Rise and Shine: Your Morning Ritual Is Key To Your Success

Some wake with the sun. Others arise to the startling sound of sirens, or the static ring of the radio. Maybe you’re innately a morning person, thriving off the bite of early air. Or, maybe you dread the alarm, and must set two just to get your body in motion. How you are called from sleep can say a lot about you. The pivotal question, however, doesn’t seem to be as much about how one wakes, but what they first do once they have risen.

Two eggs? One cup of Joe made black? Half of a spotted banana? Or, maybe nothing at all? Here’s some food for thought: it’s been said that doing the thing you dread most in your schedule directly upon waking sets one up for their most productive and fulfilling day. So, get your routine set, figure out what makes you tick, so that you don’t spend the day watching the clock do it.

No matter what your morning routine consists of, at some point it’s safe to bet you’re going to be looking in a mirror. Seize this moment in order to carefully schedule the next hour of your day. I can almost guarantee the person staring back will thank you come evening time.

Here’s a list of what some of the most dynamic people of industry do in the early hours of their day.


You’re you; but they can be too. What you need to track your digital DNA, before someone else does.

The terrain of the new digital world is treacherous. It’s the Mad Max screenplay written in html. We put ourselves out there. We simply do, we must. With every network we log into, and every online application we fill out, we are throwing our identities to the wolves.

This isn’t a scare tactic; it’s a truth. You want a Facebook account? First, you better give them some digits. This is the modern world and to partake in it we must, to some degree, relinquish some of our individualities.

There are multiple ways to try and protect one’s personal information from cyber attack. If you want identity armor, there is a plethora of digital blacksmiths to choose from. Or, you can set up shop in your own makeshift dark age. Clearly, the latter is an improbable option. As for protection, it’s good. But even the finest armor has a break.

Protection isn’t keeping knowledge captive; it’s about always knowing where it lies. Give it out. Never lose control. This is where Sedicii comes in. Sedicii wants to empower the consumer, by acting on behalf of them. Not by just hiding all your information, but by allowing you to keep control of it.

Founder and CEO, Rob Leslie, streamlined Sedicii’s ID authentication system, which runs off a massive index, allowing you to track all portals that hold any your personal information on them. No matter how much, or how little, how significant, or how minimal, Sedicii helps you keep your eyes in all the right spots.

With the instating of the 1998 Data Protection Act in the UK, which defines UK law on the processing of data on identifiable living people, more countries are set to soon follow suit. Sedicii has thus positioned itself to be the premier player in this vital market.

Plan, Manage, and Track Your Immigration Needs with AdviseHub

AdviseHub is a platform that helps make the immigration process more user-friendly by laying out a path, giving you access to a database of experienced lawyers and immigration planning tools.

Silicon Valley is home to immigrants from all over the world with a dream of creating the next Google, Paypal, or Lending Club. As many foreign entrepreneurs know, the immigration process can be harder than actually starting your own company. That being said, Sanjay Yadgirkar, CEO and Founder of AdviseHub, wants to help simplify the process.

Yadgirkar isn’t a stranger to the immigration process. In 1999 he came to the US on an F-1 visa as a graduate student, then transferred to a H1-B. After that he was able to get a green card, which allowed him to become a citizen. In that time he has also founded three companies. The first two being SachetPro, a SMS based marketing platform, and H1bHelpLine, helpline for employment lawyers. He is currently working on AdviseHub.

The cost of immigration is not cheap. Immigration fees and the cost of a lawyer adds to the stress of the whole process. With most lawyers, you need to pay an initial consultation fee. This can often lead to a dead end because you are contacting a lawyer who does not have experience with your type of case. The advantage of using AdviseHub is that you can pay a low fee, sometimes it is even free, and have access to four or five lawyers at once, all who specialize in your exact needs.

As Sanjay said, “You want to make immigration user-friendly.” If you are looking to find all the resources you need for your immigration, AdviseHub is a one-stop shop.

Bluink Ltd Unveils Innovative, Universal Authentication and Simple Sign On for Enterprise

SUNNYVALE, CA, – APRIL 16, 2014 – Bluink Ltd, makers of Injector and the leading innovator in smartphone-based Universal Authenticators, will be presenting Injector Enterprise at RSA Conference.

Injector Enterprise allows organizations to deploy strong authentication and simple sign-on (SSO) leveraging employee BYOD smartphones, allowing employees to login to any system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, websites, and VPNs.   Administrators can manage login policies and credentials to enhance security while improving user convenience.  Employees simply tap, speak to their phone, or scan a QR code, to login to any corporate system using any kind of credential including: long, random passwords, One Time Passwords (OTP), or password-free FIDO authentication.  Users no longer have to remember any passwords!

The Injector Enterprise solution offers advanced policies that can be enforced on a user login credentials, such as: geofenced login restrictions, biometric authentication, automatic password change, password randomization, and two-factor authentication.  Just as important as enforcing strong authentication policies, employee logins can also be instantly de-provisioned centrally.  Injector Enterprise is also the first solution of its kind that can cover any kind of corporate login without requiring any software install on client desktop machines.

“ Injector Enterprise truly is a huge step forward in enterprise SSO.  Never before has authentication been more secure, while being so simple for employees, and so easy to deploy.  Administrators can increase the security of authentication across all their systems, while employees can actually forget their passwords.”, says Larry Hamid, Chief Technology Officer of Bluink Ltd.

See the future of Authentication at the Injector Booth, South Hall S#122, at the RSA Conference, April 20-24, San Francisco, CA.

About Injector

Injector is a smartphone-based universal authenticator, with strong authentication and login support for any system. (www.password-injector.com)

About Bluink

Bluink is an Engineering and Product Development company focused on security and solutions that leverage the power of mobile devices. From Injector to the award winning Shift-IT™ scheduling solution, Bluink’s products make peoples lives more secure, efficient and mobile.


SPH Plug and Play – A New Accelerator Programme for Media Start-ups

Singapore, 13 April 2015 – SPH Media FundPlug and Play andInfocomm Investments (“IIPL”) announced today the launch of the SPH Plug and Play media and technology-focused accelerator programme. This collaboration aims to build a strong pipeline of high growth, innovation driven tech start-ups to address challenges that the media industry will face.

SPH Plug and Play will invest S$30,000 in each start-up company selected to participate in the accelerator programme. The programme targets to admit up to 20 media tech start-ups within the next year across media sectors ranging from advertising, e-commerce, marketplaces, mobile, news and content distribution to public relations. 

This collaboration brings together all three partners’ unique roles and strengths in Singapore’s ecosystem as a corporate VC fund, a global accelerator and a government investment arm, bonded by a common goal to build and grow digital media start-ups with high global potential and strong capability to transform the media sector.  

SPH Plug & Play will provide the selected start-ups with mentorship from domain experts from venture capital and media industries. The start-ups will also receive training and enjoy opportunities to leverage on SPH’s vast intellectual property and resources. In addition, there will be valuable opportunities to network with industry stakeholders and potential investors.

Mr. Chua Boon Ping, CEO, SPH Media Fund, said: “As Asia’s leading media company, it is part of SPH’s long term strategy to invest in innovative digital media companies, in particular those that could create synergies with SPH’s existing businesses. SPH Media Fund is delighted to work with Plug and Play as well as Infocomm Investments in creating this accelerator programme that would identify young companies with great potential and nurture them into strong and sustainable businesses.” 

Mr. Saeed Amidi, Founder and CEO, Plug and Play, said: “We are very excited to partner with SPH and Infocomm Investments to launch the SPH Plug and Play Accelerator in Singapore. The media landscape is changing and there are unlimited opportunities across the entire media value chain for startups to innovate. We have been part of the journey of many successful startups that have transformed industries and we hope to find the next big idea through this partnership and work together with aspiring entrepreneurs to accelerate their success.”

Dr. Alex Lin, Head of IIPL, said: “With the rapid digitization of information and media content and the ubiquity of mobile devices and high-speed internet access, we see a blurring of lines between our ICT and media sectors. This convergence is an opportunity not to be missed, and it’s timely that IIPL, SPH Media Fund and Plug and Play have come together to ride on this wave. As Singapore builds itself into a Smart Nation, it is imperative for us to groom promising tech start-ups with the foresight to seize these new opportunities to innovate. The accelerator model is definitely the way to go to achieve this.”

IIPL will also provide the acceleration space at its start-up facility, BASH (Build Amazing Start-ups Here) at Block 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent for SPH Plug and Play to run its programme. At the end of the 10-week programme, the start-ups will pitch their products to a group of active investors in Singapore brought together by the three partners. It is believed that start-up teams that have undergone acceleration will be better placed to attract funding, which will help further grow their products to the next stage. 

Start-up companies that have undergone acceleration may also choose to stay on for a short period of time at BASH to continue building their product and business under the mentorship of IIPL and other ecosystem partners.

Start-up teams who are keen to apply for the SPH Plug and Play programme can do so at www.sphplugandplay.com. The first run of the 10-week programme is targeted to commence around middle of this year. 

Issued by Singapore Press Holdings Ltd
Co. Regn. No. 198402868E 

For more information, please contact:

Mr Jupe Tan

Vice President, International Operations
Plug & Play
HP: +65 9680 3736 (SG) +1 (408) 499-7429
E-mail: jupe@plugandplaytechcenter.com

Mr Adrian Cheong

Corporate Communications & CSR

Singapore Press Holdings 

DID: 6319 2261

HP: 9798 6097

Ms Teresa Tan

Corporate & Marketing Communications
DID: 6211 1745
HP: 9661 4836
E-mail: teresa_tan@ida.gov.sg


SPH Media Fund is the corporate venture capital fund of Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (“SPH”) with a fund size of S$100m. 
SPH Media Fund has a global mandate and seeks to invest in early-stage innovative companies in the areas of Digital Media (including advertising technology and content aggregation/ distribution/ consumption) and Consumer Internet (including e-commerce, marketplaces, social media, education technology, financial technology, etc). 
Singapore Press Holdings Ltd is Asia’s leading media organisation. Incorporated in 1984, SPH is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange and is in media, online classifieds, properties, events and out-of-home advertising as well as other businesses.   

Plug & Play is a global startup accelerator that specializes in growing high tech startups. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Plug & Play’s network includes over 200 corporations, investors, universities and other partners across verticals such as Retail, Fin-Tech, Internet of Things, Media and Cloud. Through our investment arm, which began as Amidzad Partners in 1998 and is now Plug & Play Ventures, we have invested in over 350 high tech startups globally.


Managing more than US$200 million, Infocomm Investments builds and invests in startup companies in Singapore and globally. We accelerate the development of these young companies in their formative phase, and invest further as they move towards growth and expansion. Partnering leading startup accelerators globally, we scale up accelerator programmes in Singapore to build a strong pipeline of high quality startups ready to go for global expansion. Our interests: Technology, Software, Internet and everything in between. For more news and information, visit www.infocomminvestments.com or follow @iipl.

The Co-Foundry & Plug and Play Launches Acceleration Program for Fintech Startups in partnership with OANDA Asia Pacific and BlueHill Asset Management

Singapore (April 10, 2015) – The Co-Foundry (TCF), a venture accelerator in Singapore and Plug and Play(PnP), a global accelerator based in Silicon Valley launches a new initiative TCF-PnP Program: Fintech Call 2015, focusing at incubating Fintech startups in the region. This program follows the successful deployment of the US-Singapore Multi-Stage Accelerator Program, which launched in December 2014. Partnering with the top global FX broker service provider, OANDA Asia Pacific and local VC and PE firm in Singapore, BlueHill Asset Management, the TCF-PnP Program: Fintech Call 2015 combines the best of the startup ecosystem with industry to propel fintech startups in reaching their full potential.

“With more than 600 financial institutions in Singapore, the financial services industry is a significant contributor to the economy and has established Singapore as the unrivalled financial hub in Southeast Asia. Strong supporters of the FinTech space, we are very excited about our partnership with The Co-Foundry, Plug & Play and OANDA to find some of the most promising start-ups in the region.”, said Vicknesh R Pillay, Managing Director of BlueHill Asset Management and one of Lead Mentors on the TCF-PnP: FinTech Call panel.
This is the first joint collaboration of its kind coming out of Asia that enables pre-seed and seed fintech startups to gain exclusive access to two leading accelerators and entities with fintech expertise.

The Program aims to be highly flexible and bespoke, spanning from 6-12 months depending on the stage of the startup, with funding support ranging from pre-seed (up to $200k) and seed (up to $1mil). Startups are given the option to start in Singapore or Silicon Valley depending on their target market, and do an exchange to the other accelerator if they are keen.

“This Program aims to provide promising fintech startups with ‘unfair’ advantage. Selected startups would be accelerated in both Singapore and Silicon Valley; and the opportunities to call upon the support of innovation leaders such as OANDA “, said Michael Yap, head of The Co-Foundry.

“Plug and Play is excited to offer selected startups unparalleled access to our global network of partners, investors and mentors. As early stage investors of Lending Club (NYSE: LC), a company that has redefined the banking industry, we are looking forward to accelerating the success of many more FinTech startups from Asia”, said Jupe Tan, head of Plug & Play International.

Unique features of the Program include:

- Infrastructure support (office space, amenities, corporate services) in Singapore and Silicon Valley
- Exclusive access to business & tech mentorship from TCF, PnP, OANDA and BlueHill
- Opportunities to participate in networking events and ideation workshops
- Privileged insight and access to OANDA API

“OANDA is a company driven by innovation, and we are very excited to be able to be part of this Program. Through our freely available APIs, we hope bring together entrepreneurs – developers, designers, and other innovative and creative technologists – to build new and inventive FinTech products for retail and institutional customers”, said Rajesh, Managing Director and CEO of OANDA APAC.

Applications are now open, with the first round closing on April 30
For more information, visit http://theco-foundry.com/fintechcall2015/

BlueHill Asset Management Pte. Ltd.
BlueHill Asset Management provides bespoke and discreet sourcing services for project financing, venture capital and private equity investments. We also invest and partner with a number of large corporations, institutional investors, private equity and venture capital firms as well as high net worth individuals to create superior and sustainable returns. We support bold, passionate entrepreneurs with strong management teams to create value, strengthen their businesses and build great companies.
For more information, visit http://www.bluehill.com.sg/

OANDA Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
OANDA uses innovative computer and financial technology to provide Internet-based forex trading and currency information services to everyone, from individuals to large corporations, from portfolio managers to financial institutions. OANDA is a market maker and a trusted source for currency data. It has access to one of the world’s largest historical, high frequency, filtered currency databases.
For more information, visit http://www.oanda.sg/

The Co-Foundry
The Co-Foundry is company with a team of passionate individuals who have come together on a mission to help build valuable startups. The team has the experience in founding startups and also has a deep appreciation of the challenges of building viable businesses under extreme uncertainties.
For more information, visit http://theco-foundry.com/

Plug and Play
Plug and Play Tech Center is a global investor and technology accelerator that specializes in growing tech startups. Headquartered in Sunnyvale California, Plug and Play’s network includes over 300 tech startups, 180 investors, and a community of leading Universities and corporate partners.
For more information, visit http://www.plugandplaytechcenter.com/

Media Enquiries

Ellen Ng | (+65) 9385 6184 | ellen@theco-foundry.com
Patricia Nordstrom | (+65) 6438 5616 | p.nordstrom@bluehill.com.sg

4/3/2015: Last Week in Tech, in Tweets

1. ABC is going beyond the Shark Tank.

2. Automotive innovation in Chicago.

3. The Bitcoin Bowl is no more.

4. Batteries are getting stronger every year.

5. iPhone 6c or Galaxy s6?

6. Google is using Microsoft to improve Chrome.

7. An open-source version of Windows could be on the horizon.

8. The iPad is 5 years old today!

Super-Mom, Super-Woman, Super-Entrepreneur

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines superwoman as “an exceptional woman; especially: a woman who succeeds in having a career and raising a family.” Entrepreneur and mother of eight, Debora Mason is the exact definition of superwoman. And she doesn’t even need a cape.

Even before venturing into entrepreneurship, Mason, founder and CEO of First Data Analytics, led an inspiring life. Her go-getter attitude and competitive spirit helped her graduate from college as a single mom with two kids. “I just didn’t stop,” she says. Mason grew her family and now has eight children and a supportive husband who insists he is her biggest fan.  She enjoys hiking and spending time with her family. “Whatever they do, I do!” she enthusiastically explains.

As Mason’s children grew older and gained more independence, they began to use Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb and she was worried about the potential danger of who was giving them rides and who they were renting space from.  She decided to create the Tuple™ verification service. As a system of verifying service providers Tuple™ offers incentives to both providers and their customers. Service providers can register through Tuple™ verification and place the Tuple™ verification badge on their online profile so customers will know they have been pre-screened. The more information providers provide, the higher their Tuple™ score is. This in turn will increase their business because customers will know that they are a trusted source. Mason believes Tuple™ will help her children and other customers feel safer.

Mason makes the process of creating and growing a startup while raising a family seem easy. What advice would this superwoman give aspiring entrepreneurs? “Do one thing every day.” No matter how stressful circumstances become, make sure you keep moving. She explains that entrepreneurs do not need to make huge changes all the time, just make sure you keep progressing forward, no matter the speed. “Time and persistence are two of the most important attributes for a startup.” Keep doing what you believe in no matter how difficult it may be. In the meantime, we believe that Mason deserves that cape now.

Infoactive helps you make Infographics the Easy Way

“Once upon a time we were two people and all we had to do was build.”

This is how Trina Chiasson begins the story about the birth of her company: Infoactive. Chiasson, who previously worked with nonprofit organizations, found that that design tools were not built for data. Making information graphics was a lot of unnecessary hard work. Chiasson decided the best way to solve this problem was to create Infoactive.
The Infoactive platform brings in live data from a Google Spreadsheet to create and automatically update your infographic. You can easily customize your charts by changing colors and themes or dragging-and-dropping icons and text to create a better visual representation of your data. When you’ve completed your infographic, you can easily embed it into your website or blog.

After receiving great feedback from their pitch at Startup Weekend in April 2012, Chiasson began building the Inforactive platform. Chiasson exhibits all the traits of a successful entrepreneur with her dedication to hard work and ability to adapt to changing situations. Chiasson commented that: “The most important thing I learned running my startup is to roll with the punches. It taught me to not stress about the small stuff and allow things to roll off my back.” Chiasson came to Plug and Play’s International Acceleration Program in early 2015. The Plug and Play International Accelerator is a 3-month immersion into the Silicon Valley ecosystem and is designed to enable high-tech startups to explore business development, fund-raising, and other strategic opportunities. Startups will be exposed to Plug and Play’s extensive network of corporate, technology and investment partners as well as mentors and advisors.

3/25/2015 Last Week in Tech, in Tweets

1. Virtual reality is now a reality.

2. Keyring charging cable for your smartwatch.

3. Tinder has been hilariously hacked.

4. $1k for an algorithm?

5. Uber just closed another round of funding.

6. Google is using Microsoft to improve Chrome.

7. Self-driving luxury cars.

8. Deliberation is beginning for Ellen Pao’s case.