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  • AMOS Power Logo
    AMOS Power

    Company Description
    AMOS Power is an American-made autonomous electric tractor manufacturer based in Cedar Falls, Iowa. AMOS tractors feature an innovative tri-motor and no operator station design, making them safer and more efficient. With AMOS Power, the future of farming is being redefined, one tractor at a time.
  • Yarta Logo

    Company Description
    Yarta.ai lets you monitor markets while receiving AI-based insights on risk management, farm business management, agronomy, and global carbon markets. Access powerful real-time insights, turbocharge your analysis, and stay ahead of the competition with Yarta.ai Functionalities: 1. Review macroeconomic and commodity-related data points. Covers key global supply and demand data for over 20 commodities. 2. Set up custom dashboards by search term, country, language, or topic to track real-time news. Never miss a market-moving headline again. 3. We’ve done the hard work to bring global weather maps and live weather to one location. Covers precipitation, temperature, radars, soil moisture, vegetation info. 4. Make smart decisions with our AI tools built on global proprietary agricultural industry datasets. Find what you need, when you need it. 5. We track futures and esoteric cash markets so you can keep your finger on the pulse. 6. Giving you the edge on your competition, our alt data tools cover vessel tracking, satellite analytics and much more.
  • TierraSpec Logo

    Company Description
    TierraSpec develops a platform for measuring and validating carbon sequestration in agricultural soils using remote sensing, employing unique testing methods and advanced machine learning modeling.
  • Nitronic Logo

    Company Description
    Nitronic is optimising, scaling-up and commercialising its nitrogen fixing technology. Nitronic's technology goes the extra step in fertiliser production to produce a solid nitrogen fertiliser. The technology utilises non-thermal plasma and operates at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. The technology is scalable and is being developed for on-farm fertiliser production, reducing the requirement for transport. Nitronic is working with researchers at the University of Illinois to optimise and scale-up the technology. The research program will produce designs which will be utilised for the building of Nitronic's first pilot plant. Nitronic will seek to commercialise its technology through the provision of production systems for on-site fertilisers production, larger centralise systems for the production of fertiliser on a regional scale and the licensing of the technology to fertiliser and chemical manufacturers for widespread exploitation of the technology.
  • Nanotica Logo

    Company Description
    Nanotica is a technology-based startup that aims to create new products for the agricultural industry using nanotechnology structures. The company specializes in reducing the use of agrochemicals and develops nanocarriers and nanocapsules to increase the efficacy of agrochemicals and increase the yield of crops.
  • Kirkwall Logo

    Company Description
    Kirkwall was founded in 2022 to bring cybersecurity to the autonomy sector. For years, most commercial UAV and IoT-connected Agricultural equipment has been left wide open to cyber attacks, cyber takeovers, ransomware, and intentional sabotage. Kirkwall is currently working towards the completion of a trained Machine Learning algorithm that will allow swarms and teams of autonomous systems to automatically self-assess members for security concerns and shut down access and communications to affected systems in the event of an incident. Additional R&D is underway for the required physical mesh-networking hardware with a partner in Kansas City. Upon completion, the combination of this Machine Learning model and mesh networking hardware will be scalable to the entire UAV sector, Agricultural equipment sector, and United States Department of Defense as an enterprise-level solution.
  • Good Agriculture | Atlanta GA Logo
    Good Agricultu…
    Good Agriculture | Atlanta GA Logo
    Good Agriculture | Atlanta GA

    Company Description
    Good Agriculture is a farm business management platform that helps small-and-midsize farmers spend less time on back-office activities and do more of what they do best: produce nourishing food and steward the land. America’s 1.5M small-to-midsize farmers struggle to stay in business. This is despite $70B+ in investment trying to transition our $244B farm industry to regenerative ag (a business model that is profitable on a smaller scale, unlike industrial agriculture) – today, the money has trouble reaching farmers. There are tech solutions (that farmers don’t have time to find, figure out, and get value from) and inefficient service solutions (university extension, gov’t support) that fail to meet farmers’ needs. Good Agriculture has the only scalable, tech-enabled platform to do back-office tasks for the farmer. We use our products to help farmers find and apply to funding, manage farm finances, and do marketing. We free up farmers to grow their operations and boost their revenue and profits.
  • finres Logo
    finres Logo

    Company Description
    The platform offers an AI-assisted decision-making solution that underwrites climate and price risks to reveal investment opportunities that support agricultural resilience Combining the best elements of science and investment, finres’ sole purpose is to help drive better investments in better agriculture. The AI-assisted platform offers loan underwriting services that account for climate and price risks for any crop and global location. To date finres claims to have informed more than €1.4 billion worth of deployments across 32 countries, and includes the World Bank, the United Nations, the French Development Agency (AFD), and CRDB, the largest bank in Tanzania amongst its client base.
  • Crop Intellect Logo
    Crop Intellect

    Company Description
    Crop Intellect operates a research and development company intended to develop innovative agricultural technologies for improved crop productivity. The company's research and development services focus on cultivation consultancy services, growing technologically advanced crop nutrition products, developing plant technology, photocatalyst and chlorophyll sensors that increase calcium uptake to increase shelf life and fruit uniformity, enabling cultivators and agriculture businesses to deploy smart agricultural techniques, increase crop yields and reduce inputs of agrochemicals for food sustainability.
  • Bovi Logo

    Company Description
    Bovi is solving the biggest problem in agriculture, the ever worsening labor shortage. More than 70% of farmers are unable to find the workers they need to manage their main crop. Coupled with a lack of real time information about what's going on in the field orchard managers are forced to “spray and pray.” Lower yields and more pollution result. Bovi’s retrofit kit is an autonomous swiss army knife. It allows for autonomous mowing, spraying and fertilizer spreading while also carrying around a “mini-bus” of A.I. agricultural expertise; a tractor driver, agronomist and entomologist all in one. This results in a 200% increase in workforce productivity and a 10% increase in yield, by providing real time feedback about problem spots in the orchard.
  • Bank Barn Logo
    Bank Barn

    Company Description
    We're creating the first AI driven credit model and fully digital lending platform for the agribusiness industry, starting with beef and dairy. We understand that you would rather spend your time farming, not applying for loans. That’s why we’ve streamlined the entire loan application process to save you time and get you the money you need. Farmers can get money to pay for farm operating expenses, such as fertilizer and chemicals, labor, and other input costs. They receive the funds you need for your business in as little at 72hrs, which can be used for: - Input expenses - Livestock - Facility repair and improvement - Other operating expenses
  • American Edge Grain Logo
    American Edge …
    American Edge Grain Logo
    American Edge Grain

    Company Description
    American Edge Grain (AEG) is the first data-driven, virtual Grain Attribute Exchange to connect farmers who have grain with premium attributes with the end-users that need them. AEG offers a fully transparent, end-to-end service – from procurement to sales and delivery. This includes grain management and certification, attribute analysis, real-time bushel availability, pricing, logistics and delivery.
  • AgLogica Holdings (AGL Technology) Logo
    AgLogica Holdi…
    AgLogica Holdings (AGL Technology) Logo
    AgLogica Holdings (AGL Technology)

    Company Description
    Based in Atlanta, Georgia, AGL develops novel systems that use acoustic and image AI technologies to enable animal production, nutrition and health companies with precision livestock farming tools by analyzing audio and video to provide real-time insight into animal productivity, care and wellness. The system is deployed in the animal production facility (barn or house) to identify actionable sound and image insights. Acoustic and Image Insights enable continued development of the animal production vocalization and image library built from the expert Veterinarian or Operation Manager’s trained ear and eyes. AGL's AgTech solution, Precision Farming Intelligence Platform (PFIP), provides 24x7x365 Expert Eyes and Ears surveilling the animal production facility.
  • Unibaio Logo

    Company Description
    Unibaio develops biodegradable micro-nanocapsules that improve the delivery of agrochemicals to reduce their application rates up to 80%. By adding our particles, pesticides companies can offer a new range of products between the 100% biological formulas and the traditional chemical ones. We offer a new approach to reduce the environmental impact of agrochemicals, demanded by new regulations, keeping the chemicals farmers are used to using, but drastically reducing their toxicity. Unibaio's development is the result of 10 years of research in natural polymers and plant stress and is ready to Scale-up and commercialize. Our novel production process is 20x more efficient than reference papers, making it possible to think in this kind of tech for agricultural mass production. Among many interesting properties of our chitosan micro-nanoparticles, we highlight that they can be suspended in water and are compatible with all the chemicals active ingredients used in the most popular pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers. With our encapsulation process we can offer agrochemical companies an unfair competitive advantage to capture the upcoming more regulated agrochemical market, and position them as leaders in the transition to more sustainable agriculture.
  • TrueAlgae, Inc Logo
    TrueAlgae, Inc
    TrueAlgae, Inc Logo
    TrueAlgae, Inc

    Company Description
    TrueAlgae is a biotechnology company which manufactures high-quality microalgae and byproducts through a patented closed-loop production system. This simple, elegant and low-cost scalable production method is highly efficient, allowing for 50% of the algae to be harvested daily. With this cost structure, TrueAlgae can approach many different markets where algae’s value is beginning to be recognized. Initial focus is agriculture where the product is used as an organic soil amendment. Our highly modular, 36 metric ton plant in Florida produces 40,000 gallons/month for agricultural uses. TrueSolum is OMRI certified organic highly effective soil amendment product. TrueAlgae manufactures TrueSolum economically that can simply be added to normal irrigation processes, typically diluted 250x in water. For all farms (not just organic), the increased beneficial soil microbial activity which TrueAlgae creates results in healthier soil and yield increases of up to 50% for high margin fruits and vegetables. TrueAlgae also improves shelf life of these valuable crops. It can also reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, thus addressing the urgent need to reduce harmful run-off.
  • MicroMGx Logo

    Company Description
    Our patented natural herbicide will help global farmers defeat herbicide resistant weeds – the 1st new MoA in 35 years. MicroMGx is a Delaware C Corp, based in Chicago, and owns the exclusive rights to this herbicide -mgx 1001. The yield loss due to resistant weeds could feed 1 billion people and the problem is getting worse. Herbicide resistance is the culprit but resistance can be fought with new mechanisms of action. In the last 35 years, noone has marketed a broad spectrum herbicide with a new mechanism - so weeds have evolved to resist one herbicide after the other. Farmers need help. Our lab and greenhouse testing show good activity on broadleaf weeds and against RoundUp resistant weeds. After more testing,we will enter early development with the right licensee. This $34B global herbicide mkt needs a product to defeat herbicide resistance. Our licensing plan is to receive an upfront payment of $30M, milestone payments over 6 years totaling $150M, and royalties of 5%-10%. Our expert team includes our chairman, Prof Bill Metcalf from UIUC who discovered this herbicide. Our CSO is Dr. Anthony Goering and is an expert in genomics, metabolomics, and bioinformatics. Our CEO, Jack Kloeber, PhD, was a leader (LTC) in the Army, then moved to Pharma and Ag R&D decision making.
  • Indogulf BioAg Logo
    Indogulf BioAg

    Company Description
    Indogulf BioAg specializes in the development of biological Inoculant, organic fertilizers, and mycorrhiza. The company is based in Sheridan, Wyoming. Indogulf Bioag, a subsidiary of the indogulf group produces a wide array of agricultural products including microbial nutrient fixers, nano fertilizers, compost, and various other agricultural solutions. IndoGulf offers a nano DAP liquid fertilizer that contains particulates of ionized phosphorus embedded in a colloidal amino acid matrix. This product is suitable for all crops and contains. IndoGulf also offers microbial applications, including N fixers including different strains of Azosprillum, Azotobacter, Beijerinckia, bradyrhizobium, Gluconacetobacter, and more.
  • FastFarm Logo

    Company Description
    FastFarm reduces the cost and risk of lending in agriculture using satellite imagery. Using satellite imagery we underwrite a farmer's capacity to repay a loan by comparing past results with current plans, saving costs of visiting a farm to approve a loan and increasing underwriting accuracy. Our customers - lenders in agriculture - share our product with their agronomy teams to better manage field visits saving time and cost, while expanding the lender's capacity to approve loans. Our customers can also share our tool with their farmer customers, as a value-add and to help the farmer protect the crop, the source of repayment.
  • Digit Soil Logo
    Digit Soil

    Company Description
    Digit Soil detects Enzyme activity in the soil, giving an indication of health and product effectiveness. - It provides you with a soil health sensor that enables you to see real-time information on your biological soil quality and decomposition of organic matter by measuring soil enzyme activity. - It allows you to get the best results from the availability of your organic fertilisers by keeping you up to date with the latest advice based on your soil test results.
  • Cattler Logo

    Company Description
    Cattler is a mobile & desktop software platform that allows the cattle farmer to run all its operation in one place. It connects with any device you have (scales, EID readers) and enables you to run your daily tasks seamlessly from beginning to end. From feeding to cattle management. From animal health to the processing chute. From the lot to the individual, and from day 1 to the closeout.
  • Cattle Scan Logo
    Cattle Scan

    Company Description
    Cattle Scan is a cow health monitoring system that allows dairy farmers to advance their operations through real-time data and actionable insights. Our startup has built an innovative hi-tech system that tracks a variety of key health-related parameters of livestock (mainly dairy cows). A battery-operated bolus measures parameters like the temperature inside a cow’s rumen on a real-time basis. This data allows the producer to keep a precise sight on the performance and health of the whole herd and individual animals and provide recommendations for fine-tuning nutrition and management practices for optimal production and health.
  • Agtech Logic Logo
    Agtech Logic

    Company Description
    Transforming existing spraying equipment into smart spraying. Agriculture is undergoing an evolution - and AgTechLogic is positioning itself in becoming a vital part of the shift, with its omni-focused approach in enhancing, researching, and developing innovative solutions within the AgTech industry. Creative precision agriculture services to address the industry challenges today and new innovations to protect the future of farming. Advanced sensor technology detects weeds from living crops, sprays only the weeds, saving farmers up to 90% on chemical usage. Effective weed detection and elimination is becoming increasingly important in today’s growing environment with less precipitation, limitations on herbicide usage and resistant weeds. AgTechLogic transforms precision spray technology to significantly reduce the use of herbicides, along with impactful conservation of water, fuel, and labor costs. We create an opportunity to have every farmer, municipality, and transportation sector to utilize our technology by converting their existing spraying equipment to an intelligent sensor-controlled precision sprayer.
  • Agro Intelligence Logo
    Agro Intellige…
    Agro Intelligence Logo
    Agro Intelligence

    Company Description
    A Danish company, founded in June 2015, where Ole Green is founder and CEO. The goal of the company is to transform new agricultural knowledge into products and technology platforms that can be used directly in the fields. The company’s main focus is on developing new intelligent solutions within sensors and automation for the agri-plant industry. The company takes advantage of the great potential that exists within the areas of precision farming and automation. They are working on sustainable and effective solutions where we participate in lifting agriculture’s standards. The trend within the industry is directed towards more intelligent machines opposed to the conventional machines on the market today. AGROINTELLI is developing automation and intelligent solutions for distributors and machinery producers interested in the newest technologies on the market.
  • AgraCheck Logo

    Company Description
    Farmers need to find their way in a rapidly growing, confusing market that is making previous business models partially obsolete and in which digital offerings are experiencing increasing growth. Currently, farmers have no way of obtaining an overview of available Smart Farming technologies. AgraCheck is the only platform that gives farmers the opportunity to get information about all currently available products of each manufacturer easily, transparently, at any time and free of charge. With the help of machine learning methods, user behavior as well as the specified farm parameters are continuously recorded and automatically analyzed. The generated user data, results from studies and experimental facilities, as well as expert knowledge are to lead to a complex recommendation algorithm.
  • FullCircleMicrobes Logo

    Company Description
    Our patent-pending microbial inoculant is designed to break down the toughest plant matter, converting it to organic fertilizer proven to significantly boost growth. Full Circle Microbes is a low-cost high-impact tool farmers can use to cut their fertilizer costs in half and lower per-acre greenhouse-gas emissions up to 96%. Our product works quickly and efficiently, cutting recycling time down to 3-5 weeks and recapturing the plant’s full nutrient potential. The inoculant is primarily used by growers of hemp and cannabis to break down the tough stalks. However, it has also shown promising results in wheat, corn, and rye.
  • Nerit'e Logo

    Company Description
    We provide a soil analyzing solution to prevent over-fertilization and promote soil health by using data - we collect moisture, carbon, nitrogen, and other information from sensors and use AI and ML to identify soil management techniques that allow soil to store carbon and provide nutrients to crops, contributing to global food security. Our sensors are IoT-enabled stationary probes. They allow us to monitor soil from a distance, collecting real-time measurements in a growing database of information which we use to find patterns and provide actionable recommendations for growers to save valuable resources by irrigating only when their crops need it, avoiding nitrogen over-fertilization, and fostering microbial activity in their soils. The insights we are able to provide are also key for agricultural suppliers such as fertilizer and seed companies to fine-tune their sales strategies according to every region without the need to probe the soil themselves to acquire and retain customers. Nerit’e is a multidisciplinary team that got together to develop solutions for agriculture by harnessing the power of technology. The variety of disciplines we used to create Nerit’e’s main product are Horticulture, Mechatronics, Data Analysis, Machine Learning and User-Centered Design
  • CarbonBridge Logo

    Company Description
    We refine biogas (CO2, CH4) into higher value gases. We start with dairies that already have digesters installed, and enable dairy operator to earn a higher revenue. In doing so, we eliminate CO2 and CH4, using economic incentive to drive climate action. An average California dairy is about 1500 cows, which generate about 8000 metric tons / year of CO2e gases from their back-ends. We intercept about 6000 of these tons, generating about 65 metric tons of green hydrogen per year, as transportation fuel that enhances carbon-free mobility. In addition, we generate CO (carbon monoxide) which is a key chemical feedstock, at the rate of about 2000 Kg / day. We have line of site on 240+ machines, meaning about 34 metric tons of H2 per day, a significant contribution to sustatainable clean energy, mobility and more. Essentially, we are gas-refining company, that leverages bio-gas from farms to drive climate action. Farmers are our ecosystem partners, with fuel and chemical companies as our customers.
  • Haystack Ag Logo
    Haystack Ag

    Company Description
    Haystack Ag supports growers, landowners, and global carbon markets with tools for high-accuracy, cost-effective soil carbon measurement. A crucial techno-economic barrier to robust soil carbon market function still remains: there is currently no cost effective and scalable solution for measuring and verifying changes in soil organic carbon (SOC) with the accuracy and precision that is needed. Gold standard quantification methods that are accurate enough to detect small changes from year to year rely on labor intensive and expensive testing, the cost of which can ultimately negate the financial upside to growers. Furthermore, because sequestration rates vary based on geography, soil type, and farming practices, accurate and cost-effective soil measurement is needed to better understand what practices are most effective in local contexts. Haystack is committed to removing this barrier with a high-accuracy, yet cost-effective testing service, backed by rigorous science and innovative technology.
  • Susterre Logo

    Company Description
    Susterre is pioneering the use of ultra-high pressure fluid jet technology for row crop planting and seeding applications. No-till farming is a technique for growing crops to minimize soil disturbance compared to conventional tillage. Leaving prior years’ crop residue on the field saves significant farming costs, while limiting moisture loss, improving the soil and preserving natural resources. Despite these benefits, adoption of no-till farming has been slower than expected due to the difficulty and cost of handling crop residue in specific cropping situations (particularly corn and soy). Susterre has invented a new product that adapts ultra-high pressure water jet technology from the industrial world for use on planting machinery. Susterre's innovative technology enhances the adoption and the benefits of no-till farming. As a result, adoption of no-till farming will increase, improving farm profitability and productivity, enhancing the soil and preserving the earth's natural resources.
  • Smart Agri Labs Logo
    Smart Agri Labs

    Company Description
    We're building the first-ever AI agronomic input advisor that helps to make food production more efficient and resistant to climate change. Our mission is to make at least one hundred thousand farms globally more sustainable and profitable. Our first offering, an AI -powered seed selector helps corn and soybean growers and ag advisors choose seed products that reduce weather risk and outyield the average by 5-10% so that growers can gain $50-100/acre higher profits and more consistent yields in the face of weather variability. Our company was included in the Top 500 FoodTech and AgriTech global startups.
  • ucrop.it Logo

    Company Description
    Blockchain Farming and Verification platform that delivers sustainability certainty across crops cycles. As a result we enable a digital, collaborative, remote, simple and scalable solution to verify sustainable use of land and farm practices for farmers and companies to agree, trace, share and rip the economic benefits of verified sustainable CROP STORIES. We enable agriculture sustainability to happen in million acres on a global scale. Crop Story ® - Crop Story The registration of the agricultural activities of the producer makes it possible to create the history of the crypto-confidential cultivation. Everything entered on the platform is in the control of the producer to share it at their choice with chain actors who value sustainable practices. Registration is very simple and is assisted by agronomist specialists in the field (local centaurs) Digital agreement ecosystems from the producers of ucrop.it. Producers select and control access to digital agreements with companies for the traceability of crops with specific objectives. Traceability goals and benefits are clearly outlined for producers once they click. In this way, growers select, accept and apply digital agreements to their chosen fields and crops, sharing their verified growing history.
  • Soilgenic Technologies, LLC Logo
    Soilgenic Tech…
    Soilgenic Technologies, LLC Logo
    Soilgenic Technologies, LLC

    Company Description
    Innovating Climate Smart Technologies Soilgenic is focused on Climate Smart Technologies for Agriculture. Fertilizers are responsible for feeding the world, but nutrients can be tied up in the soil or lost to the environment contributing to climate change and nutrient loss that contributes GHG emissions and aquatic dead zones. We can fix that. ​Soilgenic has developed a suite of patents for Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer (EEF) Technologies to improve fertilizer efficiency while reducing loss. The suite of patents include new innovations that will significantly improve application, product performance, as well as a lower overall cost for both upstream fertilizer manufacturers and downstream retail applications. Our Phosgain Efficiency Technology improves phosphate fertilizers by enhancing the availability of phosphate over a longer period of time, allowing the crop to utilize more phosphate with less tie up in the soil. Soilgenic is focused on four pillars of sustainable agriculture that improves fertilizer production and utilization while enhancing soil health. At Soilgenic we are innovating tomorrows future...today.
  • Soil1 Logo

    Company Description
    Developed by the Soil, Water and Bioenergy Resources Program at the Ohio State University, this one step field test kit gives a real-time measurement of soil organic matter, nitrogen, and microbial vitality in the field. The basic kit contains enough reagent and testing supplies for 15 field soil tests that can help you make decisions about your soil’s health and potential agricultural productivity. A REVOLUTION The soil health movement represents a revolution in agricultural productivity. It represents a paradigm shift from viewing soil as a dead chemical mixture to a living part of your crop’s ecology. Soil1™ is committed to providing you with user friendly, highly affordable tools to help you make decisions that will sustainably and affordably optimize your soil’s agricultural productivity.
  • farmAIr, Inc. Logo
    farmAIr, Inc.
    farmAIr, Inc. Logo
    farmAIr, Inc.

    Company Description
    farmAIr, Inc., is an AgriTech Plant Stress Management company, specializing in Crop Protection & particularly in the Early & Accurate Detection of Biotic and Abiotic Plant Stress. We see what anyone else can't see: Contrary to all "similar" services currently available in the market (NDVI, ground sensors, plain use of thermal images) which can only assert the stress when is already - or it will soon become - evident, farmAIr’s patented technology can detect plant stress long before the onset of any symptom becomes visible to the naked eye (in trunk diseases, as early as 2-3 years ahead). This is achieved by combining digital & thermal images with Computing Vision & Artificial Intelligence. We are addressing 2 market Segments: Growers (B2B/B2C) & AgriTech companies (Wholesale). Growers now have the time to react, to cure infected plants, to prevent contamination of their healthy field, as well as to better manage irrigation and the use of pesticides & fertilizers, ensuring sustainable agriculture. AgriTech Companies, (UGVs, Vertical farms, Greenhouses, etc) can utilize our data on-demand and provide complementary services to their end-customers (Early & Accurate detection of Plant Stress) or to increase efficiency of their exiting services (targeted fertilization, spraying).
  • Benchmark Labs Logo
    Benchmark Labs

    Company Description
    Modern weather models produce forecasts for grid cells, but not for specific locations within grid cells. However, conditions within a grid cell can vary greatly, and as a result, forecasts are often inaccurate. Forecast errors can lead to significant financial losses (e.g. failure to predict frost events, heat spikes, renewable energy under/over generation, etc.). To solve this problem, Benchmark's ML based weather forecasts for specific locations using publicly available information from the National Weather Service and real-time data from weather stations and other IoT devices. Benchmark Labs target market includes the global agriculture sector, as well as other fixed asset verticals such as the energy and insurance sectors. Benchmark is a hardware agnostic and utilize a SaaS annual subscription revenue model with an initial subscription pricing of $500 per weather station per year, and expected average account size is 500 stations or $100,000 per customer per year.
  • Revolute Robotics Logo
    Revolute Robot…

    Company Description
    Our robots can switch between rolling & flying to capture data where traditional methods cannot travel. This hybrid operation gives 10x the operational time of traditional drones. The drone is also less prone to damage as the exoskeleton protects sensitive parts like rotors. The hybrid mobility robot enables remote field scouting underneath canopies to detect pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies before significant damage is done. The HMR can be equipped with 4k, Thermal, Infrared, Multi/Hyperspectral, and LiDAR.
  • Naïo Technologies Logo
    Naïo Technolog…

    Company Description
    Our robots for agriculture and viticulture offer a sustainable, serviceable and smart farming solution combining high edge technology in robotics and AI. We engineered light electric and autonomous ag. robots for obvious sustainable reasons: no carbon emission, no chemical use to have a global, secure, and sustainable food production system. Our robots are GPS + camera guided equipped with multiple sensors running on an algorithm based on AI. They offer a high precision weeding, seeding, moving and a very precise guidance of the implements attached in the middle of the robot. Our solutions can interface with smart implements to enable lower cost, higher efficacy farming enabling large-scale adoption of organic agriculture and better handling of soil. Naio Technologies has a unique connected ecosystem collecting data on the fly, allowing real time monitoring and control. Smart farming relies on the collection of intelligent data to better understand and prevent disease, drought or any other hazard to cultures. Our unique AI, concentrating years and lots of acres of experience, allows us to monitor the robot and implement behavior to guarantee the quality and the reliability of the farming task performed.
  • Green Growth Logo
    Green Growth

    Company Description
    Green Growth provides farmers with real-time analytics on land productivity that show how much crop was harvested from each point in the field. This data is collected directly from harvesting machines. As a result, in the web app farmers can see yield maps which play a crucial role in a farm management process as they allow to optimize farm inputs, such as fertilizers, seeds and crop protection products which is a very important step in the journey to sustainable farming. We've developed a data collecting hardware and our own software platform with proprietary algorithms.
  • DigiFarmz Smart Agriculture Logo
    DigiFarmz Smar…
    DigiFarmz Smart Agriculture Logo
    DigiFarmz Smart Agriculture

    Company Description
    DigiFarmz assists agronomists and farmers in controlling soybean diseases by providing parameters for better decision making. Guidance as to what to use (fungicides, mixtures, etc.), when (ideal date of each spray), how much (number of sprays), and anti-resistance management. The constantly expanding database (crowdsourcing + field research) also allows for optimization of resources and investments in farming, contributing to the reduction of the impact on the environment. We are expanding predictive mathematical models beyond soybeans to include corn, cotton and cereals, as well as herbicides and insecticides.
  • Leaf Agriculture Logo
    Leaf Agricultu…
    Leaf Agriculture Logo
    Leaf Agriculture

    Company Description
    Leaf's unified farm data API helps developers build a better food system.
  • Vega MX Inc Logo
    Vega MX Inc
    Vega MX Inc Logo
    Vega MX Inc

    Company Description
    VegaMX Advances the productivity and profitability of Farms and Agri Businesses through satellite and ground based data analytics such as yield models, crop classification, soil moisture solutions
  • FungiAlert Logo
    FungiAlert Logo

    Company Description
    FungiAlert’s microbial sampling tool, the SporSenZ, is a paradigm shift in the discovery of new microbial products for agriculture. The SporSenZ allows for targeted sampling of fields, delivering a pool of biocontrol candidates that have the potential to become the next blockbuster for agriculture.
  • TraceX Technologies Logo
    TraceX Technol…
    TraceX Technologies Logo
    TraceX Technologies

    Company Description
    Leveraging blockchain to diitize the food and agriculture eco system to make the supply chain clean, credible, and traceable.
  • Soiltech Wireless Logo
    Soiltech Wirel…
    Soiltech Wireless Logo
    Soiltech Wireless

    Company Description
    Soiltech Wireless provides cost-effective, simple to deploy wireless sensor technologies that can be utilized across the whole ag supply chain - generating meaningful, actionable data to help optimize crop production and promote greater sustainability.
  • Rowbot Logo
    Rowbot Logo

    Company Description
    Rowbot uses small robots to drive profits, yields, and stewardship in large-scale, row crop farming.
  • ChrysaLabs Logo
    ChrysaLabs Logo

    Company Description
    ChrysaLabs is developing a real-time portable soil health and fertility assessment technology to support growers and agronomists in making better decisions, faster.
  • Arva Intelligence Logo
    Arva Intellige…
    Arva Intelligence Logo
    Arva Intelligence

    Company Description
    Arva Intelligence is an artificial intelligence company serving the agriculture sector.
  • Nutrient Recovery & Upcycling Logo
    Nutrient Recov…
    Nutrient Recovery & Upcycling Logo
    Nutrient Recovery & Upcycling

    Company Description
    NRU promotes the long-term benefit of communities and the environment through resource upcycling and sustainable nutrient management.
  • CHONEX Logo
    CHONEX Logo

    Company Description
    CHONEX is a nutrient recycling company that converts poultry manure, a low value fertilizer product.
  • LeafTech Ag Logo
    LeafTech Ag
    LeafTech Ag Logo
    LeafTech Ag

    Company Description
    Leaftech Ag offers a handheld “Digital Lab” that analyzes a plant’s leaf for nutrient and chemical composition; delivering results that are 98% faster and 90% less expensive compared to current practices.
  • Agrellus Logo
    Agrellus Logo

    Company Description
    Agrellus is an e-Commerce portal providing growers and sellers of agricultural inputs with digital tools for sourcing farming product at the best value.
  • Rize Logo
    Rize Logo

    Company Description
    Rize is the platform enabling farmers to access carbon finance, under the form of carbon credits or higher prices, via a carbon monitoring and certification infrastructure.