Kevin Withstandley plug and play

Kevin Withstandley

Director, Customer Success, IoT / Mobility

Kevin is the Director of Customer Success for the Internet of Things and Mobility ​verticals at Plug and Play. Plug and Play’s IoT​/Mobility​ vertical​s​ currently helps ​55​​​ partners such as Philips, Panasonic, ​Daimler, ​Bosch, and ​Ford by introducing them to top tier startups for business development, pilots, investment opportunities, etc. Kevin also runs the Internet of Thursdays meetup consisting of ​over 1,800 members, which helps engage the community around IoT topics, startups, and corporations. 

Prior to Plug and Play, Kevin worked for 6 years at BestBuy managing sales teams in different departments while helping grow the regional presence.

Kevin holds a bachelor’s degree in Business with a focus in Entrepreneurship.