Jupe Tan-02

Jupe Tan

Managing Partner, APAC/ SVP, International

Jupe is overall responsible for international initiatives at Plug and Play, which includes the Plug and Play Accelerator programs for international startups as well as partnerships with multi-national corporations and governments from around the world. He also drives the international expansion and other strategic initiatives for Plug and Play.

Plug and Play International has accelerated more than 300 startups from around the world in Silicon Valley and has launched programs and activities in Singapore, Canada, Spain, Russia and Germany. Plug and Play has also invested in over 50 international startups globally. Prior to Plug and Play, Jupe worked for National University of Singapore (NUS) as Program Director of NUS College in Silicon Valley, where he was responsible for managing the Silicon Valley operations for NUS. Jupe has led Plug and Play’s investments in ThoughtBuzz, First Meta and Zukami.

Jupe holds a BA in Economics from National University of Singapore.