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  • Virtuleap Logo

    Company Description
    Virtuleap combines neuroscience and virtual reality to help increase attention levels, and address cognitive illnesses, disorders, and learning challenges. We have created a library of VR games designed by neuroscientists in order to test and train a range of cognitive abilities and make that data accessible through our enterprise platform. Our first paid client is the AARP, and we are now working with leading institutions, like the VA Health Care System and the Pacific Brain Health Center, to validate our solution as an effective diagnostic and treatment for attention deficit and cognitive decline.
  • Tali Health Logo
    Tali Health

    Company Description
    TALi is a Australian digital therapeutics company that develops patented and clinically validated solutions to screen, assess and improve cognitive function. TALi’s first solution utilises app-based technology and gamification to deliver a digital therapeutic that addresses the outstanding need to assess and treat attention deficits during early childhood.
  • Takalam Logo

    Company Description
    Takalam is an online counseling and mental well-being platform offering a convenient and personalized solution to individuals, couples, and organizations through a seamless digital experience using video, audio and instant messaging, with an option of anonymity.
  • Nafas Logo

    Company Description
    Nafas Meditation App, help the Arabic population to reduce anxiety, stress and insomnia through audio-only guided meditations that promotes the practice of mindfulness to live a healthier and happier life.
  • Healium Logo

    Company Description
    Healium is a clinically validated mental fitness channel that uses virtual and augmented reality apps for the self-management of stress and anxiety. It’s the world’s first virtual and augmented reality media channel powered by brainwaves and heart rate via an EEG headband or Apple Watch.
  • Fatster Logo

    Company Description
    " Fatster is a highly scalable community-based mobile social network that aims to connect people through weight loss and achieving their fitness goals. This startup believes that weight loss and fitness are the keys to preventing and lowering the risk of chronic diseases from diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease."
  • Invitae Logo

    Company Description
    Invitae Corporation is a leading medical genetics company whose mission is to bring comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medicine to improve healthcare for billions of people. Winner of the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Startup Showcase, YouScript was acquired by Invitae in 2020 to provide real-time, evidence-based genomic clinical decision support.
  • Perx Health Logo
    Perx Health

    Company Description
    Perx Health is a Digital Therapeutics and Chronic Care company building the world’s most engaging programs for condition management. Whether in clinical research or large, real-world programs, it has proven to improve health and business outcomes. This startup helps insurers and healthcare providers by providing chronic disease management, remote patient monitoring, medication and much more, all on one platform.
  • Kinnos Logo

    Company Description
    Kinnos is a venture-backed infection prevention company that is pioneering colorized disinfection. Their patented Highlight technology standardizes disinfection techniques and leads to significantly better quality metrics. Highlight is the only product on the market designed to provide real-time visual feedback during manual disinfection so that quality is maintained every single time a disinfectant is used.
  • Predictiv Logo

    Company Description
    Predictiv analyses your entire genome of 20,000 genes to screen for over 16,000 diseases and uses their proprietary analysis pipeline to predict the risk for future diseases that have a genetic component. This startup can also simulate individuals’ reactions to over 300 drugs before a prescription is given, suggest customized nutritional supplements and support patients with a preventative health plan with their healthcare partners.
  • TestCard Logo
    TestCard Logo

    Company Description
    TestCard is a medical diagnostic test contained within a traditional postcard. The unique, patent-pending ‘flatpack’ product is embedded with three fold-out urine dipsticks. The accompanying easy-to-use mobile application turns a mobile phone’s camera into a clinical grade scanner, providing an immediate and accurate result.
  • Allganize Logo

    Company Description
    Helps business automate answering questions with Natural Language Understanding technology.
  • KeepAppy Logo

    Company Description
    KeepAppy is the mental health gym, bringing data to the world of proactive mental health as prescribed by psychologists and behavioural specialists. The platform is designed to empower consumers and corporates through different techniques under the pillars of ‘prevention, growth and care’. As a social enterprise, KeepAppy is on a mission to make mental healthcare accessible for all through our 1- for-1 model.
  • Viasema Logo

    Company Description
    ViaSema is an AI company specialized in transforming content into data. By using semantic web standards to create Enterprise Knowledge Graphs, ViaSema’s platform can automate complex tasks that integrate rules defined by experts in order to improve data.
  • Sensely Logo

    Company Description
    Sensely's avatar and chatbot-based platforms assist insurance plan members and patients with the insurance services and healthcare resources they need, when they need it. Sensely relies on an avatar- based persona who can use voice to both “speak” as well as “listen.” Sensely’s platform is compatible with over 30 languages.
  • Thryve Logo

    Company Description
    Thryve improves healthcare with an easy access to health-related data from smartphones, wearables and connected medical devices. By analyzing raw sensor signals and health data, Thryve’s comprehensive set of health indicators available from everyday devices is created.
  • LifeVoxel.AI Logo

    Company Description
    LifeVoxel.AI provides a holistic, end to end zero-latency medical imaging SaaS platform with 12 international patents that enables 4D interactive visualization and AI capabilities on any device. LifeVoxel.AI is able to convert regular CT Scans into clear 4D Images helping to reduce error in diagnosis of respiratory illnesses.
  • Medicus AI Logo
    Medicus AI

    Company Description
    Medicus is an AI-based platform that interprets and converts medical reports and health data into an interactive, personalized experience with easy-to-understand explanations, insights and continuous health coaching. Medicus also provides physicians with relevant health-risk assessments and test recommendations based on suspected conditions.
  • Binah.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Binah.ai is shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by simplifying and accelerating AI adoption with enterprise ready apps. Binah.ai has released a series of non-invasive, video-based health and wellness monitoring solutions.
  • Infermedica Logo

    Company Description
    Infermedica provides insurers, telemedicine companies, hospitals, and health systems with a set of advanced, AI-driven decision support and triage tools that tackle the problem of inappropriate use of medical services and misdiagnosis.
  • ResApp Health Logo
    ResApp Health

    Company Description
    ResApp Health is a digital health company developing smartphone applications for the diagnosis and management of respiratory disease. ResApp’s machine learning algorithms use sound to diagnose and measure the severity of respiratory conditions without the need for additional hardware.
  • Sedicii Logo

    Company Description
    Sedicii has developed a cryptographic protocol called secure multi- party computation (SMPC) that allows two or more different financial institutions to confidentially compute risk scores about their clients 
 or transactions, flagging illicit money flows without disclosing the underlying data or information (PII) each organisation holds to the others.
  • Relativity6 Logo

    Company Description
    Relativity6 is a machine learning/AI platform which enables financial institutions and insurance carriers to accurately predict when their customers or brokers/ agents are most likely to churn.
  • NowPay Logo

    Company Description
    NowPay is building a financial wellness platform for employees in emerging markets. Saving, spending, budgeting, and borrowing are the core areas of financial wellness.
  • Neo Technologies Logo
    Neo Technologi…
    Neo Technologies Logo
    Neo Technologies

    Company Description
    Neo Technologies enables banks and financial institutions in MENA to offer digital investment services to their clients. Neo’s platform-as-a-service facilitates the digital onboarding of clients within a local compliant framework making it secure, fast and paperless.
  • Mamo Pay Logo
    Mamo Pay

    Company Description
    Mamo Pay is building MENA’s leading payments platform enabling users to send and receive money (p2p), transact with merchants, and connect their account with multiple financial services via third party integrations.
  • Kompany Logo

    Company Description
    kompany is a RegTech platform for Global Business Verification & Business KYC (KYB). Kompany covers over 110 million company records in more than 200 jurisdictions, providing access to primary source documents, delivering robust audit-proof data that satisfies the latest anti-money laundering legislation.
  • Finllect Logo

    Company Description
    Finllect is a personal finance app that leverages AI to make financial literacy accessible to the Gen Z. Through bite-sized financial content and budgeting tools, Finllect provides the relevant information to cater to the Gen Z's financial needs. The app provides gamified tools to track expenses, create budgets, scan receipts and win rewards.
  • Steerpath Ltd. Logo
    Steerpath Ltd.
    Steerpath Ltd. Logo
    Steerpath Ltd.

    Company Description
    Universal indoor positioning platform
 for all venue types. Allows for asset tracking, way- finding, staff tracking all in a single platform facilitated by wireless infrastructure and calibration free installation.
  • Road.Travel Logo

    Company Description
    Trip planning, dynamic packaging & experiences – create complex trips in minutes, find & share travel experiences, adapt any trip to any budget automatically, personalize & book multiple travel products with one button.
  • ar4.io Logo

    Company Description
    AR4 is a leader in augmented reality based
 in Austria and Silicon Valley. AR4 develops B2B solutions for infrastructure remote maintenance in indoor and outdoor scenarios with head-worn devices.
  • Verrency Logo

    Company Description
    Verrency is a white-label SaaS that is both an API platform and marketplace, operating live in real-time in the payments authorization flow, enabling issuers to deliver both native and fintech services to their customers.
  • MostlyAI Logo

    Company Description
    Mostly AI offers a Synthetic Data Engine that can be used to unlock data assets that otherwise have to be locked away for privacy reasons. The engine learns the patterns in the original data to create new synthetic datasets, and can thus be used or shared for any purpose without privacy issues.
  • E-bot7 Logo

    Company Description
    E-bot7 is a solution integrating AI into existing or custom CRM systems to increase the efficiency of customer service operations. The solution quickly classifies support queries, forwards them to the right agents, and suggests the best answers to each query.
  • DAPI Logo

    Company Description
    DAPI is the first financial API in MENA that lets fintech apps leverage open banking by initiating payments. Almost every fintech software either requires financial data of its users, or the ability to authorize bank transactions. DAPI has packaged this into one single API that connects fintech apps to banks all over the region.
  • CyberTalents Logo

    Company Description
    CyberTalents is a platform that scores and ranks security professionals based on their technical skills by running capture the flag competitions to help businesses find the talent they’re looking for.
  • Bankify Logo

    Company Description
    Bankify offers a set of microservices tailored to millennials, which are designed to improve the user experience of their partners’ digital and mobile banking solutions.
  • SidekickHealth Logo

    Company Description
    SidekickHealth is a digital therapeutics provider that helps people prevent and manage chronic diseases.
  • Silot Logo

    Company Description
    Silot empowers banks with a fast and scalable artificial intelligence platform. Their technology helps banks by integrating siloed systems onto the Silot Banking Platform, and transforming data into knowledge and actionable insights across various use cases, enabling banks to better serve their retail and business customers.
  • Narrativa Logo

    Company Description
    Narrativa was founded with the mission of making the world's data understandable. Narrativa transforms data into natural language through artificial intelligence. So far they have enjoyed important success in the media and e-commerce sectors and are expanding into financial services.
  • Merit Incentives Logo
    Merit Incentiv…

    Company Description
    Merit Incentives provides gifts, rewards and engagement strategies using innovative technologies. This includes gift registry, gift cards, merchandises, and employee & customer rewards with over 400 retailers and service providers across 10 countries in the MENA region.
  • Labiba Logo

    Company Description
    Labiba is an artificial intelligence and robotic process automation company specialized in building virtual agents. These virtual agents can emulate human actions in executing business processes and interacting with customers.
  • IDNow Logo

    Company Description
    IDNow is the world’s fastest, most flexible and most secure identity verification platform. Designed to meet specific needs, the platform offers complete flexibility across a wide range of KYC services, from fully automated to agent-assisted solutions. Using a combination of artificial intelligence, facial recognition and machine learning, it delivers instant verification of the identity documents used by seven billion people.
  • CYR3CON Logo

    Company Description
    CYR3CON predicts and quantifies malicious hacker behavior enabling customers to avoid cyberattacks. The artificial-intelligence driven SaaS-based platform allows organizations to identify what vulnerabilities and weak points in their enterprise hackers will leverage – leading to a proactive stance that neutralizes the hackers latest tactics.
  • Cygnetise Logo

    Company Description
    Cygnetise is a digital platform built to help organizations maintain and distribute their authorized signatory lists (ASL) in a more secure, efficient and auditable manner. Utilizing blockchain technology, the platform alleviates the pain associated with managing ASLs through its intuitive peer to peer network.
  • API Fortress Logo
    API Fortress

    Company Description
    API Fortress is a continuous testing platform for APIs. One platform to evaluate the performance and test functionality of your new and existing APIs.
  • Market IQ Logo
    Market IQ

    Company Description
    Market IQ’s natural language processing framework and artificial intelligence platform that offers real-time data culled from social and structured data to cater specifically to financial institutions.
  • Exate Technology Logo
    Exate Technolo…
    Exate Technology Logo
    Exate Technology

    Company Description
    Exate Technology protects sensitive data in order to allow firms to safely use the Cloud, as well as to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data is a valuable asset and Exate’s patent pending “passport control for data solution” allows clients to apply rules which easily and effectively control how data is accessed and reported.
  • Digiteam Logo

    Company Description
    Digiteam is an award-winning mobile sales gamification solution owned by SalesARM FZ LLC; a company founded in Dubai Internet City’s innovation hub in 2017. SalesARM serves a fast growing base of clients including large banks and financial institutions in the region, starting with UAE and Egypt. We earned the trust of our clients who continue to renew and expand to more users.
  • Toucan Toco Logo
    Toucan Toco

    Company Description
    SaaS of data visualisation allowing business to leverage their data.
  • Bambu Logo

    Company Description
    Bambu is Asia’s Premier B2B Robo-Advisor, offering businesses the ability to benefit from the ongoing digital transformation in wealth management.
  • Trust Stamp Logo
    Trust Stamp

    Company Description
    Trust Stamp uses proprietary facial biometric artificial intelligence with proof of life matched to government-issued photo-ID and social media data mining to provide cross-platform authentication and trust scores for blockchain, cloud, and server-based applications.
  • Token Logo
    Token Logo

    Company Description
    Token is an open banking payments platform driving the shift from card to bank payments with best-in-class, Pan-European bank connectivity, data and compliance capabilities.