all of which will lead to better healthcare outcomes for patients and our loved ones.
  • Health Gauge Inc. Logo
    Health Gauge I…

    Company Description
    To help people on every step of their personal health journey, we created Health Gauge, the next generation of health and wellness applications. Bringing together the most sophisticated health technology and artificial intelligence (AI) into one easy-to-use, accurate, and smart solution, we give you the freedom to monitor your health from the comfort of home. Founded in 2014 by a collective of medical doctors, engineers, and computer scientists – Health Gauge was created on the simple principle: that everyone should have easy access to personal health coaching and biometrics. Our first wearable device and AI platform will be commercially available by November 2020, and our current applications are focused on bringing new and better health monitoring to the people who want to be healthy, get healthy, and stay healthy.
  • Cherry Health Logo
    Cherry Health

    Company Description
    Cherry Health is Canada’s medical careers network. We empower providers with connectivity and tools to solve systemic healthcare problems. The core of our medical network is the job search and recruiting platform. We are democratizing medical recruiting by ensuring that every employer with any size budget is able to get visibility to their job opportunities. We make it easy for doctors to identify high quality jobs, improve patients' access to care, and facilitate engagement between physicians and industry. It is free to sign up, post jobs and apply, and users have the option to promote their opportunities through paid tiers.
  • Greenspace Mental Health Logo
    Greenspace Men…
    Greenspace Mental Health Logo
    Greenspace Mental Health

    Company Description
    Greenspace empowers service providers and users with the tools and insights they need to provide the best care possible. Through innovative and intuitive technology, organizations delivering mental health services are able to easily implement Measurement-Based Care, improving outcomes for the people they serve. Measurement-Based Care is at the core of all Greenspace solutions and its driving improvement across the entire ecosystem of mental health services— from clinics, hospitals, and health systems, to the workplace or campus. How it works: Greenspace allows organizations to consistently collect objective, patient-reported outcome measures (PROM’s) throughout treatment. With automated delivery and a selection of 50+ evidence-based assessments, providers can tailor their measurement process to their clients’ specific needs and gather rich insights throughout care. Organizations using Greenspace can leverage their data and insights to improve client engagement and outcomes, inform treatment planning and program innovations and advocate for increased funding. From individual clinicians to small clinics, hospitals, campuses, or entire health systems, their MBC solutions are built to flex to the unique needs and challenges of any workflow.
  • Gotcare Logo

    Company Description
    Gotcare is a social enterprise improving health outcomes by prioritizing personalized, efficient, and timely care delivery within the home. With Canada's largest network of care workers Gotcare is able to deliver health services to homes that were traditionally unreachable. Gotcare’s unique approach to home health is a balance between high-tech and high-touch, powered by a network of 30,000 qualified community care workers across Canada. Gotcare reduces hospital length of stay by bridging service wait time for traditional home care by providing responsive 24/7 in-home patient monitoring, and sending real-time data reporting and predictive analytics to primary care. Assisted by our patented AI algorithms, our team matches clients with the most qualified worker for them, often within a 5-minute walk or drive of where care is needed. With this approach, we're able to free up hospital and primary care resources, and remotely monitor the state of health across health authorities, allowing these regions to make informed decisions on clients in real-time by monitoring key metrics ranging from biometrics to changes in mobility, cognition, and mental health.
  • Arkangel Logo

    Company Description
    Arkangel is an AI as a service platform. We transform medical data from healthcare institutions to automatically create AI algorithms for early disease detection at scale. Any health care company like pharma, hospitals, or healthcare insurer gets a license to use our technology based on their use cases. Allowing physicians, researchers, and digital health developers to access to create their own Ai models without code, to make decisions in real-time, optimize access, improve early detection patients' care worldwide and at a fraction of the cost. Arkangel Ai has been developed with scientific entities such as Google, Novartis, and McGill University Canada.
  • Dyne Logo

    Company Description
    Dyne is a B2B SaaS platform that provides AI-driven revenue and marketing solutions to restaurants. It collects data from various sources, including customer satisfaction, foot-traffic, and point of sale integrations, to build a comprehensive "Dine-In" dataset. This dataset is then used to automate marketing, provide insights, and drive revenue for restaurants. Dyne's product is unique as it offers a combination of AI-driven analytics and a community app that connects people over food. The app provides continuous user sentiment analysis, coupon and event-loyalty programs, AI market/pricing recommendations, and a competitive coupon marketplace. Dyne's target customers are restaurants of all sizes, from mom and pop shops to large enterprises. To date, Dyne has over 700 clients in 6 cities and a community app with 20,000+ users. The company has already generated $10 million in additional revenue for its customers and has sustained a 20% MoM growth. Now focusing on expanding to new cities and new verticals, Dyne is currently backed by investors and partners like Microsoft, NRC-IRAP, and Launch House and has committed $1.4M of its $1.5 million seed round with a further $4.6M in interested cheques to further scale its business.
  • SmartConcil Logo

    Company Description
    SmartConcil is a platform that helps companies to consolidate and standardize all financial information in one place, automating the entire reconciliation process With SmartConcil, finance teams can identify mismatched information in real time, increasing the reliability of financial metrics and dramatically reducing the time and effort spent each month on these tasks
  • Phaze Logo

    Company Description
    Phaze is a prepaid payout API for Fintech companies. It is trusted by multi-billion dollar digital banks and 10M+ users for its powerful simplicity. We enable users from 134 countries to receive digital payouts from over 2,000 prepaid brands including Visa and MasterCard. Our mission is to help the world transaction to digital payouts.
  • Quickly Logo

    Company Description
    Quickly is an earned revenue access technology that lets small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) take control of their working capital by providing next day access to their verified receivables. They provide a platform that streamlines the relationship between buyers and sellers while matching enterprise level capital providers, like banks and institutional lenders, with SMB’s that would not normally have the capacity to access these resources.
  • Redlining Manager Logo
    Redlining Mana…
    Redlining Manager Logo
    Redlining Manager

    Company Description
    Kemisoft Consulting is a Canadian technology company focused on helping businesses enhance their operations through Digital Modernization with a specialization in Salesforce and Mulesoft. We have worked with companies of all sizes and scales including non-profit and government agencies, providing a range of services including: a) Full Suite SalesForce – Architecture, Development, Configuration, Implementation, Project delivery b) Mulesoft Support – Enterprise Integration, Architecture, Designing, Development, Project Delivery c) Digital Strategy & Architecture - Architecture assessments, Gap analysis, Road-mapping, Strategic digital planning d) Business Process Automation – RPA, Workflow Management System, A2P e) Data Analytics &amp; BI – Architecture, Development, Project Delivery, Specialized in MS PowerBI &amp; Tableau
  • TIQ Software Logo
    TIQ Software

    Company Description
    For over 10 years, TIQ Software has been the trusted partner of organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, empowering them to design engaging, interactive and impactful training with integrated gamification.
  • Scription Logo

    Company Description
    PROBLEM Owning and operating out-of-warranty commercial equipment is fraught with challenges: unexpected costs, unoptimized maintenance paid hourly, and frequent equipment breakdowns are all risks to the owner. SOLUTION Scription is powering the new way to protect commercial equipment with a personalized subscription warranty: equipment owners pay a fixed-monthly fee that bundles together all costs to maintain the equipment. With these subscription plans, equipment uptime is now the goal for both the equipment owner and the Service Partner. PRODUCT AND TRACTION We offer the platform to streamline maintenance delivery and enable personalized subscription warranties The platform -> Used by the maintenance companies to streamline equipment repair (B2B SaaS) -> $5.5k USD MRR (set to grow to $20k MRR by end of year) -> Currently monitors $500M worth of equipment from 30,000 commercial locations such as McDonald's, Subway, Chipotle, and 800+ other brands The warranties -> Sold by the maintenance companies to their equipment clients (Scription takes a 15% commission) -> $100k+ USD MRR in pilots starting in fall 2022 -> Pilots with McDonalds, Burger King, Casey's
  • ZipStall Logo

    Company Description
    Our mission is to improve the downtown experience. Parking is the number one problem that we hear about from both businesses and customers and we are striving to change this. By focusing on the customer experience and amazing local businesses, Zipstall is making it easier to love coming downtown.
  • Recorem Logo

    Company Description
    RECOREM enables & curates Web3.0 Jobs at Events using Augmented Intelligence thereby helping recruiters leverage the massive talent pool of passive job seekers from the attendees. The Founders helped a Scotland based Decentralized Internet Company, hire a Rust Developer back in 2018. The term Web3 was coined in 2021 but the team behind RECOREM has been leveraging Web3 Events to find talent since 2018, so we decided to build the Web3 community by curating events & jobs. Our unique web application is specially designed for you to discover talent & opportunities at events.
  • Clearhead Logo

    Company Description
    Clearhead is an innovative workplace wellbeing EAP provider delivering holistic and proactive employee wellbeing support. Our AI platform take an integrated approach of evidence-based AI mental health tools, a global therapists network, and sophisticated organisational wellbeing data insights.
  • MachEye Logo
    MachEye Logo

    Company Description
    MachEye’s AI-powered BI platform offers natural search, click-less intelligence, and interactive audio-visuals to improve the speed of decisions, uncover business opportunities, and increase user engagement. MachEye ensures a single source of truth through zero data duplication, and simplifies the on-boarding process with an automated data catalog. Simply put, MachEye makes data analytics stress-free, instantaneous, and insightful for every business user.
  • Personify XP Logo
    Personify XP
    Personify XP Logo
    Personify XP

    Company Description
    Personify XP automates digital experiences for anonymous digital shoppers driving an average increase of 10% in revenue. Personify XP partner with some of the world’s most exciting brands like Farfetch, Boohoo, Pentland Brands, Lovehoney and Vitabiotics. A Gartner Cool Vendor in Personalisation, Personify XP delivers ‘personification’ solving the ‘cold start problem for personalisation’. Personify XP is able to personalise in real time onsite shopping behaviour by identifying the purpose of the shoppers visit completely anonymously. Personify XP’s proprietary AI dynamically inserts content and products based on shopping context without business user involvement. Changes in behaviour, driven by celebrity endorsements, discount and new product launches are recognised automatically in real time, updating/creating new behaviours to drive highly personalised experiences. With GDPR, CCPA and Google phasing out 3rd party cookies in 2022 we deliver exceptional experiences today.
  • SCOOTY Logo

    Company Description
    Started in 2019, SCOOTY is a Canadian born and operated Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform bringing shared electric micromobility to Canadian cities. 75% of Canadians still commute via car today, and 83% of these car trips are under 7 kilometers. SCOOTY works with cities, transit agencies and property developers to deploy shared electric scooters and electric bikes in urban neighborhoods for residents and commuters. SCOOTY’s vision is to integrate micromobility with public transit, to help cities offer multimodal transportation options that will seamlessly connect residents and commuters between their first, middle, and last mile commutes. SCOOTY's mission is to help the busiest and fastest growing cities in Canada reduce congestion and replace short-distance car trips with 100% emission-free commuting.
  • Gaze and Movement Analysis Inc Logo
    Gaze and Movem…
    Gaze and Movement Analysis Inc Logo
    Gaze and Movement Analysis Inc

    Company Description
    GaMA is a spin-off company out of the University of Alberta. Our founding team has developed an expertise in the measurement and analysis of gaze & movement behavior, with over three decades of combined research experience. GaMA's mission is to leverage data from how you look, move and interact to unlock insights for skill training in extended reality (XR). XR is an ideal skill-training platform because it natively generates gaze and movement data, which can be harnessed to provide unparalleled insight into how efficiently you complete a task. Interpreting this raw data is a formidable challenge. GaMA brings meaning to this data, automatically converting gaze and movement information into actionable insights that improve performance. GaMA provides current XR training customers an advanced analytics add-on, offering a genuine proof of learning guarantee - not just if you finished a task, but where, when, and how the task was done. GaMA provides critical insights to: Trainees, who can use targeted, individualised feedback to improve their own learning journey Managers, who can assess whether individuals and teams are hitting training milestones Authors, who can use group-level behaviour to identify and fix problematic training steps or scenarios
  • JIFFY.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Our platform’s capabilities range from intelligent document processing and robotic process automation to natural language processing, machine learning and No-Code development. We uniquely deliver this through HyperApps – pre-packaged end-to-end automation applications that are reusable and extensible across the enterprise. HOLISTIC APPROACH JIFFY.ai AUTOMATE is our core automation platform, which combines enterprise-grade robotic process automation (RPA) with intelligent data capture, advanced analytics and cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver measurable impact on productivity, efficiency and profitability. SCALABLE, UNIFIED PLATFORM JIFFY.ai AUTOMATE is the only app-based intelligent automation platform that lets you implement, manage, monitor and analyze enterprise-wide automation through a single dashboard that combines the power of RPA, ML, AI, document processing, workflow and analytics, to support the end to end lifecycle management of automation. And our human-in-the-loop approach accelerates and optimizes human-machine collaboration. JIFFY.ai's biggest differentiators are its unified platform, intelligent document processing, cognitive capabilities, scalable architecture and ability to achieve sustainable ROI.
  • Sentire Logo

    Company Description
    Sentire augments robots via machine vision and learning so they can quickly learn a new task, adapt or react to complex environments (i.e., farm).
  • Chexy Logo

    Company Description
    Chexy is a tenant-focused fintech platform, allowing them to automate roommate splitting, earn rewards on every rent dollar and build credit. We are on a mission to eliminate the paper based rent payment methods still widely used in the industry to date, while making renting a more rewarding experience for this generation of tenants, who are and will be renters for much longer. Our long term vision is that the data we will gather with payments will enable us to disrupt the entire residential space by better matching tenants and landlords in the future.
  • Highwood Emissions Management Logo
    Highwood Emiss…
    Highwood Emissions Management Logo
    Highwood Emissions Management

    Company Description
    Highwood’s Emissions Management Toolkit (EMT) is a software platform that creates a digital twin of an oil and gas company’s emissions inventory and a dynamic knowledge ecosystem of technologies, incentives, and projects for mitigating emissions. The core purpose of EMT is to help operators make better emissions management decisions and accelerate decarbonization by revealing profitable emission reduction opportunities. 1. Emissions Insights Module: An inventory management system that can be considered the “base module” of EMT. Users are able to build out their inventories and visualize their emissions data, methane, and carbon intensity, simple benchmarking, and the impact of changing inventories and production over time, including both projected and historical emissions. Emissions Insights is a data visualization tool that can be used by leadership teams to engage with emissions data. 2. Reduction Pathways Module: A framework for building marginal abatement cost curves (MACCs) that are both interactive and customized to an operator’s assets. MACCs are then used to conduct scenario analysis to explore and formalize emissions reduction roadmaps. 3. Measurement & Reconciliation Module: Enable clients to upload and manage fugitive emissions data using standard formats that applies
  • BitRipple, Inc. Logo
    BitRipple, Inc.

    Company Description
    BitRipple has developed a real-time data delivery platform that enables flawless interactive experiences. Interactive experiences, such as cloud gaming, remote collaboration, augmented and virtual reality, require the delivery of large volumes of real-time data across wireless networks with consistent ultra-low latency. BitRipple real-time data delivery software solutions are designed and deployed commercially to enable flawless interactive experiences. BitRipple solutions are also deployed within cybersecurity applications in the defense and satellite communications industries.
  • PeelON Logo

    Company Description
    Peelon is a protective packaging technology that increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by up to 3x. It offers multi-faceted wins for people and the planet, improving food security, addressing climate change, saving money and reducing pressures on land, water, biodiversity and waste management systems. The patent-pending solution retains the moisture, taste and freshness intact keeping the produce fresh for the consumers
  • Earthware Logo

    Company Description
    Earthware’s sustainable initiative aims to unclog some of the waste caused by takeout/delivery containers (single-use plastic, styrofoam containers and even compostables) while simultaneously supporting the vital restaurant industry. The service is very user friendly - order takeout from your favorite participating restaurant, select the Earthware reusable container option, enjoy your meal, and then scan the QR code to have your Earthware containers collected! The containers are washed, sterilized and redistributed to the restaurants strictly following Health Services guidelines.
  • Liven Proteins Logo
    Liven Proteins

    Company Description
    Liven’s mission is to enable circular economy in the food industry to make it more sustainable. The process involves using side streams from food processing industries and converting them into protein ingredients. This ensures that food raw materials are utilized to the fullest extent, without any food being lost. We need more sustainably produced foods to feed the next billion. This includes making more proteins than what we produce today through the $1.4 trillion animal industry, and reducing the 1.3 billion tons of annual food loss and waste. At Liven, our vision is to address both these challenges by transforming lost food into highly valuable protein ingredients. We are using the power of synthetic biology and precision fermentation to achieve this transformation.
  • TechBrew Robotics Logo
    TechBrew Robot…

    Company Description
    We help companies automate dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs within their plants. TechBrew specializes in robotics and vision systems for industrial applications. We help our clients improve throughput, quality, and safety using robotics and automation. We’ve applied our skills in a wide variety of industries including food, medical devices, transportation, and forestry.
  • GrainFrac Logo

    Company Description
    GrainFrac is a technology-driven ingredient company focused on the future of plant-protein. The Company’s novel technologies enable the extraction and purification of grains and pulses into functional ingredients including protein isolates, concentrates and high value co-product streams. GrainFrac’s proprietary extraction processes are more cost-efficient, notably decreasing the cost of production compared to traditional processing methods and require considerably less upfront capital expenditures to establish production capacity. The process is also far more sustainable, minimizing environmental impact by reducing water and energy utilization by up to 60%. In 2022, GrainFrac executed pilot projects and strategic collaborations with multinational ingredient processors and food manufacturers to demonstrate the technology’s ability to produce novel protein ingredients with the functional properties and characteristics required by the industry. The Company has now secured validation of the product market fit for its novel protein ingredient and established interest from several high profile prospective commercial and strategic partners.
  • Savefruit Logo

    Company Description
    With SAVEFRUIT® we have develop a post-harvest solution that enables longer life of fruits than any other product on the market, while also generating virtually no waste or residue for its application and without altering the quality, taste, texture, or water content of your fresh produce. We lengthen the shelf life of your fresh produce by 2.3x on top of existing post-havest's Due to the innovative science behind SAVEFRUIT®, it works and benefits from existing post-harvest products, extending the shelf life of your product by 2.3x on top of them. This includes methods like refrigeration, fruit wax, and other solutions.
  • Opalia (previously BetterMilk) Logo
    Opalia (previo…
    Opalia (previously BetterMilk) Logo
    Opalia (previously BetterMilk)

    Company Description
    Opalia is one of the first companies to develop a process for making whole milk outside the body. Opalia's proprietary technology allows for the production of whole milk that has all the properties of traditional cow milk, without the cow. Opalia's process involves collecting mammary cells from cow milk, selecting the most proliferative cells, immortalizing them, and using their proprietary platform to make milk efficiently outside of the body. Through their proprietary platform, they have developed a cell line that grows without the use of expensive growth factors or fetal bovine serum, and can produce milk without lactation hormones. In only a year, these achievements have allowed them to reduce the price of our process by 98%. This is an unprecedented feat in the industry. ur process has the potential to offer a low-cost, scalable alternative to traditional dairy farming.
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    Company Description
    The kitchen rental system is based on underground economics, corruption and a cash driven ecosystem that creates systemic barriers for historically disadvantaged groups. Millions of square feet are sitting idle and losing billions. Syzl is transforming kitchen utilization by repurposing existing infrastructure and bringing it into the sharing economy.
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    Company Description
    NuVessl is a nanotechnology company that specializes in product development and research development in the food tech space. NuVessl is a world leader in nano-encapsulation delivery systems enabling the delivery of ingredients faster, stronger and more effectively to the body. NuVessl's delivery systems are all-natural, patent protected and in-expensive. Through its team of encapsulation and delivery experts located in St. Petersburg, FL, NuVessl develops cutting edge consumer products to enhance consumer's health and wellness. Examples of products developed to date utilizing NuVessl's proprietary technology include situational supplements, functional beverages, enhanced skin care, and pet care. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with manufacturing and R&D facilities in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.
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    Hy VIDA

    Company Description
    HyVIDA was founded by engineers and scientists from the medical technology & semiconductor markets after they researched the theraputic benefits of molecular hydrogen gas. HyVIDA's patented process infuses molecular hydrogen (a powerful antioxidant) and high bioavailable magnesium bicarbonate into any beverage (sparkling water, beers, spiked seltzers, sports drinks, energy drinks, etc.) using standard canning operations. HyVIDA launched its sparkling water brand, gaining traction in over 1500 retail locations, and also has a pipeline of licensing opportunities various brands to address a $100B+ total available market in the USA.
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    Company Description
    It’s not every day we waste half of our food… oh wait, yes it is. But we are here to change that. At Trendi, we are using robotics, upcycling and social change to combat excess and unnecessary waste of misfit food from farms, cuttings from processors, waste from retailers and even the waste we produce in our own homes. Wasting food is expensive not just in dollars and resources but also in emissions, and hungry stomachs. With over 2.5 billion tonnes of food going to waste (contributing to 10% of emissions) and over 800 million facing food insecurity around the globe, something needs to be done! We can all do a better job of preventing waste, and we’d like to invite you to join us in our mission.
  • Intellihealth Logo
    Intellihealth Logo

    Company Description
    Intellihealth is changing the perception of obesity and redefining how it is treated. We offer a clinically proven medical obesity treatment approach that is three times more effective than lifestyle intervention alone. Our product, Evolve™, enables health care providers to offer effective medical obesity treatment to new and existing patients, both via telehealth and in person. Our clinical services affiliate, Flyte™, provides business and healthcare systems the services of experienced clinicians who are passionate about obesity medicine, including physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered dietitians. More information about Intellihealth can be found at www.intellihealth.co.
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    AFX Medical

    Company Description
    AFX Medical is a neuro-oncology startup specializing in applied AI for image processing solutions. Its patent-pending, peer-reviewed technology allows for the detection of brain metastases with extremely high sensitivity and almost no false positives per study. The clinical impact will be a dramatic reduction in missed metastases, thereby allowing for optimal treatment decisions, reducing delays as well as the need for re-interventions.
  • A4i Inc. (App 4 Independance) Logo
    A4i Inc. (App …
    A4i Inc. (App 4 Independance) Logo
    A4i Inc. (App 4 Independance)

    Company Description
    The landscape of mental health is in the middle of an awareness awakening. With a focus on inclusion, support and healing, A4i has tremendous possibilities to improve the lives of millions of people living with complex mental health challenges while reducing the burden on the healthcare system. Their Mission is to extend care beyond the walls of the current mental health continuum, extend support, reduce isolation and provide insights on the risk of relapse. They help address key barriers to illness self-management and treatment engagement using an evidence-informed and empathy based adaptive digital intervention. This collaboration between MEMOTEXT Corp and Canada's largest mental health provider CAMH helps patients, families, and providers as they improve outcomes and the bottom line. The platform allows those who are isolated and experiencing challenges related to complex issues (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, other psychoses) to connect and interact in a human + machine learning moderated feed, a patent pending audio-hallucination detector and asynchronous clinician-patient communications and uses ambient accelerometer, NLP and validated assessments to determine risk of relapse and readmission.
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    Perceiv AI
    Perceiv AI Logo
    Perceiv AI

    Company Description
    Perceiv is an AI-based healthcare company specializing in the field of precision medicine. We are dedicated to help improving and saving patient lives through more efficient, accurate, subject targeting, and objective prognosis through advanced machine learning algorithms. Diseases are more complex than they appear resulting in problems when finding the right population to treat and demonstrate treatment efficacy. We help pharmaceutical companies improve their chances of success by identifying the right subjects for their clinical trials using our AI-driven precision medicine platform. We specialize in the identification of subpopulations of interest in heterogeneous data and complex diseases. Perceiv is currently developing applications in age-related diseases notably CNS/Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular indications.