Here's what people are saying about Plug and Play Tech Center:

Parallocity, Inc.

Shekhar Ambe
Founding CEO and Chief Development Officer

"Parallocity is based in the Plug and Play office complex ever since its inception. The environment at Plug and Play is extremely friendly to startups.

I have been through a couple of startups before Parallocity which were at locations that made one feel isolated and dejected, just because there was less contact with people. But this place is alive and buzzing with energy of entrepreneurs and one instantly feels part of the bigger community.

Another big benefit of the Plug and Play environment is that you can expand the office space as your company grows which makes it the ideal place for any startup."


Tessy Albin
Director of Finance and Business Ops.

"After 1 year at the Sunnyvale PnP building our company, GainSpan, just moved out. We occupied 2 areas, one for offices and a locked area for our lab and a few engineering offices.

We had a very positive experience at PnP and saved money by not leasing own premises and paying for empty square footage prematurely. Also important we enjoyed the energy in the building and the feeling of being a larger company. Our employees appreciated the great atmosphere, all services immediately available and cafeteria.

I do recommend the PnP facility and model to every start-up as a place to get the company going and being able to concentrate the efforts on the business and product development instead of facilities."

Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Timothy Draper
Founder & Managing Director of DFJ

"Plug and Play (And DFJ Plug and Play) Tech Centers allow entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses, build relationships, cooperate with other entrepreneurs and have a little fun along the way. The Amidis have created an environment that makes it a little easier and a little more convenient to be an entrepreneur. Genius!!!"


Andrew Grauer (Cornell ´09)
CEO and Founder

"Plug & Play provides our young Cornell startup, CourseHero.com, with all of the ingredients we need to successfully develop, launch and operate our website. While working out of Plug & Play´s dedicated University Pavilion, we received 3-months of free office space, introductions to angel investors and venture capitalists, and a great spot in a vibrant community made up of Silicon Valley´s most promising entrepreneurs and successful investors. As a result, we received angel funding in August 2007 and are now preparing to raise $2,000,000 of venture capital funding in Spring 2008. It´s an understatement to say that we owe a lot to Plug & Play."

FuGen Solutions

Lena Kannappan
Founder, President & CEO

"I think it's been an amazing... in the months that we have been at Plug and Play. I just ran into one of the gentlemen from Plug and Play, at a local entrepreneur event and when he described it ... I said, wow, this sounds like an ideal lab, you know, of late '99, right where many companies like you know, CostDirect and other companies were all spun off or ... and then the moment I came, it even amazed me, this looks like a Google or Yahoo! Corporate. So you get to work in a place which is like ... gives you a corporate feeling but you also get to work with other peers, other startup you know, founders in a dynamic environment of startups and thirdly I have access to venture capitalists and other people. I really admire Saaed ... he's been able to put together so many community events in this place. So you just take one evening off and I think Plug and Play has been an interesting experience, first time even you know, I've been working in such an environment and we really like it."

Lending Club

Renaud Laplanche
Founder & CEO

"Moving into Plug and Play Tech Center was one of the best decisions we made in the early days of the company. The space combines flexibility, affordability, and frequent networking opportunities that helped us meet some of our most important partners and investors to date."

So it's a very flexible kind of setting in the beginning where when you're in a situation where you grow from three employees to five and seven and 12 and 15 employees with ... begin to plan for hiring people but knowing that there's very little unemployment in the valley and Google and Apple and growing fast and it's extremely difficult to hire developers. You never know exactly when the new people are going to come and go. So I think the ability to add free cubicles with one week notice is extremely efficient at the beginning and being able to set this up quickly in terms of phone access, of internet access ... I visited this space, the week of December 10 I think, 2006 and we moved in by the end of the year, the first visit and the time we moved in and the phones were set up and we had internet access. It was less than three weeks. It was in the middle of the holidays. So it's really useful to be able to ... to be set up quickly and to be flexible in the beginning. Then on top of that there are the other benefits that I didn't know about when you move into Plug and Play which is a community kind of ... it's a fantastic place in terms of being surrounded by entrepreneurs and you know, the social interaction, professional interaction you can have with other entrepreneurs and all the sort of meetings and conferences that happen in the building are extremely useful as well. So one of the main business development here, we have done so far happened through a person who visited this space over here and gave that person a pitch, a 30-second pitch of what the company was about and he said, hey I know someone who can help and we got a deal done that way."


Mike Masnick
CEO and Founder

"Having our startup offices in the Plug and Play Tech Center has been great for Techdirt. Not only does it provide a full "plug and play" service for us (meaning we don´t have to worry about setting up or managing anything), the overall environment is conducive to building a startup. We get to interact with plenty of other startups as well as meet plenty of useful contacts and investors that the Plug and Play team constantly brings through as speakers or just to meet with startups here."


Keyvan Mohajer
Founder & CEO

"Flexible arrangement, being able to grow at any time, not having to worry about furniture and utilities (the whole plug&play concept) and being a part of an exciting and dynamic community of startups."

Ron Conway

Silicon Valley Angel Investor

"They really get the way Silicon Valley works"

Red Herring Magazine

"Plug & Play´s emergence and its massive size is testament to a Valley resurgence"