International Partners

Plug and Play International establishes lasting partnerships with government agencies, private corporations, technology incubators and universities from around the world to source, identify and accelerate promising high-tech startups in Silicon Valley.

Since 2009, Plug and Play has accelerated over 250 startups from over 20 countries through our Startup Acceleration Program.

To find out more about how you can partner with Plug & Play or to sponsor an acceleration program for startups from your country, please contact Jupe Tan or email us.

Advantage Austria is the official Austrian Foreign Trade Promotion Organization and the largest provider of services in the area of foreign trade. With more than 110 offices in over 70 countries, Advantage Austria provides a broad range of intelligence and business development services for both Austrian companies and their international business partners. It also can assist in locating Austrian suppliers and business partners.

Established in 1992 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, CzechInvest is the investment and business development agency of the Czech Republic. From attracting foreign investment to developing Czech companies, Czech Invest aims to support investment activities to the highest level of competency through linkage with structural funds of the EU and our information service and consultancy.

Enterprise Estonia was set up by the Ministry of Economy by merging five state agencies: Investment Agency, Export Agency, Technology Agency, Regional Development Agency and the Tourist Board. It is operating as a foundation with a public good mission in supporting business activities of Estonia based companies by using the EU Structural Funds and promoting Estonia as a place of doing business abroad.

Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) of Armenia is one of the largest technology business incubators and consulting companies in the region. Established in 2002 within the framework of the World Bank’s “Enterprise Incubator” project, we are called to support the development of information and communication technology sector in Armenia through creating a productive environment for innovation, technological advancement and company growth.

Comprised of members of the business and technology community, FinNode is a network designed to help Silicon Valley companies connect with partners in Finland and the U.S. With domain expertise in more than 20 different industries, FinNode provides resources for business development, internationalization, R&D, outsourcing, intellectual property licensing, venture funding and university partnerships.

As the Flanders Investment & Trade agency, we promote sustainable international business, in the interest of both Flanders-based companies and overseas enterprises. Whatever sector you are involved in, we will help you establish contact with the Flemish companies you are looking for. This includes not only products or services you may be sourcing, but also various types of business relationships, from joint ventures to technology transfers.

The German Silicon Valley Accelerator (GSVA) is a private initiative financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and private sponsors, partners and donors. GSVA aims to accelerate the growth of German IT and Communication startups and to develop them into internationally recognized and successful ventures by providing an understanding of the Silicon Valley startup culture and access to U.S. market and financing opportunities.

GVA Capital is the financial arm of GVA and is the management company for the GVA funds. GVA Capital’s goal is to generate superior financial returns for investors by investing in an international portfolio of first-tier venture capital funds.

CORFO is the official Chilean Economic Development Agency promoting the establishment and growth in Chile of innovative, dynamic and accountable firms with access to global markets by supporting high-impact projects that contribute to making Chilean's aspirations for growth and prosperity a reality. It’s mission is to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation to improve productivity in Chile.

Innovation Center Denmark is established in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Higher Education. ICD focuses on clean tech, ICT, and life sciences, with the goal of developing Denmark as a leading knowledge society.

Innovation Center Denmark

int@j, The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan, is an ICT & ICT Enabled Services (ICTES) industry-support association founded in 2000 with the aim of improving the dynamics of Jordan's ICTES market and developing the Kingdom's ICTES related activities. Membership is open to all companies operating in Jordan in the fields of software development, support, application, telecommunications, digital content, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and ICTES services, value-added assembly and distribution of ICT products and services, and is also open to the suppliers and users of these industries, along with universities and other parties supporting ICTES training and promotion.

IBBT, the Interdisciplinary institute for BroadBand Technology, is a Flemish research institute aimed at ICT innovation. The interdisciplinary teams have carried out over 100 research projects in close collaboration with over 300 partner organizations since the foundation in 2004. These projects strive for the joint development of innovative applications in various domains such as health care, mobility & logistics, culture & media and green ICT.

Kickstart is an incubator with a US$2.4 Million investment fund. We help startups operating in the Philippines to build robust businesses and technical foundations, and to scale. We do this by putting big company resources - - capital, facilities, expertise, and business connections - - behind the startups we fund so they can launch faster and achieve scale profitability sooner.

Leadership Business Consulting is an international management consulting company in Portugal, committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality and professional values through a very personalized service based on centers of expertise in strategy and finance, organization and change management, human capital management, performance and operations, marketing and sales, and business technology.

The National Centre for Research and Development is the implementing agency of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Poland. It was appointed in the summer 2007 as an entity in charge of the performance of the tasks within the area of national science, science and technology and innovation policies. When it was founded, it was the first entity of this type, created as the platform of an effective dialogue between the scientific and business communities.

NZTE is New Zealand’s international business development agency, helping New Zealand businesses grow bigger, better, faster in international markets. The programs and services are designed to support businesses to grow and succeed internationally and are focused primarily on refining strategy, improving performance, building global networks, and in-market support for business development.

Plug and Play Singapore officially commenced operations in March 2010 with the goal of accelerating entrepreneurial companies, increasing their access to the dynamic resources of Silicon Valley and increasing the chances of commercial success.

Located in more than 150 cities worldwide and in regional offices across the country, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, is Canada's most comprehensive network of international business professionals, offering expert advice, problem-solving skills and a global network of contacts. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, part of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, helps Canadian companies and organizations succeed abroad.

The Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade of the government of Luxembourg ensures the implementation of economic competitiveness policy in Luxembourg. It includes, amongst others, the following priorities:
• business, technology and competitiveness
• regional economic development
• research and technological development (R&D), technology transfer and innovation

The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) is a government-funded agency under the administration of the Ministry of the Economy of the Slovak Republic. SARIO aims to become the preferred partner for companies considering their investment in Central Europe focusing on the transformation of Slovakia into a commercial, technological, innovation and talent centre of Europe. For more information, please visit

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) is the leading agency for management, funding and conduct of research in Turkey. Established in 1963, TUBITAK is responsible for promoting, developing, organizing, conducting and coordinating research and development in line with national targets and priorities. TUBITAK not only supports innovation, academic and industrial R&D studies but also in line with national priorities develops scientific and technological policies and manages R&D institutes, carrying on research, technology and development studies. More than 1,500 researchers work in 15 different research institutes of TUBITAK where contract research as well as targeted and nation-wide research is conducted.